Imagine for suggpug321

(This is my first smut sorry if its bad I don’t usually like to write dirty things!)

Joe has decided to take you on a trip to Thailand with his mates Oli White and Caspar Lee. Last time he went on holiday, he missed you too much and said he’d take you on every one after that.

Caspar and Oli had gone out to party and possibly pick up some chicks. Joe and I were hanging out in originally Joe, Oli and Caspar’s room, but Joe wanted to stay with me instead.  

Joe was getting super touchy and really wanted it right now.

“Joooooeee” I whine.

“What come on the boys won’t be back for some time.” He says kissing my neck. “It’s been a while.”

“I know.” I moan.

When he wants it he won’t give up either.  He pulls me closer and continues to kiss my neck. He put his hands up my shirt and cupped my breast. 

“Joe.” I smiled.

I finally gave in and flipped him over.

“Finally.’’ He smiled.

“Shut up Sugg.” I laughed.

I run my hands up his abs and take his shirt off along with mine. I connected my lips with his and his hands roamed my body. He didn’t always like that I was in charge so he flipped us over and now he was on top. He started kissing down my neck and then to my chest.

“You know I don’t like it when you’re in charge.” He smirks.

He takes my shorts off and teases me down there. ( i’m not getting super descriptive I don’t really enjoy writing these kinds of imagines!)

“Joe stop.” I moan.

“You think you’d learn by now.” He smiles.

“I’m sorry.” I whine.

By now he’s just beaning a tease and won’t give me what I need. He stopped right before I was about to finish.

“This is enough Sugg.” I say tackling him over.

I take his pants of and tease him just like he did me. 

“Okay, Come on!” Joe says.

“What was that?” I smile.

“I’m sorry for teasing you please.” He whines.

I connect our lips and kiss him and until he gets impatient and flips me over. 

“Oh my god Joe!” I yell.

“Oh my god why don’t we do this more often!” Joe grunts.

We continue and we both finish at the same time. We plop down on the bed and cover up just before Caspar and Oli get home.

“Are you serious! In my bed!” Oli yells.

“Sorry Oli.” Joe laughs kissing my nose.


sorry this took so long! As you can tell I don’t really feel comfortable writing smut! I don’t like graphic things! I hope you like it though!