Fusion is Addictive

We see in Hit the Diamond that Ruby and Sapphire can barely function without each other. We all were like ‘oh, its no big deal! they’re in love!” and I thought that too! But now, with Alone at Sea, we see that not only is it for love, but power. Lapis hates Jasper. They hate each other. But lapis says ‘We were fused for so long…” Think all the way back to Strong in the Real Way. Garnet and Amethyst started to literally lose themselves in Sugilite. SO… Fusion is addictive. The longer you stay fused, the more the counterparts need each other.

edit: Some of you have brought to my attention Cry for Help. And guess what? You’re right! I forgot about this episode! This is where its probably the most prominent. Pearl tricks Garnet to fuse with her. She just has so much fun being sardonyx, she doesn’t want to stop.

edit 2: if this gets 1,000 notes, im submitting it to Rebecca Sugar

edit 3: I sent it to her