sugary drink

hoe tips 💅💕

• if you have sensitive skin, avoid foaming cleansers that act as astringets!! lemon and witch hazel cleansers are going to tear your shit up and leave your skin thinner and fucked. go with aloe and natural ingredients for better results, no problemo bih 👊

• that drink 8 cups or 64oz don’t work for me. makes a bitch too damn full!! work your way from soda and sugary drinks like juice and take it step by step. drink the amount of water goes hand in hand with your weight, not just out of the blue 5-6 cups. a good alternative is putting fruit, like cranberries, cantoloupe, and pomegranate in your water. it sure to make you feel at least a little better and, although no scientific evidence, may help your coochie taste better if you have one. if nonbinary/or male, it will help to make you feel healthier 👌

• don’t go too all out on those lip scrubs! if you do it too often, such as four times a week, your lips are going to get drier, crustier, and feel stripped and thin. we’ve all been there! exfoliate 1-2x a week to avoid this. 💋

• mix avocado oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and aloe vera gel and dilute the oils with water and pour it into a spray bottle. this is crucial as a detangler and a boost to the hair. makes it all soft and shit 👏

• rub rose hip oil on your lips after a long day sipping and eating. 100% guaranteed, they will be softer and more refreshed 💞

• lips are what everybody looks at. do you want them looking chapped asf?! invest in a lip mask. slather on organic manuka honey that is unrefined for 10 minutes, and then wash off with warm water or a washcloth👍

• dandelion root tea is a good substitute for coffee ☕

• tumblr kids never sleep, and that probably makes us wake up with dark circles and eye bags. don’t fret! to nix puffiness, dampen a washcloth with ice cold water and leave it on your eyes and under them for 3-5 minutes. if this is in the morning, it energizes you and makes them go away temporarily. long term products for this are eye masks! peach and lily sells some hydrogel mizon eye patches for $3! works in a flash! 👼

• rose water is a GREAT toner! the hype over it is real and justified. once you dab it on your face with a cotton ball, you immediately feel refreshed and ready to start your day 💪 teddie organics has a mist on sale for $10.88! it’s on amazon.

• applying sunscreen is essential to protect your skin from those nasty uv rays. but some forget their hair! if you get a sunburn on your scalp, it will hurt like HELL 🔥use spray sunscreen specialized for hair and slightly mist your hairline to avoid it. use a heat protectant like argan oil if you a broke hoe like me 💯 stack up!

on another note, don’t trust hair products with supposed uv filters. those only protect your hair color, not your actual hair!

• washing your hair, it’s better to wash it first with hot/warm water and then do the second wash with cold water to close up and seal moisture into the hair follicles! 4c hair especially needs this 👱

• hair products with OIL, PLASTICIZERS, and SILICONES will definitely clog your pores if they get on your skin and will leave your ass at square 1!! avoid that.

• yogurt, kefir, kombucha, and miso soup are all probiotics that help fasten metabolism and hold moisture in your skin! 😇 that’s why yogurt face masks are bomb and every person should try them :)

• if you live in new york, atlanta, etc., you are bound to pollution. that’s why it’s always good to wash your face before bed to get rid of pollutant particles that will clog pores. afterwards, apply an antioxidant serum and a good moisturizer! lean towards products with white tea, green tea, and vitamin c to make the ultimate pore-cleansing mask! it’ll leave your skin feeling clean and make it glow 🌟🌟

• deep condition your hair 1-2 times a week or every two weeks!! it’s intense and has your hair feeling silky smooth. avocado, mayo, honey, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil mixture is my go-to, and my curls have blossomed! if you buy a deep conditioner from the store, make sure it’s water based and is sulfate free and paraben free (shea moisture and as i am are superb for beard cleansers as well!)👸💋

• go barefaced. prove to misogynistic assholes that makeup does not define a person’s beauty or attractiveness nor their personality. embrace your flaws and remain imperfect to society, because you are the one who knows that you are perfect 💋👏👏

• be yourself, work hard, and recognize your fucking worth 💕💕💕

• btw, honey ain’t shit if it’s not organic and raw. coconut oil ain’t shit for the hair or skin if it’s not unrefined, organic, and virgin (extra virgin is even better)! essential oil like tea tree oil that helps as acne treatments are skin-thinners if you don’t dilute them with water or a different substance. rose water ain’t shit if it’s not organic and 100% pure 😑😢 invest in your skincare/lifestyle! go online and dig for the right prices and take them before they’re all gone!

happy hoeing!

