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Holding Hands with EXO

contains: fluff / flirting / skinship / Junmyeon’s abs / Chanyeol’s arms

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// Minseok

Minseok usually had really a suave way about him when he held your hand, followed by his signature eyebrow raise, which both made you want to run away because it’s too much and smother him with love because it’s too much.

He walked into the bedroom as you were standing in front of the mirror, finishing getting dressed.  He grabbed the belt you’d put on the bed and put it on for you, then he grabbed your hands and held them there.

“You look so amazing,“ Minseok growled in your ear.  What was he trying to start???  You two have a reservation!!!

Before things went too far, he took one of your hands and let you outside toward the restaurant.  While walking, he’d periodically kiss the back of your hand and give you another one of his eyebrows raises.  You were excited to eat with him, but in the back of your mind you wondered what he really had in mind for your evening.

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// Junmyeon

You two were watching TV on the couch, hand in hand.  He was rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb.  Suddenly, for no apparent reason, he lifted up his shirt and caught you looking.

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You tried to pretend you hadn’t been peeking and refocused on the TV in front of you, but then you heard him ask, “Do you want to touch?”

Of course you wanted to touch Junmyeon’s hard-earned, rock-hard, hardly-seen abs.  But you couldn’t let him know how excited you were, so you just nodded.

He must have sensed you were a little nervous, so he took the hand he was holding and rested it on his stomach.  You ran your hand up and down until he grabbed your hand again and claimed he would start laughing if you kept it up, but he would let you know when he wasn’t feeling so ticklish.

Junmyeon pulled you closer and held your hand on his knee.

(pretend you’re Jongdae.  How can Junmyeon just be all smiles and happy with Jongdae’s hand sliding down his abs that close to his littleSuho and why is Jongdae trying to basically pull down his pants and are all those hands on the right about to pull his pants up or touch him more and also he has no hair down there and omg let me stop analysing this gif and just enjoy the abs)

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// Yixing

You sat down on the studio couch, excited as Yixing readied the track.

The first notes began to play and he jumped back from the controls to sit down with you.  He grabbed your hand from your lap with both of his and held it for the entirety of the song.  It was fully produced, written, and arranged by him, and it was all about how much he loved little things about you, like how your smile made his entire day and how wonderful it felt to hold your hand.

When the song ended, he was looking at you with anticipation.  But you were speechless.  He hadn’t let go of your hand, so all you could do was lean forward and kiss him.

“I love you so much, Baobei,” Yixing said, holding your hand to his chest, where you could feel how fast his heart was beating.

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// Baekhyun

“Oh my gosh, look!“ Baekhyun yelled pointing somewhere ahead of you on the walking trail.  Your eyes widened and he took your hand and ran for about five seconds, then abruptly stopped.

You looked around frantically, eyes wide open.  “What, what is it?!”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Baekhyun said calmly with a smirk, situating your fingers with his and kissing the back of your hand.

You couldn’t help but laugh and shake your head as he grinned.  You had been tricked yet again!

Even as your walk continued and your hands got sweaty, he only let go once to tie his shoes, and at first he had tried to do it with only one hand.

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// Jongdae

It’s as if Jongdae lives to hold your hand.  When you’re trying to do work, he’s holding the hand you don’t write with.  When you’re eating, he’s holding the hand you aren’t holding your chopsticks with.  When you’re texting, he’s holding the hand not tapping away at the screen.

Even when you’re cooking dinner for him, he wants to hold your hand.

You let go to grab the pot of noodles so you could drain them, and you heard, “Ahh, waaaeee!”  Of course.

“Jongdae, do you want to eat or not?”

He pouted, but then hugged you from behind as you plated the food.

“Okay, okay, we can eat now,” you said once you were done.

“Let’s each grab a plate,” he suggested, grabbing your closest hand.  You rolled your eyes, picked up your food, and went to sit on the same side of the dining table.

(eeeeeep!!!!!! this gif is so cute)

// Chanyeol

You were walking back home from the supermarket with a little more food than you’d thought you’d want to buy, so it was all pretty heavy.  Yet, Chanyeol insisted on carrying it all by himself!

“Are you sure you don’t need any help?”

“Nope,” he said squeezing your hand.

“Just let me carry one thing,” you said, as you could see him being weighed down.

“Okay, okay…”  He kept tight hold of your hand as he transferred the lightest bag to you.  If you weren’t almost home, you would have told him that he didn’t have to be so ridiculous and that you could hold hands after putting the food away.

Unfortunately when you got home, after shutting the cabinets and fridge, Chanyeol began complain about his arm hurting, the one that he used to carry several bags for half a mile.  He was quick to tell you so that you could take care of him.

“I’m still very strong, I promise,“ he assured you.

