Wapol’s is Big Mom’s son

I know this sounds like bullshit but bare with me on this

  • Big Mom’s kids are mostly named after sweets and pastries, though in some cases the names are corrupted like how Purin’s name is a mistranslation of Pudding. Wapol (whose family name is never given) could very easily be a corruption of Waffle
  • Almost every canon food-based DF is under her control. Her kids can manipulate biscuits, jelly, and whipped cream, turn people to sugar sculptures and juice people by wringing them out. Wapol’s fruit is the only canon exception
  • Big Mom is a huge believer in political marriages, and Wapol’s father was king of Drum Island, one of the 20 nations who fucking run the One Piece world. Wapol may have been a pushover, but his political power was incredible

We already know Wapol is coming back into the story, because he said after Dressrosa he’s planning on getting revenge on Dalton and Vivi during the Reverie. If he’s planning on showing up to his sister’s wedding, he might show up even sooner than that!

Enter a Getty Center gallery in Los Angeles, and you’ll be greeted by a nine-foot long sculpture of the Greek sorceress Circe transforming Odysseus’s men into swine.

What’s most remarkable about this piece is that every inch of it – from the ornamental balustrade to the fine pink, yellow and white sands in the miniature garden — is made of sugar.

The sugar palace might have been the centerpiece of an 18th century French wedding table. Today, it’s part of a Getty exhibit called “The Edible Monument: The Art of Food for Festivals” that runs until Mar. 16.

Let them Eat Sugar Sculpture! The Getty Celebrates Edible Table Art

Photo: Abbie Fentress Swanson for NPR