sugarysymbiote art galaxy

I know April Derp isn’t pretty looking at all, but I enjoy drawing creepy gross looking girls sooooooooooo it really couldn’t be helped. O3O

Also, tumblr is going to make this look like crappy quality. That also can’t be helped. OTL

Donnie doesn’t like the attention that he’s getting. *waits to get kicked out of the fandom*

those darn turtles~

So I saw this and I just



turtle selfie olympics

I think Raph won this one~

Please excuse the poor anatomy and even poorer coloring it’s 7 am here and I haven’t slept in hours.  Oh, and Raph is supposed to be kicking Dog Pound while taking a selfie. Sorry that I can’t really draw angles and furry anatomy for shit.

Edit: I have been told that Raph looks like he’s twerking. My poor perspective skills are to blame for that, but you know what I’m not even mad. So Raph is twerking while kicking Dog pound I guess. Get on his level.