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Paladin Cocktails #1

I expect to do a few variations on this sort of post as alternate ideas are presented or folk recommend modifications to the recipes. These are all alcoholic and therefore not intended for fans under 21. There is one in the works for some of our alien characters as well.

These are strong drinks because that’s how mod likes her drinks. Please feel welcome to tag @vldquizsnacks​ or submit pics to us if you make these and take pictures!

Detailed cocktail recipes under the cut!

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Top 5 skincare products✨

Not sure why I decided to drop this, but my skin care routine has been ON POINT this year and wanted to share it with the rest of Tumblr. Use it, don’t, make some edits and let me know how they turn out for you. My melanin has been sparkling all year though so I really wanted to share the love. Enjoy✨

African black soap: I tend to gravitate towards the Shea Moisture brand although it’s very drying in areas with harder water, so using a great moisturizer is key. Those of you with soft water, you’re blessed. I tend to use this on my face despite the risk. On sensitive skin areas, (face and cooch) do NOT let this sit long. Trust me, please don’t.

Apple Cider Vinegar: This is a life saver! Since my skin doesn’t break out often, I tend to only use this once a week or when I do get a minor breakout. Mix this half and half with water, applying to the face with a cotton ball and let dry. Super easy.

Lemon, honey, oatmeal/sugar exfoliator: I love making products myself when I can. Plus, these ingredients are sooooo good for you! The lemon brightens your skin, and in this mix gets rid of unwanted facial hair with continued use over time. The honey makes such a great moisturizer and my skin feels so soft and smooth after I use it. The oatmeal after you grind it up as fine as possible, (I like to use a mortar and pestle, but a blender works fine too) calms down redness and irritation, even caused by acne. I tend to substitute sugar when I’m going for a lip scrub. With oatmeal, I’ll apply twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Let this set for twenty minutes, then in outward circular motions, rub off, rinsing off with COLD water. With the lip scrub, I’ll use at least once a week or before using matte lip stick.

Eucerin Healing Soothing Repair Cream: This works MIRACLES for me. Where I currently go to school, the water is super harsh so keeping my skin moisturized is a necessity, especially since my combination skin develops eczema when dry. A dot or two of this is enough to keep my entire face moisturizer and dewy in appearance. If I do happen to use too much, it’s easy to blot with a paper towel. In the summer, the product is great because I’ll forgo foundation or bb cream and just use this.

WATER: A no brainer but this is so important for good skin. I love to use the H2OPAL App to keep track of my intake. It also calculates how much you need based on temperature, age, weight and height which cuts out a lot of guesswork for you. It also will calculate how much you should drink by certain parts of the day. HYDRATE.😊


Herbs, flowers, fruits, wood: The substitutes you can count on!

You’ll probably be using at least one of the above things in most magical workings. Here’s a quick breakdown! 

ROSEMARY: Rosemary can substitute for any herb. Used for its own properties, it is a good component in cleansing baths, can be kept under the pillow to remember dreams, and things associated with memory: memorable impressions, recall, and enhancement of one’s own memory. In cooking, it makes a delicious addition to savory dishes and meats, while also providing a complex flavor to sweet applications. Rosemary infused in honey or tea is strong and tasty, and it adds a sophisticated edge to simple sweets like sugar cookies.

ROSE: Rose can substitute for any flower. Make sure to only get roses for culinary applications or grow your own, since those from a florist will likely contain pesticides! Roses are known for their uses in love spells, but are also used in many applications calling for happy, benign energy. Rose can soothe an angry heart, especially if the anger is due to relationship issues. In cooking, rose is a delicate floral note that can easily be lost under intense flavor, and is best highlighted in sweet or mild applications. Rose petals and rosehips make great tea, and can be jellied for a vitamin-C rich treat. Rose petals can be infused into oil, honey, sugars, and alcohol. Rose water can be used to enhance the flavor, but be sparing—storebought rosewater does not taste as light as homemade, and can overpower and ruin natural floral flavors.

LEMON/ORANGE: Fruit substitutions are less straightforward than others, but lemon, orange, and occasionally apple are considered solid go-tos. Pick whichever is right for the working or recipe, based either on intent or the other spell components! Lemon is associated with water and the moon, and used frequently in purifying and cleansing—both magical and non-magical. Lemon and honey in hot water is a great remedy for sore throat and indigestion, and the smell of lemon will perk you right up on a sleepy morning. Lemon (or any citrus) peel infuses fantastically in sugar, honey, booze, etc. Avoid using pith (the white stuff) and stick to the flavorful zest and juice. Zest is great in practically any baked good, and simply pouring hot water over used lemon rinds will make you entire house smell amazing.

PINE: Pine is regarded as a good substitute for most resins and woods. Pine resin is easy to collect, as are the needles, with a little reading on the species of tree. Pine is thought to banish sickness and bring in prosperity and luck, and often hung over doors or mixed into fragrant sachets to place under pillows. Pine needle tea is bitter, but rich in vitamins A and C; it should be incorporated sparingly to cooking applications, and you may want to enhance it with mint to avoid overuse of the bitter pine taste. In outdoor cooking, pine smells beautiful under a grill or in a fire.

CLARIFICATION: Some people have pointed out that pine can be dangerous to burn due to the high quantities of resin in the wood. This is not untrue! Pine can produce larger quantities of creosote and smoke, due to the resin and tar in logs. However, unless you cook with an all-pine fire regularly, it is not likely to reach dangerous levels (which you wouldn’t anyway, because all-pine fires will make your food taste like a BUTT). I also specified that it should be outdoor flame, since in a wood stove it can cause dangerous buildup. Also, not a great idea to use exclusively pine wood in a fire, as it won’t burn as well/won’t taste great; it’s best when cut with oak. Since pine burns hot, I like to start my bonfire/grill with it, and then pile apple or cherry wood on for the actual cooking an hour later. A few good pine logs/handful of chips will burn well, smell great, and be largely harmless. So like most spell components, research well and use in moderation! 

TOBACCO: Substitute for any poisonous herb. NOT FOR CULINARY USE. It is worth mentioning only in the case that someone is adapting a non-edible spell or ritual into an edible recipe that includes a poisonous herb—NEVER bring toxic plants into the kitchen, at risk of cross-contamination, and instead substitute tobacco by burning a cigarette near the pot (or, if you don’t want that in the house, burning it outside and catching a little smoke in a bottle to bring in). Do not add ashes to the cooking, as they are also poisonous. Don’t let this anywhere near your mouth.

