Expendable or Pretentious

This hobby is getting fucking ridiculous. Years ago it was considered extravagant to buy sugarmag for your Blythe dolls and now it seems the norm to pay hundreds of dollars for designer dolly outfits. Are Blythe collectors getting richer or just so much more pretentious and gullible? It’s like reading “The emperors new clothes” over and over again…

My new girl is named Brennan! She had 2 outfit changes today, the first dress is for a doll called #cutiepop and the jumpsuit is by #sugarmag and I though it looked perfect for her, it came with a furry vest too. #blythe

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Yesss he’s also a great tactician such a talented boy and works so hard!! jadore… THE OT3 IS BEAUTIFUL I AGREE HAHAAHA brotp is amazing also :’)) IM SO GLAD U READ IT FK WELCOME TO THE FANDOM sugarmagic is a rly good bnha blog!!

i read everything that person has!!!!! the first time i read their translations i was on the chapters where they just got in yuuei but saw the comics with todoroki so that peaked my interest into reading more (i really REALLY wanted to know about the calm protective bf hhaha). it was destiny. that was god’s divine call