Ladies listen up, if you are a genuine and real sugar baby then this post is for you. I’ll make this short. If you don’t agree with what I write that’s fine. This is coming from my brain not yours and this is what works for me. So take it or leave it ❤️

Let’s start with profile photos…

Men want things that are exclusive and private, I have one profile photo available for viewing.
It’s in a elegant place in a very covering outfit with my hair up.
This is what men will see unless I give them the option of seeing my other photos, I personally make them feel special by letting them view my other private photos.

Lifestyle expectations - negotiable, because we are not gold diggers we want them to see us as genuine. Which we are and we will be.

Now a introduction of yourself, honesty is key.

Stop this bullshit about how classy and luxurious you are. They don’t care stop selling a fake story.

Say your age, if you’ve studied, Talk a small bit about your childhood and a place you’ve lived.
As in I grew up on a farm and I worked hard for the things in my life… say the things you love to do! Write your passions and hobbies. Talk about how motivated you are and how ambitious you are. Men want to get to know you for you not your body, so let them. You need to put in that you don’t want drama. You are relaxed and love to learn or read or study or go to a boxing class.

Just short little things that make them go hang on this girls got a personality. Stand out in the crowd. Be as real as you can be!


Speak about what you like in men, as in I’m attracted to older men I find them to be more desirable then boys my age.
If you have a passport put that down also, also I think it’s key to write that you don’t want a transactional hotel relationship. You want something casual and real, dinners or going to the cinema.
Then I think you should honestly write. I’m looking for someone who will help pay for my rent, or someone who will be happy to give me some spending money per week or to save up for collage! Write down what you want financially don’t put dollar signs until after you meet them.
This will also stop salt messaging you because they won’t bother dealing with someone that knows what they want!!

Also on dates. Do not fuck them on the first date. KEY NOTE 📝 you want to be desired. Lusted and admired not used and thrown away!

Set your rules and say what you want. RESPECT is a key. If he is trying to stick his tongue down your mouth stand your ground. A kiss on the cheek is sweet. Also stop this flirting and trying so hard. Be short simple and easy… Meet them as soon as you can! This will show that he is genuine.

Real Estate Tinder POT??

Wants to see me on Friday for dinner.

Isn’t interesting when men use the same lines that Sugar Babies wants POTs to say? This POT is making me think heavily about being a spoiled girlfriend. His wife died and he is looking for someone to look good with in public. He said this one thing and my ears lit up.

I believe money is suppose to be spent. I make a lot of money to spend it to make more. I want to show you off in public. 

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DON’T PLAY WITH MY HEART! You actually want a female who seeks luxury? Also, his assistant is scheduling the date. YASSSSS BEECH that’s what I like to hear. You too rich or old for calling restaurants. 

Due to him being known, like you probably have his real estate magnets on your fridge from NYC, I’m might do formal. He’s going to be the oldest man I have ever went out with. I like he is a widow and owns a company. I can see myself coming to his office with a tight dress and a tight ponytail going straight to his office to bring him his favorite snack and him asking me about my day. As his assistant calls him, I’m sad and he drops $500 on my lap and tells me he will call me when he is done. 


Depending on the weather, I’m thinking about a yellow conservative tight dress with flats. That dress makes my chest and butt pop and I can wear a corset to give the pinup girl. I want to give him a hint of what I can give. 

I need more dresses .


I finished this one a couple weeks ago but I had to hold off posting it, along with deleting the other pose I did of this babe.

I was entering a tattoo contest and some blockhead decided it was cool to steal my drawing and end up entering it in the same contest! Whatta square. 

Regardless, I ended up winning this! So this little baddy is gonna be on someone’s arm pretty soon! I asked her to show me some pictures when it’s in progress/done. So hopefully I’ll be able to show you guys that as well!


Se você estiver ocupado demais para me ligar, eu vou entender. Se você não tiver tempo para me mandar mensagens, eu vou entender. Se você tiver fazendo algo mais importante e não puder me ver, eu vou entender. Se você fingir que não está nem ai pros meus sentimentos e continuar me ignorando, eu vou entender. Se você continuar desperdiçando seu tempo de vida com coisas fúteis, eu vou entender. Mas se eu parar de te procurar, aí é a sua vez de me entender.
—  Tati Bernard.

I did a drawing of dollyx because she helped me sort some issues out plus she’s a total babe. 

You should go give her a follow, if you’re not already, if you love everything Sailor Moon and Kawaii with your occasional hentai.

All that aside, I think this is the most pink thing I have ever drawn. 

Sugar Baby Problems: The Purse

The infamous Guess black purse that every SD and POT has hated but has filled it up with money. 

Mom: Can you come into the room for a second? 

Me: (walks into the room) Whatsup? 

Mom: Where de hell you get de money from? 

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(We have a tendency to borrow or take each other’s purses and accessories if it matches the outfit. I looked at my mom’s bed and saw my purse, my keys and wad of money scattered $200 ($100 in singles and 100 in 20′s) 

Me: Why are you looking in my things mom? 

Mom:  I didn’t take your purse to look inside, I just wanted to take it because it matches my shoes. First of all, its my house and I never gave you this amount of money recently. 

Me: I saved the money.

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Mom: I don’t have a problem with you having money my problem is you having too much money in your purse. This looks unclassy and if you don’t even have a wallet so the s**t is going to fall out. You not a drug dealer so fix your money nicely okay love? You know this purse cost less than the money you had in the purse. 

Me: You are right.

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My Monthly Allowance

Total: $4,200 (gifts are excluded from the amount) 

Mr. J $2,000 

Mr. B $2,200

Total Of Meetings Per Month:

When Did I Meet Them?: Last month on SA.

Sugar Baby Experience: 1 month (I told them I had a prior arrangement) 

Intimate or Platonic:  Both. My ears are going to be bleeding. They both talk to me about things they desire talking to their wives about (politics, promotion, work, food, sports, money). Intimacy is a possibility but both SDs want it to happen organically. I’m about to be a BLACK GEISHA lmao. 

Are You Attracted To Your SDs?: Yes. Both work out and well-dressed. Wear glasses and do nerdy s**t.

What Do You Do While Sugaring?: Full-time student, Volunteer Researcher, 

Strategist for small companies.

How Can You Manage This?: Schedule dates a week to a month before, doing assignments right after class. Read my syllabi and start drafting. Tell Mr. B if he edits my paper I will be his happy student (licks the computer). 

anonymous asked:

I want to get a new sugar daddy and I was jw if there was a specific app/website that would be best to find a new guy

Here’s a list of some sites/apps I’m gonna write about soon, I’ve used most of them, some worked and some not, choose what suits you best.

Sugar daddy sites/apps

SA, Sudy, Luxy, What’s your price, Miss travel, Sugardaddymeet, Arrangement finder, Sugard,,  sugardaddie, findsugardaddys.

Other ways:

Tinder,  Omega, Ashely madison, Badoo.