sugar todd


Shades of Pale

By Mary Brown Malouf, photography by Adam Finkle, art direction by Scott Cullins, wardrobe by Marcus Gardner. Shot on location at Utah Olympic Oval, Kearns, Utah. Starring Eddy Alvarez, Sugar Todd, and Brittany Bowe.

Eddy Alvarez, Short Track
Eddy started out as an inline skater in Florida. He switched to blades from wheels and moved to Salt Lake City to join the national team, but he took a brief hiatus while a student at SLCC to play baseball. Now he’s back on the ice full-time, and as a short track skater, that means full time. “I practice six to 10 hours a day, six days a week,” says Eddy, a first-generation American. The move to Utah “was a huge culture shock,” he says. “It’s quiet, compared to Miami. But for me, it’s perfect.”