QUARTZ: Not exactly a cooking ingredient, but stones are often used in magic and it is possible to bring them into the kitchen. Clear quartz is a good substitute for any stone you may not have, as it cleanly amplifies energies. While I wouldn’t ever put stones IN something you intend to eat, if you insist on soaking a stone/crystal in liquid recipe ingredients (water, tea, milk, etc), use quartz or another safe stone; malachite, copper, and many other minerals become poisonous when introduced to liquid environments. Don’t put any stone in something acidic, like juice, unless you are POSITIVE it will 1. not erode, and 2. not poison you. Don’t put crystals or stones in overly hot or boiling water, as this could cause them to crack and explode. And if they DO, don’t eat anything with sharp little crystal bits in it! Seriously, treat small shattered crystals like you would glass shards.

Most of these substitute ingredients are entirely edible (or at least mostly harmless) in some form, so if you’re trying to adapt a nonedible spell to baking or cooking, consider using some of these subs in the place of less…digestible…spell components. There are usually plenty of other subs with the properties you need, but these steadfast six are not only reliable, but pretty easy to acquire!

Wanna learn about HoneyBees and Honey?

I’m not going to start discourse on this publicly so if you want to talk to me you’ll have to pm me about it or send a non anon ask, but

bee keepers do NOT hurt or stress out bees to get their honey.

Yes we supplement them with sugar water during the droughts and when flowers aren’t at their peak.

Those up north also supplement them with sugar water as well as their own honey to make sure that they will last over the winter. 

No, it is not cheaper to kill your bees than take care of them over the winter. No one does that. It costs 150 or more for a starting nucleus of bees which doesn’t give you enough to get excess honey until after a year so to get enough bees off the bat to jump back to where you were you’d need hundreds of dollars and that clearly isn’t cheaper than wrapping them up with some of their honey and some sugar water. 

No, people don’t go into their hives during the winter storms in the snow to give them sugar water instead of leaving them honey. even with flowers bees use a mason jar of sugar water all up in 2-3 days, you don’t take all their honey and give them gallons of sugar water. Thats not even practical. Don’t listen to these lies. 

No you don’t kill any bees by taking their honey. There are multiple boxes, bottom boxes are for babies, brood boxes, theres a separator so the queen doesn’t make babies in the top boxes, called supers. On the top boxes, you take out the frames and bees move by themselves, some people smoke them away before lifting the frames, or you can take a very soft bristle brush called a bee brush and usher them. Usually they don’t stay messing around on capped honey though. 

Facts about smokers! Can smokers hurt bees? Truth? Yes. They CAN. Doesn’t mean they do. People usually use pellets or pine needles and natural things in their smokers that they can just pick up off the ground. They don’t produce a hot smoke. You can easily check this by spraying your arm and if its too hot for you its too hot for the bees, which it never is if you use the right stuff. Otherwise the smoker works by interrupting their dances and vibrations to each other that tell them to work. Instead they go deeper into their hive closer to the queen to get her signals back. This doesn’t hurt them, just interrupts them for a minute so that you don’t hurt or squish them when taking out frames. 

Bees need us. Only 6% of wild honey bees last in the wild. They have a LOT of enemies and without us they would be extinct at the moment. They need help against mites, many beetles, wasps, bears, and other little buddies you can find in the wild. We check their young, make sure they are growing properly, get enough food and water, and need help to properly split when there are too many of them and taking their honey is like helping them by cleaning the clutter in their house because they make more honey than they can use. They wont just stop working, keeping them in place is vital for their survival. 

I’m just really tired of the lies about bees and if people protest against honey or beekeepers. I’m sure you’ve all seen the posts about how most of our produce and plants will go away. They need us as much as we need them. 

Also note, 75% of honey in grocery stores is just a weird sugar substitute in a form that replicates honey. So if you want to support the bees, please pay attention to what you buy! 

Sorry if this turns people off, but this is very important to me and one of the only places I can actually get word out. I’m very blessed to have you all with me and once I’m all settled I will do that giveaway I was talking about with stim toys! Thanks for listening <3


Regrowing Miracle Fruit

Fresh miracle fruit is pretty damn expensive. The Hubs and I procured a few berries for a fun Saturday night in…which is still cheaper than a night out in the city. We rubbed the pulp of the berry on our tongues, which actually tasted like the unpleasant flavor of Sweetn’Low. Then we gorged ourselves on everything sour tasting we can find. Lemons. Limes. Tabasco Sauce. Salt and vinegar chips. Kimchi. Greek yogurt. Hot dog with mustard. Due to the effects of the miraculin protein binding to our sweetness receptors, what was sour now tastes like it’s been encrusted with a pure sugar. Beer kinda tasted like chocolate milk and sweet strawberries taste even sweeter if you can imagine.

Of course, I saved the seeds and stuck them in the side of an indoor pot. I totally forgot about them, but then 2 months later, lo and behold my two little miracle fruit seedlings…

pretty-love-ly  asked:

Isn't supporting bee keepers by buying honey kind of a good thing? Like its a double edged sword bc we shouldn't use animals as food and all but right now with the changing climate and GMO crops and colony collapse disorder it's killing off bees and we desperately need them, so isn't it a good thing that bee keepers are keeping bees alive?

Hi there pretty-love-ly!

We’ve been tricked into believing that honey is simply a byproduct of the essential pollination provided by farmed honeybees. Did you know though that the honeybee’s wild counterparts (such as bumblebees, carpenter and digger bees) are much better pollinators? They are also less likely than farmed honeybees to be affected by mites and Africanized bees. The issue is that these native bees can hibernate for up to 11 months out of the year and do not live in large colonies. Thus, they do not produce massive amounts of honey for a  $157 million dollar a year industry.

Honey and the Different Types of Bees

Honey bees: Honey bees make a large quantity of honey (possible due to the size of colonies – that is, many worker bees collecting nectar). Honey consists of nectar combined with a ‘bee enzyme’ that goes through a process of concentration in the honeycomb before it is capped by the bees.

