Comes on like the real thing but his not. Goes by Allan C. Stein then told me he wants to send me a gift, so I agree and I give him my P.O box and he sends me a fake check. Acts dumb and pretends to not know anything and it being fraudulent. Says Idaho but says his from NY is a SCAM!

Thank god for my smart bank I almost got scammed by this site.

I signed up for this site and got a lot of messages that I cant read because I didnt have full access. So I figured I’d use the free trail but my card kept getting declined. So I called customer service and this one guy (who kept picking up) tells me to call my bank so I call them and they tell me that the site was trying to charge me and each charge kept coming from different areas so it put a scam alert on my card. 

Then I looked up reviews on the site and realized many women have been going on there with the free trail talking to fake guys who want their bank info. Then even though they canceled their trail they still got charged and the messages stopped. I should’ve known all those messages offering money were to good to be true and thanks to my bank my money is safe.

So for all you sugar babies out there avoid this site!!!

Annnnd this is why you do not give a POT a monthly allowance price before asking them what they’re comfortable with and you negotiate from there! More than likely you will get what you want ladies. 😇

Also, for any sugar babies having trouble finding men who don’t seem phony I definitely recommend trying out Sugar Daddy for Me if you are on Seeking Arrangement at the moment. I use both but I find that the men on SDFM are more generous and actually know what being a “sugar daddy” means. I feel like the men on SA get so offended when you bring up $. So just a word of advice to any struggling SB’s out in the bowl!


I’ll make this as short of a post as possible but if everyone could take a minute to read through this post, it is crucial for every single SB in the bowl to be aware of how easy it is for men to find out more than you want them to know about you.

I just had the most terrifying experience with a guy on SA that I talked to for no more than 30 min. He messaged me a long offer with a little background info on himself. He seemed a bit off but many guys on the site are and the offer was decent so I decided to message him back. He gave me his number and said we could chat more there so I replied with my number for the texting app I use. He then requested to view my photos so I gave him the access.

He texted me not too long after with photos of himself with his name. He immediately asked me if I had an iPhone or iMessage so he could message me from his computer. I told him that my iMessage was acting up but he could either email me more details or text me in the morning and provided him with my email associated with sugaring. He asked for my Instagram right after that so he could see pics of me and I told him I had given him access to my private photos on the site. He got kind of catty and was like, “People on the site use other peoples pictures and I’m a little hesitant given you gave me your temporary number.” I told him that the photos on the site were me and I could prove it to him if we were to meet in person, completely disregarding him asking for my Instagram. 

He then proceeded to send me a handful of articles on himself and told me if I’m serious than i’ll send him my real number and my Instagram. I have no idea how he even knew it wasn’t my real number. But anyways, he said if I didn’t then he wasn’t interested. I’m nobody to beg someone to have an arrangement with me so I basically said I guess we’re not a match then because I in no way was going to send all my personal info to someone I had never met before after only speaking for 20 minutes, there’s no way. I told him my privacy was important to me so if he wanted to get to know me then he could do it the old fashion way by actually meeting me in person! 

We exchanged a few more texts and just said goodnight and good luck to each other. Then he hits me with a text that says, “FYI you’re not protecting anything the pictures are (then inserts my first and last name) whether you’re her or not i have no idea that’s why I wanna know who I’m talking to. W T F! Maybe it was my bad for sharing my photos with him because maybe he inserted them on the internet and got my name like Nev and Max do on catfish but honestly when I saw my name, my heart completely sank. I didn’t even reply I went straight to SA and blocked him and blocked my social media accounts if they already weren’t.

It is so scary how he knew exactly who the person in the pictures were. He did not have my real email or telephone number so he must of knew what he was doing to find out who I am. So I want all SB’s to be aware of crazy men on the site and DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO KEEP YOUR IDENTITY SACRED! We all read SA horror stories and think they won’t happen to us but you never know honestly. We’re all prone to have it happen to us. 

My lesson i’ll take from this and a few tips for other SB’s would be to:

Not allow just anyone to view your private photos, don’t immediately give out your number even if its an app number to just anyone from the site, possibly starting to use a fake name. Idk maybe this is all common sense and all you guys already take as much precaution as possible. But I just give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume everyone only wants the best for one another but that’s one of my faults I suppose. I’ve had nothing but good luck so maybe it’s my turn to really buckle down and start being super cautious on the site but seeing my name in that text really put me in my place and scared me. For all we know these men could track down our IP address and for a split second I thought of just deactivating my account but he already has my name so it would just be pointless honestly. The only thing I can do is block him.

I know this was a long read but I just want everyone to back track and take a second to realize how important it is to keep your personal life on the low and hidden from these men until you’re actually comfortable and gotten to know them. Even then I still think we’re entitled to our privacy. If you read all the way through thanks babes I wanted to share my story so it doesn’t happen to someone else. I hope everyone is only blessed with positive experiences from the site.

Stay safe out there babies, xx