sugary beverages

home sweet home; andreil
  • I can’t help but think a lot about Neil and Andrew just doing domestic, mundane, couple things.
  • Neil and Andrew at the grocery store. Neil noticing Andrew’s stocking up on all the sugary foods and beverages he can get his hands on, so he wanders off to the veggies and health food aisles to make sure Andrew balances his diet. “No more ice cream breakfasts, okay?” Neil says, when Andrew just shoots him a blank stare, Neil shrugs. “Don’t look at me like that, I’m just trying to keep your inevitable risk of diabetes at bay.” Andrew barely blinks. “You’re diabetes,” he mumbles. At this, Neil breaks into a small, slightly teasing smile, “Besides, I want you to cook for me.” “And I want you to shut up,” Andrew replies, dryly. “I guess neither of us are going to get what we want.” Despite this, slowly, steadily, Andrew does start improving his eating habits, and when he realizes that Neil is a disaster with an electric lighter after he almost burns down their kitchen twice, Andrew begins cooking for him on the regular. Neil always ends up staring at him while he cooks, and Andrew pretends like it doesn’t affect him, like it doesn’t make him hyperaware of his every move. Bee suggests new recipes to him every weekend, and Andrew begins to cook so surprisingly often that Neil would never dare say it aloud, but he swears that Andrew might actually be enjoying it.
  • Neil gives Andrew a shoulder massage on the really bad days and distracts his mind with talks of the latest additions to the Fox lineup and how he thinks they need to up their game if they want to succeed. This is new. This feels new. Andrew is not used to this sort of thing and has trouble at first, tensing up against Neil’s touch almost immediately, and so Neil knows to be extra careful. This is alien territory for both of them because Neil has never known how to be gentle and Andrew has never known gentleness, but it turns out that Neil’s really good with his hands. Eventually, Andrew leans his head back against Neil’s stomach as he kneads the tension out of his muscles and just lets go. It’s difficult at first, because the last time Andrew allowed himself to be this defenseless, this bodily loose and relaxed… No. This was different. This was Neil. Neil would cross himself out a thousand times over at even the mere idea of hurting him. He was okay. He was… He was safe. After giving him a massage, Neil leans in to kiss Andrew’s neck, but before he has the chance, Andrew’s already flipped him over and straddling him, “Yes or no?” he mumbles gruffly, but Neil’s already choking out a hoarse, breathless fuck yes as Andrew runs his hands up his arms and entwines their fingers before entrapping him under his body with a vehement, sealing kiss that leaves them both gasping for breath. 
  • Andrew falling ill with the flu and insisting that he doesn’t get sick, even as he’s coughing up his lungs and running a high fever. Neil doesn’t buy into his bullshit for one second and insists on dragging him to the doctor’s office. That’s when Andrew quietly admits his loathing of doctors, stemming from a general distrust of society and never having been to one before. Whenever he got sick before, he would just take care of it on his own. And then he had Abby. Neil insists that despite Abby’s qualifications, Andrew needed to go see a real doctor. Neil successfully wears him down and they end up visiting the doctor together. In the waiting room, Andrew is crushing Neil’s hand so tight Neil knows it’s going to leave a bruise. Neil doesn’t care. He managed to convince Andrew to make the trip. That’s all that matters.
  • Whenever the Foxes come to visit them, Andrew cleans out the entire house. Makes sure every surface is scrubbed and not a thing is out of place. He makes them all take their shoes off at the doorstep and warns Nicky he’ll make him bleed if he hoists his legs up on the recently polished coffee table.
  • Andrew and Neil working out together, and Neil once again, being flabbergasted by just how much weight this boy can lift. It feels like some strange metaphor for all of Neil’s baggage he took at face value and handled like a rock. “You’re staring again,” Andrew points out, sitting there in a muscle t-shirt, his skin slick with sweat, his blond tufts pulled back by a thin black bandana, performing a 180kg deadlift like it’s practically nothing. “Yeah,” Neil manages. “Get used to it already.”
  • The two of them getting away for the weekend from everyone and everything. Driving, driving, halting at terribly lit gas stations in the middle of nowhere to buy cigarettes and soda, star-gazing on the roof of the Maserati, Andrew knowing every constellation by heart, Neil gaping at him in quiet, captivated awe. The two of them falling asleep in dingy motel rooms after making messy love. The comfort in the little things and just purely enjoying one another’s existence, one another’s presence. Neil’s head on Andrew’s shoulder, Andrew pressing a kiss to the pulse point of Neil’s throat, Neil fiddling with Andrew’s hair, Andrew shivering when Neil bites promises into his neck, Andrew’s hands underneath Neil’s shirt, killing his scars with his kisses.
  • Listen I could go on forever but I need to STOP.

Jim is from a ‘pop’ state

Bones is from a 'coke’ state

Spock lived in San Francisco to go to Starfleet Academy and that is likely where he first learned about slang and casual sort of speak of the English language so he’s probably firmly convinced that it’s 'soda’ (California is a 'soda’ state)

now just picture the triumvirate fighting about which exactly is the correct way to refer to a sugary, carbonated beverage

are u as amused as I am?

Pokemon Offerings and Working With Them Masterpost

Here is a masterpost of items you can put on altars for offerings to pokemon or to work with their energy or with them as guides. This is by pokemon type and compiled from my personal grimoires

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Offerings: matches, ashes, candles (especially red), tea lights, LED candles, lighters, charcoal, black salt, cooked foods, spicy things, hot sauce, pepper flakes, black pepper, peppercorn, images of fire and volcanoes, lava lamps, chocolate, hot chocolate, dark roast coffee, fire related herbs like cinnamon, basil, sunflowers, and oak; fire related crystals like amber, carnelian, diamond, and bloodstone; anything red or orange, images of fire pokemon

Correspondences: power, anger, passion and lust, energy, strength, love, purification, courage, competition, victory, destruction and the element of fire

Spell types: burning, smoke cleansing, candle spells, fire elemental; strength spells, courage spells, revenge curses/spells; love spells


Offerings: waters of all types (tap, rain, ocean, river, etc), sea salt, sea shells, beach sand, river dirt/sand, blue candles, ocean scented things (candles, lotion, sprays, etc), crab/crustacean shells, bath bombs and bath products, soap, spray bottles, images of the sea, lakes, rivers, rain, etc; pearls, anything blue, water related herbs like seaweed, lotus, cucumber, and aloe; water related crystals like aquamarine, lapis lazuli and sodalite; images of water pokemon or dive/net pokeballs

Correspondences: peace, tranquility, compassion, pure love (self-love), knowledge, purification and cleansing, emotions and emotional balance, and healing

Spell types: bath spells, spells using water, water elemental spells; cleansing, healing spells, tranquility/peace spells, self love spells


Offerings: living plants and succulents, leaves, grass, dried and fresh herbs, flowers and flower petals, natural scented incenses, oils and candles (like pine, clove, mint, forest, floral, etc), wooden objects, tree branches and bark, images of forests, meadows, and fields; fresh produce, foods containing vegetables and fruit, herbal teas, fresh water, watering cans, gardening tools, seeds and nuts, planting soil, green candles and tea lights, anything that is green and earthy colors, images of plant pokemon

Correspondences: prosperity, life, learning, youth, growth, the natural world, plants and plant magic, healing and health, luck, material gain and wealth

Spell types: herbal spells, teas, kitchen magick, garden magick, forest magick; healing spells, wealth and prosperity spells, luck spells, growth spells


Offerings: batteries, copper, wires, electronics, computers/tablets/phones/etc, cds, flash drives, yellow candles, energy drinks, sugar, storm and rainwater, sounds of rain and thunder, images of storms and lightning, LED candles, fairy lights/christmas lights, yellow things, lightning symbols, lemons and citrus, lemon balm, yellow flowers and plants, rice, yellow foods, sour foods and candies, trail mix, energy bars, motivational quotes and images, images of electric type pokemon

