Boyfriend Suga

Yay new series! Let’s start with my babu sugar.

• okay so let’s start this mess

• I think that yoongi puts on such a front like boyfriend yoongi would be so soft i swear

• like you’d just be sitting on the couch together and !sleepy yoongi would just passout on your lap while you pet his hair

• writing songs together would be so sweet

• slow rap songs dedicated to you that he probably spent like two months perfecting before showing you

• nap dates ofc

‘hey are you busy I want to take a nap’

• not much pda unless someone was up in your grill then yoongi would throw some hands

‘yeah can you get your hands off my girlfriend asshole’

• the boys would probably be so glad that yoongi found someone to keep him grounded

• forcing yoongi to not overwork himself

‘let me finish this song’

• “no yoongi it’s three in the morning”

honestly soft yoongi is my favorite

please request i want to write more