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All searches relating “ted cruz” and “zodiac killer” have been removed from google

On February 26th, NPR posted this screenshot of the google search “is ted cruz”: 

“Is ted cruz the zodiac killer” is the second suggestion. Here is a screenshot from today (3/21):

Nothing about the zodiac killer. The conspiracy theory is also absent from any search suggestions for other combinations of ‘ted cruz’ and ‘zodiac killer’. So maybe there’s a reasonable explanation: fewer people are asking google if Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer, and are instead asking if he is republican or married. Nope. Not according to google trends, which shows ‘is ted cruz the zodiac killer’ as a more interesting search term since February. 


Ted cruz got google to remove all search suggestions relating him to the zodiac killer (because ted cruz is the zodiac killer).


Ben & Sophie with Bradley Cooper at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016 - pt 4 (pt 1, pt 2, pt 3)

(Sorry for the fuzzy quality, the shot is from far away and the trio take up maybe 10% of the whole screen)

ellenahandbasket  asked:

I love your makeup. Maybe I made this up in my head, but I feel like I've read you comment on green/ecologically sound practices. I am reacting to something in the drugstore makeup, which is just getting worse as I get older, so it's time to be pickier about what I put on my skin. I'm learning, but it's weird to switch gears. Do you have suggestions of what to search for? Are there companies to look into? If you've posted on this, is there a phrase I could put into the search on your blog?

I don’t remember if I’ve specifically posted about it before, but yeah, I’m right there with you about skin getting more sensitive as I get older.

I have no helpful suggestions of what to search for - a lot of my makeup shopping is done by word of mouth and reading reviews. Which leads me to! Makeup Alley! It’s the first place I always head to when I am thinking of buying a new product. Also, their forums are really good for getting answers about various brands and skin care.

A in-no-way-complete list of skin care and makeup companies I use:

  • Paula’s Choice. I like their sunblock and their RESIST line. Pricey, but worth it.
  • Bee Friendly. I use their serum and their moisturizer. My skin really likes honey. 
  • Aromaleigh Cosmetics. Still the best mineral/loose powder foundation I’ve ever found.
  • Medusa Makeup. I love their loose pigments and glitters. 
  • Rituel de Fille. They make some of my favorite lipsticks (Fortune Teller and Night Wanderer), and they’re wonderful people.
  • Fyrinnae Cosmetics. The Pixie Epoxy is one of the best products to use with loose pigments, ever. Huge range of colors and products.
  • Black Moon Cosmetics. My current obsession, because sweet sainted Bowie, those Cosmic Eye Dusts are GLITTERY. 

blackandbluskyy  asked:

Okay so, I've heard A LOT about your marvelous AUs and from what I've seen so far they are absolutely stupendous! That being said, is there a tag you nest the individual AUs under? I'd like to read more about them but I'm not sure where to start exactly

Mhm! I kinda suggest searching for them from my blog:


My tags are generally abit over the place, but these are pretty much the mains. For asks and other details pertaining to all the alterAUs, #at!chat is another one. But I should note that Altertale (and #Trainertale) are the only ones I’ve created masterposts for.

When I typed “I’m gonna build” on Google Search, one of the search suggestions was “I’m gonna build a wall Shrek” and when I checked out the results, it turned out that there’s a song called “Build a Wall” in Shrek: The Musical and I was convinced Trump is trying to be Shrek.

But that’s not all…

Upon checking the song’s lyrics, one will find that this is the opening line:

“ I’m gonna build me a wall, I’ll make it ten feet high.” 

and you know what, it reminded me of Trump’s “the wall just got ten feet taller” statement from his campaign.

I’m totally convinced Trump is trying to be Shrek: The Musical!Shrek

the hand you’re dealt

the big bang happened a while back  
and we won’t get another anytime soon  
so it seems like this is what we’ve got to
work with for the foreseeable future at least

someone’s searching the ruins of Alexandria
reading biographies of the greats
getting lost in youtube comments
all of them searching suggestion boxes  
for what to do with what we have

we’d all better hurry up
entropy won’t let us have it for keeps
you and I can take our time though
it’ll be here longer than us  

somewhere a new galaxy spins together
as a supernova tears another apart
dispersing and draining agents of change
while distance keeps us safe

our industries have been revolutionised  
many times over by now
the next step is computerised  
so we can live like they were never there

a hunter-gatherer goes to a drug store
a father roughhouses with his kids  
watering holes are as busy as ever
the sun beats down just the same  