Bumblebees: Bumblebees, in one sense, make a form of honey, which they collect in nectar pots to be eaten by the colony, including the newly hatched worker females. However, the process of concentrating, capping, and the making of honey combs does not happen in bumblebee colonies, nor is nectar stored over winter, since only the queen survives and hibernates, whilst the rest of the colony do not.

Solitary bees: Solitary bees do not make honeycombs. They construct egg cells which they provision with a ball of nectar and pollen that will be consumed by the new larvae.

Honey bees will pollinate many plant species that are not native to their natural habitat but are often inefficient pollinators of such plants.

The crops that can be only pollinated by honey bees are:

• Guar Bean
• Quince
• Lemon
• Lime
• Karite
• Tamarind

The crops that are pollinated by bees, in general, are:

• Apples
• Mangos
• Rambutan
• Kiwi Fruit
• Plums
• Peaches
• Nectarines
• Guava
• Rose Hips
• Pomegranites
• Pears
• Black and Red Currants
• Alfalfa
• Okra
• Strawberries
• Onions
• Cashews
• Cactus
• Prickly Pear
• Apricots
• Allspice
• Avocados
• Passion Fruit
• Lima Beans
• Kidney Beans
• Adzuki Beans
• Green Beans
• Orchid Plants
• Custard Apples
• Cherries
• Celery
• Coffee
• Walnut
• Cotton
• Lychee
• Flax
• Acerola – used in Vitamin C supplements
• Macadamia Nuts
• Sunflower Oil
• Goa beans
• Lemons
• Buckwheat
• Figs
• Fennel
• Limes
• Quince
• Carrots
• Persimmons
• Palm Oil
• Loquat
• Durian
• Cucumber
• Hazelnut
• Cantaloupe
• Tangelos
• Coriander
• Caraway
• Chestnut
• Watermelon
• Star Apples
• Coconut
• Tangerines
• Boysenberries
• Starfruit
• Brazil Nuts
• Beets
• Mustard Seed
• Rapeseed
• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Cabbage
• Brussels Sprouts
• Bok Choy (Chinese Cabbage)
• Turnips
• Congo Beans
• Sword beans
• Chili peppers, red peppers, bell peppers, green peppers
• Papaya
• Safflower
• Sesame
• Eggplant
• Raspberries
• Elderberries
• Blackberries
• Clover
• Tamarind
• Cocoa
• Black Eyed Peas
• Vanilla
• Cranberries
• Tomatoes
• Grapes

Check this chart to see which type of bees can pollinate those crops.

While you may spread a heaping tablespoon of honey on your morning toast without thinking, creating each drop is no small feat. To make one pound of honey, a colony must visit over two million flowers, flying over 55,000 miles, at up to 15 miles per hour to do so. During a bee’s lifetime, she will only make approximately one teaspoon of honey, which is essential to the hive for times when nectar is scarce, such as during winter. At times, there may be an excess in the hive, but this amount is difficult to determine and large-scale beekeepers often remove all or most of it and replace it with a sugar or corn syrup substitute. Can you imagine someone removing all the fruit juice from your house and replacing it with fruit-flavored soda? It may still give you energy, but eventually, it will probably make you sick.


Another thing to think about while you sit by your beeswax candle and contemplate the lives of these little fellows is that bees must consume approximately eight pounds of honey to produce each pound of wax! And the more we take from them (bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis) the harder these creatures must work and the more bees are needed, which isn’t good news for a population that is dwindling.

When you see a jar of honey, you may think of the sweet cartoon hives depicted in childhood stories such as Winnie the Pooh. But most hives are now confined to large boxes (a completely foreign shape to bees) that are jostled and shipped around the country to pollinate crops and produce honey. This is stressful and confusing to the bees’ natural navigation systems. Along the way, bees are lost and killed, and may spread diseases from one infected hive to another. The practice of bee farming often limits the bees’ diet to monoculture crops, introduces large amounts of pesticides into their systems and causes the farmed bees to crowd out the native wild pollinators that may have been otherwise present. Beekeepers (even small-scale backyard beekeepers) will also kill the queens if they feel the hive is in danger of swarming (fleeing their file cabinet shaped homes) or drones* that they deem unnecessary to honey production. * The drones’ main function is to fertilize the queen when needed.

We have got to the point where we mass exploit honeybees as pollinators to fix a problem that should be fixed from the roots and not partially.

“At certain times of the year, three or four trucks carrying beehives rumble along Highway 20 every week. Their destination: California, where the bees are required for pollination services. During my time in California researching dairy farms, I learned about an extraordinary consequence of intensive farming taken to extremes: industrialized pollination - a business that is rapidly expanding as the natural bee population collapses. In certain parts of the world, as a result of industrial farming, there are no longer enough bees to pollinate the crops. Farmers are forced to hire or rent them in”
— Farmagedon. The True Cost of Cheap Meat

The Case of the Disappearing Bees

The question of what will happen if bees disappear may not be far from being answered. Over the past couple of years, stories about bees disappearing and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) have been popping up in the The New York Times, Star Tribune, Huffington Post, PBS, Discovery News and more. If nothing else wakes us up, perhaps the fact that the disappearance of bees has become front page news will. Scientists are rushing to discover what’s causing this problem before it’s too late and before we lose the important environmental link created by bees.

Thus far, there are three main theories/contributing factors:

  • Pesticides

Pennsylvania State University published a study in 2010 that found “unprecedented levels” of pesticides in honeybees and hives in the United States. (If it’s in the bees and hives, what do you think is in your honey?) Some of these chemicals are killing bees, and guess what? The EPA knows about it.

“The EPA identifies two specific neonicotinoids, imidacloprid and clothianidin, as highly toxic to bees. Both chemicals cause symptoms in bees such as memory loss, navigation disruption, paralysis, and death.

Both chemicals have been linked to dramatic honeybee deaths and subsequent suspensions of their use in France and Germany. Several European countries have already suspended them. Last year Slovenia and Italy also suspended their use for what they consider a significant risk to honeybee populations.”

– Mother Earth News

This is old news; this story came out in 2009. But has anything changed here? Not as far as I can tell.

  • Mites and Viruses

With weakened immune systems (stress, inferior food sources, pesticides etc.) bees have become more susceptible to viruses, fungal infections, and mites. Many of these invasive bugs are spread as hives are moved around the country or transferred from country to country.

