Gliders Should Be in Pairs…at least.

There are a growing number of people that only have one glider. I know PPP sells lone gliders but idk of any reputable breeders that would only sell one glider to someone.

Gliders are a COLONY ANIMAL. They need to have their own kind around them, human companions are good but they are not a substitute. This is not a theory or an opinion. Many people think that their lone glider is just fine, but I can guarantee that after introducing a new glider, their glider will perk up and act in a way they have never seen.

Having a lone glider is a lot of work and even may not end well. A glider that is alone can suffer from depression, self-mutilation, and can even die. 

Lulu and Echo are twin sisters, they have never been apart, and they do everything together. If they are separated, even for a little bit, they will bark out to each other. 

The perfect example would be my dear Peach. Peach’s previous cagemate passed away. Peach became severely depressed, wouldn’t eat, didn’t play or even come out of her sleeping pouch. She would brought to my home and immediately perked up just being in the same room as Lulu and Echo. It took at month to go through the introduction process but now she lives with them and is healthy and happy!

Some facts from

  • When sleeping, gliders will cling together and form a ball of fur. This keeps them warm and offers a sense of protection.
  • Gliders communicate by “barking”, “crabbing”, “chirping” and “squeaking”.
  • They do get angry and can also hold a grudge against specific individuals be they animal or human.

Introducing a new glider into your home can be work and take time before the new glider is accepted but it is worth it. 

If you have a lone glider, please consider finding a cagemate:

Just like everything else. Please feel free to come to me with questions. After going through a long and tough introduction process, I can help you.

I can tell by looking at a post if someone got their Sugar Glider from Perfect Pocket Pets…and it makes me cringe. Not becuase of them, but because I know that the company is so horrible and gave them horrible information.

So I will say this for everyone who can see it:

Perfect Pocket Pets is a mill broker. They purchase gliders in bulk from mill breeders and sell them to anyone who walks by their booth, whether they have done research or not. The worst part is that PPP makes their money by selling SUPPLIES. So they sell cheap supplies, foods, cages, etc. that are UNSAFE and not glider friendly. Not to mention their sneaky business practices to trick owners into doing improper research.

My friend and I fell into the trap, it cost me hundreds of dollars and a month of poor treatment for poor Lulu and Echo.

If you got your sugar gliders from Perfect Pocket Pets, I encourage you to read the tabs on my blog. There is a bunch of information to help you out! And my ask is ALWAYS open for questions!

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Hey Fell, does taking care of Aliza remind you of taking care of Frisk when she was that age?

Fell hummed as he painted Aliza’s toenails, listening to her sing him a song she made up with a broad smile on his face. She played with her favorite doll as he worked, smoothing her hair carefully.

“nah. never had ta take care of frisk like this. tori always took care a frisk when she was young. sides… not ta speak ill of my sugarbear… but aliza’s cuter than she ever was, heh. jus’ lookit her.”

He reached out to tap the tip of a claw against Aliza’s nose, at which she giggled and smiled down at him, glowing with happiness and spirit.

“Daddy says I look just like momma! Just like an angel, he says. …Daddy, is momma an angel?”

Sans ignored the twinge of pain that threatened his composure, the shock that shook his soul, and smiled and nodded instead. The locket hidden under his sweater warmed, and the butterfly on Aliza’s headband flapped its wings.

“yeah, sweetheart. she’s always been an angel.”


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Please, a scenario with one of Yuma's daugher having a crush(or a boyfriend) and Yuma is like, hmmm, a jealous dad(?), and s/o is trying to calm down he a bit (POOR YUMA HE JUST DONT WANT HIS KIDS TO GET OLD!!! ;-;)(sorry for the english...;_;)

I actually headcanon Yuma as a very protective dad and would kill someone for his kids, further more I headcanon his eldest daughter likes to sneak out and do the naughty nasty the guys/girls or you know date… so that’s what this ended up being. This got kind of long, I’m sorry.

