And some little rudeness if you don’t mind~

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Sugar Update 💋

Finessed a trip to Hawaii with one of my Splendas after Christmas.

Charlie is buying a condo in the carribean, I’m excited to keep my tan poppin’.

Thor has been busy with work and has been neglecting me, but my allowance was on time so it’s whatever.

Snagged a young Splenda, he couldn’t afford my allowance but dropped a few thousand when we went shopping on our first date. Now all he wants is me to be an ongoing non sexual date to his work events in exchange for bi monthly shopping trips and gifts upon arrival. He brought me Burberry booties on a whim yesterday, so he’s cool.

Still haven’t found a replacement for Ryan, but I’m working on it. My wallet is feeling the stress of that missing 7k.

oh heeellll yeah

okay so it’s finals week for me and Shores wanted to take me out to lunch for a little pick me up! he took me to this nice organic healthy restaurant at a mall and the food was AMAZING. Ancient grain bowl with chicken haha I thought it would be hard to get nice food together because he’s vegan but easier than I thought. Anyway, we were eating and talking about working out because he’s a huge athlete. I was telling him how I don’t have a lot of work out clothes and he was like “oh, i think lululemon is right around the corner. let’s go there after lunch.” So, after lunch, we go and he just tells me to go in and pick whatever I want. I knew lululemon was pretty pricey but i didn’t know it was THIS pricey haha Anyway, when the cashier was ringing us up, I saw the price and tried to play it cool but I involuntarily gasped when I saw the total. He dropped $446.09 in one store! like it was no big deal! It didn’t even phase him! And he wants to take me to Nike to get me new sports bras and hopefully I can get him to get me new running shoes. :D He also bought me a dress and he’s going to show me when he gets back from LA! I’m really hoping this works out because Shores and I hit a bump last week. 

He’s texting me a lot and I’m hoping to slowly get him obsessed with me :P 

wish me luck, ladies! xoxo

MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING POCKETS! Don’t throw shade at the next bitch because she’s spending her money on vacations and bags. Money is made to be SPENT and LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED TO THE FULLEST. You are missing out on your own life worrying about everyone else’s.


Pictures from Taiwan, eating everything edition. 

Food in Taipei is NOT A JOKE. Everyone knows a noodle place in an alley or a bakery in a train station that will be the best thing ever. I know I am lucky to live in a great food city, but in Taipei, there are flavors that can’t be even be found in the farthest corners of Flushing, Queens. 

Sure, there’s the duck blood / stinky tofu / preserved egg / weirdness quality. But there’s also this heightened element of texture. Like how donuts can be QQ (bouncy) like a perfect udon noodle, or how thickened soup can suspend bamboo shoots, or when the crispness from your bread-on-bread breakfast sandwich comes from both charcoal-baked sesame cakes and fried crullers. Seafood is going to taste amazing, everywhere. I’d never had a sugar-apple until this trip (it was weird, but I’m on board). The defining feature of many fruits seems to be juiciness or crispness rather than sweetness, but grape tomatoes are like candy. You can have an insane meal for under $3 USD, and there’s going to be goji berries floating in your hot pot. Sweetness and ice levels in all beverages can be customized. KFC somehow has the best egg tarts? I don’t even know. 

I’m jealous of everyone eating everything in Taipei, right now and ever.