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another little espersquad zine update

So yeah, I am planning on making/running a super casual Mob Psycho 100 zine with the theme ‘esper squad’ some time over the next few months. Blog is still under construction but I plan to open applications soon, in a few weeks time. 

Though the final product will likely be a digital download PDF, which shouldn’t cost anything to make and distribute, I’m very keen on having it be for a good cause, so I’m thinking of having a pay-what-you-want system where any  proceeds are donated to charity (still deciding on which charity). The issue with this is that if I am hosting the zine I will likely have to make the donation of whatever proceeds we get myself, and I am worried about the complications of doing so, for example donating to a US charity when I live in the UK. So basically still I need to do more research on the boring scary finance stuff haha  

Just because you don’t get along well with someone, or you disagree with someone, or you have differences in opinion that can’t be resolved, doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person. You can’t be best friends with everyone, and shit happens. No one is ever going to get along with everyone. It doesn’t make you a bad person to see a friendship end like this. It just means that you are still learning about who you are and what values you believe are worth defending. Even if it ends badly, try to look on the bright side: everybody learns from these moments. You can walk away with the knowledge that you have learned and that you have a better sense of self because of it.

Friendship is, in my opinion, one of the most difficult relationships to maintain and one of the most difficult things to get over if it ends. When it’s over, it’s hard to accept it because you became friends for a reason; you have good memories with this person that a part of you wants to relive. But you should listen that other part of you that’s saying it’s okay to move on and let it go. It’s okay to give yourself a little space and to let yourself breathe. It’s okay if you need to be on your own for a bit. And it’s perfectly okay to move on even if it was your fault, or if it was theirs, or if it was both or neither or you’re not sure.

This is your life to live and you don’t have to let this hold you back. Keep your head up. Think it through. (You’re not a bad person. Everybody is not for everybody.) Let yourself heal. And move on when you’re ready.

To Remember - Things I learnt from the Quran

1. Not to forget the truth ever
2. Do not be sad because of people, be just and let God be the judge if the matter does not settle.
3. Forgive people quickly.
4. From God, there is wisdom, knowledge and everything you are seeking.
5. God is enough for you.
6. Be a responsible Muslim.
7. God will never abandon you.

imagine CEO namjoon.

