Law of Attraction

The mind is literally so powerful. Please create a vision board of who you want to be, what you want to attract into your life, and what you want to achieve. I have a vision board where I cut out certain things from magazines/printed things out and taped them to a board. I won’t share it because I don’t think anyone should share their vision board. It’s meant for only you. Every day meditate, envision your life in this way. If you want to live like a millionaire, then make your subconscious believe it. Your conscious mind will start doing things and making decisions you need to make in order to reach that level. Always express gratitude. Be thankful for where you are but keep going for where you want to be!

one sited - tom holland

Words: 4k

Paring: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: fluff, ANGST 

Request : @almost-golden-again  Your girl needs something to get through tomdaya dating confirmation. Can u do an unrequited love fic for reader at tom or tom at reader. Either one is good!

A/N: feedback is always welcomed! English is not my first language and I have dyslexia so if there are typos I’m sorry!

AND if there is someone who would like to check my writings before I post them because I really could use some help! let me know if you are interested! and ofc thank you @dragonborn791924  for helping me out!


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You hand known Tom for couple of years, you two had met by your good friend Harry who happened to be Tom’s younger brother. You met Harry when you first moved to London at a house party. After being friends with Harry for couple of months you finally met his older brother who was working on a film in the States. It was a small get together with friends after he got home and Harry dragged you along with him.

“Come on it will be fun, you will finally meet him.” Harry had told you when you two were getting coffee in your favorite cafe.

“That’s the point I don’t know him and it’s a get together with his FRIENDS.” You tell him and thank the barista for your coffee and walk to a small table by the window.  

“He wants to meet you too.” He tells you before he takes a sip of his hot coffee.

“Well I will meet him another time. It would be awkward and uncomfortable if I came with you.”  You really did want to meet him, you were a fan of spiderman and he was an amazing actor but still he was Harry’s brother and you didn’t want to freak out when you met him and first of all you didn’t want to invade his first time with his friends after getting home for the first time in months.

“But he asked me to bring you!” he tried again.

“Don’t lie to me, Harry.” You laugh and take a sip from your coffee. “I promise that I will meet him but not today.” He left it alone after that and you talked about school and other stuff until he turned to look at the door and a wide smile appeared on his face. He got up and you turned to look at what he was looking. It was Harrison. You had met him once or twice by now.

“Mate, what are you doing here?” Harry smiled and walked up to him. They talked a little and Harry pointed at you at some point. Then they walked up to you.

“Hey, Y/N.” Harrison smiled and sat down next to you.


“Harry here told me you don’t want to come today? Why?” You cave Harry a clare before turning back to Harrison.

“Oh I don’t think it’s a good idea. You should just hang out in your little group.” You tell him and drink your cold coffee.

“Well I’m not taking no for an answer so I will see you tonight.” He didn’t let you answer as he got up and left the cafe.

You remember how nervous you were when you walked to his house. You had been there before but never when he was home. It was a nice house pretty close to Harry’s parents house. You still remember that you were running a little late and Harry had texted you that everyone was there all ready.

You knocked at the door and waited to someone to open the door. You were sure that Harry would open the door because you had texted him that you were almost there. BUt when the door opened you could hear laughter from inside and music. You looked up at the man at the door. He looked a little like Harry, but he had messy brown curls and deep brown eyes, you could fall in love with him.

“Oh, Y/N right!?” He asked in a happy tone and moved to the side so you could get inside.

“Ye-yeah.” You smile and walk inside. It was winter and it was really cold outside. You took off your jacket and shoes before turning to face the man.

“Mm… Hey.” You smiled and he smiled back.

“Hey.” You don’t know how long you two stand there staring into each others eyes.

“Hey Tom. Was it Y/N?…. ohh.” It was Harry who walked in. You blushed and turned to face your friend.

“Hey Harry.” You walked to him and gave him a hug, like you always did.

