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Sirius Black Headcannon:

-so Sirius finally becomes an animagus, but against popular belief he was actually the last marauder to achieve this so when he finally turns he’s so excited!! 

-running around the grounds as a dog because he’s never felt so free, when suddenly some little girl screams “ITS THE GRIM!” and people start running left right and center, and one kid is scared senseless and is just crying

-so padfoot just slowly approaches, and bows his head, and very cautiously, the kid strokes his head.

-the kid tells everyone that they shouldn’t be scared of the Grim, and slowly but surely he becomes known for something much more;;;

-whenever a kid is homesick, or bullied, or even just lonely, the Grim will find them and be their friend for a time. Sometimes they sit and stroke him, sometimes he nuzzles them, sometimes they run about and play catch, and sometimes they just sit by the fire, but he’s always there for them - it’s as if he has a way to tell when someone’s alone. 

-and then one time Remus has a particularly bad moon,and Sirius ends up hurt, in the hospital wing, and everyone expects the grim to go an help him, but of course no one does. 

-then one day, nervous as ever, that first little kid sticks their head around the curtain and says hello

-and sirius is like why are you here little one?

-and the kid is like “I thought maybe the grim wasn’t here because it thought you were brave? Even brave people need help sometimes.”

New Fic

Hey, ya’ll! New fic here. This is just a snippet of the first chapter, and Writer’s Block is almost complete. @akai-echo is responsible for this delicious graphic and I am most definitely responsible for the madness of starting another wip. 

Summary: Katniss Everdeen thought she’d be condemned to a sentence of slavery for her crime; a crime she didn’t commit. But now she faces something even worse, a fate a lucky few live to tell about. Being a gladiator is hard enough, but a female gladiator’s odds are not in her favor.

“Come with me, girl.”

Prim reacts before I do, screaming a series of no’s. She steps in front of me and the soldier’s eyes land harshly on her. It’s terrifying. The thought is clear in my mind that if I’d waited a few more seconds I wouldn’t have been able to keep her from this, and even though my stomach is turning over like a roasting pig I know I did the right thing.

The soldier reaches around Prim and grabs my upper arm, gripping it hard enough to leave a bruise. He pulls, and in my starved state I practically fall into him. But I push off and turn my face towards my sister as he walks to the door with me in tow. “You’ll have to forage now. Take care of them, Prim!”

She nods her head, tears reflecting what’s left of the light coming through the door. I catch a last glimpse of Mother and Thomas, his head buried in her breast, her arms wrapped tightly around his little body. She is crying silently. She knows it will be a miracle if we ever lay eyes on each other again.

Tears slip down my cheeks. I swipe them away with the back of my hand.

The soldier’s stride is too much for me. I trip every three steps.

He stops abruptly and turns to me. “If I let go will you run?” he asks. I answer with a single shake of my head. “If you run, I’ll go back for the real thief.”

My eyes widen in surprise as my stomach drops in fear for Prim. “R-real thief?”

“Your sister.”

Eggbirth - johnkat

This week kind of has had a running egg-theme to it, so when I said to @bluearturtle I wanna do words but not too many and idek what Suvi said: egg.

So. Egg. Enjoy.

“Well. That was absolutely disgusting.”

John snorts. At any other time you’d think it a pathetic effort, but after just having seen him lay an egg you’re pretty fucking impressed. You’re not sure how he’s still alive. So much blood.

Some of it is still caught under your nails. Not the first time for that.

John’s face is still wet and he kind of stinks, but he’s smiling a little, you can hear it in his voice. “You put it in there, so you’re going to appreciate the fuck out of the miracle off childbirth. Or eggbirth. Hey! Eggbirth. Egbert. Get it?”

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Zombie Apocalypse AU! Shance

< Part 3 | Part 4

Shiro had to work to keep up with Hunk as they hurried to the upper floors of the Garrison to meet up with Team Kickass. Every now and then, he had to lunge forward to stop the other from smacking straight into the occasional lumbering zombie in his haste. Hunk apologized to and thanked him every time. Amazingly, they managed to get to the room without getting bitten. Inside, Pidge was perched on the arm of a worn, dusty couch, studying a sheet of paper that was ripped at the top with furrowed brows. Keith raised a hand in greeting. Hunk stepped closer, “Lance was here?”

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Gettin' Handsy - poubelle_squelette - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“can i ask you a human related question?”

“I do have many years of human knowledge stored in my little human mind. I think I can answer your human related question.”