Correspondences: happiness, youth, energy, motivation, action, movement, change, power, and friendship

Spell types: storm magick/spells, motivational spells, happiness spells, friendship spells, charging and empowering spells, self-empowerment, energy work


Offerings: honey, sugar water, soda and sugary beverages, fruit, leaves and greenery, flowers (especially bee friendly ones), hives/wasp nests (safely collected of course), wax/bees wax, yellow and green candles, sweet flowery or fruity scents and oils, spider webs, woven things, braided threads, sewing supplies, quilt work, silk, green and yellow crystals, images of bug pokemon and/or net balls

Correspondences: mending, repair, transformation, growth, life lessons, change

Spell types: knot magic, woven or sewn, mending things, growth spells, accepting change spells; binding spells, curses related to paranoia and anxiety


Offerings: purple, indigo and yellow candles; purple, indigo and yellow items; divination tools like tarot cards, divining rods, pendulums, and scrying mirrors; books, writing tools and supplies, art supplies like paints, inks, etc; crystals related to divination and psychic work like amethyst, mugwort, tea and tea supplies, herbs for divination and psychic work like dandelion, fig and orange peels; incenses that relate to psychic and divination work, essential oils associated with psychic and divination work, images of stars, planets, the sky and nebulae; images of psychic pokemon

Correspondences: divination, psychic abilities/work, communication, self exploration, curiosity, knowledge, wisdom, meditation, focus/memory, creativity, inspiration, mysticism

Spell types: divination, psychic work, meditation, dream work, cosmic witchcraft, written or drawn spells, sigil work, creativity spells, inspiration spells, knowledge spells, memory spells, improving communication


Offerings: black pepper, obsidian, onyx and other black crystals; black candles, storm water and salt, images and representation of the moon and night sky; moonstone, moon water, garnet, herbs associated with cursing like nightshade, rosemary, and foxglove (use caution with poisonous plants), black soil, charcoal and ashes, black ink or paint, glow in the dark objects and items, images of dark type pokemon

Correspondences: the unknown, mysticism, the moon/night, invisibility, peace, silence, banishing, cunning; curses of all kinds

Spell types: banishing and warding, invisibility spells, curses of all kinds, moon and night related magic


Offerings: bones, graveyard dirt, apples, pomegranate, necromantic herbs like mugwort, mullein, mandrake and lavender; black and purple candles, skulls and imagery of skulls, crow feathers, dead plants and flowers, dried flowers/herbs, meat dishes, images of graveyards, blood, hematite, bloodstone, red wine, salt and black salt, iron, poisonous plants/herbs (use with caution), pendulum, tarot cards, ouija board, mirrors and scrying mirrors, images of ghost pokemon

Correspondences: death, endings, new beginnings, rebirth, renewal; sorrow, loss, fear

Spell types: spirit work, necromancy, ending things, cutting ties, unbinding, banishing; curses of all kinds, binding


Offerings: glitter, sweets, baked goods, fruit, honey, beauty products, lotions, bath bombs, candy, bows and ribbons, nail polish, flowers, flower scented incense and oils, perfumes, mirrors, pink and white candles, gold, jewelry, rose quartz, clear quartz, pink and white crystals, lace, floral print, clothing and accessories, images of the moon, glitter jars, arts and crafts supplies, himalayan pink salt, epsom salts, floral or fruit teas, sugar, molasses, images of friends and loved ones, cotton balls and soft things, beads, pearls, images of fairy pokemon

Correspondences: glamour, beauty, youth, grace, passion, self love, whimsy, wishes, fantasy, friendship and family

Spell types: kitchen magic (especially baking), cottage magic, glamour, mirror magic, bath spells; self love spells, beauty spells, happiness spells, friendship spells, bonding spells, wishes


Offerings: poisonous herbs and plants (use with caution); willow, elm, mugwort, purple candles, amethyst, tanzanite, any purple crystals, purple things, toxic stones and gemstones (use with caution), iron, needles and sharp things, slime and sludge, lava lamps or glitter lamps, black lights, glow in the dark objects, images of poison pokemon

Correspondences: endurance, survival, emotional balance and strength, patience; spite, cursing, chaos

Spell types: endurance spells, emotional balance spells; cursing of all sorts, hexes, poisoning relationships

Ground and Rock

Offerings: dirt and mud, earth related herbs like wheat, oats, and ash; breads and grains, rice, rocks and stones, crystals related to earth like jade, jet and sandstone; clay and pottery, root vegetables, potatoes, raw metals, sand, brown candles, salt, images of mountains, caves, and canyons; anything brown, images of ground/rock pokemon

Correspondences: strength, endurance, balance, stability, wealth, respect, humbleness, grounding, maturity

Spell types: burying things, grounding and centering; strength spells, wealth spells


Offerings: ice water, melted snow, snowflake symbols/items, images of winter and snow, winter clothes, blankets, hats, scarves, mittens, blue and white candles, clear and white gemstones like clear and milky quartz, white glitter, silver, pine needles, pine cones, pine incense/oils, anything related to winter, the winter solstice or winter holidays, deer antlers, images of ice pokemon

Correspondences: isolation, shelter, serenity, beauty, grace, snow/winter magic, meditation, sleep, rebirth, new discoveries, cleansing, purification, protection

Spell types: invisibility, cleansing, cottage magic, serenity and peace spells, beauty spells, sleep spells, bringing new things into one’s life, protection spells; binding, freezing others


Offerings: incense, bells, feathers, imagery of clouds and sky, pinwheels, wind chimes, instruments, music, poetry, light fabrics, cotton, dandelion fluff/seeds, yellow, blue and white candles; headphones, ipods/radios, kites, air related herbs like lemongrass, mistletoe and lavender; air related crystals like fluorite, turquoise and mica; stamps and envelopes, art supplies, books, writing supplies, cameras, photos and drawings, divination tools like tarot cards and pendulums, mirrors, glass, wand, broom/besom, ribbons and string, soft things, bird’s nests, branches of bendy trees, images of flying type pokemon

Correspondences: weather, air element, flight, freedom, music, happiness, joy, divination, travel, discovery, communication, adventures

Spell types: divination, art and written spells, song and music spells, incense spells, weather magic, wind calling, air elemental spells, flying spells, inspiration spells, creativity spells, travel spells, communication spells


Offerings: bread, cooked meals, rice, quinoa, potatoes, blankets and pillows, home related tools and ‘knick knacks’, images of friends and family, wool, brown and white candles, kitchen tools and cooking supplies, cleaning supplies and tools, besom and brooms, warm scented candles and incense, brown and white crystals and stones, toys, postcards and letters from loved ones, baby powder, tissues and tissue paper, candy and cookies, candy and cookie tins/boxes, images of normal type pokemon

Correspondences: the home and hearth, family, friends, peace, content, nostalgia, memories, comfort, cleansing, warding, protection especially of the family and home

Spell types: cottage magic, kitchen magic, family related magic, friendship spells, protection spells, memory spells, comfort and calming spells, warding


Offerings: trophies, sports equipment, outdoor gear, red candles, strong incense and oils, chalk, healthy foods, foods high in protein, vitamins, epsom salts, crystals and herbs associated with power, images of fighting types

Correspondences: strength, power, victory, overcoming foes/tragedies; aggression, anger

Spell types: strength spells, power spells, competition related spells; curses relating to revenger or anger


Offerings: metals of all kinds, nails, tools, metal containers and objects, gray, silver and gold candles; gray, silver and gold colored objects; chains, wires, tacks, and images of steel type pokemon

Correspondences: defense, protection, endurance, invincibility, self-assurance, self-empowerment, warding

Spell types: protection spells of all types, warding


Offerings: cloves, cinnamon, bay laurel, sage, pepper, allspice, sunstone, carnelian, jasper, onyx, obsidian, amber, citrine, glass and glass objects, nuts, meats/high protein meals, beans, wines and alcohol, lanterns and candles, colors of red and purple, depictions of dragons and dragon related objects, dragon scales or dragon scaled items, dice, fantasy novels and books, images of dragon pokemon

Correspondences: dragons, power, nobility, respect, motivation, travel, mysticism, seeking the truth, loyalty

Spell types: draconic magic; strength and power spells, respect spells, self empowerment spells, motivation spells, loyalty spells, learning and discovery related spells

Here’s a weird thing I’ve learned since I started working with the homeless:

If you want to know if someone grew up rich or poor, take a look at their teeth. 