“Aish, I told you to let me help…”

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// Kyungsoo

He almost never initiated it, but you’d noticed that whenever he walked next to you, the hand closest to you would always be free.  Sometimes it would accidentally knock against yours, but that was all, until you made the decision to hold his hand.

You had kept a keen eye on him, and you noticed that every time you grabbed his hand, he would look down, slightly away, and smile to himself.

Today, he was doing the hand bump thing again, and you decided to call him out.

“You don’t have to be so shy about holding hands,” you said.

“What?!  I’m not– I just… You don’t have to say that.“

Kyungsoo looked away and fumbled his hand around at his side until he found yours, then he laced his fingers between yours all wrong, causing you to laugh at how flustered he was and give him a kiss on the cheek.

The next day, you gave him another kiss when he picked you up from your house and immediately took your hand in his, and you were glad you’d made him be braver.

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// Jongin

Every time you grabbed his hand when you went for walks, he would burst out laughing, making you jump a bit, which made him laugh even more, which made you laugh, because let’s be real, Jongin’s laughter is extremely contagious and cures any mood sickness.

You two would hold hands and laugh all the way to your destination, which today was a park near your house.  

You walked all the way to the big lake with a water fountain in the middle and you took a break on a painted bench to watch the swans swim around.  You knew the only thing Jongin liked more than holding your hand was holding your waist.  Today it seemed he was feeling greedy and wanted both.  He switched his hands so he could hold you close to him and hold hands and you rested your head on his shoulder until sunset.

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// Sehun

You’d only let go of his hand for a moment to fix your hair as you passed a store with all glass windows.  As soon as you were done, he grabbed your hand and held it with intent, as if making up his mind not to let it go.

You let go again a few minutes later to take a rock out of your shoe and when you looked up at him, he looked like you had just slapped him in the face.

“Stop it, you’re going to get lost…“ he mumbled.

You thought about responding, but then decided not to because it was cuter that he was so childish at that moment that he couldn’t even just say that he liked holding your hand.  You considered whether you wanted to tease him further or just let him have what he wanted, and in the end, you decided to just use your free hand.

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Void - Part 2

Series summary: Reader has lost her memory and Sam and Dean try to find a way to get her life back.

Summary, part 2: Reader seems to get herself in trouble.

Characters/pairing: Reader x Dean (eventually), Sam, Crowley, Cas

Word count: ~2800

Warnings: some (mild) angst, mild language

Author’s note: Part 2′s here! If you need catching up, PART 1 is here. And if you want to be tagged, let me know. Still tagging some of my favorite author’s, fic rec’cers, and just plain nice people. Tags are under the cut after the fic. If you don’t want to be tagged, just let me know that too. Don’t be shy to tell me what you think!

In the afternoon you tried to steal a car. You had waited behind a gas station for the right moment and eventually it came, when only a little green Honda was at the pumps. Its driver was filling the tank and when he put the nozzle back in its place, you shifted your weight in preparation. The man stepped inside to pay and you sprinted for the car. Door opened easily and you slipped into the driver’s seat and groped for the keys. They were in the ignition and you were about to start the car when you heard a small gurgle. Horrified, you turned to look to the backseat. Your gaze was met by bright blue eyes and a toothless smile. Fuck! For half a second you stared at the baby and then started to scramble out of the car. Almost tripping, you ran for the woods behind the gas station, the driver spewing curses after you.

Well, that was fun, you thought kicking pinecones and stones. I have to come up with a new plan. The forest wasn’t that big, so you couldn’t hide there for long. Someone had probably called the cops about the crazy chick who tried to steal a car and a baby. If you had to run from the law, you really needed to get out of this town. But where to go? You knew that something was wrong with you - for crying out loud, you couldn’t remember who you were! There was emptiness inside of you, a void where you memories should have been. You knew that people had memories, but where were yours? Why couldn’t you remember? It was a vicious circle - you had no memories of your past and you couldn’t remember why because you had no memories.

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Drowning - Tommy Shelby

(i’m sorry if you get this twice but i don’t really know how this works) Tommy have a really bad day with ptsd and anxiety and het lets you help him deal with it for the first time. If possible loads of fluff please @mariekuuuuuh

Drowning - Tommy Shelby

It felt like days since Tommy had slept. Everytime he shut his eyes he felt like he was back down in the tunnels in France. He couldn’t let himself fall asleep for fear that he would wake up screaming from nightmares that plagued his brain. John seemed to be adjusting to life in post-war Birmingham much better. He was seeing Lizzie Stark and keeping watch over his children. Arthur was drinking to keep the nightmares at bay but also didn’t pretend that he was alright.  Tommy fell somewhere in the middle of his brothers. He wanted to be alright, during the day he put on a show of being unmoved by any emotion whatsoever but at night he couldn’t control his feelings and his mask of indifference began to fall.  

