Since there's a Pretty Setter Squad, there must also be a Petty Setter Squad.
Me while taking a test

Me: okay I got to stay focused.

Brain: *starts playing the attack on titan theme song*

Me: not now!

Brain: Jaaaeeeggeer!!

Me: omg

Brain: *starts playing rage on, history maker and imagination*

Me: fuck fuck fuckity fuck!

Brain: *starts thinking about hot anime characters.*

Me: well this is it I’ve failed, and I have failed life.

Today is my lovely friend Jei’s birthday, so I decided to draw hir ot3, AsaSugaNoya! Happy birthday Jei, you are so wonderful and I’m so glad to know you!! 💖✨

gay bonus: their shirt colors correspond to each other’s accessories! asahi’s nails/earrings are red like noya’s shirt, noya’s nails/earrings are purple like suga’s shirt, suga’s nails/earrings are green like asahi’s shirt. 💞

anonymous asked:

I'm really in need of some comfort right now so may I ask for a scenario for Kuroo, Bokuto, Iwaizumi, Oikawa and Sugawara where they're comforting or helping their s/o find new interests and hobbies since their partners feel that they're losing interest in things they loved before and is now feeling kind of empty because of that? I'm basically the s/o right now and the feeling's really scary so yeah :'(

Don’t worry, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve lost interest in things that actually helped me connect with other people and teach me new things other than what those hobbies actually are. I’ve always kind of been a super laid-back person (to where I’m concerned about my lack of care for something) and have sometimes been really confused on how to feel about those feelings. I hope these help you, sorry for the lateness of this post too! Thanks for sending in this request, please enjoy. :) -Admin 4AM

P.S: Sorry if they might be a little short! If they aren’t, I probably didn’t edit this bit out. Under the cut for length though!

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So, something really scary happened to me and a close friend of mine recently, and my projectionist mind started thinking "what if the Haikyuu boys were in this situation?" So, my request is, how would Karasuno 3rd years (+ Noya maybe?) react to a female friend being rohypnoled and the guy who spiked her drink confronting them as they're trying to get her home safely? (Please do not hesitate to say if you're uncomfortable with this, I will understand)

make sure your eyes don’t leave the sight of your drink for too long everyone ,,, it’s best to go out with at least one other friend to prevent a situation like this from escalating. 

Under the cut because some people might be uncomfortable with this.

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