Rey has tasted sweets before.

At around eleven, when she really should have been old enough to know not to pursue such frivolous things, she traded an especially well-polished piece of scrap for a bag of candy at Niima outpost. It melted together and then hardened into a massive colorful mass of sugar on the trip back to the AT-AT she began recently fashioning into her home.

It looked a bit like a prismacolor meteor. That did not manage to deter Rey, who licked carefully at one end of it for half an hour the first night. Her tongue was raw and tingling and probably splotched five different colors, but she felt satisfied. Over the next few months, she took tiny licks at the candy in order to save it for as long as possible. She didn’t try to get any more as she had finally begun to realize that portions were more nutritious, if not as long lasting, as the candy.

So when Han Solo described cake to her—“You know, kid, that sweet bready stuff with icing on top, for birthdays and weddings and all that junk”—that lump of melted candy was the only frame of reference that she had. Chewie helped by explaining to her that the base was the aforementioned sweet bread while icing was sugar and butter. Icing, according to him, was nice-smelling and sweet-tasting but it got stuck in his fur whenever any of the Solo family had a birthday.

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First trip with kdaddy, it was really sweet of him to get me business class. Transited in HK and told him i need to get some sunscreen but actually aiming for all the shit that is there in the duty free 😬

We checked in to a room with 2 single beds. Well.. actually I prefer that way. Yes, we do get intimate, but every night we’re sleeping on separate beds. He knows I can’t cuddle-sleep, also I tend to be on my phone most nights before I sleep, hah. 🙈

The hardest about travelling with SD IMO is having to look presentable at all time. And thank god he brought a few friends, otherwise I think we would ran out of things to say for the 4 days trip, or I died of boredom because I can’t tell anyone I’m on the trip. My family and friends were all thinking that I’m at school.

Overall, I had SO MUCH fun. My two other friends (posted about turning them to SBs awhile ago) who were on the trip with me did contribute to the experience too. But, the happiest things of all, my friends approve of my SD. 👍And they thought he is too kind and generous (isn’t that what every SB looking for? XD) Really though, I was glad and very proud of Kdaddy. I had a few on and off SDs before and no one come close to him. It is really not about how rich he is ( net worth of 10 mil but will never spend a single cent on you is BS), but how much he actually care and willing to spoil.

Made about $2000 USD this past weekend on one of the best POT dates I’ve had. He’s young, attractive, and unbelievably kind and sweet. I’ll call him Mr. Positivity. I ate like an absolute princess, from oysters and sushi to tapas. He took me shopping and out to the best clubs and bars to meet his friends who were all around my age and so fun. I genuinely forgot I was on a sugar trip at times. I ended up with him at his place all weekend. While I do know that most the sugar advice posts insist that this is a bad idea, I went with my intuition on this one. We’d been chatting for a couple of months, and I had an escape plan if it came to it. Didn’t end up needing it at all because he was a total sweetheart. I honestly might have dated him had we met in vanilla life. Definitely seeing each other again, he’s enamored with me and I really like him a lot.

I’m off to Thailand with friends for a week, then meeting up with HK again. The week I get back, Mr. Positivity is going to be away for a wedding in the States for a week. The plan is for me to join him and his friends for a beach getaway mid July. I can’t wait 😊 June has been good to me… I hope all you SBs out there are having a good month, too! ❤️

Me walking past Rebecca Sugar on the street: *trips* OOPS! it seems I’ve dropped all of my STEVEN UNIVERSE FAN COMICS everywhere *picks one up* like THIS ONE about Onion becoming HUGE and EATING BEACH CITY *picks up another* and THIS ONE about ALL OF THE GEMS TURNING INTO DOGS SO STEVEN CAN ENTER A DOG SHOW and, and, *picks up another* and MY RESUME,,


And some little rudeness if you don’t mind~

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Trip to south of France was nice 😊
I don’t even know where to start. A guy a met on tinder when swiping in different locations offered me to come to Nice. He bought ticket and booked hotel where I stayed alone. But sadly we didn’t connect that good and conversation was boring. We were quiet most of time, and I very much didn’t like it. The day he told me he need to work and I will be alone all day I was super sad, so I went on SA. Messages with hello a random profile from Monaco and after 1min I received a warn response😊
We decided to meet same day in 1h in Monaco for a drink. We had a champagne in terrace and a lovely conversation, he was very nervous and I loved it😌.
So, my horny ass couldn’t say no when he offered to get together in hotel and OMG he fucked the hell out of me. I’m a gymnast 🤸‍♂️, so he was pretty amazed with my skills too)
When he was driving me back he kept telling how happy he is that he met me and that he will fly me back as soon as we both can!
The only problem I feel that 1500€ was to little to ask 🙈

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Nickname: Panda!!

