marmalademarmalade  asked:

Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Choose Goose, Lady Rainicorn, Prince Gumball :)

Princess Bubblegum: If you were a princess, what would your kingdom be?

I’d probably rule all Korilakkumas and Rilakkumas. *~*

Lumpy Space Princess: What’s your favorite part of your appearance?

My eyes~ I think they’re nicely shaped. :3

Choose Goose: write a short poem

Oh glob why this one

I lumping hate writing them

What the lump Mandy. :(

Lady Rainicorn: What languages do you speak and want to learn?

I can speak English, Filipino, Japanese, Korean. I wanna learn every language. @_@ I think it’s fun learning languages.

Prince Gumball: What’s one thing you can cook well?

Idk. Pasta? Or maybe Tonkatsu~