It seems so stupid now, but before I got this job, I didn’t really think about teeth. I went to the dentist every six months. I was bucktoothed and gap-toothed as a child, so I got braces. That’s just how life worked. Almost everyone I knew had braces. By my final year of high school, my graduating class was a sea of perfect smiles. It never once dawned on me that other families might not have thousands of dollars to spend on cosmetic dentistry. In my world, if you needed braces and cleanings, you got braces and cleanings. 

In the real world, thousands of children go without those things. People who live on food stamps can’t afford fresh food every day; when you grow up poor, you often grow up with sugary snacks and beverages, which decay your teeth over time.If your tooth gets chipped, broken or rotten, it gets pulled or it stays that way, because you can’t afford to fix it. And at the end of the day, you end up as an adult with dental issues. 

If you have nice teeth, you probably don’t realize this, but we live in a world that is fucking obsessed with teeth. Celebrities have nice teeth. Politicians have nice teeth. When you picture a rich person, a successful person, an educated person, they have a full set of gleaming pearly whites. 

In our culture, we use “bad teeth” as a signal of poverty. They are shorthand for low education, for “hillbillies” with a lower quality of life. Bad teeth are not welcome at job interviews. They are not wanted in the dating scene. If you are trying to be taken seriously - at the bank, at the lawyer’s office, at your child’s school, at the doctor’s office - bad teeth will hold you back.

And the consequences go far beyond the social issues. Tooth problems are painful. When you go to the dentist every six months, cavities and issues get caught early. When you go years between visits, abscesses, infections, exposed nerves and irreversible damage have time to take root. It’s an extremely painful thing to live with, it can make eating unpleasant, and tooth infections can get into your blood steam and kill you. Teeth are a health problem, and yet we price dental care like a luxury commodity. 

So if you meet someone with crooked teeth, or broken teeth, or tooth decay, don’t stare. Don’t make fun of them. Don’t fixate on it. That person may not have grown up with the money or nutrition that you did. Take the person for who they are, not for the teeth in their mouth. 

Dental care should be a human right, just like healthcare. Let’s fight for that.

Ravenclaws Focus - a Coffee/Hot Cocoa charm for Recall and Focus

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*Inspired by the House Ravenclaw, whose wisdom and information memorization we could all use on occasion*
(This will not replace studying yall. you still gotta do that stuff)

- Dark blue, Silver and Black Candles
- Carnelian, Quartz, Malachite (or, ya know, whatever you have on hand)
- Coffee/Hot Cocoa (made or bought, I’m still not judging you.)

- Get your drink of choice, set up your candles. 
- Light your candles (blue for Wisdom, Silver for focus, black for recall and retainment) 
- take your crystals and set them up around the sugary potentially caffeinated beverage of your choice. 
- collect energy from the candles into little light balls, and send them into your crystals to grow. 
- Let the energy grow within the crystals, and then pull it and send it into your Coffee/Cocoa. 
- Think/say: “Today is going to be a rough day, and all my memories must stay. my focus will be stern my will not be broken. So it will be as it was spoken.”
- Drink your delicious beverage and blow out your candles to close and activate the charm

-Aesa <3 This is my original spell, please do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission. Reblogging is okay, Reposting is not. 

Preventing Meth Mouth

This blog is for those who use Methamphetamine and want to prevent Meth Mouth. It’s a common misconception that only meth smokers get Meth Mouth. That simply isn’t true. No matter the route of administration, meth causes a decrease in saliva production which leads to dry mouth and tooth decay.

Here are some tips I’ve found that really helped me .

Biotene: Biotene is a wonderful product that you can buy as a gum AND a mouthwash and helps protect your mouth from chronic dryness. I used the gum when I was tweaking and used the mouthwash a lot.

Nightguard: Nightguards can be purchased at Safeway, Wal-Mart, Walgreens and so forth. They are retainers with a soft chewy bit to bite down on. They look a little bit funny to use but I used them at parties and no one could tell I had them in. It’s awesome because you can give into the teeth grinding and grind all you want with these babies.

Brush your teeth
: It sounds simple but it isn’t. Brushing teeth can erode enamel just as much as meth use can. I would brush my teeth 6 times per day extremely lightly with a supersoft tooth brush. Just enough to get the plaque and meth off of my teeth. Make sure you brush very slowly and lightly and avoid the gums because meth makes them sensitive especially if you smoke it. Don’t brush hard or fast, you’re only fucking your teeth up even more.

Flossing: Only floss once per day while tweaking because the gums are usually sore and hurt so you don’t want to overstimulate them.

: PLEASE Don’t use mouthwash that contains alcohol in it. It will further dry your already dry mouth and will hurt your sensitive mouth tissues. I recommend the Biotene mouth wash ONLY.

Water: Yes sugary and carbonated beverages are lovely when tweaking but it’s horrible for your teeth which are already being bombarded with all that meth! Stay away from sodas and juices if at all possible. Drink at least 30 fl oz a day of water and limit your sugar intake. Dry mouth + sugar + meth= NIGHTMARE!!

Food: If you do come down and need to eat, choose something natural and full of vitamins and minerals like vegetables. Try and avoid anything spicy as to irritate your already sore mouth and throat. Don’t eat a bunch of candy either. You need something small, healthy and non sugary. When you are done eating, rinse with Biotene and floss very gently.

Slowing down or Quitting Meth
: You can also slow down on meth use, which helps greatly in reducing Meth Mouth. The best option however is to quit using Meth in any way shape or form and see how your mouth and teeth are doing. Chances are if you were obsessed with blowing clouds all day every day like me, you’ll have some stains that just won’t go away even months after not touching any meth.

Best of luck… hopefully this info helps someone!

21 Questions

This is my first time writing a Bughead fanfic and it’s still jumbled in my head so I hope you bear with me.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of he characters or places in this story unless otherwise specified.


First Question

The bell to Pop’s Chock'lit Shoppe rang as the door opened. Only a few people could be found sitting at the local town favorite as most were enjoying Riverdale High’s homecoming dance. For the selected few who had opted not to join the overrated festivities, the confines of the four walls of the shop brought an unusual sense of comfort.

A girl with blonde hair and in a pink dress walked straight inside into a booth at the far corner. She placed her usual order of Strawberry Milkshake but this time with extra whip cream. It was a special occasion to indulge in the calories after all. A few minutes later, a tall glass of sugary and sinful beverage was placed in front of her.

She sighed in resignation before reaching for her picker upper. Her tongue was ready to taste the mouth watering goodness when the tall glass was pulled far from her reach and in front of a crouching boy who wore a crown shaped beanie on top of his messy bed of hair. Her mouth dropped and stayed open for a few minutes, staring at he boy who drank her most awaited shake down to the last drop. She was at a loss for words. She wanted to shout at the boy who selfishly stole her last hope for a better night but no words came.

As if nothing happened, he adjusted in his seat and fired his laptop open and began typing, totally oblivious to the growing anger building in the blonde girl’s chest. A few minutes of silence passed and he still hadn’t looked at her once to apologize or explain his actions. He kept typing as if she wasn’t in front of him with an angry glare in her eye.

