2 WEEKS AGO I watched Riviera (programme on Sky) and thought hm I’d love to go to Monaco and live that life. And boom. Just back from the place with SD1. I always have a vision board I’m working on and little affirmations I say in my head.
Also tumblr and your own blog is so good for confirming your goals and when you see it come up every day, you subconsciously work towards it.

I remember when I had nothing, literally nothing. The only Lux make-up I had was a passed down Clinique powder. But due to me constantly focusing on all these aspects of luxury living- I’ve honestly gained everything I’ve wanted. I’m not even joking. It doesn’t come easily or quickly but somehow when you want something bad enough- life finds a way to give it to you.

I’m still a developing SB but miles and miles ahead of what I used to be like when I first started out.

NeganTrash Fic Masterlist

All of Me - (Fluff) - Jen struggles with her self image, and Negan shows her how delicious she is.

Aphrodisiac [ Part 1 ] + [ Part 2 ] (Smut) - Negan wants to make her his next wife. She’s always turned him down, but now it’s Valentine’s Day and that man can be persistent. 

Artwork - (Smut) - Negan gives her a gift for her birthday.

Bittersweet and Strange [ Part 1 ] + [ Part 2 ] + [ Part 3 ] + [ Part 4 ] + [ Part 5 ] (Smut + Fluff) - When her father doesn’t come back from his scavenging run, she goes looking for him and meets a horrible beast: Negan. This fic mirrors the movie Beauty and the Beast.

The Carnival - (Smut) - The Saviors find a fairgrounds fully intact and Negan asks her to be his date.

Chain Link - (Smut) - Negan catches his new wife climbing his fence.

Devoted [ Part 1 ] + [ Part 2 ] (Smut + Fluff) - Nina gets shot during the fight in Alexandria.

Dirty Talk - (Smut) - Negan’s lieutenant won’t punish the community she’s been put in charge of, so Negan punishes her instead.

The Face of Heaven - (Smut + Angst) - Ari and Ollo are twins surviving in the apocalypse when they meet Negan. This fic is written to mirror the myth of Artemis and Orion.

Frail Love - (Smut + Fluff + Angst) - Her ex boyfriend was abusive and she’s never told Negan.

Fruit of the Dead - (Fluff + Light Smut) - She lives in a community called Terra and grows food with her mother. When Negan sees her playing in the woods, he knows he has to have her. This fic is written to mirror the myth of Hades and Persephone.

Incubus - (DubCon Smut) - It’s Halloween night, and she goes with her friends to an abandoned factory where the spirit of a man in a leather jacket is said to roam the halls. They’re dead-set on capturing proof of him, but she soon discovers he’s not a ghost at all.

Just Pretend - (NonCon Smut) - When Negan takes her into the RV, she escapes into a memory with the man she loves.  

K is for Kneel - (Smut) - Simon catches you playing dress up.

Loyalty [ Part 1 ] + [ Part 2 ] + [ Part 3 ] (M/M Smut) - Rick’s younger brother meets Negan. He’s trying to be strong, but finds himself having a moment of weakness.

Mockery - (Smut + Fluff) - Lana is the queen of sass. Negan may have just met his match.

The Monster - (Fluff / Storycube Challenge) - They find Negan where they least expect him.

Mouse - (Fluff) - Mouse suffers from anxiety and Negan tries to help her cope.

No Good [ Part 1 ] + [ Part 2 ] + [ Part 3 ] (Smut + Angst) - She is Negan’s former wife, and regrets leaving him. After turning to alcohol and Simon for comfort, she decides to visit Negan late one night.

Nymph - (Fluff + Angst) - Negan finds a child in the woods and brings her back to the Sanctuary.

Pet - (Smut) - Negan “pets” his favorite kitten.

Pins and Needles - (Smut + Fluff) - She’s always been invisible to Negan, but when she agrees to become his wife to get medication to control her pain, she sets out to make him finally see her.

Raise Hell - (Multi Chapter + Slow Burn) - Doveport is a little community just trying to survive in the apocalypse. Elle finally feels like she’s found a home…and then she meets Negan.

Red | Redder | Reddest (Smut) - Her boyfriend hates when she wears lipstick, but Negan doesn’t mind a little red. 

Road Trip - (Smut) - Negan’s wife feels cooped up inside the Sanctuary’s walls, so he takes her on a little trip.

Sugar and Spice - (Fluff + Slight Angst) - She has a huge crush on Negan and would do anything to make him happy. He misses the taste of real pumpkin pie, so she sets out to make it for him.

Thirsty - (Angst + Violence) - Negan doesn’t do anything randomly. He lets his lady pick his victims.