While there are a number of treatments on the market for the mites, viruses, fungus and other pests that are attacking our colonies, none have solved the problem completely. These treatments can also introduce antibiotics, pesticides and other chemicals into the hives in an attempt to prevent or heal the infection. If these chemicals (often on strips) are not removed from the hive after they lose potency, they can, in fact, help the viruses or mites become resistant to treatment in the future.

  • Cell phones

This is one of the newest theories on CCD and may need further testing.

“According to a Swiss researcher who recently published a paper on the subject, the electromagnetic waves from mobile phones have a significant impact on the behavior of honeybees and could potentially be harming honeybees around the world.”

“To test the relationship between honeybees and buzzing cell phones, he placed phones inside bee hives and then monitored the bees’ reaction. He found that in the presence of actively communicating cellphones (those not in standby mode), bees produced the sounds known as “worker piping,” which tends to indicate disturbance in a bee colony.”

– ABC News

Cell phones, pesticides and viruses aside, commercial bee farming – whether organic (where bee deaths are fewer, but still occur) or conventional – does not provide bees with the opportunity to live out their normal life cycle. No matter how small the animal, farming is farming. Whether you choose to buy backyard honey or a large brand, eating honey and using other bee products encourages using bees for profit.

If you truly want to save bees as a whole and not only honey bees because is much more convenient.. then support bee sanctuaries, boycott the agribusiness and its use of chemicals everywhere. Here I leave some ideas and ways to help bees.

  • Sanctuaries
  1. Spikenard Farm  Honeybee Sanctuary | • Virginia, USA •
  2. New York Bee Sanctuary | • New York, USA •
  3. Native Bee Sanctuary | • Australia •
  4. Artemis Smiles - Honey Bee Sanctuary | • Hawaii, USA •
  5. Urban Evergreen Bee Sanctuary | • Washington, USA •
  6. The Honeybee Helpers | • North West, Ireland •
  7. Bee Sanctuary - The Bee School | • North Carolina, USA •
  8. Bellingen Bee Sanctuary | • Australia •
  9. Morgan Freeman Converted His 124 Acre Ranch Into A Bee Sanctuary To Help Save The Bees
  • Plant your garden with bee-friendly plants

In areas of the country where there are few agricultural crops, honeybees rely upon garden flowers to ensure they have a diverse diet and to provide nectar and pollen. Encourage honeybees to visit your garden by planting single flowering plants and vegetables. Go for all the allium family, all the mints, all beans except French beans and flowering herbs. Bees like daisy-shaped flowers - asters and sunflowers, also tall plants like hollyhocks, larkspur and foxgloves. Bees need a lot of pollen and trees are a good source of food. Willows and lime trees are exceptionally good.

  • Encourage local authorities to use bee-friendly plants in public spaces

Some of the country’s best gardens and open spaces are managed by local authorities. Recently these authorities have recognised the value of planning gardens, roundabouts and other areas with flowers that attract bees. Encourage your authority to improve the area you live in by adventurous planting schemes. These can often be maintained by local residents if the authority feels they do not have sufficient resources.

  • Weeds can be a good thing

Contrary to popular belief, a lawn full of clover and dandelions is not just a good thing—it’s a great thing! A haven for honeybees (and other native pollinators too). Don’t be so nervous about letting your lawn live a little. Wildflowers, many of which we might classify as weeds, are some of the most important food sources for native North American bees. If some of these are “weeds” you chose to get rid of (say you want to pull out that blackberry bush that’s taking over), let it bloom first for the bees and then before it goes to seed, pull it out or trim it back!

  • Don’t use chemicals or pesticides to treat your lawn or garden

Yes, they make your lawn look pristine and pretty, but they’re actually doing the opposite to the life in your biosphere. The chemicals and pest treatments you put on your lawn and garden can cause damage to the honeybees systems. These treatments are especially damaging if applied while the flowers are in bloom as they will get into the pollen and nectar and be taken back to the bee hive where they also get into the honey—which in turn means they can get into us. Pesticides, specifically neo-nicotinoid varieties have been one of the major culprits in Colony Collapse Disorder.

  • Bees are thirsty. Put a small basin of fresh water outside your home

You may not have known this one—but it’s easy and it’s true! If you have a lot of bees starting to come to your new garden of native plants, wildflowers, and flowering herbs, put a little water basin out (a bird bath with some stones in it for them to crawl on does a nice trick). They will appreciate it!

  • Let dandelions and clover grow in your yard.

Dandelions and clover are two of the bees’ favorite foods – they provide tons of nourishment and pollen for our pollinators to make honey and to feed their young (look at this bee frolicking in a dandelion below – like a pig in shit!) And these flowers could not be any easier to grow – all you have to do is not do anything.

I highly recommend also taking a look at this article too as honey is tested on animals, yes, as it says and the article explains honey is tested on dogs, cats, goats, rabbits, mice, rats…

As you can see, there is much more than saying “let’s help the bees by eating honey, vegans are dumb, they need to eat honey because what they eat relies on it”... We can save the bees without taking away the honey they produce, that’s a fact.

Honey is meant as a health food; a healthy food for bees. The more we interfere with their natural processes, both by relying on farmed bees as pollinators (rather than other native wild bees, insects or animals) and to feed our desires for “sweets,” the close we’re coming to agricultural disaster.


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Beautiful Girl

Originally posted by bluerangerpower

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “Hi! Mah I request a Jeff Atkins domestic fluff pls? :)”

Words: 1.052

A/N: Here’s another Jeff imagine, because he really deserved better! I am writing many imagines in these days and I can’t wait for you to read them. I am still finishing my previous requests, but soon I finish them, I will post a prompt list for 13 reasons why characters.
Hope you keep on reading my stuffs, because your nice messages keep me motivated. Thank you.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name.

Being sick was one of the things that you hated the most. Your clogged nose was killing you slowly and you couldn’t bear with your sore throat, luckily your boyfriend Jeff skipped school to spend the day with you at your home and to take care of you, also to spoil you.

“Good evening, sleepy head.” Your boyfriend greeted you as he gave you a warm kiss on your temple. You weren’t feeling well the whole day and you spent your afternoon cuddling, sleeping and resting on Jeff’s chest. “How was your sleep?”