She cleared her throat, finally finding a small amount of sound come out of her mouth, but his attention to whatever he was typing did not falter. She cleared it again, this time ensuring that it was loud enough for him to hear and respond to. His eyes broke it’s connection from the laptop screen and the blue ocean met green forest. She felt a hitch in her breath at the sudden connection. The intensity of his stare brought chills to her spine and she almost felt bad for disturbing his concentration. She almost apologized had it been not for her realization that she wouldn’t have bothered him if he hadn’t stolen her favorite drink. He raised an eyebrow and a playful smirk appeared on his face. Had it been another time, she would be game to play their little debate just like the old times but now all she could do was sigh in defeat.

“I’m not in the mood Juggie.” She finally said after their long staring game. He shrugged and closed the lid of his laptop. He waved his hand at Pops to which he was answered with a nod, a fair and mutual exchange between regulars.

“So tell me, what did our beloved Archiekins do this time?” He said while leaning on the table.

“What makes you think it’s Archie?” Betty countered, hoping for even 1% chance that not everyone knows about what she felt for Archie. Well except for Archie himself.

“Come on Betts, don’t insult my knowledge. You practically loved him since childhood. Your eyes yearns for him whenever he’s not around and if I didn’t know any better, you have a magnet in your body that’s being pulled towards him.” He said rolling his eyes.

She chewed on her lip in anxiety. Was she really that obvious? “What makes you think he did something then?” She challenged, trying my best from delaying the admission of what had transpired tonight at the Homecoming after party at Cheryl’s.

“Let’s see. You’re wearing a dress that’s screaming Homecoming dance so that means you attended the overrated dance which is "the highlight of everyone’s high school life”.“ He made quotation gestures with his fingers as he said the last bit.

"However, instead of wasting the night with the boy of your dreams doing God knows what, you’re sitting here at Pops and having a conversation with me, the last person on your "potential dating list” - if Included at all and the person you haven’t talked to since summer started.“

Betty opened her mouth to say something but no words came out. She tried to process his words but found herself at a loss. She felt bad at his last statement since it was true that she hadn’t had a decent conversation with her reserved friend since before freshman year ended. It wasn’t that she hadn’t tried.

During her internship, she attempted several times to contact Jughead to check on him but it was either ignored or responded with one word texts that screamed end of conversation. She thought he was going through something at the moment and didn’t want to push him so she gave him some space to breathe and hoped that when she returned they would fall into their normal routine and become the best of friends again. Except, everything had turned out worse.

"So it’s either you just want to remember your Homecoming dance spending time at Pops and eating - drinking rather, Strawberry Milkshakes or Archie did a stupid move and hurt you.” The blonde girl sighed and looked at her lap in embarrassment. Had she been so transparent?

“Well, the milkshake is already a no considering you drank all of mine.” She said softly while lowering down her head.

“Here you go.” Two plates of burger and fries and a tall glass of chocolate milkshake appeared in front of them. Jughead gave a quick nod to Pops before digging in his favorite food.

Betty was surprised when the extra plate was pushed in front of her. She really wasn’t up for eating thus the reason for her milkshake order.

“You have to eat Betts, last time you drank a milkshake on an empty stomach, you were brought to the hospital.” He said before indulging in his burger.

She felt warmth in her chest realizing that Jughead was just looking out for her when he drank her favorite treat. She pushed the nagging thought at the back of her head as she already felt bad enough tonight and she really needed a break from all the negativity.

“If it makes you feel better, I’ll buy you a new one if you promise to finish the burger or the fries.” He said taking a last chomp on his burger and now turning his attention to the side snack.

Betty smiled weakly and started munching on the fries. The burger was really too much for her appetite.

“So do we play 21 questions or am I gonna wait for you to open up?” He said.

She was surprised at his proposition and thought very carefully on what to do next. If she opened up to him easily, she won’t get a chance to ask him things that had been nagging at her since summer started. She saw the opportunity of finding out what truly happened between her two best friends and was determined to get it out from her dark haired companion.

She gave him a look and was about to open her mouth in response when he beat her right to it. “Right 21 questions it is.”

Betty was surprised at how easily Jughead could read her mind and how much he knows about the way her mind works. She would’ve blamed it on being best friends since childhood but she could recall Jughead being a bit shy around her until 3rd grade. If it hadn’t been for Archie’s failed attempt at getting his two best friends to like each other, they wouldn’t have gone past the acquaintance stage. But that’s a story for another time.

“Okay Juggie let’s play. But the rule is, we get to ask each other one question each–” she started

“Well that is the point of the game–” he cut her off.

“–each day.” She finished. He couldn’t hide the surprise look on his face when what she said had registered in his mind.

“Excuse me? Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” He had his hopes that he understood her perfectly well but he just had to get confirmation from the girl next door.

“Well, we need it Juggie. After weeks of ignoring my texts and phone calls, I figured, this is our only way of catching up. So, are you up for it? 21 days of being stuck with my probing questions?” He was surprised to see a smile on her lips. She had a playful glint in her eye that almost made him spill everything to her before he caught himself.

“Fine. But we each get a free pass for those questions that we really don’t want to answer.” She nodded at the additional rules he made.

“Okay I agree. We can’t say know when the other triggers for the 21 questions. Like when we’re at school and I feel like asking you, you have to answer. Got it?” He pondered for a while before agreeing to my terms.

“Fine but the 21 days doesn’t have to be done straight. We can take breaks every now and then. Deal?”

She looked hesitant, as if he found a loophole to her strategy of opening up to her. But she resolved in her head that she just had to really think about her questions to get the most out of their game. Make it seem like he had to use the free pass to every question then go for home run.

“Also, whatever is shared here will not be disclosed to anyone else. Okay?” She added which gained a smirk from the boy.

“I get it Betts. And it’s not as if I have someone to tell.” He said rolling his eyes.

Betty felt a tug at her heart when she realized that Jughead had no one. As in no one. He used to have them - Betty and Archie - but then when he and Archie had a fall out and he started ignoring her, he wasn’t left with anyone else. She felt guilty for not trying harder to make him talk to her. She felt that she failed her obligation of binding the two friends. She regretted going to her internship
And leaving the two boys to themselves. The wave of emotions that passed through her was so overwhelming that she started to feel her nails digging at her palms.

A pair of warm hands covered her hands and pried it open. She was surprised at the look of worry that was evident on his face. “Hey. It wasn’t your fault Betts. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

She opened her mouth to say something but decided against it. She would just reserve whatever it was for their 21 days of questioning. She nodded, squeezed his hand before pulling away.

“So.” He started breaking off the awkward air that had build up. “Is it a deal then?”

“Deal. Let’s flip on who goes first.” She pulled out a coin in her pink purse and placed it on her two fingers, ready to flip.

Jughead gave a small nod signaling her to do it. She flicked her fingers.

“Heads.” He called while the coin was up in the air.

“Tails.” She responded before catching the coin and putting it down on the table. They stared at each other for a while, hearts beating at top speed. They were anxious on who’s going to ask the questions first and what questions were in store for them.

Breaking off the connection, they both turned their attention to the coin which displayed tails. A triumphant smile played on Betty’s features and Jughead couldn’t help but laugh. It looked like she just won the lottery.

“Hmmm what to ask..” she said in deep thought. Jughead had hoped that she wouldn’t ask about his family. It was way too personal for a first question and he knew he might use his pass if that were the case. He wasn’t ready to open that can of worms yet and drag her into his messed up life.

“Okay, here’s an easy one. Why did you ignore my texts and calls this summer?” She said, her eyes had lost its playful glint and was replaced by a piercing gaze. One that could devour a lie that he was planning on saying so Jughead opted with the truth.

“Archie and I kind of gotten out of track this summer. I’m not sure if he mentioned that to you. So I thought, I didn’t want to burden you with the choice of who you were going to remain friends with. I was just looking out for you Betts.”

She felt anger bubble in her chest. She wanted to tell him off for doing something that “he thought was best for her” just like what her parents were doing to her and Polly. She was so through with people deciding what’s good for her and what’s not. It’s as if they think that she cannot decide on it for herself.

