EXO: Pros & Cons

Anon: Pros and Cons of dating EXO??

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  • He’s so sweet and caring you would never feel unloved.
  • Respects your privacy and independence.
  • Doesn’t try to change you and loves you as you are, flaws and all.
  • He gives really good hugs.
  • He’s good at comforting you when you’re sad or stressed.


  • Bottles up his negative emotions in the effort to avoid making you worried. Which in turn worries you more.
  • He can be really quiet sometimes and isn’t always the best conversationalist.
  • Puts you over his health so he’ll skip meals or sleep to see you which makes you feel guilty.



  • He’s really good at taking care of people.
  • Will do pretty much anything for the sake of your happiness.
  • Makes a lot of lame jokes to see you smile.
  • Listens well and remembers everything you tell him about yourself.
  • Takes the relationship seriously so he’s super loyal and willing to work through problems instead of abandoning the relationship.


  • Tries to take care of you too much and doesn’t let you be super independent. 
  • Buys you too many gifts, usually things you never actually asked for.
  • He falls in love pretty hard and fast so sometimes he can come on a little strong.



  • He’s a very caring partner who loves deeply and genuinely.
  • Lots of hand holding and he has really nice hands.
  • Cuddling at every possibly opportunity.
  • He would sing to you anytime you wanted.
  • He’s not the type to hide his feelings from you so he’ll always tell you how he feels.


  • He’s a total workaholic.
  • Is kind of thick sometimes and doesn’t always know how you feel unless if you tell him.
  • He’d definitely want to take things slow. Maybe too slow at times.



  • He’s not shy at all about his feelings and is never afraid to make the first move.
  • Lots of laughter because he’d always be cracking jokes.
  • He’d be a really good kisser.
  • Gives you a lot of compliments, especially on things he knows you’re insecure about.
  • Actually really sweet when he isn’t being a brat.


  • Sometimes he takes his teasing too far because he doesn’t always notice where the line is drawn.
  • Can seem somewhat insensitive sometimes.
  • Arguments would be pretty common, especially because he’s really stubborn and doesn’t just let you win.



  • He’s a really fun partner and there’s really never a dull moment.
  • Isn’t jealous or possessive and trusts you enough to take care of yourself.
  • Is your best friend on top of your boyfriend so he always has your back.
  • Will tell you like it is and doesn’t lie just to spare your feelings.
  • He’ll serenade you on a regular basis with that gorgeous voice of his.


  • He can be a bit too laid back and it can seem like he doesn’t take the relationship seriously.
  • He’s not a particularly affectionate person.
  • I really can’t think of any actual cons to dating him tbh.



  • He’s really tall so he can reach high things for you and he won’t even tease you about it most of the time.
  • Backhugs, cuddles, and kisses for days.
  • You get sneak peeks to all of his songs.
  • Gives you lots and lots of compliments and sweet words.
  • He’s really loyal so you never have to worry about him cheating.


  • He gets jealous really easily.
  • He’s super clumsy so he always breaks your stuff. (He does usually replace it though, it’s just annoying.)
  • He’s forgetful and would miss dates a lot, usually to work in the studio or to catch up on sleep.



  • He’s really good at cooking so he’ll feed you a lot of good food.
  • He’s responsible.
  • Actually really loving and gentle.
  • Protective but not possessive or jealous. Your health and safety are just priorities to him.
  • He’s a great listener and is actually really good at giving comfort.


  • He’s really busy with music and acting. His career comes first.
  • He can be too serious.
  • He isn’t very affectionate, mostly because of shyness but it could be mistaken as indifference.



  • A total sweetie.
  • He can be both super suave but also a cute dork.
  • He’d give really warm hugs and cuddles.
  • Thinks you’re the most beautiful creature on Earth.
  • He’s actually pretty affectionate when he gets comfortable.


  • Can be cold at times and tends to push you away when he has problems.
  • He’s not much of an initiator most of the time.
  • It takes a while to get him to open up and be comfortable.
  • Is not single.



  • Is also your best friend.
  • He’s always dressed really well because the guy has style.
  • He’d actually be really sweet beneath the teasing.
  • Doesn’t lie to you, even about the smallest things. He’s always honest.
  • Always willing to initiate if you’re too shy, but is also willing to let you take the lead if that’s what you want.


  • He can be really needy and he complains a lot.
  • Teases you almost constantly. (Every kind of teasing).
  • He can be arrogant at times.


Exo reaction to you changing your style into a more mature way


“I would look better with that hair color… just saying”


*scared as you walk past*
“who are you?”


“but you were really cute before?!”


“am I supposed to comment on it? Should I say I like it.. a lot? What do I do?“


*shocked af*
“I left you for a couple of hours?!? and this happens?!!”