Klance Headcanons

I haven’t contributed enough to the klance tag so here are some really, really sappy headcanons

  • Keith doesn’t get much sleep, but on the rare occasions when he can, he sleeps like he’s dead. Nothing can wake him up he’s just gone.
  • Lance sleeps all the fucking time. When everyone else is being productive, he just takes naps. Often times he’ll do it in Keith’s bed so when Keith comes back from the training deck he gets to cuddle a sleeping Lance.
  • Lance is ticklish EVERYWHERE and he’s pissed because Keith doesn’t seem to be at all, but then he finds out that Keith has really ticklish thighs. They have tickle fights all the time that usually end with Lance winning.
  • Keith likes kissing Lance’s neck.
  • Everyone thinks that Keith would like black coffee but he can actually only drink those sugary Starbucks mochas that you get from vending machines.
  • Over all he prefers tea and drinks earl grey when he needs caffeine (which is always).
  • Half the reason that Keith keeps his hair long is because Lance loves running his fingers through it.
  • Keith’s favorite kinds of jokes are the ones that make no sense and come out of nowhere and one time Lance just whispered “here comes chungo” in his ear and he lost his shit.
  • When they’re making out Lance will sometimes say stuff like “you’re really scrungling my bongos right now” and completely ruin the moment. Keith can’t even be mad because he’s dying of laughter.
  • Lance is an artist and he mostly draws people. When Keith isn’t paying attention Lance will draw him and then later Keith is like “when tf did you do that”
  • Keith loves Lance’s art and he gets all blushy when he sees drawings of himself.
  • Keith may speak very bluntly but he’s good at poetry. He writes little poems about Lance.
  • Lance loves Keith’s poems and saves all of them.
  • Lance grew up around extremely supportive and accepting people but he still internalizes a lot of stuff. Being with Keith makes it better though, especially when he holds Lance and tells him how great he is and how much he loves him.
  • Lance is a beauty expert and people are always gushing over his looks. But to him, Keith, who doesn’t even try to look good, is the most beautiful person in the world.
  • Lance hordes expensive bath products that he buys from alien markets, stuff like bath salts/bombs, fruity shampoos, etc. He and Keith will take fancy baths together and just cuddle while Lance washes his boyfriend’s hair. Keith always complains but on the inside he really likes it because it’s calming and makes him sleepy. (later Pidge is like “what smells like a lush factory exploded”)

Listen my dudes these two are in love and they have completely ruined my life

Even toned skin, with no pimples for Black people. (especially the ones with the hyper pigmentation masks/patches you know what im talkin about, Melasma, Ecsema, and for those who tried everything and nothing worked)


For 2 weeks cut out Milk and Sugary drinks, soda and the like. Milk is the most important to cut out, including Dairy. Just two weeks, you can pick it back up right after 2 weeks.

At night. Black soap. First wet you face with very hot water.  Use the Black soap that comes in the those little plastic pots because those are the true 100% black soaps. The other kinds of black soaps come with other things like fragrance and preservatives. Lather it in your hand, use your palms to wash your face rubbing it in circular motion. Focusing on the darkspots but getting everywhere as well. Keep repeating until the soap fades, When it does, grab another of soap and lather it in your hand and repeat, this should go on for 5 Minutes. Make sure they’re very quick rubs. When done, let the black soap dry on your face for 10 minutes. Do whatever you want in the meantime except go outside. After 10 mins go back in your bathroom and get that thing white people never heard of cause they dirty, and soak that wash cloth with the highest setting of hot water in your sink, (if it’s too hot wait until it’s a little less hot for your face to handle), the highest temperature your face can handle, and Let it sit on your face for 10 seconds, or until you don’t feel it’s hot anymore (the temperature goes down very quickly). Now, use the washcloth to wash your face as its still sitting on there, rub your face gently until all the soap is gone, and wipe your face with a towel, and do whatever you gota do. 

(Only for people with the dark mask, skip this if no dark mask) RIGHT AFTER, everything I said up there, Go get your Lemon, yes, Lemon, not the “100% Lemon juice” in store but the actual gotdamn fruit, cause the 100% lemon juice ads preservatives and extra ingredients in there even tho it says 100% lemon and it throws everything off. Cut that shit, get like 10 for your house so you never without it, they’re really cheap. Anyway, cut your lemon into 4 pieces, and put the rest away IN THE FREEZER for future use. and keep 1 piece . Get a cotton disk, squeeze enough lemon all over it on one side until the whole front side is wet then press the cotton between your hands so that the otherside is just as wet as well. Now we’re going to do this until a little after it stings. Glide on forehead from side to side twice, then glide it to right cheek, curve it from up-down twice, then go back in the same direction you came back to forehead and go to the right cheek. Then in a half circle repetitive motion go from right cheek to forehead to left cheek, left cheek to forehead to right cheek, consecutive none stop motion (focusing on the dark spots of course) until it starts to sting, when it starts stinging don’t stop and do it 4 more times. And Stop. You’re going to wait 3 minutes, and repeat. You’re going to do this 5 times. Then wait 30 minutes before next step.

