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Whoa, rain has been pretty bad here in Chicago lately but got some new stuff for you in the upcoming days. 

Bachelorette is the solo delivery vehicle for New Zealand based home recording tinkerer Annabel Alpers.

Annabel’s music career started out venting Christchurch teen frustration in a “beginner indie” band called Mouse. Fortunately, things soon got better with other bands and then creating Bachelorette. The band features a collection of vintage synthesisers, drum machines, real drums, bass, guitars and whatever else is lying around on the bedroom floor that day. In the end it comes out as some kind of weird vocal layered electro synth pop – with a hint of country thrown in for good measure. 

The track we loved most was “Sugarbug.” She really recreates the dreamy sound that we all enjoy. Resembles a lot of the summery sound we’ve been waiting for. One thing about this is that the track really stands out among the others since its more melodic with a beat. 

Bachelorette - The National Grid [LC Recommends]


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Bachelorette: “Sugarbug.”