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Mavin fauns AU? (Bird gavin????)

((man whoever this was thanks heaps for the prompt, it kept me really busy and had all up good results. if anyone’s having trouble visualizing either of them, heres michael and just imagine gavin however you want, but with green wings!!! just imagine davesprite i guess but the wings as the arms lmaooo. im honestly afraid that michael and gavin are going to see this so im jus t))

While Gavin slid another daisy into the gap with his nimble fingers, while Michael struggled to even pick up a daisy’s mangled stem with his hoofs. Looking up, Michael could see Gavin watching him with a grin wide on his face, and he frowned.

“You fuckin’ try with hooves, birdboy.”

Gavin cracked and let out a laugh, but straight away swung his winged arms around to cover his mouth with his hands.

“Sorry! Sorry.”

Michael grunted and flicked his eyes back to, what could barely be called a daisy chain in the works, laying sadly in his hoofs.

“Do you want me to do it for you?”

Michael shook his head.

But before he could get back to it, it was snatched up by Gavin, who began rushing to work.

“Hey, give it back, you fuck!” Michael shouted.

“No Michael!”

Gavin howled in laughter as Michael leapt on him. Michael’s antlers poked gently at Gavin’s face, but the feathered boy continued to work. This was something he was skilled in, something he had done day after day beside the lake. Alone.

“Come oooooon!” Michael roared, making another strained reach for the daisies in Gavin’s grasp.

One final hook between the daisies, and it was done.

Gavin flipped over, almost sending Michael flying, and popped the flower crown atop his ginger head. Michael stopped, his freckled and slightly browned cheeks going a bright red.

“You can get off me anytime this year, Michael!” Gavin snickered.

Michael flung himself off the younger boy below him. He was flustered beyond belief, but stuttered out a simple.

“Uh, thanks.”

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