*does not approve*
“where’s my cute girlfriend?”


*baekhyun approves*


*actually doesn’t know who you are*
“you look like someone I know?”


*supports anything you do*


“Is there a special occasion I should know about?”


“you look really nice honey”


*stares at you with his mouth wide open*

(y/n): close your mouth before catch some flies”

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if this is a bit off im sorry we dont have homecoming in the uk but ill try


*He was standing outside of your door waiting for you to answer although he was a bit nervous, this was the first time he had taken you to a dance. As he was in the middle of fixing his suit you opened the door leaving him a little taken a back at first at how beautiful you looked. Your parents were standing behind him, and your mum commented on handsome he looked whilst your dad told him to keep you safe*

K: “You look beautiful tonight Y/N, well you always do but uh you get what I mean right”

Of course we do Kai ya cutie

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*You were going along with two of your close friends who were also a couple. The two of them and Sehun were on the way to your house to pick you up, he didn’t know why he was nervous but he had to keep fanning his shirt to cool himself down*

FRIEND: Hey why are you so nervous its Y/N”

S: “I’m not even nervous..thats a lie look idk I just am okay, deal with it. Do I look okay?”

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*The theme for this homecoming was carnival and circus, the gymnasium looked beautiful with all the decorations but instead of looking at them Suho spent most of the time looking at you. He pulled you along to the green screen to take a picture but ran in front of you and jokingly told you stay where you were so he could have a pic by himself until he pulled you in wrapping his arms around your waist for the picture*

S: “This theme is perfect, just like you”

Ima cringe piece of cringe

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*As an avid picture taker he was obsessed with the green screen and pulled you over to it many times throughout the night to take loads of pictures as well as some other friends, he loved all of the props he was able to use finding a pair of glasses t be his favourite*

CY: “We are gonna have so many memories from tonight Y/N”

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*What was an already amazing night turned into an even better one when it turned out you and Baekhyun were voted the homecoming king and queen. Once the crowns were put on your heads he made sure to go out of his way to make the audience laugh with his speech*

BH: “Most importantly though can i get another round of applause for my queen? Thank you very much”

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*People may not have thought he was the type to get up and dance but they were wrong, he was pulling you up onto the dance floor when all the bops came on, as well as some of the slow ones. He is a bit of a dad dancer but he was having fun and so were you*

Ngl i love a dad dancer lmao esp a hot dad dancer

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*Jongdae the type to be sneaking in that alcohol so thats exactly what he did. He ofc knew the party would be lacking some alcohol and so you guys went outside (avoiding teachers at all costs) and drank it cuddling and focusing on the night sky (until you guys started making out violently and your friends were like ew guys get a room before swigging some of that wine)

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*The school decided on a 70s theme which you loved and so did he. (He came looking like a really hot pimp but nvm). He is another one who sneaks in alcohol but is really cheeky/romantic so making out outside is a thing, but bringing you a rose to your front door to pick you up is also a thing. Lets just say it was a reallyyy good night*

Omg my man is so hot jfc help me im sweating through my eyes

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*Yixing came in a casual suit (but looked hot af as usual bc hot af suits are the best suits) and spent half the night popping and locking it on the dance floor, and making sure you got up and danced with him as well. He also danced the slow dances with you showing his romantic side and whispering things into your ear*

L: “You look so good in that dress but I would also really like to take it off”


also i didnt recover from my first man and here comes the second one swooping in im offended

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*He was all shy when he came to pick you up, and that was made worse by your dad grilling him to take good care of you but reassured him he really would (even tho im sure u can urself bc if ur reading this i bet ur a badass). He freshly dyed his hair for the occasion and took ages picking out what to wear bc of the fashionista he is. However you were dressed simply but lovely and he looked at you like how do you do that???

K: “beautiful as always y/n, seriously its like curse but a great one”

Y/N: I could say the same for you”

Blonde kris is my life well any kris is my life

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*Luhans the cool one, i mean he is also really silly but he has the dress and the attitude and its like whoa ur cool dude. He definitely got voted homecoming king without a doubt, he definitely puled some top class moves on the dance floor and he most definitely made out with you at the end of the night. You were the one to drag him to the picture booths though but as the pics were with you he didn't mind having so many taken. Also he made sure some of those pics were cute and cheeky so you guys would have them forever*

Cheeky and cute pics with luhan?? im down

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*You didn't expect him to come in red but he sure did (but Xiu stands out from the crowd anyways so its okay) you also didn't expect him to pick you up in a Mercedes and to have champagne in the car (dont tell your parents that your bf is clearly a badass lul). Nonetheless it all happened, and when you both got crowned homecoming king and queen later in the evening it added to an amazing night for the both of you*

Jemima collect ur man bc im gonna take him in a min i cant handle this gif

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