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  • what’s there to say? we already know he’s a great leader.
  • heir to the country’s largest publishing/printing firm.
  • also the greenest publishing/printing company in the country, like top five in the world, all thanks to namjoon’s initiatives.
  • he takes the whole inheriting business thing very seriously, determined to deserve the company and to be the best boss ever.
  • graduates early from a prestiged business school abroad and shares the responsibilities at the company to give his ageing father a break.
  • he’s so !!!! invested !!! in the health and happiness of his employees !!!!
  • wins All The Awards, for his green initiatives, planting trees, and making jobs, and protecting the environment ect, but also for having the happiest employees in the country.
  • he’s always arranging conferences and seminars for his employees to educate and encourage health/happiness/safety/equal opportunity/respect/ect in the workplace.
  • he works so hard to make sure everyone even down to the lowest branches are insured and that there are daycares and mom’s get the paid leave they need and deserve and that everyone gets and equal and fair wage.
  • bless him.
  • unfortunately all this work on top of his official workload means he doesn’t have much time to look after himself.
  • but in his mind he’s suffering is worth the safety and health of so many others he doesn’t even mind tho he’s kinda sad.
  • so, you work in the HR department.
  • and the head of the department fucks off on maternity leave and by some miracle ???? you get a hasty promotion.
  • no, you’re not really the head of HR but your function is pretty much the same and you don’t mind because the pay is goOD.
  • part of your responsibilities as head is to keep namjoon briefed on the general mood and concern of the people in his branch, i.e the large building full of people he feels directly responsible for.
  • he even has a whole suggestion box system, so once a week you just have to go through the notes people leave you and present a list to namjoon with a few possible solutions etc.
  • piece of cake.
  • except he’s hot as all hell.
  • i mean, it’s not a problem, far from it, he’s just very distracting.
  • but your meetings with him are the highlight of your work week so you do a really good job or at least you try, and also wear something nice.
  • and you think he’s just kinda clumsy and awkward.
  • but actually he finds you really distracting as well.
  • and your meetings are A Mess for the first month or so, until you get into the swing of things and get your shit together.
  • and the complaints he gets are never a big deal because everyone is happy and has nothing to complain about like ???
  • his secretary complaining that him playing smooth jazz all day in his office is getting kinda annoying and please would he play some classical or maybe bossa nova for a change.
  • or that his wacky ties and other questionable fashion choices are giving them a headache.
  • or jeon jungkook complaining about someone’s coffee breath again.
  • an anonymous submission says jimin is apparently??? too??? cute???
  • jung hoseok won’t stop moonwalking to the photocopier while humming thriller and it’s not even october and michael jackson doesn’t even moonwalk to thriller ugh ???????
  • yoongi keeps falling asleep at his desk and forgetting to go home at the end of the day.
  • harmless stuff like that. 
  • (namjoon stays late so he starts driving yoongi home because that’s just the kind of Great boss he is.)
  • and most of the time you two spend these meeting gossiping about drama between the departments and rolling on the floor laughing.
  • and you’re so in awe that someone can be so wonderful and selfless, making use of his privilege to protect people less fortune than him.
  • and your meeting are usually after lunch, so you come back from lunch to find him buried in paperwork and you begin to wonder, who takes care of him?
  • you ask if he had lunch and he’s like lol of course not have you met me
  • and you suggest postponing the meeting because there’s nothing urgent going on and you can take care of “kim taehyung keeps sneaking his dog into the office” on your own.
  • but he’s like “nO!!! please, our meetings are the only break i get, they keep me sane, they’re kinda the highlight of my week.”
  • and you sputter like ????? “im,,,what??? me ?? too?”
  • from that day on he starts taking you out for lunch every week and that way your meetings get twice as long.
  • and eventually you have to ask him, since nothing is going on in the office, “what about you, namjoon? how are you doing?”
  • and he thinks for a moment and he’s like “you know what, i feel kinda shitty actually.”
  • so you let him vent all his sadness and weird existential thoughts and angst for a few weeks and eventually suggest maybe he takes responsibility for his own health and happiness and maybe a good step would be to see a therapist?
  • and he does because he values your opinion and honestly it’s the only selfish thing he’s done in years and it makes him feel 1000001x better to have his concerns and ideas affirmed and listened to by a professional. therapy is cool, kids.
  • and one day shy joonie hands you a little poem he wrote you on a post-it, describing all the little detail he’s observed about him that makes his heart race and his head go all slow and foggy.
  • because he really,,,,,,,,,,,,, really likes you, and hopes this isn’t weird or anything if you don’t feel the same way that’s cool but he’s felt this way for a while and you’re the best thing that’s happened to him since this company and he just thought you deserved to know and he’s sorry.
  • and you have to like glue yourself to that dining chair so you don’t climb that dang table and throw yourself at him because namjoon is the most wonderful man on earth you treasure him and you want to keep him safe and happy because he deserves as much kindness as he’s prepared to give and he has nothing to be sorry for and you love him.
  • and he loves you too.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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something in the 6th house world is very unsatisfied if we are not on our knees washing the feet of an elderly person, symbolically in our expression of labour, or even physically through the 6th house and its relation with humble work, health care roles, and nursing. supreme responsibility is suggested by 6th house emphasis. it is the kind of work we do where we may expect or receive little gratification or appreciation. it’s the kind of work we do when we go home at night, and lie down, completely exhausted, but momentarily content that we helped someone sleep a little easier 

Sun in the 6th: devotes a large part of themselves toward others and identify with what they can offer people

Moon in the 6th: emotionally nourished by coming to the aid of those in need
Mercury in the 6th: devote thoughts to others, and spend a lot of time considering how they can be of assistance
Venus in the 6th: generates tremendous feelings of self satisfaction and pleasure when serving others 

Mars in the 6th: gives so much of themselves they burn out
Jupiter in the 6th: becomes more jovial with every selfless act
Saturn in the 6th: feels pressured to develop profound skills so they can justify their place in the world, they are duty bound to sacrifice themselves to larger than personal needs

Uranus in the 6th: devises unusual and unique ways to help people
Neptune in the 6th: saviors, their light unfolds when they offer outreach
Pluto in the 6th: powerful need to offer service and sacrifice, somatic pain occurs so they can develop intimate knowledge of the experiences of people they are here to heal

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Talk rusame headcanons to me!

wow ok so this is super late but tbh i suck so much at this headcanon things so i’m sorry in advance if this isn’t to your liking danie orz

so i imagine whenever their politic relation isn’t so great (a.k.a when their bosses are disagreeing with each other), they will be very cautious whenever they meet with each other. Like maybe one of them sneaking into the other’s house in the middle of the night, dodging every security cameras installed skillfully, speaking in micro body gestures to decide when and where they will meet after world’s meeting, etc.)

