Topi’s Daily Card #763:  Suggler’s Copter

Happy Kaladesh Prelease everyone!  Hope everyone had fun at their events and got some good pulls out of their packs, either for Standard, Modern, or of course, EDH.  Smuggler’s Copter is currently as of the prerelease the highest value rare in the set, and it’s not really a surprise.  Two mana nets you a 3/3 body that can be piloted by any creature with a single power, meaning Servos or any other creatures that are outclassed can help power out a decent evasion creature.  Just keep in mind in limited that on defense, you can crew and then have your Copter Pressure Pointed for a little two for one.  In EDH this card will see some play in more than a few decks who wants a little extra card filtering, or just needs some looting to get things into the graveyard.  It’s cheap, it makes a good creature, and smooths out your hand.  What isn’t there to like?