She thought neither of her parents could hear her, oh she thought. Her footsteps on the creaking wood floor that she so desperately tried to muffle caught the attention of a certain vampire, rousing him a little from his sleep and causing one drowsy hazel eye to check the doorway to the master bedroom where him and his wife, and not to mention youngest daughter, were sleeping. He couldn’t quite make out the figure through his foggy vision though so she was in the clear. Once out in the night air the oldest pulled on her shoes and tried, ever so gently, to close the screen door which unfortunately was not on her side and squeaked as it made contact with the frame. That’s when she heard it, a bump coming from her parents bedroom and Yuma’s colorful cursing as he jumped from the covers and pulled on a pair of pants but by the time he had reached the front porch she was already in a beat up truck, the a scrawny fucker that shook when Yuma’s eyes met his as they took off.

He was tore, go after her or stay at home and wait. Worst of all he was finally faced with the fact that his eldest child, his baby that he nurtured, was running off and dating. What did he do wrong? Why would she want to date so fast? SHE WAS ONLY 16!

“Yuma, she’ll be alright, just let her have her fun.” You tried to reason with him noticing he was in some kind of internal conflict.

“No way So- (S/O), she’s out there with some scrawny fucker who probably doesn’t even know what dating is! Call Ruki, I’m going after her.”

“Yuma it’s midnight, I’m not calling Ruki. Just let her go and have some fun, you keep her here most of the time helping you in the garden; don’t you think she deserves this?”

Yuma fell silent a little as he walked in and plopped on the couch, looking utterly defeated.

“When she gets back, I’m kicking her ass.”

“You do that Sugarbear, you do that.”


Requested by an Anon: Hey! So, I was thinking that, if you can, do one from reader’s perspective where she is in the most dangerous “prisons"in hell (there are little to no guards) and she’s there because of Crowley. She needs to escape from there to go back to Sam (he gives her motivation). Sorry if it’s too specific. Thank you

Pairings: Sam x Reader


Warnings: None 1283 (without the tags at the bottom)

Sam’s arms wrapped around me, I felt so safe. I looked up, his hazel eyes were full of love. I laid my head on his chest, letting him away me back and forth. It was so comforting and I felt safe. I let out a content sigh, and melted into his embrace.

 He pulled back, brushing my hair away from my face. Leaning forward, his lips brushing against my ear. “I love you.”  Then he let out  laugh,  I pulled back, as he started to fade away. I let out a cry, reaching out, I tried to pull him back.I heard him call out “Don’t give up, keep fighting!”

 The maniacal laugh filled the room, my head snapped up from the floor. Crowley was leaning against the wall. “What a positively disgustingly sweet dream that was. Now Kitten,  are you ready to give up on the Moose and marry me?”

 I raises up from the floor, glaring at him. “I rather rot  here then marry you!”

 “Suit yourself! You could have have a beautiful life as my Queen!” I watched him slam the door shut and walk away. Whistling as he walked down the hall, instantly the snarls and growls of the hellhounds started. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

 I closed my eyes and started to sing, the snarls and growls stopped. I could feel the heat from their bodies as they brushed up against me. It scared the hell out of me that I couldn’t see these killer beasts, but I could hear and feel them.  One of them nuzzled against my hand, I remained calm, petting the invisible animal.

 “Nice doggies.” I eased my way to the door, continuing to sing. Placing my hand on the handle, I was surprised it was unlocked.  I looked out into the hall. There was no one, I quietly slide into the hallway. I could feel the beasts staying close to my side, I leaned against the wall.

 Closing my eyes, exhaling slowing, “Cas, if you can hear me; I really need you!”

 I opened my eyes and waited; nothing happened.  I picked a direction and took off at a run.  praying it was the right way; the whole time silently calling for Cas to up me.

 I abruptly stopped, when a figure stepped out in front of me. I stumbled backward, falling to the ground. “Hey Sugarbear!”

 He smiled at me, it looked and sounded like my Uncle Bobby. He reached out his hand a smile on his face. “Take my hand, and we’ll go home. You’re so pathric, I’m the only one that can stand you. I have to love you!”

 “Get away from me!”  I knew he wasn’t real, that he was a hoax, my Uncle is in heaven. Cas had told me that’s where he was. I heard the hellhound snarl at the figure before me, I kicked at his knee, watching him tumble to the ground.  I jumped up and over him, running blindly down the long endless hall.

 Something shoved from behind, I fell to my knees.  I felt the sting as they scraped against the floor. I pushed myself up, wincing in pain, rolling over to my back, my eyes widening at the man standing over me.