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The Contest - Chapter 3

As you and the rest of The Avengers test your willpower in an unusual challenge, your attempts to remain Master of your Domain are complicated when James “Bucky” Barnes makes you his mission.

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Chapter 3 continues with the slow, slow build, Smut to come, Fluff for now, Swearing, Flirting, Sexual tension, Teasing, DirtyTalk, Touching, Groping, Fingering, Language, NSFW, Man Bun, Sweat, Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 4,127

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 4

A/N: To everyone who sent me messages, feedback and requests to be tagged after Chapters 1 & 2 - THANK YOU AND SORRY THIS ONE TOOK SO LONG!

This chapter originally had two parts but this one got out of hand. I’m a bit nervous about this one, hope you like it! I also hope I remembered to tag everyone. Apologies if I’ve forgotten you, just send me a note if you’d like to be tagged.

To my twitter babes: thanks for the support. I love you almost as much as I love Sebby ;)

Chapter 3: The One With The Mats

As the week progresses, the effects of the contest start to wear heavily on the team.

There were plenty of cold showers, long sessions in the compound gym to work out mounting frustrations and on some days, outright avoidance of the other team members – especially those watching the play from the sidelines.

Thor and Tony, still smarting from their early exits, had decided that it would be fun to form an alliance with the sole purpose of tormenting the remaining contestants.

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Gideon thinks Stan is Stanford.

Bill thinks Stan is Stanford.

The state thinks Stan is Stanford.

The local news thinks Stan is Stanford, which means the townspeople also think that.

Yet at the same time, Bill pulled up the wrong person from his “lots of things” file, and Stan’s license plate suggests his name is Stanley. (Which, if he’s trying to impersonate someone else, is a pretty big oversight on his part.) Those are the only two points suggesting that Stanford and Stan are different people, at least as far as I can recall, and both are easy to overlook and not really ironclad.

Something’s fucky here.


Weeks had passed and finally the morning arrived that you all had been waiting for, Le Biscuit et Le Café was about to have its grand opening. You smiled widely as you woke up, a small groan next to you as you hopped out of bed.

C’mon, Jin! It’s the big day! You said excitedly and he laughed watching you slip on your clothes and make your way into the bathroom. The two of you had spent every moment you could together since your kiss and you were blissfully falling for each other. It was comforting to have someone so happy and loving in your life. Jin stretched getting out of bed as he made his way into the bathroom, his arms slack around your waist as you brushed your teeth.

You know it would be nice to have a good morning kiss. He whispered in your ear and you rolled your eyes. Spitting out the toothpaste and rinsing you mouth, you turned to him, hovering your lips over his.

No time. You murmured and drew your lips away before he could peck at them. The two of you played around the apartment, dodging kisses as you got ready. The grand opening was going to be a rather big event, because of The Guide’s coverage of the opening, a lot of people had become interested in the once little family owned bakery. You and Jin walked up to the shop, hand-in-hand, as you approached the three sous chefs, who were already kneading doughs in the kitchen and preheating the ovens. This was the morning all of you had been preparing for and the weeks of hard work were about to pay off.

Namjoon and Yoongi came waltzing in, well before the opening hour and snuck a couple scones.

Can you make us a couple cups of coffee? Namjoon asked you with a wink and you gave him a small nod. Jin came out of the kitchen and sighed.

What happened to waiting like everyone else? He asked as he wiped his hands clean of dough. Namjoon shrugged.

We have business to get to, I can’t be waiting in line. Plus don’t I get a family and friends discount for setting you up with Y/N? Namjoon asked and you turned around.

Setting us up? You asked as you handed Yoongi his coffee.

Didn’t I introduce you two? He responded as he took the coffee from your hands. You looked over at Jin and thought back. Sure enough, the memory of a tall businessman named Namjoon popped into your head and the rest was history. Shaking your head and laughing, you rolled your eyes.

Fine, fine. Family and friends discount, for today only. You pointed at the two businessmen as they waved and made their way out the door.

We are going to be ready for open, so can you unlock the door right at 9am? Jin asked, his professional tone was so much different than this morning’s banter, but you were used to it. Nodding to his command, you looked down at your watch and smiled. It was almost time to unlock the doors.

WE ARE READYYYY! You heard a yell from the kitchen and laughed at Tae’s loud voice rang through the café and you made your way to the door. A line of people streamed outside as the morning commuters awaited patiently for you to unlock the bakery. Taking a breath, you looked over your shoulder at Jin, who gave you a small thumbs up before disappearing into the kitchen to grab the rest of the pastries.