She was about to tell him off when he continued talking. “And I kind of wanted to protect myself from the pain of not being chosen. I didn’t want to get mad at you or anything so I just decided to cut things off for us. That way, I would be the bad guy and not you.”

Her anger melted away and was replaced with remorse. Who would’ve known that Jughead felt this way about their friendship? That he thought she would instantly drop him if he and Archie had a fall out. She felt bad for making it seem that Archie would always be her first choice and that Jughead would always end up on his own.

She reached her hand out to his and gave it a squeeze. “I’m so sorry Juggie if I made it seem like I would leave you anytime. I swear, that wouldn’t have been the case. You know I care about you. I wish you would’ve talked to me about it.” She babbled, feeling the build up of tears in her eyes.

“Hey. It was my decision Betty. This is exactly why I decided it on my own. I didn’t want to trouble you with that choice. I didn’t want you to lose sleep on it. I didn’t want you to make a decision that would make you doubt yourself or make you regret something. I’m okay with that Betty and I don’t blame you for it. Not even a little.”

She wiped her eyes with the tissue that he offered and nodded. “But that’s gonna change now Juggie. Promise me you’ll answer my calls and texts from now on. I can manage being your friend you know. Just because you and Archie had a misunderstanding, doesn’t mean I’ll stop being your friend.”

He hesitated. He wanted so much to talk to Betty again but was afraid to be vulnerable and get hurt. He knew it was a fact that Archie and Betty would end up together and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay and see it happen right before his eyes. For the most part, he wanted to spare himself of the pain of having to deal with Betty with someone else.

He knew he couldn’t deny it. He knew that the girl next door has a special place in his heart and no matter how hard he tried to deny or forget about it, it would always creep up on him at the end of the day. He was far too reeled in to escape the feelings he had for his best friend Betty Cooper.

At first he thought it was just a passing crush. He blamed the lack of female companions for his growing feelings towards the blonde girl. But when a girl had liked him and tried to make a move that didn’t end well, he knew that the lack of a female friend was definitely not the reason for it. As they grew older and as Betty had developed into a more mature, compassionate and beautiful girl, he couldn’t help but like her more than how best friends should like each other.

Betty was not the prettiest girl in Riverdale High. Well at least, that was what the school has declared. That title, for some odd reason Jughead couldn’t comprehend, belonged to Cheryl Blossom. She wouldn’t even pass as the smartest given that the holder for that one was Ethel Muggs. Not even the most talented as this was held by Josie McCoy. Betty was among those who were ranked in the middle. The average girls who occasionally got a second look from guys.

But for Jughead, Betty Cooper sure was something and it was beyond reason how other guys couldn’t see it. Especially their redhead friend Archie Andrews. He doesn’t understand how Archie can appreciate so many girls in their school and yet he couldn’t cast a glance at what he already has - the most perfect girl there is.

“Earth to Juggie?” Jughead snapped out of his thought and landed back at Pop’s.

“Of course. I’ll keep that in mind.” He said, not wanting to discuss further how Betty would always be there. He knew if they dwell on their topic more, he might say things he would regret.

“Okay, your turn. Ask away.” She said sitting properly, back straight, chin up with her hands folded in front of her. It was almost as he she was prepping for an interview question.

Jughead breathed in and out before firing away. “What happened tonight with Archie?”

Betty knew he would ask it. She knew and tried to prepare herself for it but no amount of preparation could help her when he finally uttered the question.

See, answering the question would make what happened between her and Archie real. Inasmuch as she wants to forget what he said and return to the happy bubble they used to call friendship, Betty knew that things would change from now on. That Archie would no longer be her comfort place but someone who would remind her of rejection and disappointment. Answering Jughead’s question would only mean that they can never go back and pretend everything was okay.

But Betty knew this couldn’t have been the worst question she would face. She knew that she shouldn’t waste a pass for this since by tomorrow, everyone would know about what had happened at Cheryl’s anyway.

“I told Archie my feelings tonight..” she started slowly. A lump forming in her throat suggested that she was about to cry again. “And he made it clear that we’re not on the same page about it.”

“Betty I’m..” he started but she held a hand to stop him. She wanted to get everything out of her system first.

“After the homecoming, we went to Cheryl’s after party. I just wanted to forget about the rejection so I thought maybe spending more time with him at the after party would make him change his mind and see me like how I see him.” She said recounting what had happened earlier.

“So Cheryl, being Cheryl, thought it would be fun to have a 7 minutes in heaven game starting with Archie. She let the bottle spin and it stopped in between me and Veronica. But she made the call of saying it pointed to Veronica. I swear that girl will be the death of me.” She sighed. Jughead could feel how it was getting harder for her to talk and wanted to stop her but then again, he knew letting it out would keep her from digging her nails in her palms.

“I knew it was impossible that nothing would happen to them. The way Archie stared at her when we first saw her here at Pop’s was everything I needed to see to know he’s attracted to her. It didn’t help that outside the closet, Cheryl and Reggie kept thinking up of stories of what was happening inside. After that I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up and left and went here.” She finished and finally looked at Jughead’s face.

His face was scrunched up in thought at what Betty had shared with him. First of all, he really thought that his ex-best friend was stupid beyond his understanding. How could he prefer a new girl over the girl who was always there for him? Second, they could give the guy the benefit of the doubt but then again Jughead thought this was Archie Andrews. He may care a lot for Betty but Jughead doubted that he would pass up on the opportunity to kiss a girl he found attractive. No offense to his ex-best friend but that was the truth.

“I’m sorry Betts.” Jughead, despite being the eloquent aspiring novelist that he is, couldn’t find the best words to comfort his friend. If this had been Archie, he could’ve said a list of things for making Betty feel that way. But this was different. He was walking on eggshells with her. He didn’t want to hurt Betty anymore than she already is.

“Why are you apologizing Juggie? It’s not your fault.” She said before giving a small smile and squeezing his hand.

She was surprised when Jughead, as if lost in thought, started to intertwine their fingers together. She felt comforted by the warmth of his hands. She observed her dark haired friend and saw how tired his face looked. It seemed as if he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. The bags underneath his eyes spoke of countless sleepless nights writing on his laptop. She felt his thumb draw circles at her hand and slowly her eyes started to close.

Betty began to wonder things about Jughead. What would happen if it had been Jughead who Betty had fond feelings for? She wasn’t sure if it would’ve been easier considering her friend’s take on romantic relationships. She knew Jughead wasn’t the type seeing his lack of affection towards the girls in their year. At least that was what it seemed like. But then again, as if her memory played with her, she began to remember.

She began to drift off back to a particular memory in middle school. Betty, Archie and Jughead were like the Golden Trio of their year. They were inseparable. Wherever Betty was, Archie and Jughead were sure to follow. During that time, Jughead had started developing - his voice lowering a few tones and his height increasing almost half an inch each month. Puberty had hit him good, as what people would say.

In those times, Betty was sure enough that she had developed a girly crush on her best friend. Contrary to what people said, that she had been in love with Archie since forever, Betty had actually liked their dark and mysterious friend first. She was drawn to his witty humor. He would always say something that made Betty laugh and she looked forward to their hang outs after school.

But Jughead, being Jughead, had no romantic inclinations towards anyone as he found it troublesome to like a girl. He had based it from a time when a girl had confessed to him and wanted him to be her boyfriend. When he rejected the idea, she started off spreading rumors of him being weird and gay. That’s when he placed being in a relationship to his things he’ll never do list.

Betty was looking forward to seeing her two best friends after spending a week at her grandma’s. She was on her way to the Andrews household and spotted the two huddled up near the garage. She overheard them speaking about Jughead and the girl who spread rumors and was about to announce her presence when Jughead said something that made her chest hurt.

“I swear Arch, this relationship thing? This isn’t for me. I wouldn’t want to be associated with anyone. It’s too troublesome.” He said, frustration evident in his face.

