Jack Lalanne saw the writing on the wall 70 years ago, that sugar and other junk food would destroy our health.  Now chronic disease is rampant and obesity is on the rise.  Will you take the Jack Lalanne challenge?

So far I’ve lost 10 pounds. That’s a huge accomplishment considering I had plateaued at about 120 and even kept gaining weight. I’d probably be at my goal weight by now if it wasn’t for curveballs like eating out with friends, emotional binge days, feeing so sick from medication side effects that eating is what I needed to do to balance out my blood sugar, and any parties or last-minute celebrations.

Victories: My love handles are almost gone, my lower abdominals are almost completely flat, my “bat wings” are only half the size as what they were, and my face has slimmed. I finally succeeded in being sugar free for about two to three weeks (just take it a day at a time), and I’ve finally experienced what they say, “The less you eat sweets, the less you crave them”. It took this long to “detox”, but now I’m not even tempted and have no desire to eat anything with sugar in it. My attitude toward it has changed to “Eh”, and I used to be a sugarholic. It is very freeing. I can finally wear shorts now because my thighs aren’t pushing them up into a front wedgie (sorry for the TMI). When I sleep at night I don’t have the discomfort of a heavy stomach, and when I get up in the morning I feel lighter and flatter.

*insert picture of a golden Academy Award statue here**…

“I would like to thank”:

- My daily planks/side planks/reverse planks. Because of you my core is tighter, my posture is better, and my stomach doesn’t sag and look bigger than it really is. Your ab line to the belly button makes it look like I have abs, and the parallel lines make it look like I have a waist.

- My Bai. Because of you I have a sparkling sweet drink that has zero sugar or artificial sweeteners and zero impact on my blood sugar and is a guilt-free treat.

- My stevia/erithritol. Thank you for allowing me to still eat oatmeal. Thank you for sweetening up my coffee and tea. Thank you for still being natural and not causing a glycemic impact. And thank you for the peace of mind that comes from not worrying if the artificial sweetener will make me fat anyway or causing cancer down the road. And thanks to you, I can still enjoy my Starbucks lattes.

- Going to bed a little hungry. Thank you for letting me sleep comfortably on a light stomach. And thank you for the majorly rapid weight loss you have given me when I stick with it.

- Going to bed early. I really appreciate actually feeling like getting up to exercise, and your appetite suppressing hormones are invaluable.

- Lemons (slightly unripe). Thanks to you my water is refreshing and doesn’t taste as bland, actually tasting slightly sweet instead. Thank you for motivating me to drink 64 oz of water a day.

- My empty 32 oz Gatorade bottle. Thanks to you, I know to drink one of you of water by noon and another of you of water by 5 PM. Thank you for keeping me on track and motivated, even though I pretty much hate drinking water.

- My comfy leggings and workout clothes. You’re the next best thing to PJ’s, and because of you I’m already prepped to start working out at any given moment.

- Smoothies. I don’t tell you enough how much I love you and value your support. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today. You take distasteful macronutrients and body fuel and turn it into a tasty treat I look forward to drinking every day. Thank you for your energy, vitamins, and meal convenience. Because of you, I can turn a 45 minute meal hatefest into 5 minutes of deliciousness, and still be full yet on time for whatever it is I’m rushing off to.

- My Fitbit. Thanks to you I know how many calories I’ve burned so I know how many calories I can eat that day

“They’ve started the applause and que music to push me off the stage, so thank you and good night.”


Finally finished with my Flash assignment! It was supposed to be my 7mill congratz but the doof’s channel is growing up SO FAST! 

At this point I need to get ready for the 10mill…

Blue Raspberry flavor is actually a lesser-known conspiracy theory. In the late 1940s and 50s, candy sales were really beginning to take off. This was due in large part to the new generation of ‘baby boomers’ – the generation conceived after all the men came home from WWII. America was a different place then. It’s economy and infrastructure remained largely unburdened by the outbreak of the great war and thus the men were coming home to a different economy which had been propagated by women. Now their kids had an abundance their parents had only dreamed about. Allowances became a popular way for parents to encourage their children to take on some responsibility. With this disposable income, children everywhere were hitting up the corner just to get that fix.

Sugar high was all the rage, despite social conventions regarding dietary moderation. Kids everywhere became fiends for the glucose and parents tried to find ways to crack down. In the late 50s, Werner von Stiglitz then-commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, capitulated to lobbying efforts by Moms Against Sweets and introduced a nationwide moratorium on all foodstuffs marketed as ‘sweets’ and ‘treats’. Candy manufacturers, not keen on losing their lucrative market among children, fought against their challenge in clever ways.

Although some distributors tried to pander diluted content (substituting sugar for salt), this tactic never took off for obvious reasons. Children were addicted to sugar, not salt (though the introduction of MSGs in the late 80s would change that, cornering the market of children in its entirety by capitalizing on those rare kids born without the ‘sweet tooth’). In order to circumvent FDA regulations, manufacturers found the most success following the oldest trick in the book: changing the name of your product.

By calling red candies “cherry” and green candies “apple”, they were taking advantage of bureaucratic loopholes which were designed only to ban the sale of “sweets” and “treats.” Moms Against Sweets was furious. Together with Sugarholics Anonymous, they galvanized the public to support the introduction of legislation banning the sale of any food containing sugar.

The bill died before it ever got to committee. It was successfully argued that such a ban would leave even real fruits off the grocery shelves. Moms everywhere panicked – were their kids eating “cherries” or were they eating cherries? Soon police throughout the country were confiscating cargo and candy shipments. As local communities cracked down on every corner store, grocery chains were seizing the opportunity to broaden their market base. New colors and names came into the fold. One in particular had everyone talking: ‘blue raspberry’.