“You want a drink?” He asked and led you to the kitchen with him. You got a beer and you walked into the living room. There weren’t a lot of people but you knew that all of them were good friends. You just smiled and sat down next to Harrison and Harry sat down next to you. You talked with Harry when Tom finally walked into the living room. You eyes met with his and he gave you a small smile before walking to Sam and talking about something.

The whole night you two stole glances from each other but you two didn’t talk much but it felt like love at the first sight. After that night Harry would bring you to with him everytime he was hanging out with Tom. So in a month you and Tom were friends. You sometimes hung out just with Tom and it was nice. He would always make you feel good, he would make you laugh and he would always complimed you. He always called you honey, but sometimes with other pet name that would make your heart skip a beat. He was everything you could ever wish in a guy. You weren’t sure when you had realized that you had fallen in love with him.

You walked into the room with three beers in your hand. You gave one to Harrison and one to Tom. You sat down on the coffee table.

“So are you going to ask her out?” Harrison asked Tom.

“What are you two talking about?” You tried to not sound jealous or suprised.

“Tom met this hot girl and he wants to ask her out but he doesn’t have the balls to do it.” Harrison laughed and you tried your best to laugh with him.

“Are you going to ask her out?” You asked Tom. He just smiled and looked at his phone.

“Come on tell us.” Harrison said and tried to take his phone from him.

“I just did.” Is all he said and gave you two a smirk.

After that he started dating this girl and then you realized that you liked him more than a friend. You hated how he would ask help from you for dates and gifts for her. You hated how you helped him and how he never had time for you because he was always with her. But after four months he broke up with her because he found out that she was just using him for money and fame. You were there for him when he cried and told you how no one ever would love him for him, what a lie.

You hear your doorbell ring and you pause your Netflix and get up from the couch. You walk to the door and open the door who ever was at your door in 11 at night.

“Tom?” You ask as you see his puffy red eyes and tear stained cheeks.

“She… She… Used me.” He told you and started to sob. You let him inside your small apartment and lock the door after you. He walks to your couch and sits down. Tom runs his hands across his face and then pulls at his hair.

“No one will ever fall in love with me just for me, they always want money.” He told you as he pulls you next to him onto the couch. You wrap your hands around his body and let him sob into you.

“Shh… It will be okay. i promise.” You tell him. You try your best to calm him down. “She didn’t deserve your love, you know that right.” You tell him and takes his cheeks into your hands and make him face you. “You are the most amazing guy I know and I’m so lucky to call you my friend.” You tell him and kiss his forehead. “You will find someone who loves you for you.” You loved him for him, you loved him more than anything but how could you tell him that?

You were there for him always. When he landed in the middle of the night it was you who picked him up. It was you who helped him to get ready for roles and it was you every single time he needed a friend. You were always there to hold him when he needed to cry, you were there for him always. Because you loved your best friend.

“You know that you are my best friend, right?” Tom told you as you two were cooking dinner.

“But Harrison?” You laughed and turned to face him.

“Yeah he is too in a different way but you are too.” He smiles at you. Your heart melted at that moment.

“Well, you are my best friend too. Don’t tell Harry that.” You joke and bring him into a tight hug. “I love you.” You whisper.

“I love you too Y/N.” Tom tells you and lets go of you and gets back to the cooking. Oh, how you wanted to just say ‘No, I mean I’m in love with you. I love you. Not like a friend but as much more, so much more.’ but you never could tell him that. You didn’t want to lose him. So you just smile sadly and get back to cooking.

All the little things that you did together from shopping, walking Tessa to movie nights, how he always made you feel special. How he would take you into his arms or play with your fingers when you were just talking.

“What movie do you wanna watch?” Tom asked as he falls on to the couch next to you.

“I don’t really care. Anything you want.” You tell him and lay down, your head on his lap. It was a little chilly in the room so you grabbed a blanket and pulled it over you. You were wearing joggers and one of Tom’s hoodies.

