Lady Fluff and Laprases || Sugarmony

Harmony laughed as they walked towards the pond. The trees were all in spring, and those little helicopter seeds fluttered about their heads. Annaleigh and the rest of her Pokemon were off being weird little critters elsewhere. So it was just the two of them and Pokeballed Pokemon. Sutton was a lovely individual, but she lacked a great deal of speed on land, and they would probably only reach the pond by nightfall if they let her out. The terrain’s bumps and sticks were no good for fleshy Lapras bellies either.

The helicopters were enjoyable, though. Harmony split one through the middle and suck it to her forehead using the sticky sap stuff. Unfortunately, she looked nothing like a Lapras, but it was kind of a themed event. If anybody would be respectful of Harmony’s occasionally bizarre and usually silly urges, it would be Sugar. Gosh, she loved this girl so much. A part of her regretted taking the way furthest from her old hometown. It was very soon in their relationship, but Harmony really wanted her Mom and Daddy to meet her amazing girlfriend. Surely it would be like meeting a stranger, what with all of the details Harmony disclosed.

They reached the pond now, and Harmony waited to see if it was okay to tear into the pond or not.

Mending || Sugarmony

Harmony had just finished off catching her new Sandshrew, and she had a guilty feeling in the pit of her stomach. After that scary battle, she had not even managed to stay put long enough to comfort the girl that… that she had very strong feelings for. They were in a relationship, and it was a very new one. As painful as her heart felt, Harmony knew that she had to make amends. Letting Jason and Annaleigh cuddle beside her, she pulled out her phone and stared at for a long moment. Tentatively, she sent a text:

Hi. I am so sorry about yesterday. Could you meet me at the Pokemon Center before the battle? I want to talk to you…

Sighing, she fell backwards onto the backrests of the chair. Her sleepy Pokemon on the large armrest looked disgruntled, but edged their way onto her chest because it looked comfier. Harmony was decidedly not in the mood to have adorable Pokemon snuggling on her frontside, but she did not feel angry or rushed enough to brush them away. It only worried her that Sugar might not be able to see her or something because she was pretty much flat against the chair. The situation would have been a lot funnier if she was in a better mood.


Sugarmony Week - Day 1 - First Meeting

“You’re going to wear a hole through the floor if you keep pacing like that,” Quinn cautioned.

Her wife readjusted the same vase of flowers for what must have been the eleventh or twelfth time.

“I just want to make absolutely sure everything is perfect before they get here,” Rachel fretted.

“They’re coming to see the baby not tour the apartment. They’ve already been here before, remember?”

The brunette turned to face her spouse and gave her a dubious expression.

“That may be true of Brittany but you and I both know that Santana will be looking and judging.”

The other woman scooped their infant out of her little plastic rocker nearby and cradled the child close.

“Mama worries too much,” she murmured confidentially.

Rachel shot her a half-hearted scowl.

“And that is why she is going to have an ulcer before she’s forty. Can you say ulcer, Harmony?” Quinn teased.

The baby merely cooed and gummed one of her fists.

“That tooth is really giving you fits, isn’t it?” the blonde noted. “We’ll have to get you some more teething rings, huh?

A knock sounded at the door and Rachel jumped.

“They’re here!”

“Relax,” Quinn chided with a quick peck on the woman’s cheek. “Everything will be fine. Just go let them in.”

The petite brunette nodded and went to greet the tardy arrivals.

“Hi!” Santana said as soon as they were admitted into the entrance hall. “Sorry we’re a little late. It took us a while to find cab fare while juggling a diaper bag, a folded stroller, and all the other crap we carry around these days.”

“Oh, that’s all right,” Rachel replied graciously. “You can just leave most of that here in the hall. Quinn’s waiting in the kitchen. Follow me.”

Once everyone was in the same place there were a great many excited exclamations and careful embraces exchanged amongst the four women. Quinn helped Santana get her disheveled hair out from under her shirt collar and studied her face for any noticeable changes since the last time they had been together. She seemed decidedly more tired than before, but otherwise remained the same.

“How’s Chicago?” the blonde asked pleasantly.

“Oh, just as windy as ever,” the other woman groused. “And it smells like fish. Still, work is good and we’ve settled in comfortably, so it balances out.”

“Is this Sugar?” her friend queried rhetorically.

Santana nodded proudly and pushed back the blankets - which had been bundled around her daughter to ward off the chill - so she could be properly seen. The newest addition to the Pierce-Lopez family squirmed a little in her mother’s arms but met Quinn’s gaze agreeably enough.

“She’s adorable,” the taller woman enthused. “She has your eyes, for sure, although I think she may get Britt’s nose.”

“That’s what we think, too,” the brunette returned, never once tearing her attention from the little face that perfectly blended the features of her parents. “And that’s Harmony?”

Her old schoolmate was instantly aglow with affection as she readjusted her grip to hold the girl a little higher. Harmony studied Santana with curiosity while she leaned her head against her mom’s neck for comfort.

“Her eyes are gorgeous,” the shorter woman gasped. “Blue just like your family’s.”

“Yep,” Quinn agreed. “Looks like I’m still the only one who got hazel.”

“Why don’t we all move into the living room so we can get more comfortable while we catch up?” Rachel suggested as she threw her arms wide to usher them all in that direction.

A soft, thick comforter had already been spread across the floor as a safe area for the kids and pillows were stacked to help prop them up while they played. When the children were situated, Brittany knelt beside her daughter and rested the sides of their heads together.

“This is Harmony, Sugar,” she said in a quiet voice. “Can you say hi?”

She demonstrated a little wave. The infant watched her hand intently before flailing her arms up and down through the air.

