suh close

I just texted A to check on end-of-semester plans (bc he’s graduating and the only promised friend time will be prior to move-out) and I low-key thought he was gonna be immature about it buuuut he said he wants me to stay the extra couple of days (with him) and that we should plan a trip for this summer. My heart feels so full. Like what he actually loves me back ah. 

Leave the door open

Frank wakes up and realises he’s wrapped around Kohe like a fucking octopus and almost falls out of the fucking bed. He doesn’t though because he’s smooth like that and instead, untangles himself like a boss and speed walks to the bathroom instead of running because he has control. He has so much control he actually manages to lock the door behind him before whipping his dick out, or he thinks he does at least and that’s all that matters.

He doesn’t remember moving across the bed and spooning Kohe but he does remember the dream he had and he fucking hopes he didn’t do anything in his sleep. He really fucking hopes because in the dream Kohe had him pinned up against the wall, had pressed a knee between his legs while kissing him half senseless. And it had felt so fucking real that Frank could still feel the warmth of the thigh against his crotch, firm with just the right amount of give.

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