“…what’s the deal with boobs?”

here have some shameless skeleton porn. happy friday.

when sakura learns about tsunade stepping down, she’s furious. she tries to understand it but in the aftermath of the war, the last thing konoha needs is such a huge change to its leadership so suddenly.

“but why are you retiring?” sakura asks for the fifth time since she barged into tsunade’s office. “you’re the best hokage this village has ever seen.”

“i think that’s debatable,” tsunade replies. she looks amused as she continues packing away the things that made this room hers.

“you’ve survived. and you’ve come back from death’s door multiple times while defending this village!”

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Why are you in my bed?

Natemare x reader

You were single, yet it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for you to wake up in bed with somebody… the same somebody-who you could never recollect getting into bed with in the first place. That somebody was your unique friend, Natemare. You’d been friends for a while, but these late night visits still came as a surprise when they happened.
Like the first time it’d happened, you’d almost bludgeoned the poor guy when you woke to find a warm body under your sheets with you. He’d merely groaned at the fact you’d woken him from his sleep, but once you’d found out his nightmares had been too much to handle that night, you’d grown soft to him and had allowed him to stay. Unfortunately, that meant he felt like climbing into your bed at ungodly hours was an open invitation…
The last time it had happened was an even worse experience, that involved you leaving your comfortable domain. You felt compelled to again ask him “What are you doing!?” He hadn’t even bothered to open his eyes “You told me that if I ever needed to talk to you, to come and find you.” Which had left you with more questions such as “Well why didn’t you wake me?” He now sat on his elbows “You also told me to never, ever, wake you from your sleep, as it’s limited and you’d ‘literally’ rip my head off.” “…Right…” “so I was just staying here until I could talk to you.” “…So, what do you want?” You asked, concerned if he’d had another nightmare. He answered with a growing smirk, his tongue sliding between his teeth. “You have a nice ass.” He then bounced off your bed and ran into your corridor, but came back a few seconds later as you buried your face in your pillow. He teased “aw, is someone too tired to chase me?” And just as you were falling back to sleep he had to poke your ass and force you to give chase.
This time was as different as all the previous. You almost fell off the bed as the sense of eyes on you woke you up, and your sense was exactly correct. So close your noses were touching you woke to mare’s big brown eyes staring right into your own. “Still not considering waking me up as an option I see?” You asked, still clutching your heart. Natemare said nothing, but began to creep you out as his eyes, in the dark reminding you of an owls, kept staring at your own. “So, what’s it this time? Am I checking for monsters under the bed or another witty remark?” He tilted his head to the side, like he couldn’t possibly understand why you’d assume it was either of those options. You sighed, starting to wake up “well mare, why am I awake?”
“You’re out of milk.” You stopped rubbing your eyes mid-action and found no witty comment of your own coming to light, just stunned silence, natemare decided to elaborate for you, like the good friend he was, “…because I drank it all.”

Schijn bedriegt pt 6

Levi was relieved to say the very least that the brown haired guy hadn’t lost his inexhaustible anger.

Even though it was strange for him to get so worked up about a person, he still didn’t mind the fact that he had started taking an interest in the guy.

He even wondered if he shouldn’t invite him to his group of friends, but figured that the brunet wouldn’t be excited about that.

“How do I get closer to him?” he wondered out loud which made a few heads turn into his direction as he spoke during a completely silent class.

He glared back at the gazes which made them disappear in thin air and sent a few chills down the people’s spines.

Shifting uncomfortably in his chair, the raven tried to come up with ideas to get Eren’s attention while he lazily took notes of the current class he was in.

The bell rang, letting everyone know that school was over and loud cheering and footsteps from a herd of losers filled up the corridors.

Levi sighed, totally forgotten the fact that it was a Friday, and threw his backpack over his shoulder after he had gathered his stuff.

Making his way down the hallway to the exit of the building, he checked his phone for any new messages from his uncle.

‘1 new message’ flashed on his screen and he tapped on it while pushing the door open and making his way outside.

“Food is in the fridge, home at 9 -Kenny” it said to which Levi rolled his eyes.

“This old man needs to understand that I can see the sender” he thought and hopped on his bike, starting to drive his way home.

– – –

Levi opened the front door and made his way up to the 5th floor and cleaned his shoes while he searched for the different set of keys.

His uncle was quite the paranoid man, not that Levi minded, but guess the raven had a thing for always having to search for that extra pair of keys.

Having found those annoying pieces, he opened the big metal door and made his way inside, followed by hanging up his coat and taking off his shoes.

Noticing the yellow post-it on the fridge when he walked past it, he had to swallow a chuckle, knowing that his suspicious uncle didn’t even trust his phone to send the message to his nephew.