Unlocking the door was like opening the floodgates. People started to swarm in, crowding the counter and you felt your head spinning with the morning rush of orders. People wanting to try various pastries.

Can I get a dozen of these? … Were these freshly made this morning? … How long are you open? … Is Kim Seokjin truly French taught? … Where did you get the idea for this kind of scone? All of the questions customers had as they made their way through their orders was making your head spin. But you were happily answering all of them. Of course, a dozen is easy to do. … All the pastries are freshly made every morning by our four chefs … We are open until late afternoon, perfect for tea time or a quick coffee break … All four of our pastry chefs are French taught and actually studied together. … The matcha scone is meant to mix the flavors of Korea with the French cuisine. You quickly raddled back responses as you made your way through the morning rush.

As soon as it had begun and the coffee was flying into customers hands, the commuters were rushing out of the bakery and on their way to work. As you served the last group of impatient workers, you finally allowed yourself to breathe. Jin walked out of the kitchen with the other sous chefs and smiled.

How did it go out here? It felt like we were slammed in the back. Jin said as he put his arm around your shoulders.

I think if things continue to be that busy in the morning, we will have to double the amount of prep work we do. You remarked and Jungkook’s eyes went wide.

DOUBLE IT?! That would mean we have to get here at like 6am?! Tae exclaimed and Jin shrugged.

My grandparents would always get here at the crack of dawn to start preparing. He retorted and Tae scowled.

I don’t think so. Tae crossed his arms and Jin shook his head. As you giggled at the duo, you heard the bell ring to signify that a customer was walking in. Separating from Jin, you smiled.

Welcome to Le Biscuit et Le Café, how can I – In the middle of your talk, you looked up to see your mother. Her soft smile and gentle gaze put tears in your eyes as you walked from behind the counter. What are you doing here? You asked happily as you threw your arms around her. She laughed and put a hand on either cheek.

Well you said today was the opening of the bakery and I wanted to see it. She murmured and you let the tears slip out of your eyes. To have your mother not want a single pastry since she had burned her hands, to come all this way and support this café, you couldn’t help but smile.

Can I suggest our sampler plate? Jin called from behind you. You smiled up at him and put your arm around his waist.

Mom, this is Jin, my boyfriend. You said and saw from the corner of your eye as the sous chefs high fived in the background. Jin had a slight pink tint to his cheeks as he smiled down at your mother. The two of you hadn’t called each other boyfriend and girlfriend, but you thought right now would be the best time. From the smile on your mother’s face, it seemed like she was pleased as well.

Nice to meet you, Jin. She said happily and looked around. I would love a sampler plate. Y/N, could you make me a cup a coffee? She asked and you nodded as Jimin pulled out a chair for her to sit in.

The café was off to an amazing start, and as you smiled at Jin, he sighed.

What’s wrong? You asked and he shook his head.

It’s just. He paused and you tilted your head. It’s just, this reminds me of my grandparents. He murmured and leaned down to place a light kiss on your cheek. You smiled at the thought. Hopefully one day, many years from now, your grandchildren would take over this place, much like you and Jin did. Hopefully.

Author’s Note: I’m sorry for the cheesiness of this, but I couldn’t help myself. 

To be or Not to be

s u m m a r y // slightly based off this au

this does contain mature content and may possibly break your heart 

I tried not writing in the past tense I don’t know if I like it or not but you guys let me know.

don’t kill me after you read this but if you guys want a part two I could do one since I kind of left it hanging lol

anyways enjoy I have to go study for the three test I have this week.

p.s this took me two days to write

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I dunno how much you know about the subject but any advice or suggestions for plate carriers and body armor? Nothing huge I just want torso plates and a way to carry ammo and some supplies. Oh and it'd be nice to be able to wear a back pack with it

@gallows-walker this is more your speed than mine.

Beauty Isn’t Everything - RapMon X Reader

anonymous asked:
Can you do a Rap Monster scenario where one of you is doing the other person’s makeup, but it’s really bad so you get into a cute play fight? Thank you~ (P.S. This is the same anon as the sad Rap Mon one)

A/N: Hi! I know we kinda did this request last minute, but hopefully you don’t mind. I hope you like it!