Now it’s time for the butters. You need to own those plastic pots that say 100% Raw on them, (Same plastic pots as the black soap) of Shea Butter, and Mango butter, And 100% real Coconut Oil with no added nothing. EVERYTHING UNREFINED. THAT MEANS NO WHITE SHEA BUTTER. YELLOW SHEA BUTTER ONLY. Put Mango Butter all over your face. Rub nicely for a moment but don’t take too long, you’ll rub everything together late. Same for Shea butter rub it on until you feel like it’s mixed well with the mango butter that should already be on your face. Now, add the coconut oil, and now rub everything together slowly circular motions, giving your face nice massages.

Now. This is one of most important parts. Protection from the sun until you’re completely healed. You already know everything I said is to be done at night. But if you do not protect from the sun, you’re wasting your time. No sunscreens. The only things I’ve mentioned are the only things that should be going on your face at all, whatever other lotions or whatever you’re using need to stop, and only the things I’ve mentioned need to be on your face. For your daily moisturizer Coconut oil should be what’s going on your face before 10-20 minutes before leaving the house. You should never leave the house without a a hat, either a Buckethat or the big sun hats, or baseball caps., the sun should not be touching the parts of your face that’s healing when you’re outside for a consecutive 5-10 seconds. Face should always be protected. In the future once your face is completely healed, you may bask in the sun and whatever darkens will darken as one unified color, but for right now we’re focusin on getin your skin back to normal. Never leave without a sun protecting kind of hat, walk on the shaded parts of the streets. The sun is what ruins very quickly any kind of work that you’ve put into healing.

I went from 8 years of nothing working at all on my face and my face being the  absolute worst you can imagine in cases of melasma, that maskthat runs from forehead to cheeks. 8 years. To now the last 3-4 months of doing this method and my face is literally almost back to being completely normal again, just maybe 1-2 months left. Before it’s completely perfection. 

If you got any questions my ask box is open.

How to Survive Finals

Finals week is almost here and I, personally, am sick as a dog. It is Not Good. However, this being ill thing has shoved me into survival mode, which has reminded me of the important parts of surviving finals week!

Drink lots of water. Water is good for you. Dehydration leads to headaches, and constant sugary drinks lead to sugar crashes. Both are sucky, so just drink water!

Don’t come within five feet of me. I am currently a hive of filth and disease, laden down with most maladies known to man. Just stay away.

Remember sleep is your friend. Sleep is so good. Start studying NOW, so you don’t feel the last minute urge to ignore sleep in hopes of getting two more facts to stay in your brain.

Remember real food is your friend. Eat a vegetable that hasn’t been fried, you heathen. Your body will thank you and you will not feel like a garbage dump.

Try to start papers at LEAST three days before they’re due. There is NOTHING worse that trying to write a paper the night before it’s due, especially if it’s more than five pages long. Start early!

An uneventful finals week is a good finals week. Just because your friends are going to Walmart at 2 am to bother people does not mean you need to go with them, ESPECIALLY if you have a final before noon. Sometimes, being bored during finals week is the preferable option.

Go forth and make good decisions.

Batfamily Favorite Halloween Candies

Dick: Those wax bottles with the colorful sugary drink inside because he finds them so weird and yet oddly fascinating. Though he does wish that the wax outside part was edible because he tries and fails to eat it every time hoping it’s candy.

Barbara: Anything with dark chocolate in it. One time she just ate straight up baker’s chocolate with 100% cocoa In it and Dick screamed.

Jason: Jawbreakers because he likes a challenge. Once he actually chipped a tooth and it was awesome.

Cass: Hershey’s kisses because she loves giving them out to family members. But based on taste, she would go with sugar daddies because it’s literally just a lump of caramel on a stick and completely amazing. She always gets it stuck in her teeth and has to call for help when she can no longer open her jaw.

Tim: Candy Canes because he is not normal and he appreciates the irony of getting Christmas candy on Halloween. One time he tried giving Jason a candy cane on Halloween and he punched him in the face.

Stephanie: Peanut Butter cups because you’re really getting two candies in one. First you’ve got the chocolatey outside, which is already amazing on its own, but then you bite into it to discover peanut butter! It’s a masterpiece!

Damian: Sour stuff because he’s a bitter little sh*t.

Bruce: Something lame like tootsie rolls or something because he’s an old man with seven kids who always ends up with their leftover candy after they’ve gone through the ones they like.

