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Musical「Star-Myu」 ミュージカル「スタミュ」


  • Taishi Sugie as Yuta Hoshitani
  • Shota Yamanaka as Toru Nayuki
  • Arthur Lounsbery as Kaito Tsukigami, reprising his role from the anime
  • Shogo Suzuki as Kakeru Tengenji
  • Kensuke Takahashi as Shu Kuga
  • Haruki Kiyama as Itsuki Otori
  • Ryo Hatakeyama as Tsubasa Hiragi
A few of my Christmas gifts

Namie Amuro- Feel CD+DVD: Namie’s newest album with mostly English songs but a few songs are still in Japanese.

Gundam 00 Anthology Best Advocacy of Congruity: Mostly character songs with a few of the ending songs and insert songs from Gundam 00.

Hiroshi Kamiya come across Tieria Erde: Basically a single for both of Tieria’s character songs, I have an unhealthy obsession with him if you hadn’t notice.

Namie Amuro 20th Anniversary 5 Major dome tours 2012: Bascially it’s a concert DVD…I bought the DVD for Ayu’s anniversary concert too but I didn’t take a pic of that one yet.

Gundam 00: the movie: A Wakening of Trail Blazer…awkwardly enough I got this before season 2 which is on my list too…maybe I’ll get it for my birthday or something. (oh and there’s my leg in the corner…)

Gundam 00 Gundam Meisters PS2 game: I haven’t played it yet but I will let you know how it is once I do!

Akira volume 4: The manga is a lot more complicated and different from the movie so I wanted to read it.

Fullmetall alchemist 16-17-18, Soul Eater volume 1 and Attack on Titan volume 1: gifts from my best friend.

The history of Sonic: Written as a tribute for the 20th anniversary it details the history of Sega and Sonic up to the release of Sonic Generations. I strongly recommend for Sonic fans.

D.Gray man Noche artbook (left), Tieria Erda Gundam Meister file (middle), Yuugiou Duel art (right): The D.Gray Man artbook is an artbook for the manga version of D.Gray Man, oddly I could not spot any for the Anime to put on my list…oh well I like the artwork of the manga so it’s all good. I told you I was obsessed with Tieria right? I can’t read all of it…but his Meister file is mostly just artwork and some information about him, relationships to the other charas, etc. and the Yuugiou artbook is by the original mangaka ut it also includes some pics of the spin-offs which bothers me…but the pics of the original are great!

Stuff not pictured that I got:

Ayumi Hamasaki 15th Anniversary A Best Live DVD

Mint Chocolates

Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies

A new watch

Legend of Zelda sweat shirt

Christmas socks

New Pajamas

misc. candy

Sugi's birthday gifts (behold my unquality photo taking skills)

Rammstein Liebe ist fur alle da (sorry not sure how to write the correct character for the u there so for those of you who know German I know it’s supposed to have a certain symbol there..): I wanted this CD for a while but hadn’t gotten it yet and I promise this is the only picture containing my leg…. I also apologize for the cove if it offends anyone.

Nintendo DS Lanyard: IDK if that is the right word so don’t tease me if it isn’t but..yep…

This card came inside another gift I got that I will share below… I took it before the actual gift cause…idk why.

(Korean) Chop sticks…they are stainless steel so that means the dishwasher won’t complain! YAY FOR HAPPY DISHWASHER! Also I decided to make my laptop the thing I take pictures on cause…idk… please ignore the mess behind it.

Gundam 00 Season 1 and Season 2 boxsets: My mom for some reason gave me the movie for Christmas and then waited till my birthday to give me the TV series…I guess she didn’t know the movie comes afterwards lol.

My Camera’s battery started dying so I began taking pictures quickly and some of the gifts were unrelated to each other so here we have Mario Party 9 and Ayumi Hamasaki Arena Tour 2012  Hotel Love Songs. This Concert DVD is very important to me because it is the first concert I actually saw in person…though the DVD date was at a different location and slightly altered setlist it is still nostalgic for me.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00  Yun Kouga Dear Meisters Comic & Arts: The original character concepts were drawn by Yun Kouga (who is well known for her mana Loveless) so it is official proof that I was not crazy when I said that Setsuna looked a lot like Ritsuka *clears throat* but anyway, more importantly it is a fan must have because it has pretty artwork and original character designs and even some of the orginial concepts that weren’t used as well as a comic for each meister’s back story….if you are a fan I recommend X50.

HEAVY ARMS FIGUREEEEEE! YESH! So now I have my Model kit of the EW version and then the figure of the original red colored version so…YAY HEAVY ARMS! ((Sorry head got cut off, I will take more when I open him up later))

Fullmetal Alchemist Artbook 2: More artwork from the manga, this is the 2nd of two artbooks released over here in the U.S. I have one for the Brotherhood Anime that I don’t think was released here…

Hiroyuki Yoshino come across Allelujah Haptism (Allelujah’s character song single)- I got the single because I wanted to sing with the instrumentals, same as with Tieria’s single XD.

Soul Caliber V and Pokemon Y: No, I haven’t played either of them yet but I will let you know how I like them later on…yep…

Gifts not pictured here:

Nightmare Before Christmas T-shirt


Sketch pad

Birthday Wishes from quality followers


I finally finished my Heavy Arms Custom (Endless Waltz Ver.) and I put him near the Wing Zero custom that I got from Otakon (some other dude made it and sold it at Otakon). Poor Heavy Arms wasn’t expecting Wing to be so small..

Unfinished and not even opened Trowa figure in the background because I can’t paint to save my life.