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Clack, clack, clack. The same, distinct steps continued to resound behind him even though he had thought that they would have parted from him a long time ago. He could have sworn that he’d began to hear them soon after he’d passed by the entrance, and now that he was at the other side of the town he was still hearing those footsteps.

Someone was following him.

He turned his head only slightly in order to take a good look behind him. It was only a human, a woman, and she was unarmed. She appeared to be no threat, and her stance did not indicate that she was preparing to attack. Then what did she want?

He adjusted the hood on his coat to be sure that it was covering his ears, and then he turned around to face her.

“ Are you stalking me..? ”

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“…Just what were you attempting with that opening statement?”

“Uh…I dunno.))


((Anyways, thanks for following back!~ You have stumbled upon my blog that is supposed to be full of marshmallows but due to the lack of supplies, you get this.”

 sugar-and-hunny said: “Aaww, hunny, why don’t you stop peeking and come out for some ice cream and Christmas pud?” ((I’m just dropping in to say how utterly adorable I find that icon.))

“That does sound like a better idea…”

<Heehee I love it, too~! That artist makes me smile. :3>

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"So... I heard you were looking for an heir? One potential heir reporting for duty. I'm sure you'll find I can be very persuasive in the business world~"

“I’m not giving my company to you. Being persuasive does not necessarily match up with being responsible in the way that a legitimate, functioning, successful business requires.”