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1450

“Baby, wake up” a voice rung in your ears as you rolled over to the other side of the mattress, groaning in response as you covered your face with the blanket. You heard a deep chuckle before you were tackled on the bed, being tickled at all sides. You squirmed around, trying to escape from his grasp. He pulled the blanket away from you, resulting with you crossing your arms across your chest, as if you were naked, and rubbing your arms from the cold, frosty air.
“Namjoon! Why can’t you ever let me sleep in peace?” you say, chucking a pillow at his face.
“Because…” He moved closer to you, embracing you from behind on the bed, warming you up, “it’s almost noon already” he said, giving you a kiss on the cheeks.
“What?” you glanced over at the clock, it was 11:58, “Oh” you breathed. Namjoon sat up, pulling you with him, practically dragging you away from your comfy empire of pillows and blankets. You could feel the cold air rush through the rest of your body as you hit the floor.
“You’re such a dick, Joon” you laugh, “the first day you’re back, and this is how you treat your girlfriend? Where’s my “Princess” treatment?” you tease. Namjoon gives you an approving stare before shaking his head and walking up to you. He picked you up with his muscular arms, carrying you out of the room, bridal style. He plopped you down on the couch, “Anything else, Princess?” he questions, serious tone in his voice, “No, thank you” you smile sweetly before grabbing the remote to turn on the television.
You surfed through almost all the channels, sighing when nothing you liked was on. You left the TV alone as you went on your phone, scrolling through social media. You swiped through tumblr and stopped at a video of one of BTS Stylist Noona’s makeup tutorials. This wasn’t just any stylist noona, this was one of your best friends, the person that introduced you to Namjoon in the first place.
The makeup tutorial looked effortless and easy, but then again, this was something she majored in. You watched her techniques as she angled the brush to create perfect strokes on her brow and eyelids. You absentmindedly found yourself trying to do the same hand movements as her, wondering how she could have her hand in such uncomfortable positions for such a long time. Namjoon sauntered over to you from the kitchen, handing you warmed up leftovers from last night’s dinner at the boys’ place.
“Thanks” you said, picking up the bowl and munching away, your eyes still locked on the simple makeup tutorial. One led to another, which led to another, and so on until you were watching videos about tattoos.
“Whatcha watching there, baby?”
You glance up at Namjoon who’s trying to peer over your shoulder to catch a glimpse of what you seemed to have found so entertaining. You quickly turn your phone off and place it on the table, “It’s nothing” you say as you continue eating your food.
After cleaning up and washing your plate, Namjoon suggested for you to have a “Stay-at-home” date since it was too cold and wintery outside for your liking. You happily obliged, rather being in the comfort of your own home than freezing outside in the cold. Your blanket and heater were your best friends for winter.
You felt inspired to do something with makeup. You only ever wore makeup on special occasions, but usually, you wouldn’t put in the extra effort of getting up earlier to put on a new face. So, you weren’t the best, but that doesn’t mean that you didn’t want to try.
As much as you loved bare faced Namjoon, Namjoon with makeup is one hell of a sexy combination. Maybe you could do his makeup and see how it goes. And if you failed, then you’ll let him do yours. You thought about it and giggled, but that didn’t stop you from wanting to try.
“Joonie~” You call out sweetly as you pull out some of your makeup from your drawers, placing it on top of the dresser.
“Yes?” He answered, popping his head into the room you were in, noticing all the tools you were pulling out. He walked up next to you as you continued, “What are you up to, baby?”
You pause, staring up at him, “Can I do your makeup?” You ask him with a smile.
“Can I?” You plead, tugging on his shirt at the hem as a cute gesture to make him give in.
“I want to try my makeup skills” you say, pouting at the fact your shirt pulling technique didn’t work
“Is that what you were watching on your phone? You want to try it? But why me? Why don’t you try it on yourself?”
“Because I’m afraid I might poke my eye”
“And you’re not afraid about poking mine? What if I go blind”
“Don’t be stupid Joon. Besides, you wear makeup more often than I do, so you know what it’s supposed to feel like. If I’m doing something wrong, then tell me, okay?” he sighed in defeat, “what do I get from this?”
“Well, if I fail, you can do my makeup”
“Oh, so you trust me more than yourself? I feel honoured baby” he said, touching his chest
“Whatever” you laugh

