sugary rainbow

Imagine dating Chris.

A/N: This is part 2 to ‘Imagine Chris falling in-love with at first sight’, however this can be read as a one shot. If you want to read part 1 first, it can be found here. Also, I’ll be updating my masterlist soon so keep an eye out for that; link is in my bio.

Chris woke up before you, like he always did. You were pretty sure his acting job ruined his ability to sleep-in but you didn’t mind because it meant you always had breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen. The two of you’d been together for almost a year now, but it felt longer than a year in a very good way. You met Chris fourteen months ago when you won the Christopher Haven’s draw; the prize being the chance to meet Chris Evans and spend the day with him. You could still remember how nervous you were when you met him- you could barely even remember your name, but that didn’t matter because Chris didn’t need your name to know you were the one he wanted to be with. He fell in-love with you at first glance, just like you did when you saw Captain America: The First Avenger for the first time.

Things between the two of you progressed pretty quickly. He spent the day with you because of the contest, but he didn’t need the obligation to want to continue spending time with you. He was so smitten that he invited you to stay for another week- all expenses on him- because he didn’t want to see you go. You agreed without thinking twice because how could you not? This wasn’t just any ordinary man, this was the man you’d been dreaming about being with since you were sixteen. Even if you had just one week with him, you had to jump at the opportunity.

You remembered how sweet Chris was, how much a gentleman he was leaving you with a gentle kiss on the cheek. You remembered freaking out when Hunter asked you how things went. You could even remember the phone call with your mom and how she was surprisingly calm when you told her you were kinda sorta dating Chris Evans. Every day you’d call her with an update, telling her about how perfect Chris was that day and how he was everything you’d imagined he’d be. Every day she’d respond with the same thing, in a calm and collected voice “I’m really happy for you, sweetheart.” That nonchalance faded when you returned home after your extended time in Boston, with Chris, announcing that the two of you were officially dating.

Chris turned onto his side so he could watch you sleep, he enjoyed doing that. Actually- he just enjoyed you. He could spend hours with you and not ever get sick of your company, the two of you didn’t even have to do or say anything; the silence was always comfortable. He shuffled as close as he possibly could to you, gently wrapping an arm around you so you’d subconsciously adjust and snuggle into him. He pressed his nose against your strawberry scented hair and quietly breathed you in, smiling because he could do this forever.

“Are you smelling my hair again?” You asked when you were aroused from your sleep. You heard Chris chuckled softly then felt him press a soft kiss onto the top of your head. You felt a chuckle escape your throat and you pressed your face into his t-shirt. “You are so weird,” you mumbled into his chest.

“As weird as you were when you came to my house for the first time,” he poked your side and you giggled. “Don’t think I didn’t know you were lying about being cold so I’d lend you one of my sweaters. You just wanted to see what I smelt like without actually smelling me, you weirdo.” You smirked smugly and he couldn’t help but smile. “So did my scent live up to your expectation?”

“No,” you lied; of course it did, that man always smelt one hundred percent. “Your sweater smelt like Dodger and mothballs.” You quipped and he laughed. “Actually, no. Dodger smells better than that sweater.”

“Well then- Can I get it back?”

“Hell no,” you giggled and he chuckled. “I like mothballs,” you teased and kissed his jaw. He smiled and dipped his head, pressing his lips against yours. You pushed his face away before he could deepen the kiss and covered your mouth, trying not to giggle. “Let me brush my teeth first,” you mumbled into your hand.

“You do this every morning,” he groaned with an amused smile. “I don’t care about your breath, I just want your lips on mine.” He pulled your hand away and kissed you again before you could argue. “Mm…” He hummed and you smiled, melting into his tender kisses. “God,” he whispered when he broke the kiss, “you are so beautiful in the morning.”

“That’s my line,” you giggled.

He chuckled and gave you a quick peck on the lips before he pulled away and got out of bed. He stretched and glanced over his shoulder at you, smiling. You smiled back, knowing he was going to get breakfast ready. “What do you feel like?” He asked, his hand on the door handle. “Do you want cereal, pop tarts, or proper breakfast?”