“What are you in the mood for? Horror, comedy, romantic?” He asked again. You hated watching romantic movies with him or movies that had sex scenes in them, because you wanted to be in the movie with Tom and have his love and feel his hands all around your body.

“I had a bad day so a comedy maybe?” You told him, he looked a little concerned. You didn’t like to tell him about your bad days because they really weren’t actually that bad but they still made you feel a little sad. You just wanted Tom to be happy and not to worry about you.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He looked you into the eyes and it made you uncomfortable so you turned your eyes to the tv.

“It’s not important.”

“Of course it is honey! Now tell me and then we will watch a movie and eat ice cream.” And then you told him how you had a bad day at school how some girl had been mean at you and how a teacher had yelled at you because you were late, again. And he listened to you closely and played with your fingers to relax you. He made you feel good about yourself once again.

“Please, next time when you have a bad day tell me. I’m here for you honey.” Tom pleaded and kisses your forehead. Oh, how you wanted to feel his lips on yours.

You really thought that he liked you too, more than a friend when he asked you to join his family to dinner. He had never even invited a girlfriend to a real family dinner so it made you really nervous. You had met his parents many times before but to have a fancy dinner with them feeled more official.

“So we are having dinner this Friday with my family.” Tom told you as he turned to face you better on the couch.

“So?” You laugh, you knew that he was having dinner with his family but why was he telling you about it?

“I was wondering if you wanted to come with me?” He asked, did he mean as a date or a friend?

“Umm, sure?” it was more like a question then a reply. You didn’t know how to ask him if it was a date or not.

“Okay good because I told my mom already that you will come.” He laughed and his laugh made you laugh too, like always.

You did have dinner with his family that Friday and it was really nice. Every time you got nerves Tom would take your hand under the table and make you feel safe. You loved his family and they always made you feel like you were part of the family.

You still can remember the day you took Tom to the airport when he was leaving to film his new Spiderman movie. He had hugged you so tight and whispered that he loved you and would miss you like crazy and how you were so sure he would kiss you, finally.

“I wish you could come with me.” He told you as he hugged you.

“I wish I could come too but you know I can’t, I have work and school.” You tell him and rest your head in his neck.

“I love you so much and I will miss you like crazy.” He told you. His hand fell from around you and you were ready to take a step back when he put his hands on your cheeks. He leaned in and you were so sure he would kiss you but then he kissed your nose. You felt like you couldn’t breath anymore and how a lump started growing in back of your throat. Oh how you loved him and how you wanted to stay in his arms forever. He made you always feel so safe, he felt like home, no he was your home.

“I love you too, Tommy and I’m pretty sure I will miss you more.” you tell him. He hugs you one last time and lets go of you. You can feel a tear run down your face. He whips it away and kisses your forehead.

“I will see you as soon as I can.” he tells you and starts walking away from you.

“I love you!” You call after him and he turns to look you.

“Love you more honey! Text me when you get home safe.” He tells you and you watch him leave you.

When you and Tom had been friends for almost three years he had called you and told you that he had found someone who would love him for him. That call broke your heart but you tried your best to sound happy and listen to him as he talked about Zendaya. You knew Zendaya you had met her too. She was lovely and amazing she was everything you weren’t. She was smart, funny, beautiful, and she was so similar to Tom, they lived their life in fame and she got him on that level where you didn’t. They had started dating when they filmed the second Spiderman movie.

Of course they had fallen in love, they were traveling Europe, in the most beautiful and romantic cities. They must have had the time of their lives. After that day when he had told you that he and Zendaya were together he didn’t call or text you as much he used to and when he did he only talked about Zendaya. But you didn’t want to hurt yourself anymore so you stopped texting him and you didn’t answer to his calls anymore, it was too hard.

They had finished the filming for ‘Far From Home’ and he was back in London, but how you know that when he didn’t even text you anymore was a mystery.

Harry was lying on your couch and you were doing your homework.

