USA with my girl!

FINALLY booked US with my SB friend/bestie, super excited.
Will be going in January next year and couldnt be more thrilled… so much freestyling to be done. Plus I have never seen snow so that should be great!
We’re visiting LA, San Diego, Phoenix, Vegas, San Fran, Lake Tahoe,  Santa Barbra and More LA! Would love to meet up with some US babies. Any suggestions on other states/places we should visit?


Leo and Satan - Sugar Trip (by OneyNG)

The second of the few short episodes. enjoy

Oh He Wants You To Travel?

Never ever, pay your way to fly to a POT. 

Common Lines Include: 

  • I’ll reimburse you when you get here.”
  • “I have been stood up.” 
  • “How do I know that you are not catfish?” 
  • “Most girls are normally okay with it.”
  • “Trust me this one time.”

I promise, that it is not worth it. If a POT wants you to come see him, he will fund the entire trip with no questions asked. But remember to always be careful! 

Shopping trip with my SD Joe today 😍

-Michael Kors suede jacket in Sand $450.00
-BLANKNYC leather moto jacket $148.00
-Betsey Johnson shawl $78.00
-Assorted Nordstrom dresses (4) (about $60 a piece)
-Lulu Townsend heels $44.00
-Club Zone heels $32.00
-Neutrogena cleanser $14.00
-Neutrogena moisturizer $12.00
-NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray $8.00
-NYX Doll Eye Mascara $6.00
-Natasha crystal earrings $10.00
-Madison Parker drop necklace $19.00
-Carolee necklace $17.00

Approximate total = $1,078

He also bought me red lobster for dinner and then we went back to his place and he ate me out for 40 min with no expectation of me returning the favor. 😎 Today was a good day.

wendy-comet  asked:

"red velvet sugar sweet" with minlace, "tripping on my words ('cause i'm falling for you)" with survivors club and "cowboy up" with samben because. because. I have no reason for that last one I just want to see what you come up with. >:D

red velvet sugar sweet (rating: soft R / tags: bakery AU, slow burn)

When Renee Minkowski unexpectedly inherits a bakery from a relative, things seems to be looking up - that is, until the previous owner’s long-lost partner, Isabel Lovelace, arrives on the scene and tries to reclaim the shop. Can the two women put aside their competitive antagonism and learn to work in harmony?

tripping on my words (’cause i’m falling for you) (rating: PG / tags: post-series, drug/alcohol use, depression, reactions to space trauma, mostly angst but the ending might just be happy, if they can just use their words)

They made it home to Earth. Everything was supposed to go back to normal. So why is Lovelace barely speaking to them? Why is Doug falling back into old bad habits? And can Minkowski get through to either of them before she loses them forever?

cowboy up (rating: PG-13 / tags: total fluff, seriously, don’t look for plot here ‘cause there ain’t one to be found)

“I know what a cowboy is, Ben. But why do I have to dress like one and why on earth did Chet pick that as the theme for the station’s float?”

“…he may have said something about assless chaps.”

“Jack-in-the-Box Jesus, Ben…”

I see Justin as the kind of guy who has two or three or five fancy cocktails, and then goes around a party saying to people, “You know, man, I really love you. You’re just a really epic kind of guy. You know, like, you have a good heart. And that’s so important. I just have so much love for you, man. You’re the best.”

And Stephanie is dopey-eyed because it’s past nine-thirty and she’s more tired than her children, who are running around high on sugar and tripping up the waitstaff. 

Let’s call it a night, folks.