17in “Frightfully Tall” Draculaura Repaint and Mini Review!

I recently was lucky enough to get the Frightfully Tall Draculaura. I didn’t want to pay 30 dollars for a doll I intended to rip apart and customise, but luckily with a few coupons I was able to get her for a nice $15!

Now here’s the thing. If you collect Monster High dolls, I do not fully recommend this doll. She came with “wonky-eye”, very awful low quality hair that was an absolute mess, and her base outfit is less than stellar quality. She also has a spot on her ear that is missing a chunk and pretty gnarly pinholes in her lip. Her seams are also VERY noticeable on her legs, not very nice. I would recommend waiting for a sale, $30 seems a bit much for her as she is. 

There is a lot of positive about her however! The poseability in this dolls is absolutely amazing and smooth. The elbows and knees are double jointed and have great range, as well as a very smooth torso joint. Her thighs have great rotating joints for turning her legs. Altogether the posing is absolutely fantastic!

I have not figured out how to remove her head, the head is made out of a much harder plastic than the tinier dolls and I’m not comfortable just popping it off like the other dolls. Underneath her base paint her eyes’s sculpt seems a bit weird, and there were minor faint stains from the default paint. Nothing to be worried about though, they would be unnoticeable under her new paint!

Without hair and face!

After her repaint!

I adore her repainted! and she wears a lot of my ball jointed clothing well!

Yosd clothing is a good fit for her on the bottoms and tops, but shirts may run the risk of being too short. Dresses should fit very well, and her arms are very thin so sleeves shoudn’t be an issue. Her skirt is yo-sd size, from Pipos Sugarwaffle set and fits perfectly!

Minifee sized tops and dress fits very loosely. Unless its a t-shirt or something along those lines they will be much too big. A corset or something with lacing will fit well on her if tightened to the fullest extent. I imagine Cerisedoll/ Lillycat tops would be a perfect fit! Her top in this photo is a loose minifee sized shirt from Goodbyeyouhellome!

Her stockings are also minifee. These are all hit and miss. some fit well all the way up some are a bit loose in the knee. These are from Plumeblanche and fit well up until the knee. I plan to make a pattern for stockings that will fit her better.

Msd sized shoes fit her fine, but again a bit loosely. She can only wear shoes intended for high heeled feet (I tried others and nothing really worked) Stocking help with the fit. Lorifina shoes also fit her but again slightly gappy on the sides. These are Nine9style msd sized shoes, and they fit loosely, but she can stand without her stand with these on!

Wigs- 8-9 wigs are a perfect fit! She can share with SD and Dollfie dreams! :)