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ADAW 25/52 - Memories

Today is the first anniversary of my Grandma’s death. I have choosen to dedicate this photoshoot to her, with her in memory and was heavy inspired by The Book of Life which helped me a lot during the mourning process.

I created Enrico within this process, using Elijah and his death brother as a metaphor and Enrico is the person helping Elijah with mourning. The mexican way of dealing with loss and having their annual Days of Death (in November) with such loving memories, a celebration of the lost people …. it helped me a lot to feel inspired by them to think of the happy times I had with my Grandma and how many things she did for us. It is still a hard topic for me, it only has been a year after all.

A big thanks again to @mismantisbjd for giving Enrico the face up he needed.


I have been busy with some crazy commissions again lately, but when the wigs from @beansproutmomo arrived I had to set a little time aside to work on the lovely ladies they were designed for <3

You already met Bethany the yeti, now it is time to introduce Azucar! After these two ladies, I just want like, ALL the wigs haha!

Azucar will be available for adoption shortly. I had so much fun with her, some more skull-ladies might be in the cards for future projects…


KRYOLAN are my go-to brand when it comes to most of my makeup needs, especially when Halloween rolls around. You will see me using many of their specialist products within my tutorials. 

I know many of you are looking for effective yet easy costumes for this Halloween, and Kryolan have got you covered! 
They have put together SFX kits that make achieving a specific look a breeze. So whether you want to be a Zombie, a Skull, or even a Fairy, their ready-made kits can get you there with all the necessary makeup products, tools and step-by-step guides. 

So this month Kryolan have added 4 new SFX kits to their already popular existing sets:  

The Zombie Kit 
The Sugar Skull Kit

The 4 new kits they have put together are: 

The Crazy Doll Kit
The Pop Art Gal Kit
The Fairy Girl Kit
The Flaming Skull Kit

I have The Flaming Skull pouch here to show you exact what you can expect from your purchase. 
As you can see, you receive everything you need to achieve the look! 

Included in the kit is: 
x4 Aqua Colour Paints in Black, White, Orange & Yellow. 
These are fabulously pigmented and brilliantly vibrant. 

1x Hair Color Spray Can 
This is perfect for covering your own hair or a wig. They have a wide variety of colours on the website too, from dark to vivid shades. 

1x Round makeup sponge for the base application.

1x Training Brush 8 - A synthetic brush that works great with paint. It’s flat and rectangular in shape, which is perfect for laying down product quickly with ease.
1x Torey Round Brush 3 - A synthetic brush made from Japanese fibres. It’s thin and tapers to a point which is great for detailed work and lines. 

And lastly, a step-by-step guide on how achieve the Flaming Skull look!

The kits varies in price as each pouch contains different products and tools to achieve the look specific to the contents. 
The Flaming Skull kit is super affordable at just £21.95

Head on over to their website to see the prices of each set, and to see all the other products they sell. 

Global Site:

Sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares

It’s #BratzOWeen and here at #TDCouture were putting together some spooktacular stylish looks for the #Bratz girls!

Cloe looks drop dead gore-geous, in her vibrant sugar skull costume and makeup! Dressed as a colourful Day of The Dead Mexican skeleton!


Sleeping Unoa Lusis par Leilah