But of course sometimes they tend to be reckless and someone will caught them red handedly like this: 

…but thanks to Tony’s Neuralyzer , they can get off the hook like that. Countless times.

House // Jeff Atkins

A/N: Long as hell. Sad as hell. Feat. Good Friend! Monty

Named after: ‘House M.D.’ good show

“Right now she’s in a medically induced coma. We’re tending to her head trauma…” the doctor tells him.

Jeff tunes out the rest of doctors explanation, unable to listen any longer. He wishes he was deaf so he couldn’t listen any longer.

You were here too, in the emergency room. You were the subject the doctor was going on about. In critical condition. You flew through the windshield during the crash and ended up way worse than Jeff.

He suffered a fair share of injuries from the accident. He fractured a few ribs, his legs were cut and bruised but overall okay, his wrist for sure was gone and there was no way he’d be able to play this season but he wasn’t thinking about that right now. The doctor said he was very lucky, but he felt far from it.

His nose was broken and the tears that fell from his eyes mixed with the blood dripping from his nostrils. He looked, like a character from a Tarantino movie to say the least.

“Can I see her?” He pleaded, voice cracking in those simple four words.

“I’m sorry Mr. Atkins, we can only let immediate family see her at this-”

“PLEASE” Jeff wailed. It was his fault you were even in this situation and now he couldn’t see you.

It’s his mom’s hand that fits into his, squeezing lightly both in solidarity and in trying to get him to let doctors tend to his more superficial wounds.

“Sir, you have four fractured ribs. You need to remain calm as you could puncture a lung. She should be stabilized by Tuesday, in which we would bring her out of the coma…and you can see her then. I’m sorry.” The Doctor said before turning on his heel and walking away.

The sound of the emergency room was deafening to Jeff’s ears. He wanted to leave. He couldn’t bare to look at your mother’s tear filled eyes through the glass. Couldn’t handle it when your father asked him if he was okay.

“Mijo, look at me.” His mother whispered softly to him.

And Jeff turned to greet the woman with whom he shared the same eyes.

“It’s not your fault”

Jeff broke down into his mother’s arms. He was bawling now, with no reservations about embarrassing himself. He wept into her shoulder, staining the fabric of her shirt with tears, blood, and snot.

When your mom left your side to go comfort the boy, all he could bring himself to say was “I’m sorry”. It fell from his lips over, and over, and over again as though they were the only words he knew.

She nodded, understanding his pain. She hugged him lightly, invited him to come back, whenever he wanted, told him once again that it wasn’t his fault, and returned to her daughter.

Monday, Jeff stayed home from school. He cried all day, refusing his mothers meals, refusing to get out of bed. He ignored his phone altogether. He didn’t want anything but to see you

On Tuesday, however, his mother insisted he go to school first, before seeing you. He nodded absentmindedly, getting into the passenger seat with no intention of retaining anything. He went through the motions that day, not so much as uttering a word. Not even to Clay, who waited at his side patiently. Not pressuring him to do or say anything.

When lunch came he didn’t bother to grab anything. He sat with the people he called his friends and barely smiled when Clay dropped off a milkshake in front of him.

“I picked it up on my way to school. I figured you would need it. Sorry,…it’s a bit warm now.” Clay empathized with the boy.

Jeff nodded graciously before pushing it away from him. Guilt wouldn’t describe what he felt he was going through. He might as well have killed you himself.

You told him you didn’t want him to go.
You pleaded with him to stay at the party with you.
He, was the one who talked you into coming with him.
He, was the one who kissed your neck until you said yes.
He, was the one who was playing with your seatbelt in an attempt to get you to lighten up.
He, was the one that drove straight into the intersection.
He, was the one that put you in a coma.