Alfred: Alfie claims he doesn’t like candy, but really he is the one who sneaks into everyone’s rooms at night to steal some of theirs. They all assume it’s Bruce, but Alfred is the real reason hiding one’s candy has become a thing in the manor.

help save the bees!!

As many of you probably know, bees all over the world are dying off at an alarming rate. Without bees and other pollinators, at least a third of our food will be impacted drastically.  That’s why it’s super important to help the bees in any way possible!

  • don’t use insecticides (and buy ‘organic’ plants that haven’t been treated with pesticides)
  • plant bee friendly plants, flowers, and food (see list below)
  • sign petitions to ban the use of pesticides
  • if you come across a bee that appears to be dying, mix a little bit of sugar and water, and place some in front of the bee (often a bee will just be super tired so this sugary drink will give it a boost of energy!)
  • if you’re buying honey, buy local and raw honey
  • weeds can be good! let clovers and dandelions live
  • consider becoming a beekeeper
  • make your own ‘bee-houses’!

Bee friendly plants:

  • alder 
  • aster 
  • baby’s breath
  • bee balm
  • blackberries
  • bluebell
  • blueberries
  • buttercup
  • butterfly bush
  • catmint
  • catnip
  • cornflower
  • cosmos
  • crocus
  • daffodil
  • dahlia
  • daisy
  • dandelion
  • fennel
  • foxglove
  • geranium
  • hawthorns
  • hazels
  • holly
  • honeysuckle
  • hyacinth
  • indigo
  • lavender
  • lemon balm
  • magnolia
  • marigold
  • poppy
  • pumpkins
  • raspberries
  • rose
  • rosemarie
  • sage
  • snowdrops
  • strawberries
  • sunflower
  • sycamore
  • thyme

bees are super important to our ecosystem and they’re cute lil creatures that deserve as much love as any other animal!! 

Voters in three cities in California passed ballot measures to place a one cent-per-ounce tax on sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages, a move aimed at tackling obesity.

In San Francisco, 62 percent of voters cast their ballots in favor of the tax on sugary drinks. Similar measures passed in Oakland and Albany, Calif. In addition, the city of Boulder, Colo., passed a 2 cents-per-ounce tax.

“The growing worldwide movement to tax sugary beverages can no longer be stopped,” wrote Harold Goldstein, executive director of Public Health Advocates in a release today. Goldstein pointed to the World Health Organization’s recent report calling on nations around the globe to tax sugary drinks.

Souring On Sweet? Voters In 4 Cities Pass Soda Tax Measures

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Castiel Wants you to: Drink Water

If there is one thing that I know, it’s that humans need water. You’re made of over 65% water at your adult age, so the fact that so little of you are drinking the proper amount is concerning. 

Dean seems to think that taste – or lack thereof – is the problem. Is it because you’re used to sugary drinks, or do you simply need flavor? Sam seems to favor adding cucumbers or lemons to his water, I’ve even seen him add in oranges. 

During Dean’s health kick, he mentioned to me that watermelon is 90% water, so perhaps that would help you get the water into your system, it doesn’t matter how you do it, only that you actually do it

 So drink your water, I’ll drink it with you..even if I can taste all of the molecules. 

Opposites Attract - Damian Wayne x Reader - Part Two

Part One

Requested by Anon -  a part 2 for opposites attract.

Damian wasn’t sure what this relationship with you was. After releasing the balloons, Damian had taken you out for coffee. He got a simple black coffee while you ordered a sugary, complicated drink that took the barista five minutes to make. Besides that, Damian had enjoyed the time with you. He walked you back to your home, finding it to be a complete and utter mess. After holding back the urge to clean, Damian left you to go back to the manor.

The truth was Damian wasn’t sure how to proceed. He liked you a lot, and his fingers were still twitching with need to draw you, but you both were so different. You seemed to be a bit disorganized, had a need for excessive amounts of sugar, and you lacked the gracefulness shared by most of Damian’s other love interests. However, you were beautiful, witty, and intelligent. You had a certain air that showed how much you cared about the people around you, something Damian was fascinated by.

Due to his indecisiveness, Damian decided to seek advice from someone he could trust. He took a long time to decide who he should go to, but eventually he chose to approach Dick with his problem. After all, Dick seemed to have the most successful relationships in the family.

“Grayson, I have to speak with you,” Damian demanded, marching into the gym at the manor. Dick was staying at the manor for the next week to use Batman’s resources to help with his own case. 

“I’ll all ears, Dami,” Dick answered as he flipped through the air to make another pass on the uneven bars.  Damian watched him from a few feet away with a small amount of envy in his eyes. He wished he could move as smoothly as Dick.