Tools of Survival - (Smut + Fluff + Angst) - She has been feeling really insecure about herself, and wishes she could see the upper floors of the Sanctuary (OC is in a wheelchair).

Tyrant - (M/M Smut) - Rick has two options: he can die, or he can serve his king.

Where The Heart Is - (Smut + Fluff + Angst) - Negan’s wife has a work meeting and he spends Saturday with their daughter Emma. 

Wings - (Angst) - Angela is in the lineup with her friends and family when they meet Negan. 

Rey has tasted sweets before.

At around eleven, when she really should have been old enough to know not to pursue such frivolous things, she traded an especially well-polished piece of scrap for a bag of candy at Niima outpost. It melted together and then hardened into a massive colorful mass of sugar on the trip back to the AT-AT she began recently fashioning into her home.

It looked a bit like a prismacolor meteor. That did not manage to deter Rey, who licked carefully at one end of it for half an hour the first night. Her tongue was raw and tingling and probably splotched five different colors, but she felt satisfied. Over the next few months, she took tiny licks at the candy in order to save it for as long as possible. She didn’t try to get any more as she had finally begun to realize that portions were more nutritious, if not as long lasting, as the candy.

So when Han Solo described cake to her—“You know, kid, that sweet bready stuff with icing on top, for birthdays and weddings and all that junk”—that lump of melted candy was the only frame of reference that she had. Chewie helped by explaining to her that the base was the aforementioned sweet bread while icing was sugar and butter. Icing, according to him, was nice-smelling and sweet-tasting but it got stuck in his fur whenever any of the Solo family had a birthday.

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The amazing Tatiana Maslany


First trip with kdaddy, it was really sweet of him to get me business class. Transited in HK and told him i need to get some sunscreen but actually aiming for all the shit that is there in the duty free 😬

We checked in to a room with 2 single beds. Well.. actually I prefer that way. Yes, we do get intimate, but every night we’re sleeping on separate beds. He knows I can’t cuddle-sleep, also I tend to be on my phone most nights before I sleep, hah. 🙈

The hardest about travelling with SD IMO is having to look presentable at all time. And thank god he brought a few friends, otherwise I think we would ran out of things to say for the 4 days trip, or I died of boredom because I can’t tell anyone I’m on the trip. My family and friends were all thinking that I’m at school.

Overall, I had SO MUCH fun. My two other friends (posted about turning them to SBs awhile ago) who were on the trip with me did contribute to the experience too. But, the happiest things of all, my friends approve of my SD. 👍And they thought he is too kind and generous (isn’t that what every SB looking for? XD) Really though, I was glad and very proud of Kdaddy. I had a few on and off SDs before and no one come close to him. It is really not about how rich he is ( net worth of 10 mil but will never spend a single cent on you is BS), but how much he actually care and willing to spoil.

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In regards to the writing prompts, would you mind writing about two girls who are falling in love while on a road trip?

grapefruit & sugar
has never tasted so good.

she exists by each ink stroke,
by each gold dapple. she is
the storm on the sea of galilee,
the flower carrier,
the ceiling of the sistine chapel -
tulle clouds smudging
the embrace of two girls.

when the sunlight turns gold,
when the white rockroses turn gold,
when she is gold,

this is heaven, this is heaven.

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Taehyung and u making cookies?💋💋💋

“Taehyung, please stop.” You spoke through gritted teeth. This was the fifth time he’d dropped a full egg into the mixing bowl.

“I’m sorry, Jagi.” He looked miserable, eyes droopy and lips in a pout.

“It’s okay babe, but why don’t you just stay out the kitchen for now?”

“Why?” He tried to grab some sugar with a scoop, tripping while leaning over you, he fell, sending the two of you too the floor. Pulling the flour down with him.

“Because of that! For fucks sake, stop moving! You’re getting flour in my hair!”

“I’m sorry jagi.” He whined, trying to hug you and snuggle into you further.

“Get off.” He groaned, getting up and offering you a hand. You took it, getting back to putting a new batch of cookies in the oven. You felt something hit your back, something wet and slimy. “Tae, that wasn’t what I think it was, was it?”
You turned, reaching up to touch your back, squealing as you felt egg shell and yolk run down your back.

“Sorry, Jagi.” He giggled, mouth wide open and holding onto the counter. He gasped when he felt a glob of flour in his mouth.

~ Reva (this was bad)

Me walking past Rebecca Sugar on the street: *trips* OOPS! it seems I’ve dropped all of my STEVEN UNIVERSE FAN COMICS everywhere *picks one up* like THIS ONE about Onion becoming HUGE and EATING BEACH CITY *picks up another* and THIS ONE about ALL OF THE GEMS TURNING INTO DOGS SO STEVEN CAN ENTER A DOG SHOW and, and, *picks up another* and MY RESUME,,