“Atkins, dude, relax. It’s not like you shot her.” A voice said.

When Jeff looked up at Bryce, he swore he was seeing red. He nearly leaped across the table to beat the shit out of the catcher of the baseball team.

He ignored the screams of the cheerleaders, the yells of his teammates and fellow athletes. He ignored the noise around him and focused on connecting his singular fist with Bryce’s face.

It was Montgomery who held him dragged him off of Bryce. Who basically, carried him kicking and screaming out of the cafeteria. Who shook his head at Mr.Porter as if to say ‘not now’.

“Jeez, Atkins you look like me out there” Monty offered as a joke. He laughed to himself, hoping to hear his teammates voice again.

He could tell Jeff was moments from crying and he had never seen his friend such a wreck…he didn’t want to. Jeff was the only person who checked on the victim of his latest brawl and then came to see how he was holding up. After scolding him of course. He was happy to return the favor in any way.

“Do you wanna get out of here?” Monty suggested.

Jeff nodded in response while he paced his breathing.

“Alright great. You wait here. I’m going to grab your stuff. We’ll go anywhere you want.”

When Monty left, Jeff checked his phone.

Your parents had texted him, letting him know you were up and asking about him, inviting him to visit. Letting him know they’d be back in an hour. Your mother hadn’t eaten in the two days and your father pulled her away to a lunch.

He crumbled underneath the weight of his own sadness. His letterman slid against the lockers in the hall as he collapsed.

He cried there in the hallway, his sobs echoing off of the posters on the walls. The thud of his backpack falling at his side couldn’t interrupt his outburst.

“No, no, c'mon big guy. You know I can’t handle feelings” his right hand fretted.

He pulled Jeff up, throwing the boy’s backpack over his shoulder, wrapping an arm around the boy’s waist avoiding his sling.

“Don’t worry Captain, I got you.” He confided.

Montgomery, surprisingly of all people, was his crutch. The two boys made their way out of school and into the parking lot. Into Monty’s car where Jeff politely asked to go see you. On route to the hospital, you laid in.

When Jeff sobered up. Wiping away his tears, he realized they were there. He looked over at his teammate, his friend, eternally grateful.

“Monty-” he started.

“Don’t, Atkins. You’re there for me…always. I’m just returning the favor.” Monty stressed.

“…Also, I can’t go in there with you Cap. Hospitals freak me out. I’ll wait though.” He confided.

Jeff smiled for the first time in three days. He smiled, a brief, but genuine smile as he got out the car.

He walked into the sickly, sterile building slowly, decisively. Turning into the sign in office he looked around, wondering what the hell he could say to you to even make a dent in an apology.

“Can I help you, sir?” The receptionist questioned.

Jeff snapped out of his thoughts, nodding quickly.

“Yes, can I- is Y/N Y/L/N, taking visitors?” He stumbled over even the simplest of questions.

“Yes, she is, just sign-in here. Then I’ll buzz you in.”

Jeff scribbled an illegible mess and pulled at the door eager to see you. He looked back at the nurse and she met him with a sympathetic gaze before pushing the buttons that opened it for him.

“Room 361C!” She called out after him.

Jeff felt his legs go weak underneath him. He wasn’t ready to face his biggest regret. Betraying him, his two feet carried to the elevator. One foot in front of the other. Straight to your door.

His hand held at the door handle for what felt like forever. Just like his feet, his hand betrayed him. He opened the door, pushing through his pain.

You smiled at him weakly from your bed.

“Took you long enough” you whispered to him.

Jeff looked a wreck if you were honest with yourself. Your normally playful, overconfident boyfriend had bags under his bloodshot eyes. He looked paler compared to his usually tanned skin and you could’ve guessed that like your mother he hadn’t eaten in days.

Tears fell, once again, from Jeff’s eyes when he took you in. Laying in your bed. Tubes linked everywhere on your body, the monitor of your heartbeat drumming in his ears as if to mock him.

“I’m- I-” Jeff croaked out.

“Jeff…” you pleaded with him.

“I’m so sorry…It’s all my fault”

Every sentence, every apology he poured out, dripped with guilt. Jeff was rambling now, and his voice faded in and out.

You used what strength you could to outstretch your hand to him.

“Come here”

Your eyes closed and opened again, fighting to focus in on your boyfriend.