“How dare you?” You feigned offense and he chuckled softly because this was a road the two of you’d been down many a time. “Cereal is proper breakfast, as are pop tarts.” He nodded, rolling his eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me,” you laughed and threw a pillow at him which he swiftly caught.

“Cereal can be proper breakfast if you eat the proper breakfast cereals, but no-” he chuckled. “You eat Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms and- God knows what other sugary rainbow treats. They have no nutritional value whatsoever, just like your pop tarts.”

“You sound like my mom,” you rolled your eyes.

“Yeah, and that lady knows what she’s talking about.” He tossed the pillow back onto the bed. “I’m going to go make you proper breakfast food, brush up then come join me in the kitchen. Yeah?” He asked and you nodded, sitting up. “Usually I’d tell you to brace yourself before I open the bedroom door but- we’re not in Boston.”

You chuckled, knowing he was talking about Dodger and how he loved barreling in and pouncing onto you while you were still snug and half-asleep. “He’s such a dork,” you chuckled softly to yourself and Chris nodded, smiling. “I can’t wait to see him.”

“Luckily you’re moving in with me next week,” he reminded you and you smiled excitedly. “Y/N-” He began then cut himself off, pressing his lips together. Your eyes narrowed slightly at his odd behavior and he quickly returned to your side, sitting down to explain. “I want you to move in with me, I just- I want you to want it too.”

“If I didn’t want to, don’t you think I would’ve told you already? I am- like you said- very opinionated and stubborn,” you reminded him and he chuckled softly. “I love you and I want to do this,” you assured him. “If I want a future with you- and I do, we have to try this. All this flying back and forth, and doing the long distance thing- it’s tiring. If I can be where you are, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because you’re giving up a lot to accommodate this?”

“It’s called compromising, it’s important in relationship.” You teased him and he chuckled softly. “I’m not giving up a lot, okay? This apartment is a lease, you have a house. I’m a writer, I can write anywhere.” He was about to remind you what he did for a job when you interrupted him. “You’re an actor, yes but- Boston’s your home base. All your family is there, your friends. I can’t ask you to give that up.”

“And somehow I can?”

“I can always visit,” you told him, smiling. “Chris, I want to do this. Other than my family and friends, I don’t really have an attachment to Los Angeles. But I do have a special place in my heart for Boston considering it’s where we met,” you reminded him and the two of you shared a smile. “Don’t worry, baby.” You cupped his face in your hands and rubbed gentle circles into his cheeks. “Everything is going to be fine,” you assured him. “Do you want to know why?”

“Why?” He managed a small smile despite his concerns.

“Because I have you now,” you told him and smiled which widened his. “And you are all I need. Well- you and my sugary rainbow treats,” you joked and he laughed, lowering his gaze and revealing his long lashes.

“You know I love you, right?”

“Yeah, I know.” You bit back your smug smile. “Pretty sure you said it was love at first sight.”

Rainbow Sugar Rush Punch

Great for parties or a hot Summer’s day, this punch looks impressive with very little effort. 

You will need:

Rainbow ice pops (Such as Otter Pops, Fla-Vor-Ice, etc)
Small glasses for serving
Blender or food processor (optional)


  1. Freeze the ice pops over night.

  2. Arrange however many glasses you need.

  3. Get your frozen ice pops ready, making sure you have each color of the rainbow. Work quickly as they will melt! 

  4. Take a purple colored pop and crush it up slightly while in the wrapper (or with an appliance) then divide it between the glasses to create the first layer of color.

  5. Continue crushing and layering each color of ice pops in order to make your rainbow.

  6. Try not to contract diabetes as you enjoy your sugary rainbow punch!

- Bouquet Garni

god baz is such a softie he literally drinks coffee that tastes like a candy bar he’s such a sweetheart with his cute little shoulder bump “all right snow” god i just love baz so much