 “Look what we have here. I can’t believe my brother ever loved you. You’re pathetic and useless!”

 I shook my head, tears welled up in my eyes, hearing these poisonous words were killing me. I knew he wasn’t real, that this was some demon, pretending to look like Dean.  It still hurt because in the back of my head, I had the same thoughts about myself.

 “You’re not here!” I shook my head. “You’re not real!”

 “Oh but I am sweetheart!” I felt his hands on my body. His hot breath on my face. “Sammy, come tell her!”

 Sam walked out of the darkness with Jessica on his arm. This couldn’t be real, she had been gone for almost thirteen years.

 “Sorry (Y/N), you were just an amusement to pass the time. I could never love someone like you. I mean you let yourself get kidnapped by Crowley. “

 I stood up, my legs were wobbly, I stared at Dean and Sam. “ATTACK!”

 I heard the snarls and growls, I watched Sam and Dean being torn apart by the hellhounds. I ran down the hall, coming to a iron door, I struggled to push it open.

 “For the love of Chuck..please…help me!” I felt a rumbling, and heard a crash, then everything went black.


 I woke up in a field of wild flowers, my body was sore. I slowly got up, taking inventory of my body. Wearing a white gauzy dress, and barefoot, my heart started to race. I was dead, Chucks idea of help, was to bring me to heaven.

 Not exactly the kind of help I wanted, I guess I should have been more specific. At least I didn’t have to worry about marrying Crowley, and I wasn’t in hell. I lifted my head up, and felt the sun on my face for the first time in I don’t know how long.

 I heard the grass rustling behind me, I turned whirled around, my breath caught in my throat. Sam was walking towards me,  I closed my eyes and shook my head. “This isn’t real!”

 “(Y/N)!” Sam came running towards me.

 I closed my eyes, shaking my head. “YOU’RE NOT REAL! YOU’RE NOT REAL! YOU’RE NOT REAL!”

 I felt his hands cradle my face. “Open your eyes”

 I slowly opened my eyes, staring into his hazel ones. His beautiful smile greeting me. I still didn’t want to believe it. What if Chuck didn’t help me, and I was cast into some sort of special hell.

One Crowley created to punish me for refusing to marry him and trying to escape. I backed away, tears running down my face.

 “This isn’t real….I’m still in hell!” I spun around in a circle.  “It isn’t going to work Crowley….”

 Sam wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close to him. “I’m really here, baby.”

 “Please….stop…” I didn’t want to give in, but I was so tired of fighting it all I crumbled to the ground. I felt him kneel with me, his hands on my shoulders.  

 “We’ve known each other since we were ten, I use to get so excited when I knew you were visiting Bobby’s.”  He kissed the top of my head,  “I fell in love with you when I was fifteen, but was to stupid to do anything about it.” I sat there and just listened to him, leaning into his embrace. “Life took us in different directions, but it eventually led us back to each other.” He said softly, his hands stroking my back.

 I pulled away from him, wanting to believe that he was real. “Are you really here? I’m afraid I’m still in hell, that Crowley is torturing me because I won’t marry him. I’ve fought so hard to get out and get back to you. If this isn’t real…” I started to sob, I looked up at him. “ I asked for Chuck and Cas to help me…maybe you’re my heaven!”

 He smiled at me, picking me up. “I’m real, and you aren’t in heaven. I woke up this morning, and something told me to come here. I’ve been trying to find you for months….”  He pulled me closer kissing me.  “I love you (Y/N), come home with me.”

 “I love you too…”  I knew in my heart he was real, and I was safe. “Let’s go home. “  


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ok just listen

so in iron man the first (it sounds so dramatic that way i love it) rhodey gets hammered on a plane and while the air stewardesses are dancing provocatively he’s just like “Tony is a good man. Did u see that boy? What a good boy.” and now all i can imagine is the avengers frantically getting rhodey drunk so they can hear the entire story behind tony, not just the He Was Doing a Thing and It Turned Out Hilarious story. 

Rhodey will wax poetic on Tony’s facial hair. He’ll cry as he tells you the story of the time Tony went grocery shopping and bought six bouquets of flowers because he could. (”His mom liked roses, but fuck roses man,” Rhodey would say. “Daisies were cool as shit.” “Oh my god, stop,” Tony would moan and groan. The Avengers cracked up.) 