Betty then resolved to forget her crush towards her friend and keep everything platonic between her and her dark haired boy. After that, she and Archie started to get along pretty well at the start of their Freshman Year, Jughead being a bit distant from her and all. She guessed that Jughead didn’t exempt her from his “stay away from complicated women” policy. Archie had been sweet and took all of her attention from Jughead and the rest is history.

*Buzz Buzz*

Betty snapped out of her reverie and pulled away from Jughead’s hands to retrieve her phone.

“Hello mom?” She answered.

“Betty? Where are you? Your dad says you weren’t at school when he dropped by.” She asked, her voice sounded a bit concerned.

“I’m at Pop’s mom. I left the dance early.” She saw the look Jughead gave her as if asking if she was in trouble but he shook her head. “I’m going home in a while.”

“Well your dad’s on his way home. Want him to pick you up?”

“Sure mom. I’ll wait for him here.” She then cut the call and placed her phone back in her bag.

“To be continued?” She smiled at Jughead. He smiled back before nodding at her.

It was 5 minutes later when she heard the familiar honk of their card signaling that it was time to go home.

She was getting up from her seat and saying goodbye when she recalled something he had said earlier.

“Oh and Juggie? You’re not the last person.” She said in a quiet voice that he almost missed.

“Excuse me?” He said, wanting to clarify if he had indeed heard it correctly.

“I meant, you’re wrong. You’re not the last person . Not the first maybe but definitely not the last on that potential date list.” She said with a smile that almost shattered his every belief of mediocre relationships and archetypical teenage romances. She then walked away not waiting for his answer.

He shook his head in amusement. Betty Cooper was indeed an interesting girl. He hated to admit it but he was looking forward to the next time they play the game.


So … my husband is kind of the best person on the planet.   I know, I know.. everyone has their own awesome people who they would challenge me with. But here’s just another reason why I’m so unbelievably grateful for mine.   This was his post on FB in response to SNL’s  HILARIOUS joke:   

So this “humor” is infuriating to me on many different levels.

First of all, there is the basic assumption that diabetes is caused by poor lifestyle choices. The cliche is obese, weak willed folks who would rather sacrifice their independence for another bite of cotton candy.

Diabetes kills more people each year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. Diabetes is hilarious.

By the way, where are the jokes about the slobs who gave themselves breast cancer or AIDS?

Oh I forgot, the poor children that get AIDS from blood transfusions, and the ladies who are genetically prone to cancer or exposed to environmental factors. It’s not their fault.

Wonder what my wife did to give herself diabetes at age 3? She must’ve done something to make her immune system render her pancreas useless. The laughs keep coming.

Type 2 is lifestyle though…well if that were the case how many of you bacon eating, craft beer swilling paradigms of health and fitness would have diabetes? It’s still genetic. Sure lifestyle choices can exacerbate health challenges but show me a person who gave themselves diabetes and i will show you the unicorn they rode in on.

“But so many diabetic people are fat fatties.”
Where my bro-science gym bros at? We all know insulin is a growth hormone right?
Maybe you’ve read about competitive bodybuilders supplementing insulin to get BIGGER?

So imagine your pancreas doesn’t work right you gotta take insulin to balance out blood sugar levels so you don’t die. You inject insulin, a growth hormone (makes tissue BIGGER, fatty tissue, muscle tissue), but it’s not an exact science because so much affects blood sugar; stress, exercise, other hormones in the body. So your sugar might crash….. and pancreas still don’t work. You gotta drink a lot of a sugary beverage or eat mass amounts of simple sugars like candy to raise the blood glucose level, again, so you don’t die. Those calories get stored somewhere. Sure diabetics have a choice. Most choose not to die, and we vilify them for being overweight.

Anyway I’m rambling…remind me why diabetes is funny again?

anonymous asked:

Yes, please it would help me so much❤️

I really hope this helps! ❤️

During the day:

  • Stress can be a major factor if you’re having a hard time falling asleep. If it’s schoolwork for example, keep it far away from your bed, even outside of your room, if possible.
  • Coffee, sugary beverages, nicotine, and alcohol can also affect your sleep, so avoid those
  • Avoid naps unless it’s absolutely necessary
  • Be active! Exercise, go outside for a walk, or a bike ride

Before/in bed: 

  • Only go to bed when you’re sleepy, because lying in bed awake for an extended amount of time (even during the day) can make your body start to associate your bed with alertness and make it even harder for you to fall asleep, so if you haven’t fallen asleep within half an hour or so of lying in bed at night - get up, do something that is relaxing until you get tired and get back in bed
  • Have a relaxing routine that you follow every night before going to bed (e.g. brush your teeth, stretch)
  • Make sure your room is cool, dark, and quiet
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day - don’t sleep in on weekends, maybe an hour or so if you wake up at, say, 4am on weekdays, but recognise that it affects your circadian rhythms
  • You can keep a notebook next to your bed and make a list of everything that causes you to stress and/or things you need to remember for the next day as writing these things down can take your mind off them
  • Put your phone away! Screens emit blue light that prevents the release of melatonin (a hormone that, when released, prepares your body for sleep) in your brain. Some phones have a night shift mode that allows you to change your phone light so that it emits a halogen glow. Apple’s mobile products that can be updated past ios 9.3 have that function, and this app for android users seems legit to me, but I have personally never used it so I don’t know if it works well. Experts actually advice you to avoid all screens (regardless of the screen’s colour temperature) for two hours before bed.     
  • You can also do a relaxation exercise, e.g. mindfulness, yoga
  • Headspace is a free app that has really helped me get relaxed in bed, app store google play The free version has several audio clips (and even videos), and they’re a great introduction to mindfulness. It was developed to help people relax during the day, but I find that it works just as well when you’re in bed
  • Another free app that I absolutely love is Rain, Rain. It has a wide collection of sounds, including many types of rain (ranging from dripping rain to thunderstorms), appliances, transportation, nature, and water. I don’t know about android phones, but this app lets me play my own music while the rain sounds play on iphone. app store google play
  • Sleep Time is also a free app, and it helps you keep track of your sleep patterns by calculating how long you’re sleeping, and it analyses your body movements during the night. It also has a cool alarm system; it lets you set an alarm for a certain time, and it can wake you up earlier than that (within a range of your choice - i recommend half an hour) if it recognises that you are rested. app store google play

In the morning:

  • Most people that have a hard time falling asleep at night also have a hard time waking up during the day - some spend several hours in bed after waking up
  • To prevent this, you can keep your alarm device, or several alarm devices, out of your reach so that you have to get up in order to shut that damn thing down
  • I used to just go back to bed after that, so I upgraded by essentially turning my room into an obstacle course using chairs and exercise balls
  • Use a calm alarm tone (unless you’re a deep sleeper and it’s impossible to wake you up with light noise) because it can be scary to wake up to extemely loud and annoyings sounds, and even cause panic attacks
  • DO NOT SNOOZE! Snoozing means you feel safe knowing that another alarm will wake you, but waking up and falling asleep multiple times in the morning interferes with your circadian rhythm. 
  • Make your room bright - turn on the lights and open your curtains/window shades
  • Make commitments for the morning. If you know you have somewhere you absolutely need to be, staying in bed is not an option
  • I am extremely sleepy in the morning and this app called Smash Hit has really helped me wake up because it induces a false fight-or-flight response, so your heart rate goes up and you become alert, because the game requires concentration and attention. It’s also really fun (yes, I bought the full version, but the free one is great too). app store google play 
  • Another app that will force you out of bed is Walk Me Up. It requires you to walk around with your phone for a certain number of steps of your choice in order to turn off your alarm. app store google play 
  • Once you’ve gotten up, make your bed. That little activity can rid you of that morning sleepiness.
So my insomnia got the best of me and this sort of just happened...

