Ah sugar, ah honey honey~

You are my candy mermaid~

Sirenes / Biblioteca Viva / Antofagasta

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Ok so here is my updated list of SD sites.

Happy Hunting Sugar Plums

SB/SD Dating Sites:


Copied from sexwork101


sugarsugar-dina - How to dye your hair white - Video

Reviews on the SD sites, just my opinion ^__^
  1. Seeking Arrangements- Definition of Hit or MAJOR MISS. There are an insane amount of SALT’s that have to be sifted through to find the real gems. A lot of men are just expecting sex. DUDE. This is not an escort or a $5 prostitution site. Please. Educate yourself on what an SD/SB relationship is and then come talk to me.
  2. Established Men- NEW! I’m making some pretty good connections so far!
  3. What’s Your Price- Ratchet as Hell. Weirdly complicated. But I like the idea of getting quick cash for dates and not having to put in actual work such as developing an SD/SB relationship. However if dates go well… Ya never know ;]
  4. SugarSugar- Don’t even bother. This seems like a waste of time if you’re out of the US. It’s also a lot more undercover I feel like. Most the SD’s don’t have legitimate information on their profiles or pictures. Major mystery. 
  5. Okcupid- I don’t have this account activated anymore (way too many creepy messages… stop fetishizing my race you weirdos!) but I actually found my first SD/short arrangement on here and it was so … amazing. He was such an interesting character and he was so nurturing. Definitely why I’m back for more!
  6. Sugardaddie- People say it’s worth the membership… I on the other hand am iffy. I haven’t paid for the membership and I don’t think I will… And the web design is sooo trashy. Just so… early 2000, back when computers made those awful dying cat on chalkboard noises. Like seriously, if your website is supposedly so popular it shouldn’t be a problem to hire a web designer and update that shit!
  7. Sugardaddyforme- I don’t have an account… yet. But I’ve heard some great things. And really bad things. Such as the promoter has been advertising on porn sites and that gets the wrong message across as to what SB’s are. So… eh. We’ll see.