“I have a problem with…a person,” Damian began, shifting around uncomfortably. Dick seemed to sense Damian discomfort, choosing to swing off the bar to land perfectly on the mat below. He walked over to Damian to look him straight in the eye.

“Is this about Bruce? Because he really shouldn’t have kicked you out of the house yesterday,” Dick said. He gave Damian a small smile, trying to ease Damian’s discomfort.   

Damian just shook his head. “My problem is not with Father. It is with someone else,” Damian explained, hating the blush that burned his cheeks. A goofy grin grew on Dick’s face as an idea of what Damian’s problem was dawned on him.

“Is this a girl problem?” Dick asked.

TT,” Damian huffed before giving Dick a tiny nod.

“Oh Dami, I’m so proud of you. When did you meet this girl?” Dick cooed, giving Damian a hug. Damian tolerated it, fearing if he protested Dick wouldn’t answer his questions. 

“I met her yesterday,” Damian answered once Dick let him go. 

Dick gave him a playful shove. “You sly fox, and you had me thinking you were just wandering around the city doing nothing yesterday,” Dick teased while Damian glared at him.

“Are you going to help me, or just continue this aimless rambling?” Damian snapped. His face was completely red now. 

“Okay, okay, what is the problem?” Dick relented, knowing if he pushed Damian too far he may never get to learn more about this mystery girl. 

Damian kicked his foot into the ground before speaking. “I met (Y/N) at the docks, and I took her out for coffee, but I am unsure how to proceed.”

“Well, do you like this girl?” Dick asked gently. He smiled when Damian gave a reluctant nod. “Then you should call her and ask her out.”

“But Grayson,” Damian protested. “I fear (Y/N) is the opposite from me in almost every way. While I am attracted to her, I worry we will not get along.”

Dick placed his hand on Damian’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze. “You won’t know if you don’t try it, Damian. Besides, opposites attract.” Damian furrowed his brow in thought.

“Perhaps, I will follow your advice, Grayson, but how do I ‘ask her out’?” Damian questioned after he had gathered his thoughts. 

Dick just smiled, wrapping an arm around Damian’s shoulders, guiding him out of the room. “Don’t worry, Dami. I’ll teach you,” he reassured as both men left the room. 

“Wow,” you exclaimed from the passenger seat of Damian’s black Lamborghini. It was currently parked in front of one of the most fanciest restaurants you had ever seen. You were so distracted by the sight, you didn’t notice Damian opening your door. 

“You can get out now, (Y/N),” he said, holding his hand out to help you out of the car. Slowly you took it, gulping as you watched Damian hand the car keys to a valet.  You did your best to smooth out the wrinkles in your dress while you kept your hand in Damian’s. When Damian had invited you out to dinner, you didn’t know he was going to take you to the nicest restaurant in town.

As you walked into the restaurant, you kept a tight hold on Damian. You were terrified you would trip and fall, or break something. Everything was too fancy for your clumsiness. Damian gave you a tight smile, trying to calm you, but you sensed he was uncomfortable too, even if he wasn’t as scared as you were. 

“Do you eat at places like this all the time?” you whispered, trying not to stumble as the hostess guided the both of you towards a secluded table. 

“Once and a while,” Damian answered when you both reached your table. He pulled out your chair allowing you to trip into it. After making sure you were safely in your seat, Damian slid into the chair next to you. 

“I can tell,” you commented. A waitress appeared to pour water into the two wine glasses on the table. “The smaller fork is for the salad, right?”

“Yes, it is,” Damian confirmed as the waitress handed menus to both of you. You bit your lip nervously, fiddling with the menu. Everything was in a language you didn’t know. 

You opened your mouth to ask before closing it again, feeling like an idiot. A blush burned to your face as you gathered the courage to speak. “What would you recommend?” 

Damian looked at you knowingly. “I usually order the Légumes Printaniers Du Jardin, but if you are a meat-eater my father always orders the steak.” He spoke kindly, not wanting to hurt your feelings. 

“Oh, I’ll just have what you are having,” you replied, sharply closing your menu. You laid it on the table, and almost knocked over your water glass. Damian caught it just in time. “Sorry,” you whispered, ducking your head down. 

Damian studied you. “You are nervous.”

“Was it that obvious?” you laughed halfheartedly. You looked through the menu again, only to notice that the numbers below the menu items must be the prices. Biting your lip, you realized the dish Damian recommended was more than you could afford. 

“Why are you nervous?” Damian asked, carefully setting his own menu down. You decided to ignore this question.

“Is it possible for you to loan me the money for my meal?” you whispered shamefully. “I don’t have enough with me.” You reached for your water glass, and almost knocked it over once again. 