“So when are you going to see Tom?” he asked. You looked up at him with a shock.

“He… He’s back?” You whispered and he nod.

“Didn’t you know?”

“No, no I didn’t.” Is all you told him and went back to your homework. After a while you told Harry that you had somewhere to be and he had left. As the door closed you locked it and turned around, you slid down against the door and let the tears run down your cheeks. Before he left for filming you two were best friends, did everything together and were everywhere together. But now it was just you, no Tom.

You and Tom didn’t talk for a month, it was the hardest month of your life. You saw his every Instagram post and every post by Harrison, Harry, Sam or Zendaya about him. It hurt so much but you didn’t try to text or call him. It was Harry’s and Sam’s birthday. You didn’t want to go at all because you knew that he would be there and you were pretty sure that Zendaya would be there with him too. But how could you say no to Harry when you didn’t tell him the reason why you didn’t talk to Tom anymore. Every time he asked you just said that you and Tom had drifted apart.

You knocked at the too familiar wooden door. Of course there were hosting their party at Tom’s house. You were wearing a cute little black dress and you hair curled, you were fixing your hair as the door swing open.

“Y/N?” You hear a too familiar voice say your name. You put on your best smile and looked up at him.

“Hey, Tom.” is all you said to him. You walked in past him and walked into the house. The house was filled with people. You heard Tom call your name again after you but you didn’t stop, you just kept walking until you saw Harry talking to someone you didn’t recognize because their back was facing you. She looked pretty even from the back. She had beautiful dark hair and her body looked amazing in the dress she was wearing. You walked up to them and before you could turn to face the girl Harry hugged you.

“Y/N. Missed you and thank you for coming.” You could hear the smile on his voice.

“Happy birthday and of course I would come.” you tell him and hug him a little tighter before letting go of him. That’s when you realize who he was talking to, Zendaya.

“Oh hey.” You smile at her.

“Heyyy.” She smiles back and hugs you. Even her hugs were perfect. You excused yourself from them and looked for Sam. When you found him with his girlfriend.

“Happy birthday old man.” you joked to him and hug him and his girl, Elysia. You talked to them for a while about everything and anything because it had been a while since you had seen them, you had avoided everyone from the Holland family but Harry was the hated one because if you didn’t answer him he would just come to your place.

But then you saw that Tom was walking to you. You told Sam and Elysia that you needed to use the bathroom and left. You could see the smile drop from Tom’s face but you couldn’t talk to him, it was too hard to actually face him after all this time.

Every time you saw Tom close you would walk away or lock yourself into the bathroom for awhile so he wouldn’t find you, but when you were playing beer pong with Harry, Tom and Zendaya walked up to you two. You wanted to run but where?

“Can we talk?” Tom whispered to your ear.

“I’m playing.” You tell him.

“I can take over?” Zendaya told you. Of course, she would.

“That’s fine to me.” Harry talked and you couldn’t say no to them because then Harry would know that something was wrong.

Tom took your hand and walked you to upstairs to his bedroom. It had been months since you had been there. The last time that you were there you had been lying on the bed with Tom and you two had talked about your dreams.

“What are your dreams in life?” Tom asked. You turned to face him and let out a small laugh.

“Well, I want to travel the world and help people.” You tell him and turn to face the chealing again. “What about you, Tommy?” He tells you, you can feel his eyes burning into you.

“I’m living my dream. But I would love to have a family one day. Get married and have kids.” He tells you.

“I want that too.” You tell him. You feel his hand around you and he brings you into a hug without saying anything. You wanted the family with him, but he would never know that.

He lets go of your hand as he closes the door behind you two. You look around his bedroom, it looked the same but there was a huge suitcase full with girls clothes. There was a new picture on his nightstand. It was him and Zendaya in Paris kissing, he looked happy. How you wished he would be happy with you and take you to Paris and kiss you like that.

“What happened?” His words cut your string of thought.