“if we take france we lose the wine vote”
“hurt the swiss and we lose cheese”
“we don’t want our factories in flames”
“I guess we can settle for peace”

somewhere fine minds and lab assistants  
attempt to unravel the world  
and some time from now the sum
of their efforts  
will give them an answer of two

somewhere else a dog licking itself  
reaches the same conclusion  
and I can only assume it feels just as good

somewhere an orchestra is playing Vivaldi  
moving together perfectly in time
but when the song ends  
it’ll never be played the same again
the applauding crowd will carry it home

my yiayia gave me a puzzle box once
that wouldn’t open to my touch
not to brute force or persistence  
and after I figured out the mechanics  
it was empty all along

anonymous asked:

Hey if its not too much trouble could you try to find me some reasonably priced occult/witchcraft/creepy clothes or accessories? nothing about satan, being "psycho", or the phrase "witch please" if possible? that seems to be all I ever find and id appreciate another set of eyes ;; thank you!!

i have a BiiiIIIIiiiiiIIIIIIiiiG tag specifically for this here that i would primarily suggest searching through–i’d do this request but i post witchy stuff and other things like what you’re describing so often that i feel like it’s redundant to my normal content? 

maybe check out my overall tags page as well. the goth, nu goth, dark mori kei, strega, and creepy kei tags will also be good for you to check out. 

i also don’t post things w/ ableist slurs, and there’s not that much goth stuff is directly relating to satan Or has the specific phrase “witch please” on it on my blog that i feel like it warrants a specific request….so i feel like there’s plenty for you to look through, now that you have the names of the tags i use for it. i can also push some stuff of this style higher up the queue for you. 

((Mun: This is the Flying Pirates botanist! She uses plant bombs and I love her *^* Just finally figured out her color scheme and now I need to find a good name for her…
Lol also just realized I haven’t done art of any of the guys. Mainly because FREAKING HAIR. I suck at dude hair so bad it makes me cri evry tiem ;v; but I’ll try to do one of the guys soon))

anonymous asked:

heyeey, I wanted to ask... i just found the kare pillow tracks of kiiyan and wanted to know... do you know where i could find more r18 things of him? ´q`

Hello dear Anon.

I’d like to answer you that Kishou is always R-18 anyway–… lol jk

Well, if you want more of his R-18 works, I suggest searching for 杉崎和哉, since that’s the pseudonym he uses.

A quick list of R18 roles he did from the last decade:

Under the Moon (Game/Drama CD) - Leni

Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori (Game/Drama CD) - Wolf

Dies irae Verfaulen segen -  (Game) - Wilhelm Ehrenburg

Hatsuyuki Sakura (Drama CD) - Kawano Hatsuyuki

Kare Pillow (Drama CD) - Igarashi Hayato

Vampire Night Parade (Drama CD) - Ashley Murray

Also coming up:

The Married Man and I (Drama CD | Release date: 07/26/2017) - Husband

Aaaand…. that’s it, I think? LOL unless you want me to count all the lewd things he’s said during live performances ww

Okay, here’s Kiiyan for you, now scram!

anonymous asked:

I've noticed that I have a talent with storm calling, and have been practicing but I was advised against it as its supposedly dangerous, could you please explain that to me. Also, I was told that the way I call weather is wrong, but I don't understand how its wrong if its been working...

I am not a storm/weather witch & I have never studied it, so I am not sure how I can help you, little bird. I suggest searching things like “storm witch”, “weather magick”, “weather witch”, ect & find witches that can actively help you. Also try Google, it’s full of knowledge a lot of witches wouldn’t expect. Good luck on your journey! 🌿

anonymous asked:

Any rabbit care tips like how big their living space needs to be at a minimum ? Also I love seeing the rabbit homes in your rabbit tag they are so nice.

Thank you! 

I supposed it would depend a lot on how big your bun was. A dwarf probably wouldn’t need quite as much space as one of the giant breeds, obviously. However, rabbits are active, inquisitive creatures with large, bounding strides. You’ll need enough space to allow for your rabbit to stretch out and get exorcise, even if you plan to let the bun out. A quick google search suggests twelve square feet (for example an enclosure that’s six feet long and two wide, or four feet by three feet, etc.) and this seems a pretty fair size for during the night or when unsupervised, but certainly not appropriate housing without the rabbit being allowed out for better exorcise regularly.