Damian raised an eyebrow. “I am paying, (Y/N). I never intended for you to pay for your own meal.”

“Oh,” you said, carefully picking up your water glass with two hands. You gulped most of it down. “Thank goodness,” you whispered into your glass as the prices on the menu seemed to jump out at you. 

“You didn’t answer my question,” Damian stated bluntly. He suspected what your problem was, but he wanted to be certain. 

“What was your question again?” you asked innocently while you took the utmost care setting your glass back down. You made sure it was secure before slowly putting your hands back in your lap. 

TT,” Damian huffed, annoyed, but slightly fascinated with your round-about way of speaking. If anyone else did this to him, he would have left already, but it just made you more interesting. “Why are you nervous?”

You paused for a moment, thinking of your next words. “I might have some first date jitters,” you admitted reluctantly. You weren’t going to say anymore, but a look from Damian made you continue. “Okay, honestly this place makes me nervous.” 

“How?” Damian asked quietly. He knew why, but he wanted to hear your reasons. Besides, it was a way to keep the conversation going. Dick had warned him about the dangers of letting the conversation die. 

“It’s so fancy,” you explained, holding up your hands. “Which isn’t bad, but I haven’t been to a place like this before. It’s all just a little overwhelming, and I’m afraid I’ll spill something, or break something…” You let your voice fade away, studying Damian to see if you insulted him. 

Damian stared at you with a blank expression, but you could detect the amusement in his steely eyes. A small smirk played upon his lips. “Since we are being honest,” he began, leaning towards you. “This place makes me nervous too.” 

“Then why are we here?” you laughed gently, smiling when he chuckled as well. 

“I was given advice as to how to take you out for a date, and this was where my father takes his dates, so I just assumed,” Damian admitted, taking your hand in his under the table. You blushed at his touch. “Do you wish to leave?”

Your eyes widened in surprise. “No, we can stay since we already have a table and everything. It would be a waste otherwise, because the waitress would have to reset the table even though we didn’t use anything.” Damian realized he had never thought about that. You leaned in closer to him. “Just promise me, you won’t let me make a fool out of myself.” 

“You have my word,” Damian promised, lifting your entwined hands out from under the table to press a kiss to the back of your hand. You both smiled at each other until the sound of someone clearing their throat jerked you apart. Damian and you blushed as you both met the waitress’ eye. You smiled at her while Damian quickly snapped into his normal stoic behavior. Sharing a glance with one another, you both readied yourself for the rest of the evening.

“You don’t have to walk me to my front door,” you protested as Damian once again opened your car door for you. He was being quite persist about it, going so far as to lock your door, so you couldn’t get out until he opened it. You took his offered hand to successfully exit the Lamborghini. 

TT,” Damian huffed, keeping a tight grip on your hand. You had tripped on the curb the last time you had stepped out of his vehicle. 

Dinner had gone well, except for you spilling your water glass two times. It got on your dress the second time, but it was dry by the time you left. The food was great, leaving you both happy and content.

After dinner, you chose where to go next, and you brought him to the bookstore. You both spent a good hour and a half wondering around the store together, talking and exploring different books together. Eventually, you both got so distracted that you realized you had almost missed your curfew. Damian drove like a mad man to get you back in time. 

“It looks like my parents haven’t call the police yet,” you teased, gesturing to the one of the lit windows in your house as Damian walked you towards your front door. His hand was still tightly entwined with yours.

“Why would they call the police?” Damian asked, raising an eyebrow at you. You laughed at his quizzical expression.

“It’s just a joke we have,” you explained. “Mostly because I don’t go out enough to be late for my curfew, so my parents joke that if I am late it’s probably because I got kidnapped.” The smile on your face fell when you saw the fear and horror on Damian’s face. 

“I would never let someone get you, (Y/N),” Damian stated seriously. “I promise you.” Your eyes went wide at his statement, but you were able to make a smile appear on your face.

“That’s nice to know. Thank you, Damian,” you said as you both reached your front door. “And thank you for tonight, it was lovely.” 

A smirk appeared on Damian’s face. “It was my pleasure,” he replied, raising your hand to kiss the back of it. You sent him a teasing smile.

“We’re going to have to do better than that,” you interjected. You took a step closer to Damian before pressing your lips against his. The shock was evident in Damian’s response, but he soon he kissed you back with a passion you never knew he had. 

You both jumped apart a moment later when the outside light of your house flicked on, startling you. A blush burned onto both your faces as you bumped into your front door to find the door knob. You ripped open the door, entering the house only to peek your head out a second later.

