Hi, I’m Sugabelly, and I’m Nigerian, and I’m an illustrator. I’ve always wanted to be a successful artist but I kept putting off my dreams because of all the pressures of trying to be a good Nigerian daughter, and just life in general. I finally decided to take that leap of faith and do something I’ve wanted to do for the longest time. This is the result.

Here is my first ever phone case collection for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, and S6. You can buy them from my blog -

Each case is $50, and the price includes shipping to anywhere in the world. Cases are available for the new iPhone 6S and 6S plus too.

If you love my work, please share with as many people as possible. I grew up not seeing faces like mine in popular media, and I’ve tried to create art that’s very dear to my heart and representative of the beautiful country and its myriad cultures that I grew up in. In a way, my phone cases are my love letter to Nigeria.

Thank you so much for appreciating my work.