Headcannon Idea for Sugar: Sugar has never won anything. 

Though she’s obviously obssessed with and well-educated in terms of the pageant world due to her involvement in it, she actually has never won any major titles.

Remember the very first episode where out of her parachute bag a tiara pops out instead of a parachute, and she automatically puts it and pulls out a written acceptance speech? She’s had that speech handy for years, just waiting for the moment to actually be able to read it. The ability for her to actually read the speech would confirm that she finally is the winner she’s thrived and imagined herself to be. The fact that the speech gets away from her as she begins to read shows how she is not meant to be a winner, at least not yet.

Here, Sugar’s confessing her ailment to Leonard. It’s interesting that she and Leonard are shipped together (not only by fans, but there’s plenty of evidence in the show that hints to that conclussion). Other than the obvious evidence of Sugar being fascinated in Leonard being a wizard, the fact that Leonard also strives to be something he can’t be (aka a real wizard) probably attracts Sugar to him more. Though they don’t let the nay-sayers phase them and  continue to reach for the stars, in the back of their mind they know how slim a chance they have to achieve their dream. I feel like the foundation of their relationship is the fact that they get where the other is coming from, and that’s why they were able to get so close to another.

Sorry if this was deep, but it was just an analysis I had in my head recently.


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O seu sorriso me faz feliz, a forma que você me abraça me passa toda a segurança do mundo. Eu não me vejo mais sem você, sem o teu amor… Você é a coisa mais importante do mundo para mim e quero estar com você até o último dia da minha vida!

SugarDating- Summer Job for Students

Looking for a summer job? Why not try SugarDating?

Summer holidays are about to come. If you haven’t found the perfect summer job yet, let me give you 5 rational reasons why SugarDating is a better option.

1. You get to travel for free. Apart from the fact that your sugar daddy or sugar mama is going to support the traveling expenses, you will also be visiting probably the most exotic places that you would probably see in photographs. Intriguing, ha?

2. Free time. Having time to do the things you love, it is even more precious than a hand full of money. However, you can have both free time and money if you date a sugar daddy.  Isn’t this probably the best thing ever? Can you same the same thing when you have a full time job? I can’t.

3. Discover new life perspectives. Every sugar daddy that can afford to spend a lot of money with you every month, has done something right in terms of business and life in general. Learn from him. Take advantage of this benefit; not every sugar babe is aware of the fact that a sugar daddy represents more than just a source of income. Bounce ideas with him. You might gain some really valuable knowledge.

4. Tax free.  Yep, all the money that your sugar daddy is giving to you, goes down to your pocket. This is my favourite part.

5. Look fabulous.
Take a second and imagine yourself having a job in McDonald’s and then imagine being a sugar babe. Can you see my point? As a sugar babe everyone will be able to feel the perfume you’re wearing, and be fascinated by your astonishing look. I don’t think I can say the same thing about working at McDonalds. Sorry.

There are probably a million different jobs you could apply for in the summer time, now you have one more to consider. SugarDating can become the best paid summer job.