i have read daisuga fic. it so lovely bcos suga become a nanny!!! and suga with kids ;~; (i am dying bcos too sweet)

i love the author so much to make suga with kids uuugggh you guys should read this fic!

also i draw kaede look like kageyama becos how he always nod and speak less 

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(bubble tea anon) okAY pls I wanna talk about how perfect akaoisuga is?? first off everyone is blinded by how beautiful they are and omg the dynamic is a++++ u have oikawa flaunting their relationship in everyone's faces and doing his absolute (1)

best for his boyfriends on anniversaries, birthdays etc. then there’s down to earth but sassy af suga who always knows what to do/say. then akaashi who takes no shit & sees past his boyfriends’ smiles w no problem + the reason why oikawa and suga aren’t in jail tbh. also: setting practices that end in intense make out sessions. I’m just rambling I love these three so much save me

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suga saying "everything's gonna be okay" pls ty (´∇ノ`*)ノ

I know this blog has been dead since forever but I had this halfway done and I wanted to finish it and here we are

Also it looks pretty crappy?? I’m sorry;; I was trying a new painting style at the time and idk what I was thinking… I tried to go with it but I honestly dont know what my thought of process was at that time… Im so confused lol 

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Suga and his s/o are laying in bed. His s/o sleeps and suga is still awake. His s/o starts to moan and grind on the blanket. His reaction?

You checked the time after you yawned quite audibly. Sugawara looked over at you and chuckled. He set his book down and smiled.

“Are you ready for bed, dear?” You nodded sleepily. You stood up and picked up quickly. Sugawara went into the bedroom and changed into sweatpants.

You walked in and took off your clothes, leaving on your panties. You put on one of his shirts and crawled into bed. He walked over and laid next to you. His kissed you gently on the lips. You rested your head on his arm and closed your eyes. You both drifted off to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Sugawara was awoken by some restless movement, or so he thought. He opened his eyes and heard you moan slightly in your sleep. His face turned pink slightly. He looked over at you and noticed you were grinding against his blanket.

“___-chan?” He shook you slightly, you moaned again. He took a deep breath and went to shake you again.

“K-koushi…” You moaned his name in your sleep. Sugawara couldn’t hold back anymore. He kissed your neck and woke you up. “Koushi? What’s going one?”

“S-sorry, you were moaning in your sleep… What were you dreaming about?” Your face went red and you sat up.

“u-um, I was dreaming that we were… h-having sex.” Sugawara kissed you, pushing you back down to your pillow. You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled.

“Sorry, all that moaning and grinding really turned me on.”

“I don’t mind, let’s continue.”

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Since you like them that much why not the same for Kenma, Suga, Oikawa, and Akaashi

Well, okay ;) -mod owl

Kenma: Kenma pretty much only snapchats Kuroo and Shouyou. For someone who is always playing video games or on some sort of electronic device, he doesn’t post much on his story. Buuuut, sometimes he will get an urge to just take a peace selfie and add it to his story, that’s about it though. He also won’t snapchat first, but that’s not really a problem from Kuroo or Shouyou. He has about 50 friends. His score is over 30,000. His best friend on snapchat are Kuroo and Shouyou.

Suga: He likes to vlog on snapchat. His story is pretty much short, they’re all videos, it can range from 30 seconds to 100 seconds of just random times in his day. He snapchats Yaku and Daichi the most, he would snapchat Asahi, but he hasn’t convinced him to create a snapchat yet. Suga also likes to video record Hinata and Kageyama being dorks because they’re funny. Suga has about 70 friends on snapchat. His score is over 10,000 but under 20,000. His best friends on snapchat are Daichi and Yaku.

Oikawa: Oikawa loves snapchat. He likes taking pictures of his nephew, sunsets and sunrises, and likes everyone recording him playing or practicing volleyball. He has well over 150 friends on snapchat most of them being random girls, his team, some college players and a few celebrities he’s added. He will send the same snapchat to people just because and the only person he really talks to is Iwa-chan. He’s achieved every single achievement you can get on snapchat and his score is over 90,000.

Akaashi: Bokuto actually had to convince him to make one mainly because Bokuto wanted to snapchat him everyday. Akaashi has never posted anything on his story, he watches everyone’s stories when he’s bored at home and he’ll reply to snapchats that are sent to him and will either reply with what ever is in front of him or he’ll send a peace picture, but only when he’s in the mood to send a peace picture. Akaashi has about 20 friends. His snapchat score is under 5,000 and his best friend on it is Bokuto.


haikyuu!! yearbook superlatives [part 2] | based off this post 


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What would be Sugas, Bokutos and Kuroos theme song be?? :D

its funny because i was thinking about this the other day because i always think about suga and bo when i hear these songs thanks to vine!!! -mod owl 

Suga: headband - b.o.b ft 2 chainz (the coucheron remix)
-heres the vine link that started it https://vine.co/v/e9jTVExBmdQ 

Bokuto: one for the money - escape the fate (nightcore)

LINK TO SONG TO HEAR THE PART: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmLqttOo4-g 

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