“Call me,” you whispered before shutting the door, and securing the lock. You leaned against the door, and dissolved into a fit of giggles. Your lips were still burning from the pressure of Damian’s kiss.

Meanwhile, Damian was frozen on your doorstep. His mind was running in circles, trying to understand what happened. A rare smile broke out on his face as he slowly turned to walk towards his waiting Lamborghini. Damian swore the first thing he was going to do tomorrow was call you.    

Wolfstar Headcannons! :D

-Remus spilling sugar everywhere and justifying it to Sirius by saying it’s good luck

-Sirius getting ridiculously excited about holidays, but has to convince Remus to put up the Christmas lights the day after Halloween, “because I really want to put these up, but you’re taller and I can’t reach”.  They end up leaving the lights up year-round.

-Sirius getting mad at Remus for never getting his hair out of the drain

-Remus dancing around to the Beatles and knocking into everything.  Sirius thinks it’s cute and has to kiss Moony’s bruises better.

-James gets frantic about them because he hasn’t heard from them in a week.. He goes to their flat to find them cuddled up in a majestic pillow fort watching Audrey Hepburn movies and drinking overly-sugary tea.

-Remus loses another job and it’s the full moon soon and just everything is awful.  Sirius steals all of Remus’ sweaters and wears them all at once to cheer him up.  It works.

-Sirius’ birthday comes.  Regulus always sent him a card before, but this year he doesn’t.  Moony brings him strawberry ice cream and flowers.  They kiss at the park in the crisp autumn air.

-Remus’ hair curls almost to his shoulders and when he has to get something done he pulls it back in a short, bouncy ponytail.  Sirius thinks it’s ridiculously hot.

-Lily and James inviting them over for dinner and them eating vegetarian food in their backyard.  They drink out of mason jars, and when it gets dark, they enchant candles to hover above them (much like in the Great Hall).  Peter used to come over all the time, but more and more he says he’s too busy.

-Remus combing jasmine oil into Sirius’s hair.

-Remus and Sirius staying up at night while the other is on a mission, worrying silently, hugging the pillow to their bodies as a pathetic replacement for the other.

-Remus doodling dragons on the kitchen table while Sirius cooks french toast in his underwear, both bearing the dark marks of their love over their bodies.

-Remus, bearing the stress of full moons and his missions, snaps at Sirius for breaking a plate.

-Sirius flipps out at Remus for never helping with cooking, but hovering around the kitchen

-Both of them going to cry after an argument

-Sirius leaving tiny love notes to Remus on scraps of paper and putting them all around the house

-Remus writing poetry on the wall in purple marker

-Both of them storming off after arguments, Remus to the roof and Sirius to the fire escape

-Fights and kisses growing gradually stormier, their relationship growing darker along with the war

-Remus screaming at Sirius for going on a last minute mission

-Sirius worrying that Remus has been the inside man- they haven’t cuddled in weeks

-Peter making offhand comments to set them against each other

-Remus and Sirius having their largest fight yet

-Remus kicks Sirius out of the flat, so he can “think about this relationship”

-Sirius kissing Remus’ tear streaked face, even though he’s crying too

-Finally, everything is alright again

-And then Remus wakes up one night without Sirius’ warmth beside him

-And the Potters are dead

-Peter is dead

-Sirius is gone

-And everything is awful

Trying to cut sugary drinks and it is hard as fuck.

Soda’s not that tough, but cutting the sugar from my tea :I man. A lot of people have suggested replacing it with honey, but no. That’s not really any better than sugar (in my case).

*I’m also avoiding sweeteners because while they may not raise blood sugar, they do raise insulin and that’d be kinda counter to what I’m goin’ for.

Christmas 2014 and Christmas 2015

I’m not entirely sure of the weight lost between these two pictures. Somewhere between 65-70+ pounds.

I’ve been on my weight-loss journey for exactly a year now. Words can’t even describe how I feel.

I *dreamed* of the day where I could stop looking at other’s before and after pictures and feel envy. They inspired me immensely but I never thought I could achieve it. Never. Finally I realized that I had, had ENOUGH. After going through a bad break up I realized that I completely lost myself and that I hated who I had become. I felt trapped in my own body! I was so shameful! I didn’t even want to be seen! I felt like I could never be admired again!

So I started slow. Cut out pop, sugary drinks, bread, all fast food and sweets.

Switched to whole grain and whole wheat. Eventually I cut carbs almost altogether.

Went on brisk walks on my treadmill and moved around more.

Cut out all the “whites” that were bad for me: white bread, white refined sugar, white potatoes.

