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For the road is full of the unreturned as through the night they roam. But the lost may greet lost souls they meet and each may find a home.

Class Appreciation Week - Favourite Theme: Charlie and Matteusz - Losing and Being Lost

Fire Emblem Echoes Support Ideas:

  • Genny sharing cookies with Valbar and them developing something of a father-daughter bond, which helps him with the trauma of losing his family
  • Valbar offering to pay Kamui for going with him to fight the pirates but Kamui’s like ‘hell no I like money and all but I don’t charge my friends’
  • Faye talking with literally anyone about anything as long as the subject isn’t Alm, because she deserves to have a personality outside of her unrequited crush on him
  • Python and Leon. I have no idea what they’d talk about, but I want them to talk
  • Clive and Clair because what the hell, they’re siblings, why don’t they have support conversations in the base game
  • Kliff and Python being increasingly snarky to each other but in a good-natured manner and bonding over it before Python practically adopts Kliff as his honorary little brother
  • Kamui and Boey talking about how scared they are of terrors/necrodragons

Edit: I’ve decided that I want the gay archers to talk about their boyfriends, aka Forsyth and Valbar.

Leon: Valbar is so perfect and kind and wonderful I love him so much

Python: Yeah Forsyth can be a pest sometimes, but he’s my pest, and someone’s gotta take care of him


*shoujo sparkles* What is this feeling???????

Reunited Part 11!!
I never thought this comic would stretch this far and I apologise x’D but here’s a bit of romcom-worthy misunderstanding for y’all and I’m sure that nothing else will grow out of this experience have a lovely night uwu/
Again, thank you all so much for the wonderful comments, asks, and tags you leave me, I read every single one and I love and appreciate them all!!

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Taemin Han AU: The Squad

!!! DO NOT REPOST THIS ON FACEBOOK OR ANYWHERE ELSE. These are only AUs and I don’t really feel like it should be circulated because most people get confused and just complain a lot without understanding. Please leave them here on tumblr or IG !!!

‼️‼️‼️ PLEASE READ: This is a different AU from the previous RFA Family posts. All RFA kids in this AU are different kids from the previous RFA family posts I made (except for Taemin Han; because here, MC marries Jumin) . The previous kids are all MC’s kids in different routes so they can’t exist together ✨ Also, Yoonri is a girl.

These doodles were all from my Instagram – people were requesting more of the RFA kids in Taemin’s au so I doodled one page but then it got out of hand because everyone wanted more so I ended up doing three pages today >v< ♥ Most of the ideas (and names) from this AU came from suggestions and I really appreciate every input ♥ It was so fun chatting with everyone in IG today ^o^ 

Some AU stuff under the cut!

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Arcade Rakan
“What IS this? Is it a healing potion? It’s blue! Xayah? XAYAH! Where’d she go?”

I feel it’s pertinent to mention that Night of Fire by Initial D is basically this thing’s theme song for how many times it repeated over the hours I spent on it.

Other notes:
- Backing animation is a round of DDR ;)
- That said, figuring out a feasible dance for him was hard (let alone alongside an Arcade Xayah!), but maybe something like this? (About 15 seconds worth, sound warning!) Dunno! Leave a comment with a suggestion!

Note: I would hugely appreciate it if you linked back to this if you decide to redraw it! Also, please don’t post this outside Tumblr without asking! Thank you!

anonymous asked:

hottest misha gifs in your opinion

Ho buddy,  ho friend,  oh baby, oh darling … you asked for it

*furiously digs through the contents of her phone*

Okay … let’s start off mild:

He’s so serious and brooding … mmm

Okay,  now some sweet-hotness:

Oh the sweater and the eyes and the adorable dad-ness

Okay,  what about some dressed up/ flirty smile Mish:

What about sex-face Misha? 

Or bamf Misha? (I know some of these are Cas gifs but it’s still Misha ok? )

I mean,  c’mon …

And what about his arms in this one:

Fuck me sideways …

Umm … yes

Okay … this one is just too adorable:

And then there’s all this bullshit:

How about confused/skeptical/sexy:

And everyone deserves to see Misha taking off his pants …


And of course …

And what would this list be without shirtless,  panting,  moaning Misha? 

Alright that’s it for now.  I do have more,  but I’m legit getting a headache from staring at my phone. 

I hope you enjoyed– what am I thinking?