You pull him to the kitchen. You would go to the bathroom, but It would be too crowded. Plus, you didn’t want him to see himself until the end.
“Don’t make it girly. The last thing I need is rainbow coloured eyelids”
You giggled, “Aww, you foiled my plans” You tease, winking afterwards. He holds still as you do his makeup. The first eye going smooth and okay. The eyeliner was a bit too bold and a bit on the wavy side, but you could deal. It could look like you meant for it to be that way if you could do the exact same thing to the other side. You sighed after you finished one eye, “tired already baby?” He coos. You only roll your eyes before going on to his next one.
Namjoon was getting bored sitting there for so long. He decided to toy with you. He poked your stomach just as you were about to take the liquid liner off. You swiped it right across his forehead, “Namjoon!” He only laughed, not caring about the black line on his forehead, “You suck” you pouted.
“Aww, it’s okay, but since you failed, can I do your makeup now?” He smiled. You didn’t bother answering, you just sat down in the chair.
“You’re gonna look great” he said, picking up a brush and studying it, “What is this for?” He asks himself
“Well shit. I’m screwed” you laugh
“Shut up!” He presses it to your eye makes stokes of colour, “Woah, this is so cool!” He says as he lets his mind wander away. By the time he was finished, you felt like you had a pound of makeup on.
“shall we look?” He says, happy about what he has done. You nod and head into the bathroom together, “Oh my god” you start to laugh so hard that your stomach was hurting, “I look like a fucking clown!” You say, giving Namjoon a light punch in the arm
“You?! What about me?” He laughs, “I look like I have a unibrow!”
“That’s entirely your fault! You poked me in the middle of doing your makeup!”
He laughed before picking up your lipstick, putting them on his lips, messily, “This is what you look like after we have a make out session” he says. You punch him again, embarrassed. He suddenly turns to you, “Hey baby”
“Yes?” You say, continuing to laugh at the red blurb on his mouth, “You know I love you right?” he says as he walked closer, opening up his arms
“Wait what? No no no!” you squeal as you try to run away. You couldn’t get out with Namjoon standing right in front of the door, thus allowing him to swallow you up in his embrace, peppering kisses all over your face, leaving red lip marks everywhere.
You both stand there for a while before someone moves, “But seriously, I do love you. You should know because I have tolerated with you for so long” he laughs as he pecks your forehead.
“Shut up you dummy” you say, your words muffled from his shirt, “Excuse me? That’s not what you’re supposed to say back” he teases. You look up at him, into his eyes, “I love you too”  

~Admin Luna

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For the suit redesign I would suggest some light weight plated armor in certain spots. That way if she is up against an enemy that is bigger and is using brute force she can have areas that she can shield herself with. Also A hood would be cool for the winter time, or if it is raining.

Knowing Kara, she’d accidentally rip the hood while fidgeting with it.

I’m not sure there’s any metal that’s stronger than Kara on earth, but I’ll look into seeing if we can use the metal from her pod.

You’re in love with him but he has a girlfriend - Niall Horan requested imagine.

LET IT BE KNOWN, I really am disappointed with this imagine. I wrote it, deleted it, wrote it again and Im just not happy with it. I left it off at an odd spot but I just could not think of anything else to write. It’s unedited and I didn’t proof read it. I also don’t know if Niall and Celine are still together? were they ever together? who knows. At least try to enjoy this hahahah. Let me know what you think. 


Helene, was it? no no, it was Celine. She’s pretty, I guess.

Fuck, stop being an asshole, she is pretty and is probably a lovely person-

“Are ya listenin to meh? Or off with the fairies ‘gain?” A lazy voice ripped you from your thoughts.

Currently perched on the top of his kitchen counter, you were listening to Niall boast about his new girlfriend. It’s not that you were jealous, definitely not. Not a chance. You refused to let that thought try and come into your mind. But it had been just the two of you for the past 11 years, and now you weren’t exactly thrilled about 90% of his attention being taken up by someone else. You mentally kicked yourself. Since when were you so possessive?

“Sorry Ni, got distracted by something out the window, go on I’m listening now, I swear” you mumbled at the blonde haired boy as he ambled around the kitchen, preparing dinner for the both of you.  

“Was sayin’ that she’s into all the same music as me, ‘ow goods that?” He smiled to himself while stirring the pasta sauce on the stove.

“Suuuper good” you tried to sound enthusiastic, you really did, but you couldn’t shake the feeling that had settled over you since he had told you that someone new was in his life. You would be lying to yourself if you said you had never had feelings for him. But those feelings had been boxed up and thrown to the depths of the ocean. No one knew, and you were too afraid of the friendship plummeting if he was to find out, so you hardly ever admitted the feelings to yourself either.

“S’wrong?” turning off the sauce before parking himself in-between your legs, drumming his fingers on your legs.

“hm?” you looked down at him, feigning confusion.

“You’ve been stuck in yeh head all evenin’. Wassamatter?”

There was no fair or legitimate excuse for the way you were feeling and you couldn’t just say “I don’t like that you have somebody in your life that makes you happy other than me.” You had to be happy for your best friend, no matter how much it hurt.

“Well” you began, trying to think of an excuse as quickly as possible. “I just have so many assignments to do for uni, my brain is still in holiday mode, you know? And the sudden piling of work has just really stressed me out. Nothing to do with you, promise. Just have a lot on my plate at the moment, but I’m happy for you Niall, truly.”

He seemed to be satisfied with the answer, because he smiled sympathetically at you before rubbing up and down your arms a few times then leaving his spot between your legs to go and take the pasta off the boil.

“Can’t wait for yeh to meet ‘er.” he yawned, patting your ankle that was across his lap.

