Hi Guise👋👋

So, as some of you know, I’ve been on my health, well more so exercise, kick since I’ve made my New Year’s Resolution.

I workout everyday! Now before you go shake ya head and say I don’t or that it’s impossible it’s not! So let me set you straight. When I say I work out everyday, I do, but only for about 25-35 mins a day. My goal is to keep my muscles active and surprised so I won’t hit a plateau. Sometimes that is totally inevitable.
The only time I work out long is with trainer or if I do a class. For a month I did ballet and pole dance and I will most definitely be resuming my pole class.

There are definitely days when I’m like “all hell naw I ain’t finna get out my bed to do shit” but then I lay there and I scroll through my pics and I see my inspiration and I get up and go.

Anyway, I’ve noticed a lot of girls that I follow and vice versa are on this health and exercise kick, so why not do it together?

I thought about the 30 day run/walk. Not everyone is on the same fitness level but we can still support one another. Nike has a great app that you can track your run/walk and share with other Nike walkers or runners.

The rules would be whomever decides to participate has to walk or run at least 20 minutes. You know what they say, little is better than none. After you complete your walk you can either upload a screen shot or tag people directly in the app. If you all prefer to do it on tumblr we can figure out a tag name for us.

So is anyone up for the challenge?

30 DAYS, 30 RUNS


*im sure there are typos but I’m too tired to proof read and I wanted to get this out before I forgot*

Bloody Fucking Mary

So today is May 1st and is supposed to be the first day of my May Mayhem Challenge. But of course I would wake up and be a bloody fucking nightmare. Thank you late period. I was going to say fuck it and start tomorrow but I just saw some awesome inspiration so with that said. I have taken my before pictures and I have stretch. I’m getting ready to do my daily squat challenge and then my run.
I hope I can keep this motivation for the rest of the month.

Hey guys!

So remember I posted about doing a 30 day run challenge together? Well the time is near. I felt like the perfect time to start would be the first of the month. So May 1, 2013 is the official start date. If anyone is interested still please inbox me so I can give some more concrete details and exchange usernames for apps and etc

Happy sugaring in shape