Support Friends!

One of my sisters needs help! So if could you go take a gander around or and maybe find an awesome gift, know that you would be helping a family pay for every day things!

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it says your going with maren?

No she’s going with her boyfriend. I just bought her ticket for her and we’ll meet up there. It just makes sense for me to go with Cheyenne because I have to leave from escuela and she attends the same learning center as I. But I will be handcuffed to you at the event (because we never got to do that) <33

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i have a phone, any way im going to identity so we should go together

Tell me how the fuck I forgot about communication by phone?! hahaha I’m going with Cheyenne, but I’ll totally ditch her for you when I get there <33 I would’ve totally gone with you but I had no idea you were going because I thought you were over all that shit! But I love you babe and I didn’t forget about you at all! xoxo