Here’s a little something (well not-so-little because it’s roughly 1,984 words, but still) I wrote that is *VERY LOOSELY* based on MMFD and *VERY HEAVILY* based on my own personal experiences…In the off chance you actually read this, I hope you enjoy! ☺️

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How have u not had a period in two years and how can I be you?

Birth control. It literally made my life better.

My PMS consists of: days-long migraines, irritation at literally everything even if they’re good things, back cramps from the small of my back all the way to my shoulder blades that leave me crying on the floor, diarrhea the entire length of the period, a distaste for vegetables, and a desire to drink every sugary beverage that exists.

Even with a period every three months, my remaining periods were mild and spotty. I’m seeing a doctor next week so that I can get back on birth control (and! hopefully! not have to have periods at all!).

Like I want to kick the ass of every person who says that birth control is not health care because sometimes I literally could not leave my house because I was in so much pain. Health care is about being able to live your healthiest life. If you’re in serious pain, and you can’t leave your house for school/your job, that’s not your healthiest life. If you need birth control to do that, that is health care. I mean come on.

Whoops I went on my soapbox a little, Anon. I’ve just had so many friends say their parents wouldn’t put them on birth control because then “they might have sex.” Wtf your daughter is doubled over and crying but oh, they might have sex. Health care for women is atrocious.

Back to Trollhunters story bits!

- During a moment of boredom, Toby and Jim get into a mock fight (with waterballoons or cushions or some thing similar) At some point Jim misses and accidentally hits Arrrgh. Toby is outraged at Jim for striking a ‘noncombatant’ and calls him a monster for attacking Arrrgh of all people! Jim was already going “Oh no! I’m so sorry!” half laughing and half apologetic, but Toby swears vengeance for his Wingman. Arrrgh just watches in bemusement, and Blinky just chuckles at their antics

- Jim and Toby doing the Bro puns, and eventually they include Claire as well. ie “Brotato chip” “Brocery shopping”   Blinky tells Jim he’s making progress in training and Toby mutters “don’t you mean Brogress” and Jim starts snickering

- Toby and Jim are both tired and trying to stay awake so they ingest caffeinated beverages and sugary food. Soon they’re hopping all over the place, sprinting for no reason and giggling like a pair of maniacs. Blinky has to enlist Arrrgh and Draal in catching them, but even with the help it takes them almost an hour to finally get a hold of both of them. Arrrgh had to coax Toby to come near and Draal was chasing after Jim for quite a while, with Jim constantly dodging around corners and through tiny gaps Draal couldn’t pass easily. At one point Jim actually jumped on Draal himself, clinging to one of his shoulder spikes and yelling “SURPRISE!” at the startled troll warrior and then springing away when he made a grab for him. When Draal finally got him, he had to keep both hands wrapped around Jim’s chest to keep him from squirming free, and he quickly turned him over to Arrrgh, who was already keeping Toby from escaping by pretty much just hugging him.

At some point after the madness was over, Toby and Jim were still talking to each other about any ridiculous topic they could come up with, and laughing over every one. At some point Toby gets suddenly serious and goes “YOu guys, I just realized something” and Jim stops giggling long enough to look over at him in confusion. Toby screeches “Snakes are just tails with faces!” and he breaks into hysterical laughter. Jim doesn’t even just laugh, he just doubles over in a harsh wheeze, and for a moment Blinky is worried that he’s dying. Then he manages to gasp for breath and just starts howling with laughter. Blinky and Arrrgh look at each other in helpless confusion, and Draal asks if the humans are broken.

(Bonus fluff) Eventually the laughter subsides and Jim and Toby end up falling asleep in Arrrgh’s hold. Arrrgh lets go long enough to move them together so they’ll be more comfortable, then curls around them to keep watch while they sleep. Blinky tucks a blanket around them and sits back, satisfied that they’re finally getting their much needed rest. Blinky himself falls asleep while leaning against Arrrgh a few minutes later, and Arrrgh couldn’t be more content with the situation.

- Jim idly singing “Hey. How ya doin, well I’m doin just fine- I lied, I’m dying inside.” Toby and Claire just nod in understanding, and of course the trolls are confused and concerned.

- This video, but with Jim, Toby, and Claire. And maybe replace the rabbit with a goblin or something (tho a goblin would be dangerous. maybe with a gnome in the library)

- in a rare moment of spare time at the Lake household, Toby suggests showing video games to Draal. He’s uninterested, but he does observe as Jim and Toby start up a horror game. Eventually he stops watching the screen in favor of observing the two humans as they grow more and more on edge, practically jumping out of their seats at every jumpscare. After a particularly bad scare, one of the boys goes “fuckit.” and throws down the controller and just walks out of the room while the other pleads for them to come back and gets up to follow.

- Monty Python references. enough said.

Life Well Wasted

Day Two of Jason Todd’s Birthday Week - One Sibling

Characters: Jason Todd and Damien Wayne

Word Count: 592

“You’ve wasted too little of your life,” Jason complained as he took in the son of Batman. He’d thought Talia had been lying if it weren’t for the fact that Damian looked just like smaller Bruce, brooding face and all. When he heard that Damian had known hardly anything about life outside the League, he couldn’t keep himself from making the previous comment.

Damian glared up at Jason with that same annoying look before he scoffed. “Yeah, says the guy who was dead once.”

This was before Damian’s own experience with death, before he fully understood his forced mantra of “justice, not vengeance”, back when he had trouble connecting with people. Before when he was just another brat with a penchant for murder and he didn’t understand the bonds of family, especially those outside of his own blood. To Jason, all Damian was just a snot nosed kid who really needed to get the stick taken out of his ass. His attitude only made the kidnapping easier for Jason.

It surprised Jason how effortless it was to whisk him away from Wayne Manor, his only real obstacle being Alfred of course, though the butler wanted nothing more than to be rid of the young master for a few hours himself. To be fair, Damian worked himself to exhaustion the day before and, after a very stern lecture over a cup of tea with Alfred, decided to rest his own volition. To this day, Jason wondered if Alfred had known his plan all along and had helped in some way…maybe even drugged Bruce’s new charge? The thought alone made Jason shiver. To Damian’s credit, he woke up halfway through the kidnapping, however, after realizing they had gotten a fair distance away from Gotham, decided just to humor his new brother. The grumble he made when he figured out Jason has taken him to a carnival was award winning.

It was a little hard to get the ball rolling at first. Almost immediately, Damian was turning his nose down at all the deep-fried food and over sugary beverages, only participating as minimally as he could get away with. He only tried the milk bottle game because it seemed like sure win in his eyes while Jason stood aside and held back a laugh.  He tried three times before realizing the game’s unwinnable design and was about to have a strong word with the attendant until a cackling Jason pulled him away.

“Come on, there’s something that I think you’ll actually like,” Jason bargained as Damian made threats under his breath. He fell silent when he saw the huge rollercoaster. He got in line without a word and in no time, Jason and Damian had the front car all to themselves. “This is gonna be great!” Jason managed to get out before the big drop.

The ride was a whirl of screaming, cheering, and the clanking of the cars on the tracks. When it was over and they returned to the start, Jason glanced over at Damian. The smile on his face almost made Jason forget how much of a demon spawn he was.

“And to think the Old Bat could’ve been prying you away from your next victim right now,” Jason joked as they exited the ride, nudging the younger boy with his shoulder.

Damian smiled despite himself. “Who knows, Todd? I just might kill you again right now,” he challenged, gesturing to the water gun stand. Jason beamed back maliciously.

“You have no idea what you got yourself into, kid.”

Chapter 20: Blankets and Duvets

Fic Summary: “Everyone had a link with their soulmates, some could hear some of their partners thoughts, some had a tattoo that would appear with their partners name; for me, I knew when they got sick.” For a while Phil has thought that his soulmate might have an eating disorder and doesn’t expect to meet him in the restaurant where he works.