“Very good!” Brittany grinned as she kissed Sugar’s hair. “You’re so smart.”

“How about you, Baby?” Rachel suggested while she gingerly settled herself on the carpet. “Can you say hello as well?

Harmony looked up at her mother briefly and then lowered her gaze back to the strange new individual who was – for a change – close to her own size. She studied their youngest guest for a moment but stayed motionless.

“She’s a little shy, I guess,” the seated brunette said.

She took the little girl’s hand in hers and moved it from side-to-side.

“Hi,” she chirped sweetly as she acted on her daughter’s behalf.

Harmony appeared affronted by being spoken for and her furrowed brow made the women laugh. Her tiny fingers tugged on Rachel’s sleeve while she peered around her elbow.

“Oh, I know what you’re looking for,” the woman concluded. “Quinn, can you get Twinkle from her crib? I think that’s what she’s after.”

The blonde readily complied and returned with a soft plush star that had eyes and a smile stitched onto one side. Her wife accepted the toy and handed it to Harmony.

“Here you go,” she said kindly. “Here’s your best buddy.”

The baby took hold of the star and clamped her mouth on one point as she shook it with gusto.

“Harmony’s working on her first tooth,” Rachel explained. “How about Sugar?”

“Not yet,” Santana responded. “I—”

“Look!” Brittany interrupted them with delight.

They all turned their attention to the infants and saw that they were now interacting of their own accord. Harmony was holding the slightly soaked Twinkle still atop her legs while Sugar cautiously doubled over to touch the pretty yellow fabric.

“Well, that’s a first,” Quinn chuckled. “She’s usually pretty possessive. Are you sharing your gold star with your new friend, Sweetheart?”

“That’s my girl,” Rachel murmured while she rubbed Harmony’s back. “Anyway, you were saying?”

“No sign of any teeth yet,” Santana verified.

“She likes to give hugs and kisses now,” Brittany supplied happily.

“Well, not so much kisses as stains of slobber,” her wife amended.

“But it’s still cute anyway.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Do you mean like that?” Quinn confirmed.

Sugar had managed to crawl a few extra inches to reach Harmony and her head fell clumsily forward against the little one’s shoulder. The other infant appeared mildly alarmed but did not react particularly until they accidentally lost their balance and slid sideways. They both whimpered a little then but were swooped up into loving arms before they had a chance to fill their lungs for a cry.

“Exactly,” Brittany said in answer to the previous question while she snuggled Sugar consolingly. “You’ve got to be careful, Hug Bug. You’ll scare your new pal off if you keep knocking her over.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Quinn reassured. “She’s a pretty tough cookie, aren’t you?”

Harmony ignored her mother in favor of staring at Sugar with the same avid interest she had displayed prior to their fall.

While the two blondes conversed over their children, Rachel and Santana looked on in amusement.

“Well, they certainly hit it off a lot sooner than we did growing up,” the smaller woman remarked.

“Yeah, they did,” her companion agreed. “I wonder if it’ll stay that way as they get older? We’re gonna have to keep an eye on them…”

The Fluffiest of All Tents || Sugarmony

Harmony had not particularly liked the Pokemon Center since it was just so public. For their second night, she insisted that they sleep in the tent again. The first few nights had been awkward, and there had been that one terrifying moment when everyone almost might have needed to sleep in the same tent. Anyway, everything was cool now… except for the sleeping on the most opposite sides of the tent. Well, Harmony wanted to fix that. The night would fall soon, and Harmony wanted to alleviate all of the tension filling the air. Everything regarding Sugar’s dad still remained a mystery, but Harmony wanted her girlfriend to reveal it at her own pace.

Right now, Harmony was simultaneously sending texts to her father and planning what in the world she was going to do with her new Drowzee. Mickey had an interesting disposition- he was running around outside right now- but he didn’t have much of a place in her short term breeding plans. Egg groups were ever so confusing, but Harmony knew she needed the most coverage to breed adequately. She only got so many spaces in her party, and she needed to leave at least one open for eggs. And that Ditto she was going to acquire someday.

But onto the more important things! “Sugar?” she said tentatively. “We haven’t really spent much time together lately, because of training, and adventures, and things… but I miss just doing stuff with you. I- I’m glad we’re in here together, but it’s not comfortable on the one side of the tent.”

A Private Lesson || Sugarmony
  • Who: Sugar Motta and Harmony Pearce
  • When: After School Friday?
  • Where: Choir Room
  • Notes: Date isn’t important right now, so I put Friday. Also I don’t know how familiar you are with treading style so if you need me to explain just message me. Also I accidentally put the wrong names for a second. >.>

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Soup, Brownies, And Movies || Sugarmony

The second Sugar decides to throw caution to the wind and risk getting a horrible illness she rushes down to the kitchen to grab her supplies. Luckily with her daddy being away on business a lot and his body guards being big scary guys with no idea how to cook she’s learned quite a few recipes. Deciding soup can be made here and brownies would be better off made at Harmony’s Sugar starts cooking. The diva loves cooking because it gives her mind a chance to focus and not wander too much. As Sugar mixes together the soup she thinks about a few of the friends she’s made since she got here. Mainly Artie and Harmony though because there is just something different about her friendship with those two. Artie is a sweetheart with skills with the ladies that should be unmatched but sometimes that just feels more like a really flirty friendship, which Sugar has a lot of. Harmony is different though. She’s got talent and the attitude of a champion which challenges Sugar on a different level. By time Sugar is finished pondering her blossoming relationships the soup is finished. Putting it into containers and gathering the rest of the supplies she rushes out with a nervousness she wasn’t really expecting to have.