sugarpaste flowers


Here the baker Sherlock’ Flavor-Slayer!
Finally, I think I got something. Something obscene, indeed.

I asked to Three Patch Podcast Team for a flavour of a cake. The Perfect Sherlock Cake. The “What-on-earth could be the Sherlock flavor” cake. That was the deal.
Besides of the first flavor they gave me about Sherlock -ehem- I was reading carefully their post about what-on-earth could Sherlock tastes… and these are the chosen ingredients: Chocolate + coffee + raspberries + marshmallows + chilli + pink sugar.

“This is gonna be hard”, I thought.
But I think I already got something. Cupcakes. And a vintage cake.
Pink, brown.
Dark chocolate and coffee sponge, filling with a raspberry ganache. Raspberries and marshmallow frosting. Chocolate Chilli. Pink sugar. Raspberry on top.
It’s even more hot that it looks. And, good lord, how it tastes.

Moreover, I wanted to do a sugar modelling… and I made ANOTHER cake. In sugarpaste, with the flowers pattern and the yellow smiley and a little bit of victorian paintings and clocks and numbers…


… while I was watching over and over again all the Sherlock’ episodes for inspiration, I still needed to do something more special. Much more.
I have to admit something: I’m not from England -sorry by the way for my spelling, trying to do my best-. I’m in Britain ground just for a couple of months and I feel lost and a little depressed and I can to say “I was so alone and I own you so much” to Sherlock -and yes, I’m afraid I have a crush on Ben C too! I’m dammed! ;)

This is why I need to do something much more big… because, in some strange way, I’m feeling better because of him -Benedict or Sherlock or Khan or…, doesn’t matter, just HIM-.

And, I started a THIRD cake. But, ok, maybe this last one is not a cake, literally, it’s more like a diorama, not finish yet. But just one sneak peak.

Thank you all Three Patch Podcast for your help, your chat, your podcast and all the fun. I really enjoyed making this recipe with your funny crazy wonderful suggestions.

Love, Duckland