“It sucked,” You looked up to him and you caught his sad gaze. He didn’t want to see you in that way. “my throat is killing me.”

“That’s awful.” He sighed as he drew small circles on your arm, feeling your soft and smooth skin. “Can you wait while I make a cup of tea for you?” He knew that it would make you feel better.

“With a little bit of honey?” You smiled widely, since you adored using honey as your sugar substitute.

“Of course, lovely.” He chuckled as he thought of how cute you were. You slowly got up from his chest and you fixed yourself on the bed. “I’ll be back soon, okay?”

“Alright, my love.” He smiled widely and he gave you a quick peck on your lips, not caring of your sickness.

“Jeff Atkins!” You restrained him from kissing you because you didn’t want him to catch colds or to ruin his voice with a sore throat, even though it would be just temporarily. You slapped his muscular arm playfully and he ran towards the door to avoid other slaps.

“Sorry, not sorry.” He stuck his tongue out and you just shook your head for your boyfriend’s childish actions. You let him go downstairs and prepare some tea, probably he would prepare it for the whole family too, being an altruist as he was. Your family loved Jeff for that, he was really a thoughtful kid.

You and Jeff have been together for months and you were really happy whenever you were with him. You knew him after one of his baseball games, when he approached you because he saw how you cheered for your school’s team. He thought that you were pretty good at cheering, but he never convinced you to join your school’s cheerleading team.

You loved Jeff so much and he was different to any other jocks that you’ve dated. Jeff was the nicest of them all, he knew how to treat a girl right and he was a gentleman. The thing that you liked in him the most was that he wouldn’t do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable or would hurt you.

As you thought of your boyfriend, a wide smile escaped from your mouth and you thought that you were so lucky to have him in your life. It was your turn to find a decent guy, finally.

“Hot Chamomile tea with honey for my beautiful girlfriend.” Jeff calmly said as he put the cup of tea on your bedside table, together with your handkerchief, thermometer, nasal inhaler sticks and medicines.

“Shut up, you bluffer!” You both let out a loud laugh and he kissed you on your forehead once again.

“But I think that you are beautiful!” Jeff debated as he wanted to convince you that you really were. He wasn’t calling you in that way just to please you, but he really thought that he had the prettiest girlfriend in the world.

“Babe, I have the messiest hair and I look like a scavenger at this exact moment.” You rolled your eyes as you carefully took the cup from the bedside table. “How can you say that I am beautiful?”

“Because you really are.” He sat beside you and he caressed your red and hot tempered cheeks. “I don’t care if you have a messy hair, deep black eye bags or pimples, you will always be beautiful in my eyes.” He explained to you and you smiled widely as you cooled down your tea by blowing on it.

“Do you really think that?” You bit your lip and he honestly nodded. “That’s the sweetest thing ever, babe.” You slowly sipped from the cup and you loved Jeff even more, because he was great at making tea too.

“I’m just stating the truth.” He kissed the tip of your nose, being careful not to bump your arm and not to spill your hot relaxing tea.

You carefully put the teacup back on its place. “I love you so much, Atkins!” You faced him as you sweetly caressed his cheek with your hand.

“I surely love you more, (Y/L/N).” He replied as he grabbed your chin and kissed you on your lips quickly.

“I said that I am sick and I don’t want for you to be infected!” You frowned as you scolded him for his actions.

“I don’t care!” Jeff wasn’t really a hard-headed guy, except when you contradict his opinions. He would always have his thoughts and he wouldn’t abandon them to make you happy, mostly when it was about complimenting you. “I wouldn’t give up on kissing you, just because you don’t want for me to get your virus.”

“Mulish!” You exclaimed but he just shrugged it off and he just pulled you in a tight hug. You laughed at his actions and he peppered you with his kisses, while lying on the bed.

Lazy and sick evenings with your boyfriend were one of the things that you looked up to. It didn’t matter if Jeff was stubborn and wouldn’t stop kissing you, even if you said so. You honestly loved that he didn’t care for your sickness and he didn’t give up on anything.

He would never give up on anything whenever it came to you, to your relationship. He would always kiss you or he would always think that you were beautiful nevertheless your sickness.

He wouldn’t be tired to repeat the same things, because he knew how insecure you were. He loved to express the truth to cheer you up and to improve your self-esteem, your messy hair didn’t matter to him, neither when you could be compared to a scavenger.

You were his beautiful girl and you would always be.

Keto/Dairy free food list

Fats and Oils

  • Avocados
  • Eggs (fried, deviled, boiled, poached, scrambled, etc.) *try to get cage free/free range
  • Butter/Ghee (some dairy free people can handle this)
  • Coconut Butter
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Macadamia Oil
  • MCT Oil


  • Fish (catfish, cod, flounder, halibut, mackerel, mani-mahi, salmon, snapper, trout, and tuna) 
  • Shellfish (clams, oysters, lobster, crab, scallops, mussels, squid)
  • Beef (Ground beef, steak, roasts, and stew meat) Stick with fattier cuts where possible aka eat as much RIBEYE as possible lol
  • Pork (Ground pork, pork loin, pork chops, tenderloin, and ham)
  • Poultry (Chicken, duck, turkey)
  • Other Meat (Veal, Goat, Lamb)
  • Bacon and Sausage!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Fruits and Veggies

  • tomato
  • eggplant
  • peppers.
  • onion
  • parsnip
  • garlic
  • mushrooms
  • squash.
  • raspberries
  • blackberries
  • blueberries.
  • lemon
  • lime
  • cabbage
  • cauliflower
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • kale
  • romaine lettuce
  • green bell pepper
  • green beans  

Nuts and seeds

  • macadamia nuts
  • brazil nuts
  • pecans
  • almonds
  • hazelnuts


  • Water
  • Broth ( Loaded with vitamins and nutrients. More importantly, it will kickstart your energy by replenishing your electrolytes)
  • Coffee 
  • Tea (black or green)
  • Coconut/Almond milk. You can use the unsweetened versions in the carton from the store to replace your favorite dairy beverage.
  • Flavoring. The small packets that are flavored with sucralose or stevia are fine. You can alternatively add a squeeze of lemon, lime, or orange to your water bottle.
  • Alcohol. Choose hard liquor

