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Regrowing Miracle Fruit

Fresh miracle fruit is pretty damn expensive. The Hubs and I procured a few berries for a fun Saturday night in…which is still cheaper than a night out in the city. We rubbed the pulp of the berry on our tongues, which actually tasted like the unpleasant flavor of Sweetn’Low. Then we gorged ourselves on everything sour tasting we can find. Lemons. Limes. Tabasco Sauce. Salt and vinegar chips. Kimchi. Greek yogurt. Hot dog with mustard. Due to the effects of the miraculin protein binding to our sweetness receptors, what was sour now tastes like it’s been encrusted with a pure sugar. Beer kinda tasted like chocolate milk and sweet strawberries taste even sweeter if you can imagine.

Of course, I saved the seeds and stuck them in the side of an indoor pot. I totally forgot about them, but then 2 months later, lo and behold my two little miracle fruit seedlings…

Providing Coca-Cola with direct access to our children, and allowing them to seductively teach children that they can balance bad diets and sugar sweetened soda with exercise, is both horrifying and inane.

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff reacts to the news that Coca-Cola’s misleading anti-obesity campaign also targets kids.

a dailyglamorous meal via lorded

nomg (namiinam oh my goodness) #68 ~ sugary sweet and happy breakfast to eat . .

. . even if only in my mind and through my eyes, because there’s no meal or even drinks here at the office early Monday. what a way to start of the work week, hungry and unhappy. lol

~ a.k.a.cross not really but would eat some

p.s. good morning you tumb tumbs! hope you have a full and hearty breakfast today, and good luck with another day to start the work/school week. eat up and get down! ;3