Genre: a lot of fluff, recovery, really fucking domestic, waiter!Phil

Warnings: eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, hospitals, panic attacks, references to past abuse, mentions of suicide, mentions of self-harm, a lot of awkwardness, small amounts of smut. This is potentially triggering so for your own sake, please think twice about reading if anything this might affect you.

Disclaimer: I don’t have personal experience with eating disorders, but have done some research. If I have anything about them wrong, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll sort it out.

Word Count (for this part): 7.7k

[Uploads will be approximately every couple of weeks! (hopefully)]

A/N: It’s actually been a month since I’ve updated, and I’m terribly sorry about that, but hey, its exam season. However, this will be the longest chapter since July, so maybe that will make up for it a little bit.


<= Previous Chapter

Phil’s POV:

When I first woke up, I knew I didn’t have the luxury of being able to just roll over and go back to sleep. Although he was Dan’s younger brother, I was conscious that Adam was still a guest and I wanted him to enjoy his stay with us. Knowing teenagers, he would still be fast asleep, but I felt I should get up and get the morning’s tasks underway.

I was tired; staying up later than I’d expected with comforting Dan had really taken it’s toll on me, but once I had some coffee in me, I’d be able to put that behind me. Not bothering to change out of my pyjamas - that could wait until later - I got out of bed. I didn’t want to bother him too much, but I woke Dan up a little so that he would hopefully get up sometime soon.

“Dan, I’m going to make breakfast,” I told him, “Want to get up soon and have your shower?”

“Mmm…” Dan mumbled sleepily, “Yeah, I’ll do that soon.”

“M’kay, I’ll see you soon,” I said, pushing my glasses up my nose and making my way out of the room.

I was surprised to find Adam already up, laying on the sofa with the TV on a low volume, “Mornin’, you’re up early!?”

“Yeah, soulmate’s feeling sad,” he explained monotonously.

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Imagine #9 - Bouncy Ball [Riker]

“I thought you were going to stop drinking this stuff?” Riker asked with an amused expression on his face, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed. He had just stepped out of his office and saw you sitting on the couch when he passed by the open door.

You looked down to your glass that was filled with some kind of very sugary juice. Typically, you rarely ever drank something else than water because your body had a hard time handling sugar. He knew exactly that the combination of you and sugar was not the best as you got on sugar highs extremely fast. Those highs always turned you into a bouncy ball with a seemingly endless supply of energy that could not be contained.

The juice actually didn’t taste all that great but you couldn’t find anything else to drink in your entire shared apartment.

“You know you’ll get hyper and won’t sleep tonight if you finish that, right?” Riker stepped closer and sat down beside you on the couch. He took hold of your glass and drank about half of it himself, doing some damage control before you could stop him. “And you didn’t even water it down like you usually do…?”

“You know that we don’t have anything else except for some other juices, soda and beer, right?” you retorted, pointing out that you had already settled for one of the better options.

“So what you’re saying is that we need to go grocery shopping?” Riker groaned and took another sip from your juice.

The two of you might have been neglecting doing that for a little bit. Seeing you were out of a couple other things as well, you could no longer easily push the dreaded chore aside. Not that it was such a big deal but you were just not motivated enough to go by yourself and Riker somehow always seemed to find a loophole to get out of it.

“Well… we don’t need to…” you trailed off. “I’m sure I can drink more of this stuff for a little bit.”

Riker’s eyes widened and jumped up from the couch to get ready to go out almost immediately. “Shopping it is. Give me like 5 minutes.”

You laughed and got ready as well, satisfied with your work and glad that you would not have to drink more sugary beverages after all.


After buying all the things you needed and putting them away, both of you cuddled up on the couch. It was already relatively late by then. A movie was playing in the background as you were talking about everything and nothing. Your leg was nonstop jiggling and you had a hard time sitting still. The sugar was kicking in even though you didn’t have that much seeing that Riker has had about two thirds of your drink.

“It wasn’t a good idea to have that much sugar, huh?” Riker raised his eyebrows at you, a smirk playing on his lips. He loved to tease you about this and wouldn’t miss one opportunity to do so.

“Shut up,” you laughed and buried your face into his chest. Riker then suggested playing some games that involved activities so you could wear yourself out at least a little before going to bed.


“Alright, (Y/N), I’m dead tired, let’s go to bed,” Riker said yawning after you had been playing games for about 2 hours. You were still full of energy, jumping around like crazy while begging for just one more round of the game you were playing.

“Come here, bouncy ball,” Riker yawned again and picked you up. “I can’t pull yet another all-nighter and you need to sleep this off, too.”

He carried you to the bedroom and sat you down. After getting ready for bed, you lay down right beside him. Your head was resting in the crook of his neck as his arms were loosely around you. You suddenly started giggling.

“What now?” Riker mumbled and even though you couldn’t see it because the room was dark, you knew he had a smile on his face.

“I wanna dance,” you answer.

Riker laughed at your random urge to dance. You tried to wiggle out of his grip and sit up but he quickly pulled you on top of him and wrapped his arms around your waist tightly, holding you in place. “We can go dance tomorrow if you still want to then, okay? Let’s just sleep for now.”

“Fine,” you muttered and rested your head back on his chest. Riker chuckled lightly and pressed a kiss to your temple.

“There’s definitely not gonna be any more sugar for you for a while,” he whispered before falling asleep. It took a little longer for you, but eventually sleep took over your body as well.

Safe and Unsafe Food List

Safe Beverages:
-black coffee
-diet soda
-half/half tea

Safe Breakfast:
-toast with only light jelly
-low-fat vanilla yogurt

Safe Lunch/Dinner:
-proportioned turkey, chicken, and fish (not fried)
-salad w/ light italian dressing
-minestrone or broccoli soup
-cheese sticks
-light (of half-size) sandwiches

Unsafe Beverages:
-sugary coffees
-non-diet soda

Unsafe Breakfast:
-doughnuts, pancakes, waffles, biscuits
-sugary cereal

Unsafe Lunch/Dinner:
-red meats
-potatoes (fries, mashed, baked)
-fried meat of any kind
-grilled cheese
-Ramen Noodles
-chips and dip
-all desserts
-pies, cookies, cakes
-all breads (except for wheat bread used proportionally for safe foods)
-all Mexican and Italian dishes
-mozzerella sticks
-condiments (dressings, butter, ect…)

I have gained so much lately and I know I am over 140 now. It has to stop. I started laxatives again and I haven’t taken my medication in quite some time. I am depressed and can’t handle how much I weigh anymore. I tried to be positive about it and look on the bright side. Like, “oh wow so curvy and sexy!” But really I am just fat with tons of cellulite and stretch marks on my thighs and butt. I get physically sick looking at my naked self in the mirror and it really is a shame. Something has to change and it starts now. I have to clean up my diet.


White Coke for Marshal Zhukov,

At the end of World War II, Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower met with supreme Soviet commander Marshal Georgy Zhukov, and toasted the destruction of the Nazi Third Reich with a glass of Coca Cola. Immediately Zhukov was smitten by the sugary, fizzy American cola beverage, and wanted more.  However there was a problem.  Coca Cola was banned in the Soviet Union, being seen as a symbol of American capitalist imperialism. It certainly wouldn’t do to have the Soviet Union’s highest ranking military officer and most decorated soldier being caught drinking the carbonated milk of the evil capitalist pig-dog.

Zhukov turned to Gen. Mark Clark, commander of the US sector of Allied occupied Austria, if there was some way cases of Coca Cola could be shipped to him in more discreet packaging.  Gen. Clark passed the request on the President Harry Truman, who in turn passed it on to James Farley, Chairman of the Board of Coca Cola Export Operations.  Farley found a chemist who was successfully able to remove the color from Coca Cola while preserving its taste.  The new “White Coke” was then bottled in straight clear bottles which resembled vodka bottles, the cap featuring a red star.  The first shipment of “white coke” for Marshal Zhukov was a case of 50.  It is unknown how much white coke was produced for Zhukov, as the production and distribution of it was a company secret.