Your dinner had gone relatively free of girlfriend talk, but now as you two sat on his couch watching old re runs of friends he had started it back up once more.

“Really mister, and why’s that?” you answered casually, spreading out so both of your legs were now entirely over his lap.

“Cause you’re m’bestfriend. Yeh mean the absolute world to meh and I want my two favourite girls to get on.”

You sucked in a breath, hoping he didn’t notice the sudden uncomfortable vibes that had settled over the room.

“Yeah Ni, you know I’d love to meet her, anyone who makes you happy is already in my good books”

“Next Tuesday dinner?” he grinned “I know Tuesdays are our thing but I feel like when yeh meet each other you’ll get along so well that Tuesday night dinners can be a thing for all three of us, eh?”

You were certain you heard your heart shatter at what he said. Tuesdays had been just the two of you, since forever. You were too selfish to give up your one on one time with Niall. He was always working; recording, touring, playing golf, touring for golf, and the Tuesdays that he was in town were always spent just the two of you, and you loved it that way.

“Sounds perfect.” you forced through a tight lipped smile before continuing “but I best be off. So many uni assignments, you know?”

You rose off the couch before bending down to hug him.

“My hard working girl. Drive safe, ill see you next Tuesday” He hugged you back, almost pulling you back down onto the couch from the force of his embrace.

That was it; you were going to take a nice stroll off a bridge. How could you possibly be pleasant to someone who was taking the person you were in love with away from you?

It was as if everything in life was going against you because the next 7 days went by in the blink of an eye, and suddenly you were faced with the front of Niall’s door on Tuesday evening. Should you knock? You never knocked on his door you usually just moseyed on in, taking your place on his kitchen counter while he cooked. Were you supposed to shake her hand to say hello? Your palms were sweaty. What if she was rude? What if you had a sudden heart attack and died in the middle of dinner?

You shook your head at yourself, you were going to be lovely tonight, and treat whoever was on the side of the door with proper respect. If she didn’t deserve it, Niall did.

After five more minutes of raising your fist up to knock on his giant wooden door, you took a deep breathe and pushed the door open yourself. You were already late and you couldn’t stall any longer.  

“Niall?” you called out, slowly walking through the hallway

“’n th’ kitchen!”

You heard giggling as you approached the kitchen. Already unreasonably irritated, you planted a smile on your face as you walked through, wanting to make the best impression possible. You were halfway through the walkway to the kitchen before he grabbed your arm and pulled you too him.

“Y/N this is Celine, babe this is Y/N” A blush crept up her cheeks, and your heart plummeted.

“Y/N! Hi! So lovely to finally meet you, Ni’s told me so much about you!” she grinned, extending a hand out for you to shake.

“Hi” You responded, bringing her outstretched hand in both of yours, smiling back “so nice to finally meet you too, I assure you that Niall’s told me more about you than he has to you about me” The redness from her cheeks going down her neck as Niall came to hold the hand that you had released.

“Come on, let’s eat.” Niall suggested gesturing to the plates of food already served on the dining room table. “Bloody kept us waiting, you did” He winked, before taking his spot at the table, both of you quickly following.

It had been ten minutes, only ten minutes and god were you done. You could feel your knee twitching underneath the table, and the fake smile you had plastered on your face was burning your cheeks.

She said Niall had taken her to his favourite coffee shop in London. That was the coffee shop you two had found together. He had laughed and told her that the coffee was nicest when she was with him.

She said that he held her hand the entire way around the London Eye because she was afraid of heights. Funny. He had done the same for you.

She asked if you knew that Niall spoke in his sleep. You had stopped listening then, because you couldn’t let her break down all of your favourite things by shoving herself into them.

For almost as long as you could remember, it had just been you and Niall, doing absolutely everything together. Of course you knew he spoke in his sleep. When you were both crammed into a tiny bed on the tour bus he would be just about yodeling all night.

“Y/N?” A soft voice called from opposite you.

“Yes? Sorry, I didn’t hear you. Go on” You tried to laugh, your voice sounding stiff and forced.  

“I just asked if you wanted to join Niall and I for dinner again next Tuesday night. We’re having a lovely time and it would be great if Tuesday dinners became a thing.” She beamed

You raised an eyebrow. Would you like to join Celine and Niall for dinner next Tuesday? Would YOU like to join Celine and Niall for dinner next Tuesday?

This was too much.

“You know? I’d love to, but I’m actually busy next Tuesday. Speaking of busy, I have to go. Thanks for dinner Niall. Lovely to meet you Celine” You pushed yourself up from the table before taking your plate with you to the sink, dumping it, grabbing your bag and stumbling to the door, tears forcing themselves down your cheeks.