I MEAL PREPPED! That was my biggest change. Every Sunday I cooked a lean protein (chicken breast, lean turkey, lean cut steak) paired with a green veggie (steamables!!!!) and usually either a salad or some sort of green side. Occasionally a healthy complex carb like sweet potatoes or squash.

I drank a ton of water. When I wasn’t drinking water I was drinking green tea. 3, 4, 6 cups a day when I could!

I make green tea/lemon/kale “smoothies” and chug them for breakfast every morning.

Breakfast is usually something like egg whites with turkey sausage and kale, or plain Greek yogurt with dried fruit.

Snacks are usually something like veggies with hummus or celery and all-natural peanut butter.

And then i had cheat days. And sometimes cheat weekends. And sometimes cheat weeks. Because I’m only human.

I like burgers. I like fried chicken. I love beer. I’m not going to lose myself in this process. I always pick right back up, detox, and start right back up again.

This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle change. This is my new life and I will NEVER go back to that girl on the left.

I didn’t think I would make it here. I was the girl who dreamed of making this post, just like you are reading this right now. I let the future seem too scary and too impossible to imagine myself in this place.

And here I am. This can be you too.
I believe I you. Now it’s time to believe in yourself.

Highest weight (ever): 255
Start weight: 239
Current weight: 162
Goal weight: 145

I am SO close, I can taste it. ;)

Follow my journey on Instagram if you want (also there’s lots of cute animals there too as an added bonus) : breelikesanimals

The Hamilton Cast and their Coffee Drinking Habits:

As told by the fantastically adorable Broadway fanatic Claire (@poetichomo)

Alexander Hamilton: takes his coffee blacker than Jefferson’s heart ok

Aaron Burr: doesn’t drink coffee in front of people bc he secretly only likes the sugariest Starbucks drinks that are like 2% coffee and he’s embarrassed

Eliza Schuyler: tea drinker 500%

Angelica Schuyler: black coffee for sure

Peggy Schuyler: drinks sugary Starbucks drinks

George Washington: on days he knows he’s gonna have to deal with Hamilton and Jefferson, he chugs a gallon of black coffee. Normal days, he has one cup with some sugar and milk in it


Maria Reynolds: drinks black coffee like the boss ass bitch she is

Thomas Jefferson: 1000000% drinks sugary drinks he’s almost as bad as the king but unlike burr he is PROUD of his grande chocolate mocha frappuccino from Starbucks

Marquis de Lafayette: probably a total coffee snob and only drinks “real” coffee with a little bit of sugar and he condemns all Starbucks drinkers to hell most likely #frenchpeople

James Madison: he just drinks whatever Jefferson is having. Takes sips of it every time Jefferson does and everything

Hercules Mulligan: PURE BLACK COFFEE AND A LOT OF IT. Correction: Hercules mulligan eats chocolate covered coffee beans (yes those are real) for breakfast with his giant mug of black coffee

John Laurens: hm. I think he’s a secret tea drinker. Coffee being an industry still plagued with slavery and all that

Phillip Hamilton: young Phillip doesn’t drink coffee, obviously. Phillip towards the end tho drinks sugared up Starbucks bc he meets all the ladies there LADIES

Samuel Seabury: that asshole is such a fake he doesn’t even drink coffee he only pretends to to look #cool in front of the youths

anonymous asked:

what kind of drunk everyone is? (for this question, abby could get something sugary. very sugary.)

Kate - TOO YOUNG TO DRINK but aged up, probably a very sullen, mumbly drunk, probably hangs off of people
Joe - giggles a lot but also keeps crying the entire time
Seth - angry drunk, talks incoherently about how he hates everyone, probably picks fights
Camilla - exactly the same. nobody can even tell she’s drunk at all.
Thalia - sleepy drunk, probably just conks out right on the counter
Abigail - if it’s a sugary drink, SUPER HYPERACTIVE, runs all over the place, jumps on the table
Connor - holds his alcohol well, but laughs a lot, claps people on the back roughly, is very friendly
Daniel - probably passes out after like two drinks because he has the alcohol tolerance of a bird
Gregor Hammond - 

My ana rules:

1: only eat lunch ( and make that as healthy as possible )
2: if you have to eat dinner eat very slowly and try to throw some under the table while you’re pretending to put it in your mouth
3: don’t tell your friends
4: limit of one sugary drink and one sugary treat a day
5: when you’re hungry, drink water or eat vegetables
6: run everywhere you go
7: never complain about being hungry
8: tell people you’re comfortable with your body, they’re good to lie to, but make sure it’s a good lie
9: set certain weight loss goals and prizes that go with those goals
10: work on it. work out, study, don’t eat.
11: if you’re so hungry you feel sick, drink a bottle of water with a gaviscon or peptobismal