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Sugar - Maroon 5
Eunho Kim Choreography

~*I live to let you shine*~

Finished my Pearl painting! I don’t remember if I’ve painted space before (I know I’ve drawn/illustrated it); that was really fun!

I got inspired by this song which makes me think of Pearl and Rose. 

Steven Universe c) Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar


I think my favorite thing about the episode Onion Friend was how much Vidalia reminded me of Ursula from my favorite Studio Ghibli film, Kiki’s Delivery Service. They had very similar mannerisms and their vibes were so similar!

I also really loved the line from Vidalia to Amethyst. “To be honest, that’s why I started painting you again. I’m–I’m inspired by you Amethyst.” 

It’s very reminiscent of what Ursula says to Kiki!

“When I met you, I got the inspiration to paint this picture.”

Gah! I really love Steven Universe! I think Rebecca and the Crewniverse are doing a spectacular job!