After looting the fridge, he made his way back to his room and sat himself down onto his bureau chair and started up his computer.

Snacking on some pre made sandwiches, he scrolled through different kinds of social media and the school’s platform to check if he had everything in order for next week. His eyes stopped at French, noticing the yellow icon indicating that they had a task to finish by next Monday and he could swear he was starting to lose his shit.

“This bitch has got to be kidding” he hissed while he read the report.

“Pour cette leçon, vous devrez terminer les pages 57 à 61 dans votre livre de Français 2. En raison de mon absence, vous recevrez un exercice différent pendant la leçon”

“You can even hear her annoying whining through the screen” he muttered through gritted teeth as he rummaged through his books on his desk.

Noticing that he had already filled in the exercises, he closed it again and leaned back in his chair.

“But Jaeger probably hasn’t…” he trailed off as a smirk curled on his lips.

“Maybe… maybe I can ask him to send a photo the exercises so I can… no no no” giving himself a slap on his cheeks from getting such a stupid idea.

No one, not even Levi himself, would believe him if he said if he had forgotten his books.

Logging onto facebook, he searched through the members of the ‘senior year’ group to find the star of the show and felt relieved once he had found him.

His hands started to shake once he had prepared the sentence he was about to write in his head, earning a disapproving grimace from himself as he did so.

“For fucks sake” he mumbled as he rubbed his sweaty hands onto his thighs and held his breath when he starting typing his message and hit send.

“Everyone is talking about something from the school’s platform, can’t seem to log in, can you send me what it says?”

pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4, pt5, or read on AO3.

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Have you ever written a sasusaku story where Sasuke feels angry that people are judging his and Sakura's relationship even after years of marriage and Sarada? Maybe a non-massacre AU version.

his daughter is eight by the time his family starts talking to him again. he doesn’t really care to remember his life before he and sakura got married and before sarada came along. he has plenty of fond memories with his family, of course, but they all leave a bitter taste in his mouth when he remembers how callously they reacted to his marriage to someone that hadn’t quite been clan approved.

sasuke loves sakura, despite how awkward he is about admitting it, and he loves their little girl too. it was hard to walk away from his parents and his brother and all of their kin, but sakura was his family too and her love, unlike theirs, came unconditionally.

it’s been around ten years since they’ve actually had a conversation, so sasuke doesn’t really know what to say. and judging by the way his parents can’t even look at him, they don’t know what to say either.

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this is something i started writing a few months ago but never really finished, based on this post by @miss-serket

(~1690 words)

Karkat wasn’t sure where or when he originated, but he definitely knew it was a place and time nothing like where he found himself sitting. The tavern around him was dark and warm, filled with boisterous drinking songs and laughter. Barmaids went from table to table, refilling ale and biting their tongues as their asses were pinched by drunken patrons as they passed. He was thankfully ignored, his gray skin and orange horns obscured by the hood he kept pulled up. Locals didn’t seem to care one way or another for trolls such as himself, but he felt better safe than sorry.

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Title: Dear Chipmunk
Summary: Kat doesn’t want Adena to find out about her childhood pet name. @nikohlhaught as promised Kat’s dad calls her chipmunk on speakerphone. 
Ship: Kat x Adena - The Bold Type

Read on AO3

When Kat finally got home she was dead tired after running around all day setting up another one of Scarlet’s readers event. There was more people working at the Social Media department, it helped, but they also had a lot more responsibilities and pressure. At the end of the day, she couldn’t wait to be inside her apartment, take off her shoes and sit on the couch with a glass of wine.

Thankfully, her girlfriend had similar plans if the nice smell inundating the air was anything to go by. It was not unusual for Kat to find Adena already at her apartment when she got back from work. They weren’t living together, Kat was definitely not ready for that yet. But they spent enough time apart that the idea of not sharing a bed while being in the same city was out of the question.

What they did was alternate between their apartments, spending some nights at Kat’s and some at Adena’s, and a couple apart… Kat needed her Jane and Sutton time and Adena sometimes wanted to be alone to focus on a new project. Kat was glad this one wasn’t one of those days, because she really wanted to spend the night cuddling her beautiful girlfriend.

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“D-don’t do that with your lips.”

Alex never found it easy to sleep. His mind was always racing, and by the time it did finally calm down to the point of almost silence he wasn’t tired anymore. He had almost gone an entire week without sleep until his body finally shut down and he basically fell into a coma for two days. He tried to sleep more often now, even if it meant taking some rather disgusting medicine. He wished he didn’t need sleep so he could spend every second of his life writing, but he wasn’t so stubborn to forget his limits. He’d at least try to sleep for a few hours.