Or they get Rhodey to tell them the story of Dum-E, which was sadder than anticipated. “Don’t cry,” Rhodey tells Steve, trying to pat his shoulder and missing entirely, instead patting his abs. “Dum-E still doesn’t know how to spell the word ‘crayon.’ I think Tony coded something wrong, but I’m too lazy to fix it.” this is how they learn that Rhodey???? he’s on par. He can follow along with Tony, but most of the time he’s just too lazy to. If he really wanted to, Rhodey could build an Iron Man suit. He just doesn’t want to, and complains that it would take too much effort. 

Tony turns bright red when Rhodey mentions that Tony will blush at any genuine flirtation or compliment. This leads to many positive statements, and Tony nearly cries when Sam Wilson shows up and learns this, because Sam Wilson is the Suavest Man Alive. (True story.) 

Rhodey tells them a lot of things, most of them being true. (”Guys, I didn’t steal a dinosaur bone from the Natural History museum,” Tony argues. “I swear to god I would’ve just bought it. Rhodey tends to think he’s funny when he’s drunk off his ass.” “To be fair, he tried to tell Bucky that he looked like an angry seagull and ended up just saying ‘angery gullsea,’” Sam says. “Best moment ever.”) Bucky is not pleased with this, because he doesn’t look like an angry seagull. 

“Yeah, you look more like an angry badger,” Sharon teases. 

“Sharon, you look like a naked mole rat.” 

“Oh shut up. Rhodey, tell them the story about Tony’s rollerskates idea.” 

So then, they get to hear about how Tony went through this phase where he went to the roller rink every Saturday of junior year in college. At first, Rhodey thought it was because of one of the employees. (”Like, I don’t swing towards his type of dude, but man that dude was cute,” Rhodey says with a sigh. “Boom! That’s how he looked like.” Everyone refrains from laughing.) 

“No, but that wasn’t it,” Rhodey continues. “It wasn’t because of Cute Roller Dude. Honestly, he was pretty irrelevant.” 

“Rhodey, shut up,” Tony groans. “They don’t wanna hear this.” 

“I have pictures,” Sharon says. “Aunt Peggy and Jarvis wrote letters back and forth.” 

“What the fuck?” Tony responds. “WHy do you keep them?” 

“Blackmail purposes,” Sharon answers with a shrug. “I was planning on blackmailing you into girl scout cookies if you didn’t buy them.” 

“Okay, so glad I didn’t hang out with you until Peggy introduced us, next. Rhodey, don’t.” 

“Tony, man, I love you. Guys, Tony is great!” Rhodey cheers. (He frequently says that Tony is great A Lot. Like, so many times. At least thirteen times an hour when he’s drunk.) “But Imma tell the story about the time you made roller skate rocket boots.” 

The Avengers hear about the story. Tony shows them the prototype. “For a while, they were gonna go on a suit,” Tony admits. 

“Why do you trust yourself to have fashion taste?” Clint whispers. 

“Because I don’t wear deep v-neck purple t-shirts,” Tony retorts. “Come sugarbear, off to bed before you tell anymore stories.” 

“They haven’t heard about how you almost married me!” Rhodey protests. “Guys, guys, guys. This great man, i love you Tony, this great man almost married me. He had to take this improvisational theater class, and he nearly married me because the priest was legit. I’m so glad he didn’t. Now I get to brag about my best friend, because bragging about your husband isn’t as cool.” 

“Is that the only reason you haven’t considered, you know, dating Tony?” Sam asks. 

“Nah,” Rhodey says. “Goodnight.” Tony grins. 

“He fell in love with this awesome pilot he knew in the service. Her name was Carol, and he’s a nerd about her. She doesn’t visit often. She’s in space or something right now.” 

“No fair,” Rhodey pouts. “Now I get to tell them about your cookie fiasco!” 

“NO!” Tony yells, frantically dragging Rhodey to the elevator. 

“So, Tony–i love my friend so much–Tony can’t bake for shit–” 

“We’re LEAVING!” Tony yells, the elevator door closing. They hear a muffled scream and a thud.