“Listen to me. It was not. your. fault.” You enunciated for emphasis.

You kept going as Jeff’s mouth opened to continue.

“My mom said a stop sign was knocked down, we didn’t stand a chance”

“I shouldn’t have-”

“I wouldn’t have let you-”

“Stop it! Stop. Please.”

You paused. Letting him take a moment.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I can never forgive myself for what happened and I don’t expect you to but-”

He stopped. Glancing away from you.

“I promise once you’re out of here. If you’ll have me…I’ll never, ever leave your side.”

Your eyes shut involuntarily as he poured his heart out to you.

“Or- or- you’ll never see me again. If that’s what you want.” He offered in exchange, panicking you were turning him down.

You shook your head to the latter statement and mumbled “Stay with me” as you went under once again.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Jeff is nodding and yelling out for the nurse thinking he was going to lose you.

The doctors pushed him out as they tended to you. He waited there in that hallway until they were done. Waited with your parents when they returned.

He was there when you woke up again, when you went home, when you went back to school. True to his word he stuck to you like glue, not letting you so much as lift a finger.

And you held onto the baseball player just as hard. You forgave him every time he offered up an unnecessary apology. Wiped his tears when he cried at the sight of your bruises.

The two of you were inseparable. Just like before that night.

Sickdays 3.0 is here, y'all!!

When: July 23-29, 2017.


Prompt list

23: Not the Norm
Your character isn’t doing too well, but it’s not because of the normal culprits. Basically, all illnesses/ailments here should be non-bacterial, non-viral, and non-fungal!
Suggestions: Motion sickness, psychosomatic, response to pain, response to a stimulus in their environment (a smell, a taste), overeating, over drinking, hangover, migraine, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, heat stroke.

24: Anywhere but here!… Too late.
You character is sick or hurt, and this is neither the time nor the place to be dealing with it. And something happens that causes a big scene and/or a big mess.
Stipulations are that the setting must be somewhere that it would be really bad and very inconvenient to get sick/hurt, and your character CANNOT leave to deal with it in private.
Suggestions: In the middle of a performance, public transportation, a crowded area with no way out, bumper to bumper traffic where they can’t pull off, an amusement park, first date, work (office, factory, construction, etc.) where they are not allowed to leave, classroom, business meeting.

25: Changing Colours
Suggestions: Grey faced, white knuckled, crimson flush, two bright red spots, green around the gills, black and blue bruises, ruby red blood, oozing yellowish green, black necrosis, blue lips, yellow jaundice, dark purple hemorrhaging, and many others.

26: Say it Ain’t So, Doc
The doctor comes out with his little clip board, and what he has to say changes your character’s life. What does he say, and how do your characters react?

27: Water
Whatever happens to your character should be caused by water, or perhaps a lack thereof.
Suggestions: Dehydration, overhydration, drowning, eating before going swimming, seasickness, sweating, getting caught in the rain, trying to stay hydrated, something was in the water, a hot shower, a cold bath.

28: I have some Regrets
Your character did something, but now it’s coming back and biting them in the butt.
Suggestions: went to a dodgy restaurant, get sketchy takeout, drank too much, ate way too much, went out when they were already feeling badly, did something stupid and got themselves hurt, maybe making out when one of us was sick wasn’t the best idea.

29: Snake Oil and Miracle Elixirs
You know that one remedy that grandmas all swear by? Or those ads promoting a miracle cure “that doctors don’t want you to know about”? This is the time to put them to use!
Your character is sick, but their caretaker (or the character themselves) insists on trying something…. alternative. Whatever it is just makes them feel worse, and maybe even adds more problems onto whatever they already had.
Suggestions: eating something nasty to make symptoms go away, character is allergic to what caretaker wants to try and caretaker doesn’t know, gargling salt water and vinegar for a sore throat, buys some sketchy miracle pills from online, grandma has a magic concoction that “will cure all ills”, someone went a little overboard with the holistic approach, maybe the treatment is proven but they got the amount they were supposed to use wrong.

As you press your ear against his chest, you can hear his breathing, his heartbeat. Yours is speeding faster and faster, but his slow, steady beat is soothing you. No one here is going to hurt you. You are not in danger. He loves you, and you love him.

“Sweet lover boy, no danger will come near you, for I am with you.”