But with John Laurens in his life, sometimes it was even harder to sleep than before they were dating. He’d often distract him with soft kisses, as he was doing now as they were curled up in bed. It was already past midnight, and this was the earliest Alex had climbed into bed in days. He was hoping that John would let him sleep, but his boyfriend was keen on keeping him awake for other activities.

“John,” he said, lazily smiling when he felt a sloppy kiss against the side of his lip. “John, I’m trying to sleep.” It was one of those rare occasions that Alex actually wanted to rest instead of having to be coaxed asleep.

“Well, I’m trying to kiss you,” John hummed, placing a kiss beside his ear. “You’ve been working so much lately. I’m surprised that you came to bed by yourself.” He wrapped his arms around him and held him close, afraid that he’d leave to continue the essay he just started. “I need to make up for all the missed time.” He began peppering kisses all over his face.

“You see me every day,” Alex argued while trying to pout, but it was difficult when John was kissing him with such determination. He giggled when a kiss was placed on his eyelid. “You kiss me every time you pass by.” He was interrupted by a brief kiss on the lips. “I hardly believe that there’s any missed time to make up.” He kissed back when John pressed their mouths together more firmly.

“But we haven’t done this in a while,” John insisted with a waggle of his brows. Alex blushed and averted his eyes. That was true, and he had to admit that he missed it. John assumed that Alex’s silence and reluctance to shrivel away was an invitation to continue and began to move down his body, placing hot kisses along his jaw and neck, pulling down his shirt slightly to kiss his collarbone. Alex gasped softly, his hands finding John’s shirt and gripping tightly.

“John,” he moaned, embarrassed of the desperation in his voice. Every time John’s lips touched his skin, a surge of pleasure passed him. His fingers entwined in John’s curls as his boyfriend shifted even lower. It was a moment of bliss until he felt John tugging up his shirt and his eyes snapped open. “W-wait,” he stuttered. He had always been ashamed of his body, and having John look at him only reminded him of his failure to lose weight.

John immediately stopped and even pulled away slightly. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

Alex couldn’t look at him. It wasn’t something John did, John could never do wrong in his eyes, but comparing John’s body to his own made him sick. How could someone so beautiful and toned be with such a disgrace? He felt his throat tighten and tears sting his eyes. “D-don’t do that with your lips.” He reached down to cover himself, trying to pull his shirt over the strip of skin that John had exposed.

John looked down when Alex’s hand brushed over his own, realizing that he was trying to hide his stomach. His eyes softened and his lips formed into an easy smile. “Hey,” he said, leaning down, “you’re beautiful.” He lifted the shirt just a little more so he could kiss Alex’s stomach. “I love you so much,” he mumbled against the skin.

Alex was sure that his face was the deepest shade of red anyone could accomplish, but he couldn’t find himself pushing John away or asking him to stop. “John,” he pleaded.

“You are perfect,” John assured, kissing the area tenderly. “I wouldn’t change you in any way.”

Alex felt his eyes well up, but this time from overwhelming joy instead of anger and shame. “I don’t deserve you,” he whimpered.

“Alexander Hamilton,” John said firmly, propping himself up so he could look Alex in the eye. “You deserve the entire world and more. Don’t ever think that you’re not enough. You are more than enough.” He kissed him with a passion that summarized it all. And Alex truly felt loved, and he truly felt that John’s words were sincere. He felt safe and wanted, and to feel that way with John… It was the best feeling in the world.

“I’m sorry, have we met?” Eunwoo asked politely.

“Oh, right, you wouldn’t recognize me,” the customer said, still smiling like he was enjoying his own joke. “I’m just glad I can see your face without all the tears.”

Another moment of confused blinking. And then Eunwoo felt, in one moment, his entire face go red.

Chapter 21 of Stray Romance is out!

Read here

TL;DR: Bin attempts, Eunwoo meets once again, and furniture is moved

Pushing Daisies AU where Geno is Geno The Pie Maker and Sid is the boy he had a crush on one summer when they were 10 and both went to the same hockey camp.

Geno brings him back to life. Sid keeps his hands in his pockets so he doesn’t accidentally touch him.

Kris “Bitch I Was In Proximity’ Letang is the detective that works with Geno to help solve the crimes!

