Introducing the Loverjack!

This special edition Sugarcube is available only for Valentine’s Day and is the perfect gift for your honey or even for yourself! The Loverjack is 7" of pure cuteness and is the perfect size for cuddling. 

On top of that, he is very customizable! You can choose the color of his hat (green, blue or pink), shirt (all plaid: blue, grey, purple, forest green) and beard (brown, blond or red). He is made of super soft fleece, eco-fi felt, cotton flannel, safety eyes, cotton thread and polyfiber fill. All Sugarcubes are 100% hand-stitched.

And to make your V-Day shopping even easier, each Loverjack comes with a handmade, recycled paper Valentine. For $50 + shipping, you get your very own, super cuddly, super customizable lumberjack plus a handmade card, all in time for Valentine’s Day!

In order to receive your order in time for Valentine’s Day, all orders must be placed and paid for by Wednesday, February 6th. To place an order, please email . 

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Lovely followers, I present to you: CTHULHU

This terrifyingly adorable little creature wants to go home with you! At 7" tall, he/she is the perfect size for cuddling and wreaking havoc with – not too big, not too small. Complete with scaled wings and feet (at the base.) 

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Shmowzow! Get mathematical with your very own Finn the Human Sugarcube! At 6" tall, this little dude is the perfect size to tag along on all of your adventures! Complete with backpack and little pocket (ya know, for Jake!) Made of eco-fi felt, 100% hand-stitched! 

To order, please email .

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That’s right! Sugarcubes is moving from Phoenix to Seattle.. seems like a perfect reason to have a sale, right? Especially since the holidays are coming up! (Now is the time to place orders for Christmas and all that jazz!)

Here’s the deal: 

  • From now until October 15th, all toys are BUY TWO, GET ONE FREE! That’s right, buy two toys, get the third one free! I’ve never offered a free toy during a sale and this probably won’t happen again, so take advantage of it now and get all of your Christmas shopping done early. 
  • And everyone loves free stuff, so.. free shipping on all orders, too! (No restrictions.) 

Moving has reminded me how much bills suck, so I figured this is the perfect way to help each other out; you get free toys (perfect Christmas gifts) AND you’re helping a local, small business move to an awesome new city that will allow us room to grow! Everyone wins! 

You can see toys we’ve made before here and here, but keep in mind that I’m always willing to try new things! Sugarcubes are completely customized for you! If you’ve got an idea, send it my way.. there’s so much we can do. 

To order, or for a quote, please email .

NOTE: Any orders placed after October 10th will be completed after the move. All orders expected in time for Christmas must be placed by December 1st. 

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Did you know? A single breath from a blue whale is enough to inflate 2,000 balloons! 

After three tries, here is our Dapper Whale! This little sea fella is 6" tall.

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Oh. My. Glob. It's an Adventure Time sale!

Since Adventure Time is all about adventures (duh) and awesome friendships, we’re having a sale on pairs. Buy one Adventure Time character, get the second one ½ off! It’s that simple! Guess what else? Free shipping! (U.S. only.)

You pick the size (either 5" or 7") and characters! Buy Finn, get Jake half off! Buy PB, get half off! Buy the Ice King, get Gunter half off! Or whatever combo you want! 

We can even add magnets to their hands for ultimate hand holding/fist bumping action! Mathematical! 

Sale ends September 8th!

For order inquiries, send an email to 

Note: All payments must be made at time of ordering through PayPal. Please allow 3 - 6 weeks for completion. I do not own Adventure Time or any of the characters.

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Finishing up on some sweet trades before I get down to business and start making toys for y'all!

Check out this Bantha! (It’s a creature from Star Wars; here are some reference photos if you have no clue what they are!) This fella is 6" tall and has textured feet. It’s always fun working with new ideas, especially ones I’d never considered turning into a cube before.. I certainly enjoy the challenge and I really hope Danny likes what I came up with for her. 

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Ay, XVX babes! Check out this grumpy little radish! It’s only about 5" tall, complete with X’d out side, and ribbon roots. Kinda cheesy, lots of fun I’ve been experimenting a lot with different shapes lately, so other radishes will probably be slightly more elongated so the base comes to more of a point. 

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