Happy Birthday Dame Maggie Smith

“One of the things about Maggie is that she is more intelligent than most actresses, much quicker, and so she arrives at what she wants to do very quickly. She easily gets bored and one has to be careful of that. She can’t resist a joke, but I don’t think she’s malevolent. I do find her frightening when I think of her career and the people she’s worked with. … Maggie has a reserve which you can never penetrate, really.”Alan Bennett


Happy Birthday Gates McFadden

I think it’s very important that young people have role models. They seem to write us enormous amounts of letters, young people, and say, “I want to be a doctor like Beverly Crusher, and it’s great that you’re a mom as well,” and all of that. And … that makes me feel very good. And therefore, I feel responsible to keep pushing the role as much as I can in the direction that … really shows the potential of what women will be doing, men and women will be doing in space. And I often have felt, “Just write the character as a man, I’ll make it female.”

Maggie Smith – I was really struck by her beauty. And here’s a woman who’s – I think she must be, she might even be, she’s in her 70s – you know she’s, she hasn’t gone through any plastic surgeons, and the beauty and every line in her face and her beautiful eyes, and to me, I mean I would say that this year Maggie Smith is my beauty icon.Thandie Newton