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2018 will be the year of studying hard, finding love, meeting new people, trying new experiences, self love, ice creams and long beach days in summer, jumping in leaf piles and making carrot cake in autumn, wearing comfy warm coats in winter, picnics and flower gardens and bike rides in spring, learning to live with the scars from previous years, growing as a person in every way, being kind despite having bad days, high ambitions and consistency, not giving up on goals after 2 days, leaving habitual toxic thoughts behind, and determination to make 2018 different and happier and more productive than 2013-2017.

gentle reminder

unclench your jaw, drop your shoulders, take a deep breath in and breathe it out slowly - you are going to be okay, you don’t need to have it all figured out today, you are so strong for not giving up, you are not a problem and you are not something that needs to be fixed; you are loved, i promise, and you are absolutely never alone


john is an asshole and karkat is gullible



he’s not going to be MysMe anymore bye  (rebootingtheAUintoanoriginalhhhhakhjsdsa)

Little things that help moods:

- getting enough sunshine
- opening the curtains
- eating regular meals
- short walks with your favourite music
- don’t stay up until 3am
- don’t try to relate to tumblr text posts
- get off tumblr/social media if it’s unhealthy
- shower
- don’t stay in bed the whole day
- plan out your day
- listen to music
- change your clothes
- set yourself small goals
- say yes to fun events
- drink water, it takes 5 seconds
- talk to a close friend
- remind yourself: a bad mood can lie to you
- you’re not unwanted or hopeless
- you deserve love so be nice to yourself

a list of soft, pretty words 🕊💐

astral (adj.) of, connected with, or resembling the stars.
paradisaic (adj.) of or belonging to heaven or god.
empyrean(adj.) belonging to or deriving from heaven.
seraphic (adj.) characteristic of or resembling an angel.
sublime(adj.) of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.
svelte (adj.) slender, graceful and elegant. (describing a person)

Types of Girls: shades of pink edition

Blush girls: angelic, loves roses & rain, polite but will fight you if you hurt their friends, still lives in their childhood dreams, shiny hair, hopeless romantic

Rosewood girls: loves makeup and darker lipstick shades, intense eyes, open-minded, not afraid to speak their mind, likes airports and old films

Peach girls: sweet as a peach, soft fluffy hair, can cheer you up when you’re sad, wants to have a flower garden with bees, loves journals and yellow

Strawberry girls: daydreams about their ideal future, likes clouds & new stationery, people-pleaser, good at art, always happy to see you, scented candles

Dusty rose girls: likes studio ghibli films & helping others, sad a lot, needs to stop procrastinating, cute without knowing, loves inspiration, vivid dreams

Cerise girls: down to earth, makes you feel comfy, always up for an adventure, likes window seats and picnics and pastries, has pierced ears, indie music

This is going to be one of many similar posts bc I feel very strongly about this haha but…COMMUNICATE WITH THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CLOSE TO YOU!!!!!! whether it’s your significant other, best friend, parents, siblings, whatever!!! talking things out is SO SO SO important. don’t be afraid to tell someone how you feel!!!! so many simple problems can be quickly solved if you just say what’s on your mind and work together to solve the problem!

Respecting the Gods

Don’t… treat them as tools. Deities aren’t obligated to help you, even if you do everything “correctly” to ask. They’re not vending machines, or a list of correspondences that only gets value from how they best serve you. They’re gods!
treat them like people. (Really high-status people.) Build a relationship before asking big favors. Compensate them for their time. Respect they have their own autonomy. Respect that your will is not the center of their universe. 

Don’t… reduce them into archetypes. Putting Frejya or Aphrodite into just “love goddess” takes out so much of their depth. (Example, both of these goddesses also have warlike aspects.) Putting them into narrow categories and treating all deities that fit as the same can be reductive at best and insensitive to the root cultures at worst. 
Instead… address who you’re really talking to. Do your research. See how a god either lines up with or defies your assumptions. See what makes them different from a deity with a similar domain. If you wish to speak to the Horned God, speak to the Horned God, and if you want to speak to Cernunnos or Pan, call them Cernunnos or Pan. 

Don’t… ignore the lore. UPG Can certainly exist and add depth, but the lore has survived and is what all these gods are largely founded on. It’s important for us to recognize it and know who we’re approaching. 
Instead… do your research beforehand. Did you know Aphrodite is widely considered to HATE pigs and be offended with offerings of pork or images of pigs on the altar? Might be a good thing to know before you accidentally offer some fresh bacon. (But if you recognize the lore and find a way to spin it so it works, more power to you~)

Don’t… insult other people’s gods. If those gods don’t resonate with you, they have a lot of meaning for other good people. I’m tempted to say don’t insult your own, either. Playful banter is one thing, but there’s a line between affectionate jabs and straight up disrespect. Find where that line is for you.
Instead… talk to other people. If something about a god you don’t worship feels problematic, talk to their followers and devotees and see what they have to say about it. They probably have an approach you haven’t been exposed to. Analyze your own relationships with deities. And if the way you speak about a deity makes someone else uncomfortable or upset, respect their right to feel that way, apologize, and learn from it. Remember that each deity has changed someone’s life for the better.

Types of People - Christmas edition

Snow angels: pure intentions, always says weirdly relevant things, smart but a bit naïve, laughs easily, bright eyes, shares food with you, doesn’t get angry a lot, listens to you when you get talked over

Cinnamon: a bookworm, likes neutral/brown shades, can feel purposeless, very organized, easily jealous, feels out of place, dislikes small talk, acts tough but is soft, loves their friends, thinks they’re inadequate

Fairy lights: carefree and fun-loving, loves both solitude and meeting people, always down to hang out, would surprise you with sweets if you’re sad, hugs you a lot, sometimes apathetic and moody

Gift ribbons: quiet at first but loud when you know them, doesn’t care about what others think, isn’t afraid of doing dares, speaks multiple languages, kind-hearted but can be competitive, a bit sad inside

Wishes: perfectionist, daydreams too much about their ideal life, complains a lot, doesn’t fall in love easily, wants to leave everything & start a new life, struggles to be motivated, in an existential crisis

it’s actually really important to realize that not only is recovery trying to be happy, is accepting when you aren’t. you can not be perfect and happy all the time, but you can deal with negative feelings in a healthy way and move forward. every day is a fresh start.