“Still, it’s too much for me. Let’s eat together”.

“Like always”.

Happy birthday to @sugarmagic!! Thank you for providing content for this fandom, and for being supportive and inspirational!!

This is an unnofficial sequel to the valentine’s day comics (here)! Also, if you didn’t read Sugar’s katsuyami pocky day fanfic yet, do it now (x). It’s some hot stuff.

sugarmagic  asked:

I really like your All Might pen. Do you like hero merch in general?

What All Might pen?


Truth be told, All Might merchandise is everywhere. I actually got mine for free as a giveaway from something, but I couldn’t remember what it was anymore.

I do like hero merch. Original ones tend to be very high quality because the manufacturers have to maintain a positive image for the Hero it represents. Bad quality automatically means bad rep for the Hero, so it’s rare to see cheap products unless they’re knock-offs.

So hero merch are high quality stuff. I only buy useful ones rather than decoratives like models or posters. I actually have an All Might comforter. That Endeavor “Burning Black Coffee” is okay too.

c-jay321  asked:

I-is there a proto shigaraki?!

((There is! There’s prototype versions for a bunch of characters in the databook, actually. Prototype Shigaraki Tomura (codename “Sazanka”) was meant to be an unlicensed vigilante with extreme (ill) ideals. @sugarmagic kindly translated the page for @askprotomura’s mod and I. That’s a pretty interesting shift, not to mention his appearance…))

Visions (A BnHA fanfic)

Word count: 1764

Rating: G

Pairing: Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto

Summary: Todoroki sees the glimpses of the future that he yearns for and he finds himself afraid.

Notes: Inspired by a ton of various bits of headcanon and art of TodoMido that I’ve seen. Particular mention goes out to @ammeja and @kanekibot. Thanks to my beta partner @sugarmagic and thank you for taking the time to read!

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Soooo… This is the start of a fan comic I am making called YKPD. It will be focusing in the events of Shinsou and what he’s been up to after his last appearance in BNHA. Mainly it is just me having fun with a few head cannons.

I will do my best to update at weekly…

If you can correctly guess the reference to the title “YKRD (Yuie Koko Research & Defense) ” and idea I based from a popular American comic, I will give you a virtual hug or something. Maybe the first person gets a free commission :P

Also thank you so much sugarmagic & auspiciouswhiskers for all of the help and patience with helping me sort out my ideas, I really don’t think I would have started this without you guys!


Chapter 4: Aspiration

Word count: 2290

Rating: T

Pairing: Shinsou Hitoshi / Midoriya Izuku

Summary: Shinsou struggles with realizations, hopes and dreams.

Previous chapters: One Two Three

Thank you to my best friend @sugarmagic for always betaing my stuff and to you for reading!

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This is my gift exchange fic for the one-and-only Adina! I saw that you had marriage AUs listed in your likes, and looking at all the cute femslash on your blog, I just couldn’t get the image of Momo and Kyouka living together out of my head! I had so much fun writing it, so I really hope you can enjoy the story, even if it’s just a little bit. Happy holidays!

Title: Pilgrims of Suitengū

Pairing: Yaoyorozu Momo/Jirou Kyouka

Rating: T for light sexuality

Word Count: ~1,950


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One of my favorite things about BNHA is that you can make a good guess on anyone’s quirk just by translating there name

Indeed, actually for Yoarashi Inasa:

  • Inasa - Southeast wind, or strong wind from sea during typhoon
  • Yoarashi - Night storm

So his Quirk probably has something related to winds, typhoons or creating storms. Though it would be funny if he turns out to be Quirkless.




The proto-Katsuki that I know is the goody-good guy, much like Shindou now that I think about it, but he looks exactly like canon-Katsuki. So maybe Horikoshi just used the personality of the proto-Katsuki? And made it into a new character that’s also conveniently Sen’s twin (I’m never letting this go lul)

What’s funny is fandom interpretation of proto-Katsuki’s personality is he’s a yandere. So maybe Shindou is too  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Some images of proto-yandere-Katsuki (I got these from @sugarmagic post here)


Chapter 3: Hopeless 

Word count: 2529

Rating: T

Pairing: Shinsou Hitoshi / Midoriya Izuku

Summary: Shinsou tries to pay his dues.

Note: This is decidedly way more fluff that is good for me. I’m sorry, I really am.

Thank you to my best friend @sugarmagic for beta-ing, as always and thank you for reading this dentist’s nightmare!

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You lose on turn one

Summary: Haimawari Kouichi remembers his origins and he doesn’t have it in him to regret a single thing. 

Word count: 1512

Notes:  I really, really liked the MC of the spin-off and the fact that it’s probably getting canned in a month or two made me a bit sad, so here’s a tiny character study that is full of headcanons. I know, I know - sorry for not keeping up on my Shindeku work, that will come soon. Thank you, as always, to @sugarmagic for beta help and to you for reading!

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