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My DGHDA silly headcanons

• Todd likes musicals. He has a whole collections of soundtrack records hidden in his closet right next to wear he hides Dirk’s jackets
• Dirk once tried to borrow Farah’s jacket. Never again.
• Farah handcuffs Dirk to drawer handles in the apartment if he starts really annoying them. Calls it “Time Out”
• Amanda usually joins Dirk when he’s in time out and the others aren’t around. They swap stories. Dirk talks about cases, Amanda talks about Todd. It’s why Dirk knows a weird amount about him
• Dirk steals Todd’s band shirts on Laundry day.
• Todd will never admit he thinks the band shirts look good on Dirk
• Dirk will never admit that although he loves the shirts they oddly smell of bananas. Like all the time. Nothing gets rid of the weird banana smell.
• There are times when Todd stays up late drinking because he’s feeling real down so Dirk brings the record player into the living room and sits with Todd in the dark whilst they both listen to the entirety of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.
• In Amanda’s contacts, Dirk is called Literal Sunshine
• The rowdy three wrecked Todd’s apartment. They apologised but the sofa will never be fixed.
• Dirk refuses to tell anyone what the red jacket really is for but Estevez borrowed it?
• Vogle cannot tie his shoe laces. Amanda lets him borrow her boot laces to practice.
• Cross can be a bit shaky at times with his hands (I blame the obscene amount of energy in him) so Martin occasionally feeds him so they don’t make a mess. For Todd’s sake.
• Gripps can sing really well but he’ll only sing in the shower.
• Dirk can’t cook to save his life but he tries. There’s usually a Tupperware box, in the fridge, filled with some sort of mystery meal that no one dares to touch
• Dirk- probably those super sugary colourful cereals (although that’s only when he finds them because Todd always hides them. Dirk and sugar don’t mix well)
• Todd- coffee, that boy hasn’t eaten a proper breakfast since he was 14
• Amanda- cookie crisps (although swaps to the health stuff when Todd is around)
• Farah- probably mainly special k but whenever she’s feeling down she buys some lion cereals)
• Ken- Reese’s Puffs. Loves peanut butter
• Bart- plain cornflakes because she doesn’t understand why she’d eat cereals which have little kids or weird animals on them (although she probably steals Ken’s every once in a while, because they smell so good and she has a bit of a sweet tooth)
• Dirk also buys things like Golden Nuggets or any other yellow cereal for aesthetic
• Dirk also shares his cereal with sharkcat and Rapunzel. Although Todd isn’t happy about it.
• Rowdy 3- haven’t eaten cereal for god knows how long until Amanda joined them. Vogel and Cross seem like they eat the same sugary stuff as Dirk. Anything to give them energy. Gripps seems to be a man with a love for flavour so maybe one of those cinnamon ones. Martin probably shocks the whole system and eats muesli. Without milk. Imagines them as fucking nails.
• Estevez- probably has a quick coffee and baked good (bagel/pastry) on the way to work and he’d pick up a breakfast sub for Zimmerfield on his way.

( thanks to @amanda-is-psychic for help with the cereal sub-section 😂 )

Shades of Pale

By Mary Brown Malouf, photography by Adam Finkle, art direction by Scott Cullins, wardrobe by Marcus Gardner. Shot on location at Utah Olympic Oval, Kearns, Utah. Starring Eddy Alvarez, Sugar Todd, and Brittany Bowe.

Eddy Alvarez, Short Track
Eddy started out as an inline skater in Florida. He switched to blades from wheels and moved to Salt Lake City to join the national team, but he took a brief hiatus while a student at SLCC to play baseball. Now he’s back on the ice full-time, and as a short track skater, that means full time. “I practice six to 10 hours a day, six days a week,” says Eddy, a first-generation American. The move to Utah “was a huge culture shock,” he says. “It’s quiet, compared to Miami. But for me, it’s perfect.”

Bad People (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: First of the prompted fics!

Warnings: None

Request: 23 with Jason Todd

It was a lazy, uneventful afternoon. It was stormy outside, as it usually was in Gotham, and you lay on the couch with Jason.

Your head was rested on his chest, and his arms were around your waist. You relished in the comfort of his heartbeat. 

“Hey, Jason?” you asked quietly, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, sugar?” he responded, slightly tightening his grip around you.

“Do you think we’re bad people?” The question had been plaguing you for a while. You knew what you and Jason did was helping people, but your heart was too soft for it. Every body that you and Jason dropped weighed heavily on your conscience.

Jason took a deep breath before responding. “I am, but not you. You’re too good for this, you know? I’m just too selfish to let you go, is all.”

“Jason, even if you decided to ‘let’ me go, I wouldn’t leave. I love you. I’m just being weak, that’s all. I just- I just need to toughen up, right?” 

“No. Stay the way you are. I like you this way, and I need you to know that you’re not the one hurting people. I am. We’ve been doing this for god knows how long and I’ve never seen you kill. You are not a bad person.” Jason replied, holding you tightly to his chest.

You responded by pressing yourself further into his chest and curling your arms around him as best you could. “I love you.’

“I love you too, sugar.”

Dghda headcannons : morning routines

Todd: a natural night owl, mornings don’t agree with him. Will happily sleep until noon every day. When he does have to wake up early he can’t actually function until his third coffee and even then he’s still tired. Doesn’t eat breakfast, unless last night’s cold pizza counts.