Condiments and Sauces

  • Ketchup (choose low, or no sugar added)
  • Mustard
  • Hot Sauce
  • Mayonnaise (choose cage-free and avocado oil where possible)
  • Sauerkraut (choose low, or no sugar added)
  • Relish (choose low, or no sugar added)
  • Horseradish
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Salad Dressings (choose fattier dressings like ranch, caesar, and unsweetened vinaigrettes)


  • Stevia. One of the most common sugar substitutions used on the market today. Incredibly sweet with no glycemic impact. The liquid form is preferred.
  • Sucralose. A very easy, but very sweet substitution to sugar that has a lot of misinformation around it. Many people confuse this with Splenda, but sucralose is the pure sweetener. Liquid versions are preferred.
  • Erythritol. This is a great sugar substitution that has 0 glycemic impact. It’s special because it passes through our bodies undigested, and is excreted without absorbing the carbs.
  • Monk fruit. This is a less common sweetener and usually used in combination with others. While somewhat rare, if you can find it, it makes a great balanced sweetener.
  • Various blends. There are numerous brands on the market that combine these sweeteners in their ratios. Be careful and read the ingredients.

Spider-yeast, spider-yeast, 
Does whatever a spider-please

(I use a spider-man plastic cereal bowl for proofing yeast because it works GREAT.)

Pretzel bites ACHIEVED. The substitute brown sugar was okay, but real brown sugar wouldn’t have clumped as much in the flour. Also it seemed like not enough oil, so I used closer to a quarter of a cup than an eighth. 

And I finally replaced my pastry brush after The Incident. I KNOW IT’S A BASTING BRUSH but it worked really well, washes more easily, and it was only a dollar at the hardware store. I’m sure something in it is going to kill me eventually.

The pretzel bites came out delicious and using celery salt for a topping ended up being pretty genius because it’s salty but not too salty, which is usually my problem with pretzels in general. Also, next time I’m just going to stuff them all with garlic cheese, because that shit is delicious.

Sugar Substitutes

Sugar definitely has been the hardest thing (other than cheese) for me to give up- especially because I love to bake. Luckily, there are plenty of websites that can help you find sugar substitutes. Many recipes will recommend replacing sugar with honey, but for the endometriosis diet you should not use honey. Instead, you should try fruit juice, dates, bananas or fruit puree.
So far, I’ve found these endometriosis-diet-friendly substitutes:

This is a traditional Japanese product made by fermenting sweet brown rice into a thick liquid. Good for cooking/baking.

Brown Rice Syrup
A naturally processed sweetener made from sprouted brown rice. Thick and mild-flavored.

Date Sugar
A powder made from ground-up dried dates. Expensive and does not melt well.

Fruit Juice Concentrates
These are made by cooking down fruit juices to a sweeter and more concentrated product which can be frozen to increase shelf life.

Maple Syrup
Don’t be cheap with this- get the good stuff simply because it’s delicious. (Grade B is good for cooking)

I spent the day making Pink Salt!
I wanted something to use in friendship/love attracting magic that would also work for self love/positivity,
And here it is!

I used
Pink Himalayan salt, which works as a sea salt substitute,
Sugar, for a little sweetness,
A couple small dried red rose petals for love, dried and ground,
A few peony petals, (peony roots used to be worn in necklaces during weddings! They’re great for attracting lovey things and a good symbol for devotion in general!)
A few drops of vanilla, (peony, however, does not smell so good. The extract made it smell sweet, as well as adding all the good things vanilla has to offer-
Calming, consolation, happiness, and good luck!)

I did add a few dried drops of blood, to give a little boost and add a bit of myself to the mix. No blood is necessary in making this! You can use a tiny bit of hair or a piece of something you’re attached to, just as easily. A bit of cloth from an old t shirt works just fine!
Always be careful in drawing blood for ritual/magical purposes. Be safe, be sanitary, and if under age, be supervised or ask for help/permission.

Substitute sugar and cream in your coffee with honey or stevia and almond milk!

Honey is so good for you, and can help with allergies, but if you don’t like/ eat honest, try stevia. And kick the dairy! Almond milk or even coconut milk (it’s honestly SOOO good) is way better for you, and removing dairy helps with you’re skin and digestive issues.

here’s my contribution to the Coke discourse: i earnestly believe that if most adults had never had coke before and were given a glass of it now, they’d find it extremely unpleasant and most people only continue buying and consuming it because they drank it as children when all of our taste buds are Wired Only For Pure Sugar 

ETA: as for the proponents of sugar-substitute soda, i’m very sorry you enjoy the taste of carbonated pennies

of course the same could be said for almost anything so this post has absolutely no meaning or point beyond me slapping up a klonopin-slurred post-it note nobody asked for on the window that says “cola of any variety is syrupy saccharine filth that leaves a revolting film on your teeth and is inherently Unclean”