“What do you mean?” You ask, you didn’t turn around to face him because you knew you would start crying but he takes your hand and makes you to face him. You don’t lift your eyes from the floor but when you feel his fingers underneath your chin you have to look at him. He didn’t look happy, he looked sad and in pain.

“Why aren’t we friends anymore?” He whispers and you just let out a dry laugh you can feel the burning in your throat and how tears were threatening to fall. “I miss you like crazy.”

“Don’t ask that.” you tell him and turn to look out of the window. “I would lie.” you whisper and wipe the tear that had escaped from your eye.

“Then don’t lie. Tell me the truth.” He sounded so sad and almost like he was begging you to tell him.

“I can’t tell you.” You whisper and turn to look him. He had tears running down his face.

“Did I do something? Did I hurt you?” He asked you

“No… maybe. I don’t know.”

“Did someone else hurt you, please tell me, darling.” Oh how you hated it how he used the pet name he called you. Before you loved when he called you by pet names but you knew that now he called someone else by those names.

“No Tom, please don’t make me do this.” Now you were crying. How could you tell him now after everything that you were in love with your best friend.

“I don’t want to lose you.” He wraps his arms around you. You feel his forehead against back of your neck and you can feel his tears on your skin.

“I… I love you.” You whisper and he hugs you tighter.

“I love you too, you are my best friend.” You push him of you and turn to face him again.

“No!” You yell and you let a sob out. “I’m in love with you! In love, do you get it! Not like a friend more than a friend!” You yell at him. You can see the shock written all over his face.

“You… You are IN love with me?” he whispers like if he did say it any louder you would break and maybe you would.

“I’m in love with you, so fucking in love!” You sob and walk to the door but he stops you and makes you look at him. “I can’t watch you fall in love with someone so perfect, someone I could never be. It hurts so much Tom.” He tries you hug you but you just push him off you.

“Leave me alone! Never call or text me, ever again, please let me just go!” You whisper before turning around and walking out of his room, then from his house and from his life.


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Free styling advice (again)

Websites have made new babies lazy. Girls were getting money long before apps and websites. One of the differences in my opinion between sugaring and escorting is there is no rush. Escorting is faster cash, time for money. Sugar is different. It’s not time for money. It’s companionship for money. Companionship meaning not only intimacy. You cannnot rush it. It’s about mind games and mental domination. Men will view you as the prize if sugaring is done right. You are the trophy because of who you are not them because they give you money.

With that being said, you must use your sugar senses (like spidey senses) to figure out if a man has the ability to be a SD. Like I’ve said previously, a lot of men are daddies without even knowing there’s a name for it. You don’t ever even have to use the word “allowance”.

As a BABY, it is your job to know how to seduce a man into wanting to be a daddy. If you don’t know how to do it, then hang up the Agent Provocateur baby girl cause this life isn’t for you.

I’ll give a personal example and I hope this helps.

I met a guy from a dating site that was very vanilla. He even mentioned in his profile that he is strictly not a sd and hated that babies were contacting him. I didn’t let that stop me. First time we met I blew his mind. I was mysterious, intelligent, funny, sexy, wore a short dress that showed my legs and I was very bold. I flirted my ass off. Laughed at every joke. I could tell he was so shocked and shy. After that, I texted him almost every day like I was 17 with a crush. He wasn’t used to that much consistent attention from someone as hot and young as me. Then after about 3 weeks, I decided to test the generosity… I had a flight and I complained about being in the back of the plane (which I wasn’t), he instantly sent me money to upgrade my seat to first class, I never even asked. Then told him my back was hurting and needed a good massage, he sent me $500. Never asked again. It got to the point I started to boldly always ask for money and he would send It. He never asked what for. After about 2 months, he would send money without me bringing something up or asking. Even though he advertised he isn’t a daddy, I turned him into one.

“That’s how a hot girl do it.” - Queen Saweetie