Dirk: has a ridiculously erratic sleep schedule, but unlike Todd when he wakes up it’s all systems go. He usually sings in the shower, awful pop songs that get stuck in Todd’s head. He talks non stop to Todd over the breakfast table and Todd absorbs absolutely none of it. Drinks tea (English breakfast or earl grey). He will join Todd on last nights pizza but he absolutely adores the super sugary American cereals because you don’t find them in Britain and they’re so colourful! But he’s totally unprepared for the amount of sugar in them and Todd has subsequently banned him from buying them bc Dirk on a sugar rush is Too Much.

Farah : wakes up at the same time every day. Even on the weekends. Goes for a run or goes to the gym or the shooting range for an hour. When she gets back home she showers and gets ready while listening to music. She drinks black coffee but doesn’t drink too much of it because it can set off her anxiety. She’s also fond of herbal tea. She usually eats muesli or granola but she will occasionally treat herself to a cream cheese bagel because she adores them.

Amanda: wakes up in back of the rowdy three van. Martin and Vogel are usually awake before her, she has a shower if there’s one available, otherwise she just puts her hair up, briefly washes and joins the others outside. The rowdies don’t need to eat actual food but they always make sure Amanda has some breakfast, although they sometimes are quite creative in their attempts at cooking. Martin can make really good grilled cheese sandwiches over a fire though.

The Rowdy 3: Martin gets up first, goes outside and has a cigarette. If it’s cold he’ll make a fire and sit by it until the others wake up. Vogel always wakes up next and scrambles outside to sit next to Martin, although he can’t sit still for long and races around impatiently for the others to wake up.
Amanda get up next and then Cross and Gripps get up more or less at the same time. Usually by the time they’re all up they’ve started wrecking things and/ or dancing around the fire. Then it’s time to get on to the days mischief.

Most Likely to ______

Jason: most likely to smoke, burn down a building, shoot a gun, wear all leather, read nothing but Jane Austen for a week, eat a steak raw

Roy: most likely to spend all his money on hats, not change underwear for more than a week, get sunburn, wear a fanny pack, eat nothing but cereal

Kori: most likely to accidentally blow something up, join a brothel, innocently insult someone, scare the shit out people unintentionally, get a sugar daddy

You Won't Ever Be Lonely (Neil, Todd, Charlie)

Summary: Neil’s been busy, and Todd is upset about it. Charlie decides to step in. (Thank you to the anon & @nowayyeswaygerardway for sending me the prompts I wrote this off of! Hope you all enjoy! x)

Neil had been gone more and more recently, and it was driving Todd crazy. Rehearsals, on top of hiding said rehearsals from his father, added on to all their school work, Todd felt like he never saw his roommate. And it was really starting to bother him.

Todd was used to being lonely; he’d never really had friends before he came to Welton. But he’d almost forgotten what loneliness felt like after meeting Neil and the others. It was almost like relapsing; falling back into the bad after being good for so long. And he wasn’t doing a very good job of hiding it either. The other boys had started to catch on to his suddenly more distant, gloomy attitude. They tried to cheer him up, but it most went unnoticed by the stubborn teen.
But Charlie Dalton was even more stubborn than him.

A pounding knock on his dorm room door made Todd jump, looking up from his notebook, which he’d been scribbling in instead of doing his homework. 

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Imagine Carol and Therese shopping together and looking at lingerie and Therese finds something nice but puts it down as soon as she sees the price and Carol saw and it broke her heart
Later that night they’re eating dinner and Carol asks, “What did you think of that red garter set at the store?”
And Therese is all embarrassed because she knows money isn’t an issue for Carol so she just kinda shrugs and says “It was nice I suppose but I didn’t particularly need it.”
And Carol slides a package across the table
“But I’d particularly like to see you in it.”
She winks and just walks off towards the bedroom and Therese is just left sitting there surprised and oddly turned on.
UPDATE: This is now a complete fic! Published at

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(Because I'm in the mood to do something like this, don't low why) "It's ok to call me what I am. A whore, no need to sugar coat it," Todd stated, crossing his arms. His parents had kicked him out a while ago, and in order to pay rent he needed a job. This one was easy and didn't need an aplication filled out or a resume handed in

The manager looked Todd up and down. “Well you are very agile and nimble all our workers. Ok if you can manage it, you have the job as a new male stripper.” She said with a smile.

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Jason and Damian brotherly relationship is the one relationship I have MIGHTY NEED to see fleshed out in the comics. From shared history of Talia as a mother/mother figure and both of them having killed before, with Damian now believing his fathers methods while Jason opposes it. I need to see them challenge each others beliefs while having to work together and also Jason just being a big bro and Damian actually warming up to him I need that i need it so bad


Like there is so much untapped potential there. Their history with Talia. Their dying. Their similarities in being seen as ‘bad Robins/problem children.’ Their traumatic childhoods. Their issues with fitting in/being accepted by the ones they love. Like holy shit, DC, a Jason and Damian bonding story/arc/title practically writes itself. 

We saw glimpses of it in Robin War, but that was not enough to satisfy me. I need more. Ten million years more. I need Jason to be Damian’s number one big brother so bad, it hurts. 

Honestly, my outlandish hope is that if DC is going to take away Robin: Son of Batman, then give him three partnership books. One with Dick, one with Jason and one with Tim. Build their brother-relationships. Hell, give him a team book with Steph and with Cass, too. Rebuild the Batfamily you destroyed in New52 from the ground up. Let Damian save the day, and this franchise, and get the family he wants and deserves. 

Easy fix, DC, and I can almost hypothetically guarantee you you’d make a crapton more money. 

But even if they couldn’t/wouldn’t do all of that, fine. Give me a Damian and Jason team book. Make Jason Damian’s new canon dad. Throw Damian in with the Outlaws and give him ten parents. Make Jason and his Ginger Squad the most protective parents in the whole world. It’s all I want. Pretty please with sugar on top.