i don’t have a horse in this race, don’t @ me

to borrow a phrase from @tamitaylorsglassofwine, thanks for subscribing 

little dceu metropolis things from time out shortlist: metropolis
  • ‘while the neighbouring gotham city can seem insular, metropolis welcomes you with open arms’
  • tourists visiting metropolis always reference the attack, but locals prefer to talk about the rebuilding process or point them to heroes park (where grassy expanses cover the gravity weapon remnants and a large statue of superman has been placed)
  • heroes park is dedicated to those who lost their lives on the day of the kryptonian attack and is an area of remembrance and reflection: a symbol of the citizens resilience (which makes it even more powerful that keefe attacked superman’s monument here, it’s a place of peace)  
  • metropolis grew out of a colonial outpost, leveraging it’s position on the atlantic to become a destination for immigrants’
  • lex corp gentrified the working class area known as ‘suicide slum’. 
  • lex corp is pretty much gentrifying everything.
  • oaktown neighborhood is the ‘immigrant friendly’ enclave. interestingly the only area that isn’t filled with lexcorp employees or under lexcorp charity projects
  • the best restaurants in metropolis has seven month waiting lists
  • lexcorp’s science lab has taken over food: introducing sugar substitutes and fat burning starches to many metropolis diners 
  • during reconstruction of metropolis, the eating habits of it’s citizens changed. they are now more likely to eat at small, local run businesses or prefer a good burger and cold beer. basic menu’s are standard in metropolis and food stands are open throughout the city
  • big belly burger isn’t as popular in metropolis but their burger of choice is the double patty planet special
  • evans pretzel factory has been in business for 75 years
  • the best place to buy superman merch is heroes park or blaze comics (who received a boost in business after superman appeared)
  • sale season in metropolis is end of december to mid jan. second sale season starts memorial day weekend in late may and finishes mid june
  • metropolis is a ‘see and be seen’ city, so don’t be surprised when celebrities mingle in at the club (making it harder for regular customers to get inside)
  • while jazz is more popular in gotham, there are many edm clubs in metropolis and live music is very popular
  • the impact of the kryptonian attack on metropolis’s cultural scene was huge. the theatre district was erased in an instant and the construction of replacement venues is still ongoing. other cultural hubs survived and have since become a venue for the citizens of metropolis to work through their grief and confusion, underlining the cities renewed sense of determination’
  • metropolis is a baseball town
  • metropolis food festival has chef’s from around the world turn up because it’s so famous
  • tomorrow festival is highly anticipated and combines music and free concerts with technological breakthoughs - mostly provided by lexcorp
  • the new years day fun run is attended by thousands as they parktake in a five kilometre run, beginning at 6am to shake off any holiday lethargy
  • lexcorp was the main player in rebuilding metropolis
  • gave thousands of local people jobs and became a symbol of hope in the destruction
  • visitors to heroes park can sign out free audio players and headphones which provide self guided tours and explain the events of the metropolis attack
  • it is a testament to the people of the city that the question of ‘why here?’ didn’t get in the way of decisive action. immediately rescue crews and volunteers descended on metropolis to find survivors and remove the bodies of the fallen. 
  • the epicenter of the shock wave (the kryptonian weapon) would remain undeveloped as a memorial and a reminded. everything was built anew to prove that grief would not be able to paralyze metropolis.
  • lexcorp is not a #selfie spot
  • the daily planet however is
  • ace of clubs bar is owned by bilbo bibowski. hobs bay dock workers call it a lucky charm since bilbo bought the bar with lottery winnings and legend says if you rub its doorknob you will find good fortune. it’s annual st patricks day bash is unforgettable
  • bus trips in metropolis can take twice as long as taxi trip
  • the daily planet app live tweets superman events
  • lois lane’s articles are among the most highly read on the daily planet websites
  • lexcorp dabbles in pretty much everything in metropolis, much like wayne enterprises in gotham

anonymous asked:

Hello! I just wanted to share... when I was about 5-6 y/o, I baked my first bread rolls. I wanted to give them to my grandpa. My grandpa had diabetes, so in my mind, I cannot give him any form of sugar AT ALL. So, my brain processed that NO SUGAR information and decided to substitute the sugar needed for the bread roll into SALT. It was rock hard solid when it came out. Grandpa took a bite anyway to humor me, and some teeth from his dentures came out. And that was my first foray into baking. XD

Oh noooooooo tiny baby salt rolls :D 

Julian's birthday surprise

This is a quick fic i wrote as a collab with the wonderful and talented @blxckthorns . This takes place between Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows. Hope you enjoy!!

    It was that time of year. The Blackthorn siblings gathered in the library to plan what had to be the biggest surprise ever. Julian’s birthday present! Julian would step out of their and Emma’s way for their present to be prepared and the family would get out of Jules’ way when it was time for their birthdays. It was a sort of family tradition. They tried so hard to do the things they thought Julian would like because he always tried so hard for them, but they could never reach his level present-giving perfection. Every year needed to be better than the last though; it was an unspoken rule among them.  

Not that that would be hard this year because last year because… well, they had agreed never to speak about the unwelcome (demon) guest ever again.

But it definitely wasn’t an easy task. Whenever one Blackthorn came up with an idea, another shot it down. Nothing was good enough. One year they had decided to just vote on what to do, but Dru had protested that when it became clear that worked only in the twins’ favour.

“Alright, stop moping and get to work! This is not how you come up with the perfect present!” Emma barged into the room, back from sending Jules away with whatever excuse she had come up with this time. Probably something obscure like an escaped elephant from the zoo, but Jules understood they needed the time.

This year, there were three new thinkers who followed Emma into the room: Mark, Cristina, and Perfect Diego. Dru immediately straightened at the Centurion’s entrance, and Emma stifled a giggle at the younger girl’s antics.

Shaking her head, Livvy leaned towards Ty and whispered something in his ear, and he quickly stood up to leave the room.

“Livvy what’d you do? We said no more cheating the system,” Emma asked, cracking her knuckles interrogation style.

“Yeah!” Tavvy chimed in, shaking his little fist in the air.

“This year, there will be no cheating, only-”

“I hope we aren’t too late. The invitation did say- Oh no, wait! I wasn’t invited.” The voice sounded bored and hurt at once, a talent the Blackthorns had thought only Emma had.

It was Kit, the devilish grin adorning his face at odds with his words. Behind him Ty shuffled in, a less glamorous, less Herondale, entrance.

“So people, when’s the party starting?”

Cue all the Blackthorns’ exasperated sighs. “Take a seat. Both of you.” Livvy grinned at the two boys as Ty sat down next to her again, and she motioned towards a beanbag for Kit. When he sat a few feat away from the table and the rest of the party planners, she sighed and went over to drag him closer. Kit said nothing, but raised an eyebrow at her feat of strength.

“To answer your question, Kit, right now, we’re thinking of what to make Julian for his birthday.”

“I didn’t ask that. I asked when the party was so I could come back then. Why would I care-”

All of a sudden, Mark stood up, so quickly his chair went flying. “I know! We should bake him a, a- what do you call it?” He looked at Cristina, hoping for her assistance.

“A cake?”

Mark nodded his head. “Yes, that one!”

Emma clapped excitedly, as did Dry, who actually squealed. Cristina just frowned at Mark for a second. “Did they not have cakes in Faerie?”

“In revels sometimes. They probably had them at the Courts. But never for us lowly Hunters.”

Cristina shook her head and reached out a hand towards Mark in sympathy.

“Ahem,” Perfect Diego cleared his throat. Cristina dropped her hand quickly, flushing. “I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but Mark’s idea wouldn’t work. Remember Julian’s reaction last time you used his kitchen?”

Everyone shuddered. They definitely did. Kit perked up as if excited to hear the story.