Why did you ever think that you could do this? She was everything Niall had said she was. Beautiful, kind and you were sure she would be a good friend. But you couldn’t shake the bubble of hatred for her that had settled into your stomach the second you heard of her.

“Y/N!” A deep voice boomed, before footsteps followed you down the hallway.

You had already opened the front door and wedged yourself through it when you heard Niall’s voice call out again

“Y/N!! Wait!”

“What Niall?” You whipped around, not caring that your makeup was most definitely smudged down your face

Confusion struck his features as he took in your state. He closed the front door behind him as he slowly walked to where you were standing.

“Wot happened in there? Why’d you just walk out? Why’re yeh cryin for?”

“Is it invitation only to dinner on Tuesdays now? Is that yours and Celines thing now?” you furiously wiped at your eyes; embarrassed of the way you were acting but unable to change it.

“yeh cryin cause she invited you to dinner again? She was bein bloody polite.”

“IT’S NOT ABOUT THE FUCKING DINNER NIALL,” You shrieked. “ITS ABOUT HER TAKING EVERYTHING THAT WAS OURS AND TURNING INTO YOURS AND HERS. I more than know about your favourite coffee shop in London. And I know that you sleep talk, your favourite colour is green and whatever else she was trying to tell me”

“You’re actin bloody ridiculous” He interrupted, not letting you finish. “Yeh kickin up a fit over my favourite colour?”

“No, its not tha-“

“Then what is it? Why were yeh so damn rude to the only serious girlfriend I’ve ever had? Yeh my best friend and one of the only people who I actually cared about their opinion of her, and all you did was a horrible job of making her feel welcome” he spat, leaving his face bare and emotionless. You knew better, you knew he was seething.

“Why do you think I quit my job to come on tour with you for two months straight when you were homesick? Why do you think I put up with your shit moods when you were tired, your disgusting dirty socks that you always leave all over my bedroom or why I didn’t go home for Christmas so that I could spend it with you? It’s because I love you Niall. I loved you the first time you accidentally kicked a football into my head in the sixth grade and absolutely nothing. I want to be your best friend Niall, and I want to be happy for you, but I can’t. Not with this. I’m sorry,” You tried to take a deep breath but it felt like your lungs were filled with fluid. It physically hurt you to try and breathe.

You turned around and just about leapt off the front porch, eager to get into your car and finally be able to cry the way your body was near forcing you too.

“Y/N, wait, please” His desperate voice called from behind you, but you weren’t letting this conversation go on any longer

“You have a guest inside Niall. You shouldn’t keep her waiting any longer,” you answered, scurrying off to your car before he had the chance to break your heart any further.  


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anonymous asked:

i love your masks! what inspired u to start making them/get into it?

thank you! hmm I was looking after my younger sister and trying to find activities to do with her and I found some paper plates and suggested we made masks.. I really enjoyed making mine and I started making them w my current method, and since it was when I’d dropped out of college last year I had a lot of spare time so I filled my days w making masks mostly. I’m honestly not too sure what inspired me I just started making them

Cas X Reader

Request: i was wondering, if it’s not a problem, can you make something fluffy with cas? like the reader is ill (you know, cold, temperature…) and cas is taking care of her? like REALLY FLUFFY

Request: First of all… I LOVE YOUR WRITING! Secondly, Could you write a Cas X reader where the reader is a cute kind of dorky girl who is like everyone’s little sister and Sam and Dean are really overprotective of her? I would probably squeal until I ran out of oxygen:)

Request: Heya! Um can u do one where the reader’s got a really good hair and it just smells so good, she stars dating one of em *u can decide either sam dean or cas :)* and he just cant take his hands off it touching and nuzzling it! Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

Request: Could u please do a oneshot where cas like to smell the reader’s hair and one time he’s upset n sad so he asks her if he could nuzzle her hair n her neck cuz he finds it relaxing … Lol its kinda creepy but I really liked the idea & thanks a lot u r the best!

Request: hi im so glad this is open again!! can u write a cas x reader one where it’s just all fluffy and romantic like theyre in the bunker alone and they slow dance and stuff kinda based on the song adore you by miley cyrus ? thank u so much <3

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Cothurnocystis, from the Ordovician (~485-444 mya) of Europe, Morocco, and North America. Measuring about 2.5cm long (1″), it was part of a group of bizarre marine animals called stylophorans.

With their flattened bodies, single segmented tail-like appendages, and complete lack of any type of true symmetry, stylophorans looked more like alien lifeforms than any sort of known animal group – but the structure of their calcite armor plates suggest they were actually part of the echinoderms. Some forms show evidence of pharyngeal slits, an ancestral trait to all deuterostomes that was lost in other echinoderms.