It was the sweetest hit on the block, but also the rarest. ‘Cherry’, ‘Apple’ and ‘Grape’ candy shipments could easily be concealed by virtue of their names – often they were confused for the real fruits. But ‘blue raspberry’ stood out like a bright blue thumb. For one thing it wasn’t even a real fruit; there was no such thing as a raspberry. Yet the demand for this elusive blue crystal continued to skyrocket throughout the 60s and 70s, driving the price per ounce higher than gold in 1971. This was due in part to the fact that Nixon had issued executive order 6102 abandoning the USD gold standard.

However new advances in biology, genetics, and medicine had opened a lot of doors. In an effort to legitimize its business, candy manufacturers conspired with Monsanto to genetically engineer an absurd new fruit comprised entirely of little bulbs. Using the grape as a base, the geneticists managed to condense a whole grape bunch into a single, bulbous piece of fruit. It’s flavor was drawn from a mixture of strawberry, citric acid, and “ingredient #63” to produce a tangy, yet appealing succulence. They called the fruit a ‘raspberry’ because many who ate the test batches complained of a “raspy throat” for a short while upon consumption. But the flavor it packed was so potent that none could toss the fruit aside.

With this new frankenfruit on the market, shipments of ‘blue raspberry’ candies were seized less, in effect flooding the candy market for the first time with an abundance of blue candies. The entire market went into shock as prices plummeted, causing a brief shortage during which time thousands of children throughout the U.S. went into ‘sugar shock’. Although most only suffered withdrawal, some slipped into diabetic comas while a rare few died from severe physical and emotional stress.

Monsanto was forced in 1978 to shut down its GMO programs and to eradicate its stock of ‘raspberries’ but it was too late; some crops took to the wild and adapted with little to no difficulty. Montana is still a desolate meadow of mutant raspberry fields, where the fruits did become a blue hue. Sadly, the bushes run so thick that no one lives in the state to this day.

ravishing-garbage  asked:

Since you're waiting for notifications I GOT YOU MY DUDE How about some headcanons on what Halloween is like with you and rat junker

it’s very interesting. he’s VERY VERY interested in it since he JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT IT. they didn’t celebrate it (not many holidays that weren’t junker created) and nothing was like this!!! needless to say, he’s the type of person to go completely Overboard, and he will ALWAYS wear the same costume (junkenstein of course). Once in costume, it is difficult to make him break his act. He wants to decorate The whole base according to whatever theme he chooses and his excitement usually spreads to everyone else (ESPECIALLY REINHARDT AND REAPER WHO LOVE HOLIDAYS AND HALLOWEEN IN GENERAL). October first it begins, and he will not let anyone forget it’s THE HALLOWEEN TIME. Also he’s a sugarholic and he loves free candy and there is always plenty of candy around (thanks to Ana, soldier, mercy, rein, and Lucio). He loves to do a Halloween movie night every night where the whole crew gets together and watches a movie together (mercy likes it because she thinks it’s therapeutic and a good way to bond, dva loves it because free popcorn). Usually, October is a pleasant month around the base where tensions subside for wholesome fun, and a lot of the reason is junkrats kiddy excitement over the holiday. He absolutely loves it (also if ur not in costume u die not really but u wont be out of costume for long as he will literally pick one out for u) THE FESTIVITIES ARE MONUMENTALLY IMPORTANT TO HIM


HaHA! Guess who finally discovered which category to actually put these drawings in…. 

Shut up, I’m old

ENOUGH OF THAT! Today I present to you, The Queen to Geoff’s kingdom! The lovely and beautiful (not to mention badarse) Griffon Ramsey!

Always love her hairstyles… NEVER know how to draw it… 

And HEY! First ever try at a shiet background! 

For her design I tried to stay as true to her own style as possible while keeping that fairytale style. I remembered when someone promoted a Disney Princess Griffon with a punk prince Geoff and the image just stuck.

Although, instead of being a damsel in distress she has her own set of armor piece and the most badass chainsaw I could draw without screwing up too much. Queen Griffon lives deep in the forest (so that she has all the wood she could carve) and has weekly challenges by bears of all shapes and sizes to a sculpting competition to win the forest (she always wins) And at the end of the day she goes home back to her log cabin where her lovely husband is waiting with a new baked confection as her reward!

Tell me what you guys think!

(Also, I beg forgiveness for the cheat on her tattoos… I couldn’t find a picture of good enough res for me to draw them accurately)


OK! I know I did Lindsay before but something has always been bothering me about her design. SO! I WENT BACK AND RE-DESIGNED THE FRICK OUT OF IT! LIKE A BOSS! >:D

Her Kazooie version will come later!

SO AGAIN! The tenth on the pitch bible! Lindsay, The Winter Queen!

Lindsay has grown up with the tales of old and the legends that made up their society. Trained to be the next ruler of the kingdom of Winter, she is tasked with the protection and well being of her people (And ocelots). However, she is also known for her lineage, as all the queens before her have become the kingdoms all-knowing Seer. 

As events unfold before her eyes, she will bear the terrible burden of seeing the old legend come true once more. And as a terrible outlaw plagues her land with outrageous pranks and thievery of the precious kitties, she calls upon the help of the group know only as the Royal Hunters to catch the menace…

Or at least try. There was definitely an effort put in.

For this re-design, I took a more literal approach of her penguin minecraft skin for her queenly outfit! Feather-like tail over a snowy long dress and a fur hood for those really windy days. Her outfit and crown consists of 6 diamond gems representing the six elements needed to seal the Dark One in the past. her royal staff also has 6 diamond gems to represent the same thing. 

For the Queen, I know that Synessai (is that how you spell it?) created the concept of a kitty-like crown and I love that (This is done with love I swear!) so that was a must for her design as always!