Just Slythindor things

⊙ Winged eyeliner
⊙ Fckn Chocolate
⊙ Swearing so often it becomes your normal vocabulary, and when you try not to swear, you sound like a spaz
⊙ Comfy jumpers one day, fancy tops another day
⊙ Skinny jeans
⊙ Going out with your friends and counting all the hot guys/girls you see
⊙ Throwing shade
⊙ Slaying since birth
⊙ “Fuck off” could mean absolutely anything
⊙ Sugary tea
⊙ Procrastinating everything
⊙ Glasses
⊙ Snickers
⊙ Caffeine is your best friend
⊙ Only small groups of friends but getting on with lost people
⊙Long nails
⊙ Staying up all night at Sleepovers
⊙Eyebrows on fleek

anonymous asked:

I need to get serious about losing this weight. Any tips???

-stay under 1000-1200 calories, MAX.

-Calories in, calories out. Limit your intake and  mx your physical activity. Every calorie counts.

-Try to avoid sugary stuffs, and sodium-loaded foods. They’re the devil.

-Eat mostly fruits and veggies, they’ll keep you full longer and they’re loaded with fiber which will help you have regular BMs.

-Try to stay away from fats, even healthy ones, they’re really calorie-dense. Carbs are okay, they give you energy to function.

-Drink as much water as you can! Around is 1.5-3L is recommended. Sugar-less tea and Coffee are good too! Just don’t drink your calories, it’s such a waste..

This is all I can think of atm, hope I helped x


This city had never tasted so sweet,
sugary scents wafted on the night breeze;
in a place like this it came as a treat
to not smell the stench of human disease.

Sweet swiftly switched to acrid anarchy
as the skyline glowed with festivity;
the drones arrove in droves, all hoping to see
what funk outstunk their own depravity.

Sirens singing their songs up at the moon
and crowds that gathered stared in a daze;
it all started when some nihilist goon
set the chocolate factory ablaze.

And I stood there watching nonchalantly
while reeking of gas and eating candy.


It’s a blend of donut and jam-evoking scents. It’s meant to smell like the generic uber sugary jam in jelly donuts, which I guess is kind of raspberry-ish?

anonymous asked:

Are you against IIFYM when it's used in a more healthy way like when you go out to restaurants for celebrations or you really want want that ice cream you've been craving for 2 weeks and most only the time eating a Whole Foods healthy type diet and not used in a way where you feel like you have to fit in sugary processed foods?

That type of tracking I feel much more comfortable with, yes. That is an example of someone truly living healthfully while also choosing to track. They’re not emotionally attached to their numbers or afraid of food. What I largely speak out against is “IIFYM culture,” which you may have heard me describe before.
For me, tracking can almost never be mentally healthy or sustainable because of my struggle with disordered eating, but I don’t think it’s unhealthy for everyone. I’m jealous of those people actually! Even just last night, I looked up the protein content of 56g of tempeh on MyFitnessPal and it felt like a drug to my system and I could immediately feel like I could become obsessed again. Not everyone feels that way though.
I think what you describe is just fine. And if you have no negative feelings surrounding food, tracking, or anything then by all means track macros because I think it can be healthy when done TRULY flexibly.

anonymous asked:

well hello. I found your blog and I'm grateful for it. Well ... I need help, I've been reading your blog and I would like you to give me advice on how to lower the damn weight ... I always do physical exercise, I do diets, and ugh. I do not know what to do. This is bullshit...🙄😥😭😫

Try burning more calories than you eat, along with heavy cardio and only eating vegan options. That way all you’re eating is healthy. If your calories are coming from sugary foods than you’re not dieting right hon :/