Speed paint FINALLY up!

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Hi! I just want to let you know that I absolutely love the Royal Hunters AU and I'm working through reading everything right now, but it looks like you have two different tags (RoyalHunters and Royal Hunters), so some things are in different spots. So it may be hard for people looking through everything to find all of your marvelous art and writing ideas. :)

Aww! Thank you so much Nonny! I always get flustered when I see you guys enjoy it! 

And thank you so MUCH for bringing that to my attention! I will make sure to go through the pages and fix the tags this weekend! Just for future reference, 

The tag for any character designs related to the au will be called “Royal Hunters CD”

The tag for any illustrations of scenes and scenarios for the au will be called “Royal Hunters Illustrations”

The tag for any animations and scenes related to the au will be called “Royal Hunters Animation”

The tag for the comic of the au itself will be called “Royal Hunters Comic”

The tag for any questions sent regarding the au will be called “Royal Hunters Facts”

And I know that some people have drawn a couple of cool fan art for it so if you want to, the tag for those types of things would be “Royal Hunters Fanart”

I am also gonna have one of those links inside each comic page with like the next page and previous page and first page to make THAT mess more manageable for all of you!

Thank you again for bringing this up and for liking the AU! <3 


Speedpaint is UP!