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so what if theyre the same pics she sent you… girls cant be taking all new sexi pics everytime they wanna be hot and send a guy a lil something. how is that slutty tho and why should she deserve to be humiliated? doesnt make sense but u do u nigga

i didn’t say they were slutty. i was saying they’re dirty pics as in naughty pics that she sent me before. and she screwed me over not by leading me on or anything but it’s a long story. she totally deserves it and i’m not just saying that because i’m mad, she really does deserve it. i never said they were slutty pics. they might be if she does that with every guy she knows though. i don’t know if she does that, but that’s not my business so i won’t judge her for that. my main point was that i COULD release the pictures, but i’m NOT going to. i think you misread what i wrote.