I want to dive into the ocean. Leave my worries on the shore. I want to see every swell of the water above me. The fractured moonlight piercing the waves and fading before it can reach the sea floor. I want to feel the water all around me. I wish I could instead feel that physical pressure that’s so much easier to take. To hear naught but the silence of the deep as it cradles me, like an unborn child. The calmness of the gentle sea holding my tired muscles in her arms.

I don’t want to drown, but a year like this makes me wonder if I’m lying. I want to hear the silence. I want to feel that pressure that’s so much easier to take.

I get to change my lip ring in two weeks does anyone know which brand is the best to buy from? I saw some cheaper ones on amazon but idk how good they are and then hot topic had some cute ones but they were more expensive so idk if they’re just better quality or overpriced. If anyone could give me any suggestions that would be great. Please and thank you lil spoops 😊👻