“Silly Gummy. You can’t swim in the cookie dough; the bowl’s too small!”

Another scan I saved on before I sent my computer for repair work. It’s another piece meant for both prints and for the original to be sold at Bronycon! :3 This time, it’s good ol’ Pinkie Pie and Gummy!

For this one the idea was basically going for something simplistic all around, with the exception of perhaps Pinkie’s hair ‘cause I fuckin’ love curly hair. ;_; But anyway, the idea was basically Pinkie doin’ some baking at Sugarcube Corner and goes off to get something for the mix. As usual, Gummy’s helping her, but when she turns back around she finds the gator in the bowl of cookie mix. It’s no wonder where Gummy gets his goofy side from. x3
I had Pinkie’s hair in a ponytail because I thought she’d actually pull it back when she was doin’ some baking. That, and a ponytail actually looks pretty cute on her. C:

I love all of the Mane 6’s color palettes; they’re ridiculously fun to work with. One  of the things I REALLY like about Pinkie’s colors is how simplistic they are; it’s mostly varying shades of pink up until her eyes. The contrast between the pink and those light baby blues is great; Pinkie has beautiful eyes, man. ;_;

This was a lot of fun to paint! Like the previous ones, this one was done with watercolors. It took me about 4 hours; the painting itself wasn’t long, but what took up the remaining hours was the BG and Pinkie’s hair. o3o

But anyway, feel more than free to ask any questions if you have any! 8D


#027 - Getting on Her Nerves

bdirnfusj: Pinkie, wake up.
ask-beetlejuicepony: Pinkamena! Wake up! Are you okay?

ireet-meta: Nightmare Moon, huh? Is this some kind of weird visual analogy that you dreamed up, or are you really both not-so-equal partners in crime somehow?

Pinkamena: Damn… These dreams are REALLY getting on my nerves now…


…I have learned that MysteryBen doesn’t like rain…

Unfortunately, my postings may be slowing up a bit for the next couple weeks. I have a few high bandwidth projects I am a part of that require and deserve most of my undivided attention. So my personal art might have to be put on hold until I can get some checked off my “to do” list. I hope you guys don’t mind.

Although I can’t offer up my services currently I’ve been considering posting when I can take on more projects that require concepts or backgrounds. What do you guys think? Hmmmm, well there is one project in particular I would jump at the chance to help with *cough fighting is magic cough cough*


Cece: Pink One, would you please shut up!!!


Featuring Dizzy ask-dizzylollipop, Hyper Brony ask-hyperbrony, Pinkie Tai darkfiretaimatsu, Piper askcopperpipes, Keysoul keysoulhatsunemod,  and the Pink One… I mean Pinkie Pie.


#016 - The Search for Apple Bloom (Part 1)

Pinkie: Bye, guys! Have fun!
Scootaloo: See ya, Pinkie!

askireet: How often do you get to go outside? Does Pinkie keep you all cooped up?
Scootaloo: Are you kidding? I hang out with my friends every week! Oh! And I remember that time when Sweetie Belle and I dressed up as animals!

Sweetie Belle: Hey Scoots! I’ll be the sheep, and you’ll be the chicken!
Scootaloo: Do I always have to be the chicken?
Sweetie Belle: Look, Rarity! I’m a sheep! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!

Scootaloo: But as for Apple Bloom, the last time we’ve been together was about two years ago… in the Everfree Forest…

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