Emma’s response came quickly though. “Shut up you Debbie Downer. We’ll clean up this time. Julian will love it!!” She threw an arm around Mark, probably trying to make up for the clearly romantic moment between Cristina and Emma’s ‘boyfriend’, though the Blackthorns would never know. “Let’s head down to the kitchen. If YOU don’t want to come, Perfect Diego, you can stay here, and we’ll keep your name out of it. But the rest of us are going.” She left the room before any protests could sound.

Slowly everyone got up - even Perfect Diego, albeit reluctantly - and headed to the kitchen where Emma had gone all out to try and clean proof things. She had taken a whole roll of paper towels and spread them across the counters, just in case things got messy and covered the floor in saran wrap. Livvy whispered something about adding paper towels to the shopping list before Jules noticed they were gone, but even then she joined all the others in looking awed by the effort Emma had put in.

“Okay guys! Who’s ready to bake the most amazing cake in the history of cakes?”

“Maybe we could start with the most amazing cake in the history of cakes in Faerie? You know, seeing as they don’t have any,” Kit suggested, earning a dark look from Emma and Cristina, among others.

“Shut up, Herondale. Okay, down to business. Does anyone know how to bake a cake?”

Apart from a grumbled “I’m a Rook, not a Herondale” it was utterly silent. You could hear crickets chirping in the background, it was so quiet.

Emma gave a shaky laugh. “Okay, it can’t be that hard right? All we should need is sugar, flour, and eggs, right?”

“Right.” The response came from Livvy, who was currently winding her way through the crowd to try to grab the listed ingredients from the refrigerator and cupboards, which were covered in bubble wrap for some reason.


“Just taking precautions, by the angel! Some people just don’t understand the art of being careful.”

That earned a snort from Dru and a hurried conversation between the twins explaining the saying.

Emma, with Cortana, sliced open the five layers of bubble wrap covering the fridge and with Livvy’s help gathered all the ingredients she had listed (and some substitutes). They had run out of sugar, so it was Mark, Cristina, and Dru’s jobs to find sweet stuff to put in instead. They didn’t have flour, so with Tavvy left in charge of that, a few daisies were added to the mix a few minutes later.

Then came the real struggle.


“So, where’s the chicken?” Mark asked.

Quickly, Cristina reassured him they already had eggs, and pressed the box in his hands. But clearly the trouble wasn’t over. Mark opened the box and peered in confusedly. “I’m sorry but there’s no chicken eggs in Faerie and I’m pretty sure we had a cook before… everything.”

“What are you trying to say Mark?” Emma smiled knowingly.

It was silent for a while. Then Mark raised his eyes from the eggs and met hers, awkwardly. “Help?” Emma smiled and nodded, wrapping her arms around Mark from behind, but only Cristina could tell her heart wasn’t into the romance of it all. As she guided Mark’s hand to the edge of the counter and tried to teach him how to crack open an egg (which she wasn’t so great at herself), Tavvy rushed past, knocking into them. Emma managed to regain footing but as she stumbled she squashed the egg, and it splattered onto Mark’s shirt.

Dru giggled behind them. “I don’t think that’s how you do it.” Another giggle followed, this time from Tavvy.

A bit of whispering sounded, surprisingly coming from Kit, who was either silent or criticising someone in front of everyone. A second later Livvy and Ty came up behind Emma, who was desperately trying to rub egg from Mark’s shirt (and only making it worse), each with an egg in hand.

“Hey, Mark! Want to learn how to do this properly?” With that cue from Kit, the twins smashed the eggs on both Mark and Emma’s backs.

Emma’s eyes flashed dangerously as she reached for another egg. “Herondale. Ty. Livvy. You all are dead to me.” Then she threw the egg, nailing Kit in the stomach.

“Not. Herondale. Rook,” was the last thing Kit gasped before falling to his knees, clutching his stomach a little overdramatically. Looking up through long lashes he pumped his fist in the air. “Attack!”

A silent pause. Then: the kitchen burst into action. Mark and Cristina joined Emma in throwing eggs and they landed intentionally really far off from their targets. One of the eggs hit the light fixture above them, blowing out the lights. Perfect Diego seemed to have lost it, screaming: “No, not the lights!” and “Put those eggs down!” at random moments. Dru and Tavvy joined the twins in chucking the candy they had been in the process of crushing as substitute for sugar at Perfect Diego, Emma, Cristina, and Mark.

Kit still lay in the middle on the floor, seemingly trying to make snow angels in the saran wrap. It looked innocent enough but Emma soon spotted what he was doing.

“By the angel, you really do want us all to die! Stop that! You little instigator!”

She kicked at Kit’s hand which was clawing away at the saran wrap on the floor, so the ground underneath was covered in egg and candy dust.

“You wouldn’t tell me what happened last time you ruined his kitchen, so I’m causing a repeat.”

Just then, the door to the kitchen flew open. All of the Blackthorns froze. It was Julian.

“Happy Birthday?” Emma called weakly from the dark as an egg slipped down the wall and landed on Jules’ head.

Everyone was silent. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…” Tavvy sang. The rest of the family joined in as Julian just glared at all off them, covered in candy and egg yolk.

Some called it Herondale bravery, but those in the room at that moment would have called it Herondale stupidity, that which caused Kit to grab behind him at an egg yolk and fling it in Julian’s hair. Silence lapsed yet again.

“Oh Kit. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. You refuse to train, and I’ve had 17 years of target practice. I won’t miss.”

Kit looked him straight in the eye, the colour of night sky meeting the colour of the sea. He flashed that trademark devilish from and said: “I’m not afraid of you. This is a food fight. I went to public schools. This is the kind of fight you can’t win.”

Julian smiled, a smile so hard and cold it could cut glass, as he grabbed crushed sugar from the counter and threw it at Kit.


And so for the second time in just a few minutes Kit shouted “Attack!” and all hell broke loose.

Fat bombs

Improvised success:

The balls:
15 g of chocolate protein powder
10 g cream
10 g peanut butter
some water

Topping (melted):
10 g cocoa butter
10 g 100 % cocoa powder
10 g cream
stevia or other keto friendly sugar substitute to taste

Make the balls, drop them in the melted chocolate and put for 15 min in the freezer. Done.

Heaven! 👌