Gender: Female

Zodiac sign: Libra~

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Favorite color: Alabaster or pale green

Time now: 11:45pm

Average hours of sleep: 3-4

Last thing I googled: “how to teach a frog to do tricks”

Blankets I sleep with: 5 because I’m always cold fml

Favorite bands: Babymetal, Green Day, Nirvana, RADWIMPS (bc kimi no na wa), Metallica

Favorite food: Cheesecake or Pineapple Upside-down cake aka anything sugar 

Dream trip: New Zealand, so I can hang out with Ryn and watch a sunset or two, or Japan so I can convince Togashi to make Killugon a canon thing

Wearing: Over-sized black and grey striped long sleeve, brightly colored fuzzy pj pants, and soft slippers (plus covered in like 90 blankets)

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Type of posts: HxH fanart, sometimes memes, chats kinda, drawrings, reblogs of relatable shit

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you guys are all awesome!


One of the best trips i’ve been on so far! I felt like a kid in a candy store the entire time. BC made me completely comfortable and made sure I was always happy :) we stayed at the best hotel & our suite had a huge terrance which I absolutely loved. This place was heaven. Like that was the view from my room– Absolutely gorgeous.

While I was getting ready for our first night together… he expressed that he is sexually monogamous with his wife for safety and intimacy reasons. So we slept in two different rooms with an adjoining living room… but he got me a “lil’ something” to make up for the lack of intimacy :$ (kind of disappointing because my luggage was 50% lingerie smh). 

The allowance we agreed upon was 2,000 at the end of the trip but on the second last day I woke up to an extra $1,000 shoved in my purse after he came back from a drunken night out with friends :p if I include the bit of shopping money I got before and during the trip it’s a total of 3,600! Damn, not bad BC ;)

I’m ecstatic that I made the decision to go, I took a HUGE leap of faith and it was well worth it :)

Sugar Update 💋

Finessed a trip to Hawaii with one of my Splendas after Christmas.

Charlie is buying a condo in the carribean, I’m excited to keep my tan poppin’.

Thor has been busy with work and has been neglecting me, but my allowance was on time so it’s whatever.

Snagged a young Splenda, he couldn’t afford my allowance but dropped a few thousand when we went shopping on our first date. Now all he wants is me to be an ongoing non sexual date to his work events in exchange for bi monthly shopping trips and gifts upon arrival. He brought me Burberry booties on a whim yesterday, so he’s cool.

Still haven’t found a replacement for Ryan, but I’m working on it. My wallet is feeling the stress of that missing 7k.


Pictures from Taiwan, eating everything edition. 

Food in Taipei is NOT A JOKE. Everyone knows a noodle place in an alley or a bakery in a train station that will be the best thing ever. I know I am lucky to live in a great food city, but in Taipei, there are flavors that can’t be even be found in the farthest corners of Flushing, Queens. 

Sure, there’s the duck blood / stinky tofu / preserved egg / weirdness quality. But there’s also this heightened element of texture. Like how donuts can be QQ (bouncy) like a perfect udon noodle, or how thickened soup can suspend bamboo shoots, or when the crispness from your bread-on-bread breakfast sandwich comes from both charcoal-baked sesame cakes and fried crullers. Seafood is going to taste amazing, everywhere. I’d never had a sugar-apple until this trip (it was weird, but I’m on board). The defining feature of many fruits seems to be juiciness or crispness rather than sweetness, but grape tomatoes are like candy. You can have an insane meal for under $3 USD, and there’s going to be goji berries floating in your hot pot. Sweetness and ice levels in all beverages can be customized. KFC somehow has the best egg tarts? I don’t even know. 

I’m jealous of everyone eating everything in Taipei, right now and ever. 


Arrived in the airport with a limo on stand by, checked in to one of the best hotel, next to the peninsula. But horrible view because of the construction.

POT arrived a few hours later, had some steak at Morton’s then wine by the bar. Long story short, dinner lasted for a few hours, no mentioned of allowance of the trip (I didn’t want to prompt him, because if the arrangement is down, my monthly allowance would be 7.5k) didn’t want to sound too desperate, but the entire time he had been sending mix messages and how he is unsure about flying me back and forth.

After dinner, he checked in to his own room and i had a few hours to roam around the city. Next day breakfast together, and he sent a limo for me to airport.

That’s the end of trip, never heard from him after, because he told me he has doubts. No allowance as well, because I didn’t want to ask and also partly I wanna see if he is indeed credible.

Flight, hotel and a nice meal + lost POT. But all is good, a new experience for me.

But I have to emphasise to all SB,

1. Only travel when you are comfortable with the city you’re going. Personally I have friends in HK and I speak the language, so it wasn’t too big of a deal for me.

2. Bring some money with you to make sure if anything goes wrong.

3. International roaming and know who/where to call in case of emergency.

4. Always ask for a separate room (on first meet), in regardless if you guys are sleeping with each other or not!