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Pixel Pride

In order to practice pixel art I’ve been making these cute little gems for each of the LGBT+ flags. These are only the first eight so far, but I thought you all might enjoy them.

Feel free to use them on your blog w/ credit, or you can get them as stickers and stuff from my store. Also, I’d love suggestions on which flags to make next, so don’t be shy 💖

anonymous asked:

Re those ace & aro flag suggestions: they keep claiming we stole purple from bisexuals and that purple stands for bisexuality, like no???? The bi flag is far from the only one with purple in it??? And it stands for attraction to multiple genders in the bi flag, not actually bisexuality itself -Sincerely a bi ace who is super tired

That’s not even the only meaning of the colour purple???

Purple has been associated with royalty for a long time due to how expensive purple dye was. As a result, it is often associated with nobility, power and luxury. This is why Cadbury use purple for their branding, they want to be considered a luxury chocolate bar.

It can also mean wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, PRIDE, mystery, independence, and magic.

In the rainbow flag, purple stands for spirit.

But this was changed in the bi flag to represent the overlapping of attraction to the same sex (pink) and to other sexes (blue).

In the nonbinary flag, purple represents those who feel like a mix of boy and girl, as purple is the mix of the gendered colours blue and pink.
This is similar to the genderqueer flag, which has a purple stripe for the same reason. So does the gnc pride flag! That is almost completely purple to represent the blurring of boundaries between typically male and female values!

The purple stripe in the asexual flag isn’t meaningless, and it wasn’t taken from bisexuals. It represents community.
This is similar to the meaning in the original rainbow flag, as spirit is often something that brings the community together. Also, as purple is a secondary colour, it promotes the idea of different colours/people mixing together to form another colour/to form a community.

People who say the asexual flag has no meaning, or that the colours were stolen need to do their research.

Inverting the colours of those associated with passion not only creates an ugly flag that is not aesthetically pleasing at all, but it assumes that passion can only come in the form of sex (or in the form of love for the aromantic flag). Since this reason was used for both, it’s kinda paradoxical and conflates asexuality and aromanticism. It also others asexuals and aromantics, suggesting that true passion is only seen through romantic love and sex. This also throws a lot of survivors and generally any sex-repulsed people who are not asexual under the bus.

It’s a gross meaning and I don’t want it associated with me.

Yellow representing happiness also doesn’t really mix well with me, I don’t understand why it’s there when the original asexual flag has a much more poignant meaning.
And if we’re talking about stealing colours, the nonbinary flag uses yellow to symbolise anything outside of the binary, as yellow is often seen as something completely it’s own and independent. How would you combat that?
Green is also used in the genderqueer flag, as an inverse of purple to represent the opposite of the binary, or someone who is neither male or female in any form. Are you not taking this meaning away from genderqueer people??

You can’t play the stealing colours card without fully researching the new colours you’re suggesting, because taking the meaning away from nonbinary and genderqueer people isn’t cool.

So either colours are allowed to have multiple meanings, or you’re also stealing colours yourself. Which is it??

TrekFest 2017

Four times you fell for Bones, and the one time he fell for you, pt5: The World-Ender

Word Count: 2272
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Author’s Note: The first two sections are from Bones POV before it shifts back to the reader. 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The Enterprise received the distress call. Just barely. It had been picked up on a subspace repeating frequency and was dated from weeks ago. It didn’t matter. Jim had immediately changed the course of the ship to intervene in the disaster. Or at the very least, look for survivors. So little was known about Stazlatz Prime. There’d been a single diplomatic undertaking to the planet when it had first come in contact with the federation, but otherwise had kept itself separate from the Federation - choosing to remain neutral because of the proximity to the Romulan neutral zone. Stazlatz leaders felt it would be more beneficial to maintain trade options with both the Federation and the Romulan Empire. And for a small planet with a smaller population and limited resources, they were probably right.

Doctor McCoy busied himself in MedBay, supervising the preparation of supplies and disaster kits. There was little information that had come with the distress call. Just that there had been a natural disaster and help was needed. And because of the location of the planet, the Enterprise was going the need to take a cautious approach, ensuring that it didn’t drop out of warp space into a Romulan rescue effort, and thereby cause a war.

“Bones, we’ve dropped out of warp and will be at Stazlatz Prime in three hours. How are your preparations?” Jim’s voice came through McCoy’s communicator, jolting him from his thoughts.

“We’re just finishing on the nourishment kits. My information shows Stazlatz Prime is quite arid, so I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of dehydration,” he replied.

“Initial scans of the planet show catastrophic seismic activity,” Jim offered.

“Good to know. We’ll increase available supplies for trauma as well.” He started clicking through protocols on his PADD and making selections.

“I’ll update you as I learn more. Kirk out.”

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I just imagined all the assassins living together under one house with Queen Ezio as the great ruler (Or at least he thinks so)

Gotten tons of suggestions and I look forward to drawing them! 


Hey everybody, check out this blog, @doglovershub, that’s stealing my pics and uploading them as their own. Just type “stitch” into my page’s search bar and you’ll see my post where the first screenshot is from. He’s also stolen a pic of “Sampson” and also one of my pics of “Balto”. My photographs are special to me. I love what I do. And this hack is stealing mine, AND other people’s art while taking credit for himself. I suggest reporting them and flagging as much as their stuff as you can so tumblr can take action and get this douche-canoe out of here. Thanks folks, I appreciate all of you.