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do u have any suggestions either for gwenvid or dadvid fics? I love fics but I'm do bad at finding new ones

I have been looking around for fics and I tried to put some research into it myself, hence why I got to this so late; I couldn’t find much bc admittedly I’m a very slow reader on limited time bc of college, I’m sorry :,)
However, I’ll leave it open to my followers just in case they’re better at reading than I am!! If I can find any myself I’ll rb this post with recs, good luck in finding new and good fics friend (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

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✍️ Toad with an acolyte that might like him?

(using WATXM so the first-gen Acolytes and second-gen ones can be on the same squad! Also assuming this is for @toadlingscentral. I also wasn’t clear on what “might like him” meant so I went with friendships.)

Toad never been lucky enough to know other physically mutated types. Okay, technically there was Blob, but…Fred still looked human. Not a type of human that other humans liked, but still…better fat than a freak.

After he’d joined the Acolytes, however, he’d been introduced to Seamus Mellencamp (no codename) and Mortimer Everett (alias Barnacle), both of them physically mutated in…less than attractive ways…and had found companions in them both. Of course, Toad wasn’t friends with them just for that, he was sure they’d have gotten along fine anyway (especially Barn, he was really nice—and his real name was Mortimer too!) but  there was a certain unspoken sense of solidarity between them. Without ever having had to talk about it, they knew they shared certain experiences, certain feelings, certain realities. They all understood what it was like to be like them in a way that the others, even the kindest, just couldn’t comprehend. Indeed, Toad actually wondered if these two didn’t have it worse than he did. Mellencamp looked even more inhuman than Toad did, frighteningly so, and poor Barn…his mutation had given him dry cracked scabby crusts and scars all over his skin, not to mention a big lumpy abscess that hung over one eye, rendering him half-blind. To top it all off, he also had a speech impediment, possibly from having crusts and scars on the inside too.

So yeah, it was hard not for Toad to feel a certain connection with these guys.

Not that the other Acolytes were all bad either. Some were bullies, like the Kleinstocks—though at least unlike Fabian, they didn’t seem to hate him for how he looked, they were just jerks—and some, like Senyaka, were just plain scary….but Milan was great. He looked totally human, but he was a big nerd who the others picked on a lot. This and a shared love of technology connected him and Mort. Amelia Voght was nice enough if not exactly his friend, and Scanner and Neophyte seemed as unsure and nervous as he often was, seen them, and he saw them bossed around and picked on too.

And, of course, Anne Marie. She had been the first Acolyte he met, and his first friend among them. She’d always been nice to him, and she never flinched when looking at him, never gave any sign she was looking at anything strange, be it disgust or pity or the natural nervousness that an appearance like his could instinctively incite in people not because they were bad or hated him, but just because…people weren’t supposed to look like him.

Barnacle had been the one to explain why most people were like that.

”It’s called kkkst the Uncanny Valley,” he said, “You and—kkkst—I, we look human, but not human enough. It hits a weird part of the brain that–-kkkst–unnerves people even more than monsters do. That’s why clowns and puppets—kkkst— scare people. They look SIMILAR to humans but with something just ‘off’.”

He paused to take a drink of water; Barn had to do that a lot when he talked. Then he continued,

“They use that in–kkkst–movies, to make people creeped out instead of just ‘oh shit a scary—kkkst—monster!’ like when they see someone like Mellencamp.”

Barn paused again, and then finished, “”It’s natural instinct, everyone–kkkst— has it.

“I dunno, man Anne Marie doesn’t,” replied Mort, “But that girl ain’t got a lot of any instinct, I don’t think”

He liked her a lot, she was just a bit…screw loose. But in a good way.

“She feels bad for you,” said Mellencamp, putting his claws lightly on Mort’s arm, as if delivering some painful news, which he was,

”Some people—especially women—they’ve got this Quasimodo complex. They pity us, they want to be that one special person who sees past our looks, but they don’t, not really. They can’t. Like Barn says, it’s instinct. Even somebody blind wouldn’t like us once they touched us—they can ‘see’ with their hands, you know. “

“Anne Marie’s 'bout as subtle as an axe to the head”, said Mort,”If she thought we was ugly monsters, she’d say so.”

Kkkkst—she has!” Barnacle exclaimed.

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"I think my family wants you to marry in."

somehow this screams fem!nyx/fem!noct. also shoutout to @noxulric because of this lovely fanart.

They’re nestled away in the dim confines of Nyx’s apartment when Noctis uttered the words softly against her shoulder. When she glances at the princess, Noctis is pointedly looking away, her own eyes downcast and her fingers were idly tracing the lines of a tattoo that covered the Glaive’s arm.

“…pardon?” Nyx asks, not sure she heard that right at all.

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